Everything You Need To Know About Foot Arch Support

Human feet are designed to help in locomotion, absorb the shocks and collisions due to constant movements, and support the body weight. Several parts are there in each foot which is responsible for these functions. However, the most essential part is the foot arches. The human foot has three main arches- two latitudinal and one meridian. With these three arches' help, the feet support the body and weight and aids in locomotion.

However, there are several people whose feet don’t have the proper arch curvature. Either the arches are low with almost no curve or high with a huge gap between the floor and the shape of the foot. Initially, having these irregular arches wouldn’t cause much problem. But as time will fly, you will start having pain and difficulty walking properly. This is where the foot arch support comes in.

Everything You Need To Know About Foot Arch Support


Arch Support- Definition And Overview

These are insoles that can be added to your shoes to provide proper support to your arched feet. They are designed following your sole size and the type of arch you have.

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Arch Support- Types And Classifications

Six types of foot arch support designs are there, and based on your need; you have to choose the best one. These are:


  • ·        Custom orthotics are prepared as per the curvature of your sole, and it will snug in perfectly.
  • ·        Over-the-counter orthotics are the ones which are prepared from beforehand, and they come in various arch types and size.
  • ·        Full-length orthotics can be fitted inside a shoe up to the toes, like in sneakers and sports shoes.
  • ·        3/4th length orthotics are very thin and quite firm. They cover only half the shoe portion and are best fitted in a shoe with no removable insole.
  • ·        Dress orthotics are fancier and are generally worn when you are wearing heels or open shoes.
  • ·        Memory foam insoles are softer and much firmer than any other kind of foot arch support.


Everything You Need To Know About Foot Arch Support

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Arch Support- Benefits And Importance

The foot arch support has many benefits that you should know beforehand so that you can realize what role it will play in your health. 

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1.   1. Distribution Of Weight: One of the major benefits of arch support is that they help in distributing the weight to all parts of the feet. So, you wouldn’t feel any heavy pressure in any localized area.

2. 2.Improves The Balance: Another reason for which the arch supports have become so famous is their role in maintaining the balance. The human feet are structure in a way where it can maintain the stability of the body. But with improper arches, many people find it difficult to stand. This is why you need supports.

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3. 3. Helps Support Body Parts: People with high or flat foot arch and suffering from hip problems or knee issues will have huge difficulty in walking. This is why doctors usually suggest having the foot arch support since they can create the much-needed arch, thereby supporting the bones and muscles.

4    4. Alleviate Pain: One of the most significant advantages of wearing arch support is that they help reduce the pain to quite a wonderful extent. This way, you won’t feel any local or spreading radiant pain in your soles.


Human foot arches play an essential role in maintaining the balance and keeping the implications of shocks at bay. However, a high or flat arched foot can be subjected to these problems because of which you need to get the foot arch support at this instant. You can customize any with inbuilt support or have separate arch support designed. Either way, you will be able to avoid the problems caused by distorted foot arches and carry on with your walking and other limb activities easily.