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Wish to take your styling game from 0 - 100? Well, elevate your everyday style essentials, and you are halfway there!


Your clothing defines your personality, and the outfits you choose will undoubtedly reflect your personality - whether you tone them down or jazz them up, they speak a lot about you! It doesn’t matter what you have, but you can easily stand out if you style it correctly. Your wardrobe staples can do a lot for you only if you use them creatively - think mix ‘n match, layering - the options are endless.

There’s a saying- The more professional you look, the more you will be taken seriously. And, trust me, your choice of clothing speaks a lot when it comes to professionalism. Talking about professional outfits, what can be better than a shirt? No matter what the color, a crisp shirt can never go wrong! Shirts are an absolute style staple that can be styled in numerous ways! Let’s go through a few of the styling tips that can help you elevate your overall outfit.


Follow some easy tips that can help you style your shirts in different ways!


1.     Style it relaxed – The newest rebellious way of carrying the shirt is to keep it loose & relaxed. Whether short or long, keeping the shirt relaxed always makes the person look most casual and laid back. You either pair it with boots or sneakers or go trendy with loafers. The shirts that you can mainly adopt to keep loose should have a flat bottom to help you accentuate the silhouette. Loose shirts will help you look relaxed, approachable, and laid back no matter where you go.

2.     Choose a one-side Tuck - All you need to do is unbutton a few buttons from the waist and tuck the button-sided end in your bottoms. This style can instantly add a trendy edge and fun to your overall look and elevate your plain bottoms or jeans.  Follow this tip when you go out with friends for a casual meal or gathering.

3.     Choose a French Tuck – You got to style this one for sure! French tuck is very similar to the one side tuck but different in leaving only the front tucked in. It is an effortless way to look super cool and appear and accentuate your overall look. Take care not to tuck it tight as you need to keep it relaxed, giving your look an utterly easy aura. Pairing this style with statement boots is always a good idea for an adventurous trip or so.

4.     Opt for the Military Tuck- You’ve probably heard of this one, but are not sure how to style it! if you frequently wear dress shirts that are a size or two big, and in these cases, the military tuck can be useful. Simply fold the extra fabric at the sides of the shirt and wrap it around the back to complete the look. Before you button your pants, pinch the shirt from the waist and collect all the extra room it is taking, wrap the extra fabric towards the back with the help of your thumb, and ta-da, you are with the perfect straight look with a pleat at the side. It works very well with the coat as it hides your crease as well.


5.     Go for the Full Tuck- The all-time favorite way of tucking the shirts allows you to completely tuck in the fabric spread equally inside your bottoms. This style is perfect to be presentable at any meeting or occasion. The easiest way to do this is, tuck all the fabric of your shirt in and then smoothly push the fabric away from the waist leaving just the right amount remaining tucked inside.


6.     Choose the Underwear Tuck - But what you need to do is tuck an undershirt into your underwear and then systematically tuck your shirt in your pants. It works better for the younger ones, who face trouble adjusting their shirt but need to keep it in tack for a longer duration. This style of tucking is one of its kind and helps people solve the problem of extra fabric hanging from the waist. 


No matter how you style your shirt today, add a tip to set your cuffs as well. Either wear it full, roll it up, showing the inside detail or pull it up and then down to reduce the length; everything works when you wear it with confidence. Also, you can add some fine accessories that are simple yet classy to get noticed with your edgy looks, for example, a wristband, rings, or a simple chain to look more stylish with your outfit. While choosing a shirt, make sure you’ve chosen the perfect pair of bottoms to complement it as well. Balance is key! Something that instantly enhances the look and feel of your overall outfit is a neatly ironed crisp shirt. Personally, I love using a steam iron but you could use a flat iron too! Whatever you have at hand, make the most of it. I also highly recommend researching the materials your shirt is made up of. Fabric makes all the difference and determines how the shirt is going to stay and fall on your body. I love 100% cotton, linen blends, and poly-viscose blends. For the warmer months, I recommend cotton and linen all the way, whereas for occasions and partywear, choose a viscose blend shirt.


Author Bio –

Simon Joseph is working with SELECTED HOMME - Best Shopping Site for Men. His designation is Sr Men's Fashion Stylist here. Apart from the profession, he loves blogging and sharing fashion trends with all. Stay connected for more fashion trend posts in the future.

Every individual goes through different stages of life. If you like to enjoy declaring your thoughts, ideas or share some personal life information like, maybe, the name of your partner, a permanent tattoo is the coolest way. But as you move on and things begin to change in personal life, the tattoo could become a source of disturbance. It is easy to change the fashion trends or accessories you wear but finding the Best Laser Tattoo Removal company will be tough.

The Best Laser Tattoo Removal Service For Quick Removal

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Concept Of Treatment 

The use of laser for removal of the tattoo is a common treatment procedure. The high-powered laser ray will penetrate your skin and force the skin pigments to undergo vibration. The movement will generate heat which will break the particles into further smaller pieces that the lymphatic system can remove. 


The duration of treatment varies from twenty minutes to even an hour, depending on the area of the treatment and the size of the tattoo. The result of even the Best Laser Tattoo Removal is gradual. It means that the tattoo will fade more with each consequent appointment. It will vanish over time after following the natural processes of the body.

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No Scars

Experimenting with different methods of removal can be harmful as it can cause scarring. The removal of tattoo with a laser ensures that no scars are left after the process is completed. The laser light strictly aims at the cells that have absorbed the dye, leaving the healthy tissues alone.


Safe Yet Effective

The use of FDA approved laser beam to remove the tattoo is a scientific process and offers minimal risks. The Best Laser Tattoo Removal procedure is safe, easy to execute, and equally effective as the others in removing the ink.


  • There will be no long-lasting impact on the skin. 
  • Minimum chances of damage 
  • No side effects

 The Best Laser Tattoo Removal procedure is safe

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Works For All Sizes

While some may have a small tattoo on the tip of the finger while others may have a big one on their arm or back. When it comes to removal, you may have inhibition whether it will be possible to remove the large tattoo with the same efficiency. If you discuss it with the Best Laser Tattoo Removal service provider, you will realize that the process can remove the tattoo without any limitation regarding the size and the area of body that it covers.


Pain Factor

Older technologies were considerably slow. So your skin would suffer from irritation and burning sensation for a longer time. The energy was low and took much time to reach the target site. Although the Best Laser Tattoo Removal procedure will not eliminate the entire discomfort, the precise action on only the target area is going to cause less damage and will certainly be less painful.


  • The little discomfort that you will feel is when the laser is working to break the ink. 
  • But the pain is far less than what you feel when getting inked. 
  • Topical numbing agent can help reduce the pain even further.  

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Short Duration, Long-Term Effect

The lightning speed of laser technology has made it possible to remove the tattoo in even ten minutes, if it's a small one. For multi-coloured tattoos, you will have to wait for a longer period. But you don't need any recovery time and can get back to work immediately.

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But you must go for the regular schedules of treatments, usually at intervals of six to eight weeks or as recommended by your expert. The Best Laser Tattoo Removal company will give your body the necessary time to flush out the ink particles from your body naturally. On each visit, the expert will inform you of the number of visits left before the tattoo will completely be removed.

Today fashion is an integral part of life, and everyone likes to stay updated with the latest trends and style. It is very important to understand fashion and work accordingly. Fashion bloggers are the one who gives detailed facts regarding fashion based on body, culture, trend and many others. 

How to Start a Fashion Blog

All fashionistas who are willing to start their fashion blog must first select the micro-niche for the blog. It is a vast field consisting of beauty, lifestyle and fashion, so instead of working with all three, focus on one niche initially.

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So, if you are also the one who is looking out to start a lifestyle blog, read my article lifestyle blogFor a beauty blog, go for how to start beauty blog. Let's first start with the fashion blog and how it helps bloggers to grow.

How to start a fashion blog?

People who are willing to start their fashion blog must start studying fashion. They must use their knowledge and get idea from friends and surroundings. Different niches must be considered while creating a fashion blog, which is as follows:

·        Fashion outfits according to the occasion

Fashion and dressing depend on the type of occasion. If you are going for a day wedding, opt for the light colours while going at night, opt for bright colours. One going to the office must wear clothes that are suitable for the corporate environment. Planning to go on vacation tyro out trendy and comfortable clothes.

·        Fashion depends on the season

Seasons is also an essential factor. Spring, winter, fall, summer every season is different, and so clothes must also be changed accordingly. If it's too hot, opt for light colours and think of dresses when winter goes for full sleeves and heavy clothes.

Fashion depends on the season

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Many others like fashion based on style and design, fashion based on design, plus size fashion, LGBT, accessories based and many others. So, one can opt for any of these niches to begin their fashion blog.

Domain name and hosting

It is essential to come up with a unique domain name and think of something impressive: your name and some fashion-related name. People who are looking to select their products can have a name like Megashop.com. So, the domain name must be chosen smartly.

Go for a service provider that provides good customer support and reliable hosting. Budget must indeed be considered, but at the same time, it is very important to look out for dedicated hosting.

If you know WordPress, there is no need to hire someone and start your fashion blog without hiring anyone. A fashion blog is all about your experience and the world you see around us. People who are flexible with a budget can hire a developer to start a fashion blog.

How to become a fashion blogger and grow over the years?

One cannot achieve anything in just one night and so have to keep patience. One must have an interest in fashion to start their blog as one will enjoy it. So, select niches for a fashion blog, get a domain name, CMS, hosting and start creating your blog.

It is advisable to study the fashion blog of popular influencers to get an idea and keep posting about new things. Always try to bring something unique and have patience. In the initial days, I keep posting blogs about fashion, and slowly people starting following me. 

It is equally vital to promote blog on various medium special on social media. I opted for link building and social media marketing to get more followers. Content is the king, and so I try my best to write untie and exciting content on fashion that attract readers. 

These all have helped me to grow as a fashion blogger and also increase my followers. Today people consider my fashion blog to get the reference, and this is the most significant achievement. It also helped me grow as a fashion blogger and encouraged me to think outside the box.

About my fashion blog

My name is Inder Singh Chauhan, and I had starting blogging in 2014. It is my part-time work, but I like doing it. I know about digital marketing that has helped me to promote my blogs to a large audience. One can follow my blog https://www.megashop.com/ and get tips on beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

My blogs are all about fashion, tips that can help people to get some new information. I am also offering different services that comprise SEO, digital marketing, and guest post on premium blogs regarding fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

My blog has a guest post from different brands, which shows that people are interested in my blogs. I always try hard to bring something new for my readers and to keep them engaged. It has helped me to grow over the years and get a name in such a competitive market.

  In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world”- Unknown

Seeing that we spent most of our time at home wearing comfy knits in the past year, it’s easy to get going now that denim jeans trends are changing. There are a few items that will be more or less your wardrobe staples for many. And yes, that perfect pair of jeans is undoubtedly one of the said pieces. With that said, jeans will not suddenly disappear overnight, just like all the fancy dresses we neglected in our wardrobe. While skinny jeans are still a wearable look, you can try some different jeans trends in 2021.

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Our perception of what’s cool for jeans styles in 2021 has shifted from slick silhouettes to more relaxed and voluminous pieces. People now are building up their jeans wardrobe with different cuts, shapes and finishes according to their styles. Let’s check out what’s trending for Jeans Styles in 2021 and get ready to update your wardrobe.

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Super Baggy Jeans

Staying in has been the new normal as a result of the pandemic, home is our new office, we are now prioritising comfort and wearability, loose-fitting or baggy jeans are the perfect pieces. Baggy Jeans are no longer meant for rappers or your boyfriend, anyone can pull them off.

Super Baggy Jeans

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The long slouchy hemline and flowy silhouettes are the definitions of baggy jeans. It is a bit exaggerated from the relaxed mom jeans, dad jeans, or skater jeans.


How to nail the Super Baggy Jeans trend?

      Pair with a simple cropped tank top, white sneakers, and silver or gold jewellery

      Look chic with a silk blouse or camisole and a pair of heel

      Tucked in your favourite tops with a relaxed crop cardigan

Straight Fit Jeans

The cousin of skinny jeans, the straight fit jeans are the go-to staple in every women’s wardrobe and still hold strong among the fashion crowd. These high waisted and slim straight cut jeans are wardrobe hacks for petite girls, making a lengthening style with a higher rise and longer looking legs. 


Straight Fit Jeans

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How to look modern and sleek with Straight Fit Jeans?

      Denim on denim - white cropped tee, denim jackets and finished with a pair of black boots

      Style it with a sleek turtleneck and layered with an elegant blazer

      Tuck in a cardigan and pair with casual sneakers

Bootcut Jeans

It’s all about how to style them when it comes to bootcut jeans; if you wear them right, it remains a classic and cute item in your wardrobe that you can still wear in the coming years. The modern bootcut jeans are not what you may think of now as compared to the stereotypical ‘80s fashion flared or bell-bottom jeans. The 2021 bootcut jeans are higher in rise, slim, heavier weight denim, and with just a hint of a flare.


Bootcut Jeans

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How to kick off your looks with Bootcut Jeans?

      Tuck your favourite graphic tee into the front of your jeans and a pair of sneakers or pumps

      Pair with a turtleneck top with a fitted leather jacket and finish with a pair of ankle boots

      Avoid tunic and flats as they may create a weird and optical illusion look

Loose and Distressed Jeans

If you are into distressed jeans, you are lucky as they are still a staple in 2021 in bringing out the laid-back style. The loose-fitting ripped jeans for this year are more prominent with the occasional kneehole and worn edges.


Loose and Distressed Jeans

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How to rock Loose and Distressed Jeans?

      Just add a white tee, fitted blazer and heels for a casual office look

      Crop top and a pair of sandals or your favourite sneakers, perfect for the hot weather in Malaysia

      Pair with a puffy sleeves blouse and a chic pair of sandals for a cool high-low look

Wrapping Up

The way to make your outfits stylish is to own them! If you own several skinny jeans in your wardrobe, don’t get rid of them. Who knows, the trend might come back such as the mom jeans you see in every store now? Go ahead and jump on to the jeans bandwagon in 2021. Check out the brands that use sustainable and planet-friendly washes and fabrics like H&M or Levi’s. At least 50% of their products are made from more sustainable materials such as organic cotton or recycled polyester.

Mother's Day is not so far away. The moment we enter march, we realise that Mother’s Day is there and we need to find the right and a lovely gift for our loved ones. We all are trying to find a perfect gift for our mother but mother in law is also our mother and this is why we need to have a perfect gift for her this year. The time is such that you might procrastinate for finding a right gift for her, you might think that the gift would be too much or that she might not like it and, in the end, you are just thinking about the ways in which you can wish happy Mother’s Day to her. It might have been a year to your marriage or you might have spent a really long time in knowing her but the pain of finding the right gift is a nightmare for us all, you can always consider the following points while finding a gift for her, before you start reading about the gifts:

Gifts for mother-in-law for this Mother’s Day

      Never opt for the things from your perspective, get to know her perspective and surprise her accordingly.

      Don’t give her things which are not easy to operate. She might get annoyed with the gift that you have given and then it will be there in a corner.

      Don’t opt for the things which seem humorous to you as she might not like the same things that you like. The humour is subjective and you need to choose the gift for her accordingly.

      Spend time knowing her and through this process you will get to know about the kind of things that she likes and dislikes.

      Notice the things as there is a lot with one can learn from observing

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These are a few things that you can consider before choosing a gift for her and send it along with the beautiful and fresh online flower delivery that you have got for your mother-in-law here are the following gifts that you can always get for them:

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A bake day

As we grow older, we have forgotten about how much better it used to feel to spend time with our mother or father, this is the perfect time to spend a little bit of time with her. You can always spend time with her and express yourself as well. She is a mother to you as well, you can always spend your day baking tasty desserts and she might even have some useful tips which you can later teach someone. Learn from her on this day and thank her for all she has always been doing.

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The flowers

She would love the flowers that you have git for her, spend a lot of time with her and get to know about the kind of flowers that she actually likes and get these flowers to her accordingly. You can always surprise her with these flowers and express your love and extreme care for her with these flowers. 

The flowers that you are opting for would be perfect for her. Spend time with her, get to know about the kid of flowers that she likes and accordingly you can choose for a flowering plant or you can choose a bouquet as well. you can always approach and inquire about these things with the best florists in Gurgaon and get a beautiful bouquet or flowering plant for her. 

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The party

This is the beautiful time to express your gratitude as well, you can always opt for the party for her and you can surprise her with her favourite cake, all the decorations and many more things that are there. These things would be perfect for her and you can always make her smile and realise that you care a lot about her. 

Mothers Day Party Ideas from Megha Shop

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She is really special to you and you can always celebrate that on Mother’s Day with the beautiful party that you have organised. She is going to smile when she gets to know about the surprise that you have for her. 

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The personalized gifts

You can always get her some personalized Coffee Mug gifts  and remind her about how much you appreciate her and are grateful for everything that she has done for you, even the mother-in-law has loved you like a mother and you can always get her a personalized journal or opt for the beautiful pen and gift her something that would be just perfect for her. These things that you are getting for her would be perfect.

Gifts for mother-in-law for this Mother’s Day

MEGHA FASHION Coffee Mug Best Gift for Motivatinol in

These are a few sweet things that you can always opt for and surprise her on the day, these gifts would be a perfect reminder and would-be perfect memories for her that you can opt for, surprise her with the gifts and memories and make the Mother’s Day special for her. Happy mother day!

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