Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

We all are more or less beauty concerned. A maximum number of women spends at least two hours in front of the mirror on a daily basis. It is no doubt certain women in their mind like to say, “Mirror! Mirror! Who’s the beautiful of them all”?  But it is the toughest job to make a woman feel satisfied with her beauty. If given the opportunity they will like to bring some changes to the look.

Skin is the most delicate part of our body and skin of our lips is more sensitive than other parts. Our lips need regular nourishment and tender care to flaunt that natural pink lips look. It is the secret wish of every girl to be the beholder of healthy, soft and pink lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

But not many are blessed with naturally pink lips. Even neglecting lips can result in dark and dry lips. The worry is over girls. Follow these simple steps and get the lips of your choice but always remember ‘Rome was not built in a day.'

Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

Here are some tips for healthy and soft lips, which are very helpful for you. So let’s check it out.

·        Water –

There is no substitute for water.  Drinking lots of water every day i.e. 4 liters can result in good skin. Water detoxifies our skin through urine and sweat, revealing the glamor of our skin. The more detoxification can get you more brightness of your skin.

The Water keeps us hydrated thus preventing our skin from drying up. Lips remain healthy and clean if kept hydrated and detoxified.

·        Good diet –

Green leafy vegetables and diet rich in iron and vitamins are extremely necessary for soft and supple lips. Iron helps in retaining the color of the lips whereas vitamins prevent any diseases on lips.

Many of us witness inflammation on lips due to cold or biting the lips by mistake. Vitamin rich diet can improve these conditions. It is also good to take vitamin B complex tablets.

·        Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are extremely beneficial for healthy lip skin. There is no alternative to seasonal fruits. Junk foods bring about darkness to the skin due to the accumulated bad cholesterol. 

It is always advised to drink fresh fruit juices over packaged juices. Preservatives are harmful to human body.

·        Sugar –

Rubbing lips with sugar in a circular motion is helpful for your Lip skin. But do not forget to wash off the lips after rubbing it with sugar.

·        Honey –

Rubbing honey on lips in a circular motion make the lips plump. Girls with thinner lips should try this trick. Do not forget to wash off the honey properly from the lips.

·        Brushing lips –

Yes! You heard me right. Like the way you brush your teeth, the same way you can brush your lips, but you need to go gentler on lips. Choose a brush with soft bristles and brush it on your lips. This helps in exfoliating the dead cells from your lips.

Many girls are worried about chapped lips.  Brushing lips gently removes the dead cells. It is recommended to brush your lips at least thrice every week. By following this hack, you are sure to get those soft and pink lips.

·        Lip balms –

Moisturizing lips are necessary.  Branded lip balms which are easily available in the markets are good for lips. Moisturizing your lips before going to bed and after a bath, helps in getting soft lips. Thus regular moisturizing is the best hack for healthy lips. Moisturizer heals dry and chapped lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

Need to avoid

If you want your lips to look very soft and healthy, then you have to avoid these following things

·        Say no to tinted lip balms. Tinted lip balms are a temporary solution for pink lips. The colors are not good for lip’s skin. Transparent lip balms are the best.
It is good to use lipstick or lip gloss which contains moisture and do not irritate the lip’s skin.

·    The most common cause for bad lips is chewing lips constantly. Many women have the bad habit of chewing lips. The chewing of lips causes lips to bleed, scratches. It is an unhealthy habit. Chewing of lips unnecessarily must be controlled. Chewing lips even disfigures the shape of the lips.

·       Low-quality beauty products & lipsticks damage the soft skin of your lips. Avoid using them and opt for Branded Lipsticks and lip products.

·        Smoking addiction can prove hazardous to lips. Chain smokers often tend to have a brownish or blackish tinge on the lips. So it’s better to stop smoking for healthy skin as well as lungs.

      We must wash our lips and mouth properly after every meal otherwise the bacteria will decompose and affect our lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

·        Smile, this is what reflect true beauty. Never forget to smile as it enhances our lips.
These small hacks for lips can help you in getting the lips of your desire. However, not many women take a good care of themselves. Only external makeup cannot alone make one beautiful if the inner beauty is absent. Our skin needs extra care because it is as delicate as a rose and as soft as a feather.

It is the internal glamor that brings out the natural shine in us. However the job is not so easy. Every effective outcome requires hard work, and hard work pays. There is no shortcut to beautiful body. Long term maintaining of beauty is not miraculous. So it is high time to bring out your natural shine by following these amazing ways.