How Dermaflash Enhances Women's Facial Hair Removal

Does the idea of shaving your face scare you and bring up mental images of painful stubble? You are not alone, and many women have had their fair share of bad experiences. However, there is another option. If you regularly visit spas, you might have heard of dermaplaning. During this popular treatment, a dermatologist uses a surgical blade to exfoliate and gently remove peach fuzz from the surface of your skin. This process for women's facial hair removal leaves the face feeling smooth with a vibrant glow. 

How Dermaflash Enhances Women's Facial Hair Removal

What Is Dermaflash?
The Dermaflash device was created by Dara Levy to serve all women looking to improve the look and feel of their skin. She got her inspiration from the typical dermaplaning treatment, which is a procedure that exfoliates and Removes Unwanted Skin Cells and Hair From The Face. This procedure is commonly performed in med spas and doctors offices by a trained medical esthetician, nurse, or physician. Levy says that the idea for Dermaflash came from her experience working at a medical spa that she owned. Dermaflash can be used at home and is powered by a sonic vibration that facilitates comfortable, easy, and efficient treatment.

The Simple Dermaflash Process 
As the current situation dictates that more people stay at home, there is an increased demand for home dermaplaning. If you have not tried it before, using a Dermaflash device at home is quite a simple process that involves preparation, flashing, and soothing. First, you need to clean and dry your face to prepare for the treatment. Using a cleanser specifically designed for the procedure helps create a dry canvas and brings peach fuzz, debris, and dead skin cells to the surface of your face. Dermaflash is efficient and ergonomically perfect, so feel free to move it up and down on your skin to figure out the easiest direction to follow. However, dermatologists recommend beginning at the cheek as you hold your skin with your fingers to create a taut, flat surface.

Results for Dermaflash Users
Dermaflash effortlessly removes the surface layer of dirt that topical treatments can’t manage. While your skin may look a bit raw immediately after dermaplaning, your skin cells will build up in a few days and make your face glow. Similarly, dermaplaning leaves your skin so smooth and hairless that you won’t be able to avoid touching it every minute. Dara Levy, the founder of Dermaflash, says that dermaplaning helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as improving skin texture and tone. 

How Popular Is Dermaflash One?
I bet you've seen Dermaflash ads all over Instagram. Or perhaps you’ve spent some time checking out some top celebrities or beauty influencers like Lizzo. If so, it’s probably become clear to you that Dermaflash has gained popularity and is one of the best products for Women's Face Hair Removal. Unlike other messy hair removal devices, Dermaflash promises to deliver med spa-level results from the comfort of your bathroom.