Five Simple Rules Stylish Women Follow

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are which takes years. There is no how-to road map to style. It is about self-expression and, above all, attitude.” -Iris Apfel

Five Simple Rules Stylish Women Follow

What makes a woman stylish?

Is it the clothes she wears? Or the confidence in which she rocks it with? Why do these women look so effortlessly beautiful, sophisticated and chic? And how do they manage to pull it off? The truth is, when it comes to style, there is no right or wrong, but only a matter of preference. What might be stylish to you may not exactly sit well with another woman. You might want to sport wholesale Lrg all your life where some women would never even dare touch it. The bottom line is, to be stylish, you need to own it. However, some style maxims, tips, and tricks might be of help—especially as these are commonly practiced and prevalent among stylish women. So, if you wish to elevate your style, here are some straightforward rules to do just that:

1.) Keep in mind that clothing is a form of communication

The way you dress conveys a message to onlookers. In a sense, clothing is a form of communication. Your outfit is not merely an assortment of garments, and it is definitely not only an assembly of clothes but rather it is a form of self-expression. What you choose to wear says something to those you surround yourself with. Regardless of whether it is intentional or not, how you dress is going to be interpreted in some way. With this in mind, it is best to approach the subtle act of dressing yourself with a semblance of intention.

2.) Outfits are responses to social situations

It might have escaped your notice but how you dress would also serve as a response to a myriad of social situations. Undeniably, there is a stark difference between how you would dress for your corporate meeting and how you dress for a dinner party or a night out in the club, and they would rarely be the same. Your clothing should communicate the message wherein when you walk into the door it says, “Here I am, and I am ready for whatever it is coming my way!”

3.) Fit is the most important thing

Even the trendiest and most stylish clothes will look tacky if it does not fit you well. Your endeavors in style and fashion would all be for naught if consistently wear ill-fitting clothes. Instead, accept the body you have now and look for clothes that flatter you. Try on different clothes and have an idea of which style trends would resonate with you and actually looks good on you. Remember, the first step to being stylish is accepting how you look and rocking it with confidence. Confidence is key as it can either make or break an outfit.

Five Simple Rules Stylish Women Follow

4.) Dressing should be half your audience and half your personal style

Although dressing is largely the art of self-expression, it does not mean that you should neglect to take notice of the setting you are going to be in. You still have to adhere to the rules of propriety after all. An example of this is not wearing your brand new skin tight dress to the office. Yes, it looks trendy and stylish, and you are just itching to put it on, but the office is the last place you want to parade yourself in that outfit. Remember, it is much wiser to have a balance between your own desires and the situation for which you are getting dressed. Compromise instead and save that outfit for your Friday night outs.

5.) One must have a style signature

What makes a woman so fashionable is the fact that she has a signature style—one that resonates within her and what that can easily be identified with her. You may gobble up all the trends and fads, you may even consistently follow them, but in the end, you are going to look just like everyone. Instead, have a signature style. It can be anything from a set of earrings you would always wear or always preferring boyfriend jeans to skinny ones, just figure out that one style that is definitive of you.