Nail Your Workwear With These Ideas

It's been a decade and more since the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S last aired and still, we remember the office looks of Rachel Green. That's the beauty of style which can define your personality forever. For every woman out there, all seven days of the week bring you an opportunity to get dressed up and wear your favourite jewellery. So why not follow our tips and nail your everyday workwear to flaunt your style sparkle? Read on to be the fashionista of your office without overturning your entire wardrobe.

Nail Your Workwear With These Ideas

 1. Never underestimate the glamour of a shirt dress.

A shirt dress is a brilliant investment and you can always wear them to work for a smart look at special conferences and with delegates. Complete the look with a classy pendant set or simply with a pair of diamond studs and you will be good to beat the Monday blues.

Never underestimate the glamour of a shirt dress

 2. Suit up!

A blazer can quickly give you an aura boost which you need to keep working. It can also add class to your daily look. You should not focus on much jewellery with blazers. A high pony, with a bangle and nose pin, will be enough to be paired.

 3. Sandals are the new formals.

With so many varieties of platform sandals and strap heels coming in, sandals are as elegant as formals. You can walk into your workplace with a bold and sleek pair of sandals to make a good impression while asserting your strong personality.

 4. Floral shirts can be an interesting add-on.

Button-up shirts can be a good work outfit that can be clubbed with several kinds of jewellery. You can simply take a diamond earring and hip up the sass of your shirt. Also, wear a high-rise skirt with the shirt tugged in, for a great style statement.

 5. End your weak with a midi skirt!

How about a Friday look which everyone remembers? Head to a glamourous wardrobe with formal midi, complemented by a diamond necklace. It will have you all covered for a business presentation in the day and a cocktail dinner party in the evening.

End your weak with a midi skirt!

 6. Block pencil dresses make a statement.

There are pencil dresses available in two-tones, all shaded in block colours. They go great with small studs or a little pendant in gold or pearl, depending on the colour of the dress.

 7. The toucan can make it all very cheerful.

From all-natural habitat prints, toucan really makes the cut to be worn to the office, sophisticatedly. The colourful aura of this dress can leave everyone cheerful. Wear a gemstone with this to leave a strong impact on all your colleagues.

 8. Palazzos are back in the trend.

Wearing wide-legged pants and palazzos to work are back in style from the retro era. It is the permanent look of a woman who means business and reflects your progressive nature. Pair them with plain earrings and you can assert your strength while being tenacious.

 9. Save a day for the classic white t-shirt.

In the fashion world, nothing really gets too old. The easiest to pull office outfit is the classic white t-shirt with jeans or a shirt with trousers. You can even layer a sleeveless dress on the shirt or a sweater in the winters. Pair it with a gorgeous pair of heels and slay the formal look in style.

10. Florals have always been refreshing.

This inspires a very soft look for work and brings a soothing vibe to your ensemble. You can be the trendsetter of the summer by introducing florals to your workplace, be it in a dress or in a shirt. Florals can be beautifully complemented by nose rings, ear studs, and pearls.

11. Denim jackets over skirts too.

It is one of the easiest looks to grasp and is heavily inspired by Rachel Green from the 90s. Decades have passed but the formal essence in her couture is still looked for in most of the workplace wardrobe. You can put on contrasting denim or belted jacket over a skirt and finish the look with a heavy necklace, preferably stone or oxidised.

12. A white button-down is a perfect solution to your Monday blues.

The most relaxed of all workplace looks is hopping into a light dress of white fabric which both breezy and elegant. White is also the best companion of diamonds and platinum. It is time to show the luxury of minimalism and carry it like your attitude to the office.

13. Sneakers for the field trips.

If your work is not all about sitting in the cubicle and you have to go on field visits, sneakers seem to be a comfortable way. You can buy a high-rise or regular sneakers to be paired with leather bracelets and handcuffs for a strong vibrancy. This look can be fashioned on office picnics as well.  

14. Striped bodycon is trending in the 2020 ensemble.

This dress has an aura of confidence and beauty which you can wear on any mundane day to make it bright. You can wear long earrings with a striped bodycon for a better assertion of glamour.

15. A combination of White Shirt, Skinny Jeans, and Pumps.

From your next outing, you can pick up a bunch of delicate earrings that you may keep altering with your regular wear to the office. This will bring a street-style vibe with a combination of shirt and jeans. Club it with pumps to keep a comfortable style maintained.

16. Silky tops make the best pair with a pencil skirt.

You can make your weekdays better with a confident look that pencil skirts can bring. It will have a 'straight-out-of-the-parlour' look and you can manage it in all seasons. In the summer, you may go for a sleeveless shirt and in winters, you can club it with a jacket or sweater. Simple anklets look very pretty with ballerinas or high heels.

17. A straight-fit blazer with well-fitted jeans

If you have a meeting and need to wear a blazer, instead of pants, you can go with a pair of jeans. This is for the ones who don't have a formal dress code at their workplace. Merge this look with a plain pendant and bracelets along with a strap on sandals.

18. A pair of low-heeled ankle boots to keep the spirits high

Ladies can showcase their personality with their shoes and it is the best bold sparkle ever. So you can match the Fashion Jewellery and dress in a jacket for the winter and club it all with ankle boots. Boots keep your feet warm and simultaneously look very alluring.

A pair of low-heeled ankle boots to keep the spirits high

Whatever you choose to wear to your workplace, remember to match your jewellery, nail paint and hairstyle to rock it every day. Even formals can be made attractive with simple grooming. All it needs is a little research and the attitude to carry it all perfectly, which every woman has imbibed in her with grace.