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In today’s modern world, people always prefer the latest fashion and style as it not only gives them a unique appearance but also offers them a positive vibe. And when it comes to their wedding day then it becomes more important to look for the latest fashion not only in clothing but also about the makeup.

Best Bridal Makeup Trends of 2021

By keeping the above thing in mind I have written this blog so that you can get a fair idea about the latest bridal makeup style at home. I also suggest you to book To get outstanding services with optimum comfort.

So, here are the best bridal makeup trends.


Best Bridal Makeup Trends Which You Can Get at Home Service

Know more about the latest makeup styles which can be easily get at home by going through the following points in order to become a beautiful, stylish and gorgeous bride:

     Bold Lipstick Shades & Smokey Eyes

This combination is an ongoing trend and it is one of my favorite looks. A bold red lipstick with subtle smokey eyes looks fabulous on every bride and every bridal lehenga. It brings your makeup to the next level by offering a stunning impact. It can be easily offered by salon at home services.

     You Can Also Choose Nude Lipstick Shades !

In case you don't like bold lipstick shades then there is no need to worry as nude shades are also in trend and match perfectly with the ideal bridal makeup look.  

     Neutral Eye shadows

You can also opt for neutral eye shadows as these days makeup artists are also bending towards using neutral makeup for some occasion. If you love being simple then I suggest you to choose a neutral eye shadow hue that is also perfect for a wedding purpose. With salon at home service you can easily get a perfect eye shadow that best matches with your lehenga.

     Colored Eyeliner

Gone are those days when there was only black colored eyeliner. Nowadays professionals are relying on colored eyeliners for enhancing the beauty of their clients, especially bridal ones.

     Less Base

Rather than using complicated fashion appearance makeup artists prefer simple and elegant looks. For this, they are using minimal base that naturally matches with every bride’s outfit. You can easily get a base according to your outfit through salon at home services.

Best Bridal Makeup Trends of 2021

     Natural Blush Tones

Most of the makeup professionals are using natural blush tones that highlight cheeks in a perfect way. Over highlighting can also spoil the whole look.

     Using of Crystals

If you are looking for a creative look then you can also use crystals instead of liquid eyeliner. It gives you a stunning and eye-catchy look while eradicating the monotony. 

     Matte for Daytime Wedding

A glittery look for a daytime wedding is now out of fashion! Today, for getting a lovely look during a daytime wedding, you need to minimize the shine and add matte hue. To get a perfect bridal look, you can book salon at home services as per your schedule.

     Perfect Skin Care - A Popular Way!

In today’s polluted environment, people are considering gentle skin care as a basic requirement for a gorgeous look which includes deep cleansing, facial, and much more. It not only removes pollutants from the body but also provides a long lasting effect.           

Get a Latest Makeup for Your Wedding via Salon at Home Services

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The mehndi colour depicts the love among partners. It is believed that as the colour gets darker there would be good understanding and deeper love among the couple. It is also believed that mehndi colour shows how much the partner loves each other and will have a successful marriage life.


The mehndi colour depicts the love among partners. It is believed that as the colour gets darker there would be good understanding and deeper love among the couple. It is also believed that mehndi colour shows how much the partner loves each other and will have a successful marriage life.  It is very special for girls as it is said that darker the colour means a loving and understanding husband. Many people believe it is superstitious but for a bride it is very special and they believe it. So, mehndi ceremony, design and colour all are very important for a wedding and also for couples.

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It is very special for girls as it is said that darker the colour means a loving and understanding husband. Many people believe it is superstitious but for a bride it is very special and they believe it. So, mehndi ceremony, design and colour all are very important for a wedding and also for couples.

The mehndi colour depicts the love among partners. It is believed that as the colour gets darker there would be good understanding and deeper love among the couple. It is also believed that mehndi colour shows how much the partner loves each other and will have a successful marriage life.  It is very special for girls as it is said that darker the colour means a loving and understanding husband. Many people believe it is superstitious but for a bride it is very special and they believe it. So, mehndi ceremony, design and colour all are very important for a wedding and also for couples.

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●	How to know partners love through mehndi colour?

●	How to know partners love through mehndi colour?


●	How to know partners love through mehndi colour?

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Makeup has become an essential part of our lives and our daily routine. And by now, most of you must have mastered every possible makeup technique and trend. But ever applied your makeup without a mirror? You would think that is difficult, right? Well, not exactly. Whether you rush outside the door, walk with no reflection insight, or have no access to a mirror for another reason, it is not easy. That so, even our professional should have this handy expertise in their pockets — you never know when it will be reflective, and you want to put on makeup at the last minute!

How to Put on Makeup without a Mirror


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Here we have brought you some amazing tips and tricks that show you how to apply makeup without having a mirror.

 1.     For the Face

Instead of going for a foundation, go for a BB Cream. This may not give you full coverage but would even out your skin tone. Use a setting powder if you don’t have a BB Cream, and for that, apply it with a big fluffy brush. This blends the Cream or Powder well, and you wouldn’t want to have any sort of cream or powder patch on you.

Face Makeup without a Mirror

 2.     For Your Eyes

Use a cream or a liquid eye shadow. Choose a shiny dark stick in brown and blend. Glide the product over the top and mix it with the ring finger into your lash line. If you feel like it, you can put a soft brown kohl pencil in your eyes and mix it to mask errors.

Eyes Makeup without a Mirror

It's certainly frightening to apply mascara without a mirror, but we're promising that it is not that hard! Hold the wand in front of your eyes and blink multiple times, so you can coat your lash.

 3.     For Your Cheeks

Since there is not much you could do to that without a mirror, you can choose a stick or a cream blusher, or even a lip tint. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend it in circular motion till you hit the top of your cheekbones.

Cheeks Make up without a mirror

 4.     For Your Lips

When applying without a mirror, go for a tinted lip balm or a gloss. Instead of going for the whole, apple the lipstick or gloss on the bottom lip and press your lips together. This would distribute the color. If you feel you need it more, apply it on the lower lip and press again. Use your finger then to even out it out till the corners of your mouth.

Your Lips Makeup

Finish your without-mirror-makeup-look by applying your favorite kind of Glow Dew Mist to give a nice finishing dewy glow look. This all may look a bit difficult at the start, but after a while, you’d get used to doing your makeup without a mirror whenever you are in a hurry.

Nowadays, the cosmetic industry is rapidly growing. Cosmetics products manufacturers India understand the demands of the population and produce the product accordingly to their prefernces. Therefore, the need for premium cosmetics products is extending everywhere, including the middle class of growing countries.

Top 10 tips for starting your own Cosmetics products manufacturer company

1.Know the regulations of the FDA:

Initially, you must be precisely familiar with the FDA's rules and regulations regarding the labeling and manufacturing of cosmetics products. Then, you must accept and follow those rules and regulations so that you legally perform your business. Finally, you must possess a strong knowledge of the laws of selling or manufacturing cosmetic products. It will help you to stay safe by avoiding any illegal issues.

2. Decide on the location:

Cosmetic product manufacturers India can initiate their cosmetic business from home in the starting days. Premises is another option. However, for small business owners, to get a premise on lease is an expensive option. An affordable alternative is to rent a small convenient space where you can make and test your cosmetic products. So find a suitable location that is cost-efficient for starting your business.

3. Choose a niche:

Choose your area where you are an expert, and you carry some experience selling or manufacturing cosmetic products. For instance, you know about mineral of sale or makeup cosmetics, organic makeup products, and lip care products.

Focus keenly on the field of cosmetics that you are highly familiar with, so you can plan it accordingly for your business. Shortlist your interest or specialty in that specific area of cosmetics. Do not attempt to manufacture or sell too many things simultaneously in the starting days of your business.

However, by choosing your niche, you can keenly focus on creating exclusive marketing material like brochure designs that target a particular set of your customers

4. Sell your products online:

A practical option for cosmetics products manufacturers India is to sell the products online. Most people search for things online, which is the most convenient option, and through this, you can quickly get your valuable customers. To sell your products implicit that you will attract more customers with considerably lowest possible prices.

But make sure that your business website design is user-friendly and memorable. The website must be catchy enough to show impressive pictures of your cosmetics products. All the details like product prices, description of the products, ingredients, and contact details must be precisely mentioned. In addition to that, users must feel easy to operate your web page.

A website can be quickly created at an affordable price by allotting the task to several talented graphic designers. Multiple pro graphic designers can smoothly get done your website creation at a meager price.

5. Generate public exposure:

Cosmetics products manufacturers India, while initiating a company, must pay heed to generate more awareness about the cosmetic items among the target customers. Therefore, it can be achieved by exploring places like visiting beauty parlors in your city to market your company's product. You can also opt for giving a demo to the customers by highlighting the quality of your products.

The other most vital thing is to create a dedicated social media channel for your cosmetics items and post it more often about the products and descriptions. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are popular social media platforms to create your brand page to spread globally.

When you post valuable and interactive content about the product you manufacture or sell, it will create engagement among the audiences. So undoubtedly, social media serves as an effective tool to sell your products.

6. Generate a marketing plan:

A precise marketing plan offers you a direction moving forward in an estimated way when selling your products to the customers. Your healthy cultivating plan regarding expenses, product's costs, and an effective way to sell your cosmetics products will direct you to promote your reach in the niche market. Your efforts will pay off.

7. Get a catchy logo:

Through the logo in markets, advertisements and products are services; customers identify a business or a product's brand. Therefore, cosmetics products manufacturers India must make sure to get a catchy logo for their business as when the customers see it, they can distinguish your brand in one glance. By seeking the help of a pro graphic designer, a catchy logo design for the company is possible. A memorable logo can be produced by using unique design elements, such as colors and typeface, to draw the attention of potential customers.

8. Develop funds:

It is challenging to establish the cosmetics business further without having enough funds at hand. The money must compensate you for purchasing raw materials to make the specific cosmetic items or buy the products to sell in retail. Also, your company must require a business card that will be convenient for the clients when they need our help or ask any queries. Therefore, having your business card would help them as it will have your company's contact details. Also, a business card serves as the introduction of your business to your customers. So make it impressively.

9. Test the products:

Cosmetics products manufacturers India must make some practical and necessary tests before selling the unique cosmetic products. It is an appropriate way to know beforehand how safe the product is and how the target customers will respond to it. And move for massive production of cosmetics products further, after getting a positive response from the people. By these, it is easier to know the people's choice and preferences which simultaneously saves the production expenses.

10. Get opinions and improve:

Since you are a starter in the business, you might make mistakes during the learning process. It is OK; we are happened to make mistakes. But take those mistakes in a meaningful way by learning from them. But no to repeat those mistakes seek opinions from experts, and make essential improvements.


So, here are the detailed tips and techniques about how to prosper your cosmetic company. You might begin with being a manufacturer or seller of cosmetics products, but it is vital to understand the entire process precisely. Cosmetics products manufacturers India will get a broad scope once you are clear with the procedure and plan your strategy accordingly.


Having oily skin is a lot common nowadays and the struggle to find the right make up product that perfectly fits your skin type is real as whatever you try does not stay longer, it just fades away and your face looks like you have just taken a oil bath. So here we have listed the top 5 best selling foundations for oily skin that has the power of controlling excess oil on your face.


Top 5 Best Selling Foundation for Oily Skin in 2021

Before jumping on the oily skin foundations right away, first let’s understand what causes excess oil production on your face.

What causes excess oil on our face?

There can be thousands of reasons that cause excess oil production on your face, like eating junk food, pollution, not getting enough sleep, and so on and most of you already know about them. But do you know about sebaceous glands or sebum production?


Let me tell you, according to the scientist it has been found that the major reason behind the skin producing excess oil is the secretion of a substance called sebum which is produced by excess humidity, hot weather and minor day to day activities.


You can take the following precautions in order to control the sebum production:


      Avoid staying in a hot place for long

      Try to cover your face whenever you go out in order to combat pollution.

      Stop using products that are not formulated for oily skin.


Now without wasting any more time let’s directly jump on to the top rated oily skin foundations of 2021.


Top 5 Best Selling Foundation for Oily Skin in 2021

1.     Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Liquid Foundation

Maybelline fit me matte foundation is indeed one of the best foundations for oily skin available in the market, it provides coverage for a wide array of skin tones from Ivory to Mocha and it also refines pores for a natural looking matte finish.


Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Liquid Foundation

Product rating from my personal experience: 9/10


Let me give you a free secret beauty tip: If you are a makeup geek, then I am pretty sure, you use makeup almost every day and there is no harm in them, but let me ask you a question, how do you remove your makeup before? With normal water?

If yes then I would highly recommend you to stop using it for from today only as they do not remove the makeup completely and the residue left on your skin further develops several skin problems like pimples, acne, etc. Instead of using normal water you should go with the best face makeup removers available in the market as they are formulated specially for getting rid of makeup and unlike normal water they do not leave any residue in the end.


2.     Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation is formulated with a unique oil based formulae which makes it stand out in the market. It contains Vitamin E and silicone that works perfect for oily skin hiding all the blemishes and spots and do you know what's the best part? It is water resistant too which makes this foundation more unique than others.

Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation


And in order to give your makeup an excellent touch up you can use some of the top rated compact powders too.


Product rating from my personal experience: 9.5/10


3.     Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

Revlon colorstay liquid foundation is no ordinary oily control foundation, it has been formulated with a longwear technology that holds it for up to 16 hours and provides medium to full coverage with a semi-matte finish.


Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

Product rating from my personal experience: 8.5/10

4.     Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free Acne and Blemish Fighting Liquid Foundation

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Liquid Foundation is developed by dermatologists and designed especially for acne-prone skin and it is the first and only liquid makeup foundation that has Micro-Clear technology that not only helps in combating blemishes, but helps prevent emerging acne breakouts for clearer skin. It contains salicylic acid that helps in combating acne faster.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free Acne and Blemish Fighting Liquid Foundation

 Product rating from my personal experience: 9/10


5.     MATT LOOK Zero Pore Oil-Control Foundation

MATT LOOK Zero Pore Oil-Control Foundation is an excellent foundation for people with oily as well as normal skin, it provides full coverage to the skin and it’s soft touch covers all the flaws on your face like spots and blemishes and it increase the makeup stay for a longer time.

5.	MATT LOOK Zero Pore Oil-Control Foundation

 Product rating from my personal experience: 8.5/10


Having an oily skin is not your fault but doing nothing in order to combat or fight against it is completely your fault. In this article I have listed the top 5 high rated best selling foundations for oily skin that will not only help you in controlling excess oil on your face, but they will also help you in covering skin flaws like dark spots, blemishes etc, and in making your makeup last long

I hope you like my article, and it has added some value to your life. See you in the next article. Until then cheers!

Do you miss the time when your eyes used to be sparklingly beautiful? How does it make you feel if you could get your childlike sparkling eyes back? I know only a simple visualization of getting beautiful eyes made you gleeful. Think how would it be if you can bring this into reality with simple tips for getting beautiful eyes?


Top 5 Tips for Getting Beautiful Eyes

I may not help you with how to get beautiful eyes overnight but how to take care of eyes naturally is something I can surely help with. There is no reason behind it’s just about following a healthy eye care routine and adopting habits that are aligned with the process of getting sparklingly beautiful eyes.


Before we talk, how can you get the eyes of your dreams? Don’t you wanna hunt up what caused you to lose your beautiful eyes spark. Don’t worry. You don’t need to go any far to hunt up those culprits; it's something you are surrounded with and some of your bad habits.


Excessive pollution, Dry weather, Poor diet and sleeping, and scorching sun rays are some of the major issues of your eyes being tired and getting dark circles. You probably can’t escape from pollution and weather but effective eye care home remedies can be advantageous to reduce its effect.


Now you become quite familiar with the culprits, It’s time to lift the veil of amazing beauty tips for eyes.

 5 Tips For Getting Beautiful Eyes

If your eyes are tired and have dark circles no matter how beautiful your make is and how fresh and excited you are. It will make you look dull and tired anyway. Oppositely if your eyes are radiantly bright they embellish your beauty even without or minimum makeup.

I know you are yearning for getting beautiful eyes and it’s something everybody dreams of. The good news is. You are within spitting distance of getting worthwhile eye care tips for beautiful eyes.


So let’s get the knack of how to get beautiful eyes:

1.     Steer Clear of Touching and Rubbing Your Eyes

Everybody has the nerve of touching eyes unnecessarily. But this is the worst thing you do to your eyes. Our hands magnetized a lot of harmful bacteria that can cause eye infection when you touch your eyes with them. In spite of that when we touch our eyes mindlessly we can’t refrain from rubbing our eyes. Sometimes we do it out of itchiness or most of the time out of a habit.


Steer Clear of Touching and Rubbing Your Eyes

If you are thinking eye infection is the only thing you can get through touching and rubbing your eyes. Let me tell you where it can lead to.


Frequently touching and rubbing eyes can lead to nerve damage and sabotage blood flow, weaken your vision, make your eyes dry from the inside out, and bless you with dark circles that you are trying to get rid of.


I can totally sympathize with changing a habit. It's not easy because that has been repeated thousands of times. In order to eliminate this, you just need to be aware and when you find your hands on your eyes instead of beating yourself up Get your hand away and appreciate your efforts.


2.     Nutrify Your Eyes With Castor Oil

Are you on the quest of how to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful forever?  If it is so, Your quest has come to its end. Castor oil is something that can enrich your eyes with all the essential nutrients it is striving for.


Nutrify Your Eyes With Castor Oil

Castor oil benefits for eyes will probably catch you by surprise. Because it is infused with omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin - E, and incredible minerals that not only nourish the skin of your eyes but also get into the hair follicles of your eyelashes and make them beautifully longer and thicker.


Castor oil eye drops are available in the market that can help you to remove the dryness of your eyes and moderately improves vision. Moreover, it can also give deep relaxation to your eyes by stimulating blood flow.


3.     Get The Most Out of Your Green Tea Bag

Green tea offers a wide range of benefits to your skin and health. Infused with high antioxidants makes green great in what it does.

If you drink green tea you are already in the right direction. It's good for your health and skin including the skin around your eyes. But there is another way to use a green tea bag that heals tired and swollen eyes magnificently.

Get The Most Out of Your Green Tea Bag

Green tea is enriched with caffeine, antioxidants, anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties. It deeply relaxes your eyes, tiny muscles and soothes your eyes, fights infections, and keeps puffiness at bay.

4.     Get Good Night Sleep

Sleep is a very important factor for our mental as well as physical health. This is the time when our conscious mind shuts off and the subconscious mind starts its healing process. Most of the time our eyes spend with digital devices which is apparently something we can get by without.

But working on digital devices collectively causes eyesight deterioration, red eyes, puffiness, dryness which dial down the charisma of your eyes. As a matter of fact, an expensive concealer and the best eyeshadow kits can conceal dark circles but it won’t heal the redness and tiredness of your eyes.

Get Good Night Sleep

So you see having a good night’s sleep is better than any natural eye care tips. It’s my favorite and soon you will be in love with this.

5.     Say Yes to Eye Exercise 

If you want your eyes to be more beautiful and healthy than ever before. Eye yoga and exercise are the cure for every eye problem one can face. It will improve your vision, fade dark circles and under-eye bags, eliminate eye strain, redness and it will also keep eye infection away.

Get Good Night Sleep

Nothing can give you the best eye care at home as eye yoga and exercises do Eye yoga and exercises keep your eyes beautiful and healthy as long as you incorporate this marvelous exercise into your routine.

I have introduced you to some amazingly simple but effective tips for getting beautiful eyes that will not only beautify your eye but also improve vision and reduce eye damage. I hope you will put these stunning tips into work and savor the amazing benefits it offers.