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We all are more or less beauty concerned. A maximum number of women spends at least two hours in front of the mirror on a daily basis. It is no doubt certain women in their mind like to say, “Mirror! Mirror! Who’s the beautiful of them all”?  But it is the toughest job to make a woman feel satisfied with her beauty. If given the opportunity they will like to bring some changes to the look.

Skin is the most delicate part of our body and skin of our lips is more sensitive than other parts. Our lips need regular nourishment and tender care to flaunt that natural pink lips look. It is the secret wish of every girl to be the beholder of healthy, soft and pink lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

But not many are blessed with naturally pink lips. Even neglecting lips can result in dark and dry lips. The worry is over girls. Follow these simple steps and get the lips of your choice but always remember ‘Rome was not built in a day.'

Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

Here are some tips for healthy and soft lips, which are very helpful for you. So let’s check it out.

·        Water –

There is no substitute for water.  Drinking lots of water every day i.e. 4 liters can result in good skin. Water detoxifies our skin through urine and sweat, revealing the glamor of our skin. The more detoxification can get you more brightness of your skin.

The Water keeps us hydrated thus preventing our skin from drying up. Lips remain healthy and clean if kept hydrated and detoxified.

·        Good diet –

Green leafy vegetables and diet rich in iron and vitamins are extremely necessary for soft and supple lips. Iron helps in retaining the color of the lips whereas vitamins prevent any diseases on lips.

Many of us witness inflammation on lips due to cold or biting the lips by mistake. Vitamin rich diet can improve these conditions. It is also good to take vitamin B complex tablets.

·        Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are extremely beneficial for healthy lip skin. There is no alternative to seasonal fruits. Junk foods bring about darkness to the skin due to the accumulated bad cholesterol. 

It is always advised to drink fresh fruit juices over packaged juices. Preservatives are harmful to human body.

·        Sugar –

Rubbing lips with sugar in a circular motion is helpful for your Lip skin. But do not forget to wash off the lips after rubbing it with sugar.

·        Honey –

Rubbing honey on lips in a circular motion make the lips plump. Girls with thinner lips should try this trick. Do not forget to wash off the honey properly from the lips.

·        Brushing lips –

Yes! You heard me right. Like the way you brush your teeth, the same way you can brush your lips, but you need to go gentler on lips. Choose a brush with soft bristles and brush it on your lips. This helps in exfoliating the dead cells from your lips.

Many girls are worried about chapped lips.  Brushing lips gently removes the dead cells. It is recommended to brush your lips at least thrice every week. By following this hack, you are sure to get those soft and pink lips.

·        Lip balms –

Moisturizing lips are necessary.  Branded lip balms which are easily available in the markets are good for lips. Moisturizing your lips before going to bed and after a bath, helps in getting soft lips. Thus regular moisturizing is the best hack for healthy lips. Moisturizer heals dry and chapped lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

Need to avoid

If you want your lips to look very soft and healthy, then you have to avoid these following things

·        Say no to tinted lip balms. Tinted lip balms are a temporary solution for pink lips. The colors are not good for lip’s skin. Transparent lip balms are the best.
It is good to use lipstick or lip gloss which contains moisture and do not irritate the lip’s skin.

·    The most common cause for bad lips is chewing lips constantly. Many women have the bad habit of chewing lips. The chewing of lips causes lips to bleed, scratches. It is an unhealthy habit. Chewing of lips unnecessarily must be controlled. Chewing lips even disfigures the shape of the lips.

·       Low-quality beauty products & lipsticks damage the soft skin of your lips. Avoid using them and opt for Branded Lipsticks and lip products.

·        Smoking addiction can prove hazardous to lips. Chain smokers often tend to have a brownish or blackish tinge on the lips. So it’s better to stop smoking for healthy skin as well as lungs.

      We must wash our lips and mouth properly after every meal otherwise the bacteria will decompose and affect our lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

·        Smile, this is what reflect true beauty. Never forget to smile as it enhances our lips.
These small hacks for lips can help you in getting the lips of your desire. However, not many women take a good care of themselves. Only external makeup cannot alone make one beautiful if the inner beauty is absent. Our skin needs extra care because it is as delicate as a rose and as soft as a feather.

It is the internal glamor that brings out the natural shine in us. However the job is not so easy. Every effective outcome requires hard work, and hard work pays. There is no shortcut to beautiful body. Long term maintaining of beauty is not miraculous. So it is high time to bring out your natural shine by following these amazing ways. 

Do you miss the time when your eyes used to be sparklingly beautiful? How does it make you feel if you could get your childlike sparkling eyes back? I know only a simple visualization of getting beautiful eyes made you gleeful. Think how would it be if you can bring this into reality with simple tips for getting beautiful eyes?


Top 5 Tips for Getting Beautiful Eyes

I may not help you with how to get beautiful eyes overnight but how to take care of eyes naturally is something I can surely help with. There is no reason behind it’s just about following a healthy eye care routine and adopting habits that are aligned with the process of getting sparklingly beautiful eyes.


Before we talk, how can you get the eyes of your dreams? Don’t you wanna hunt up what caused you to lose your beautiful eyes spark. Don’t worry. You don’t need to go any far to hunt up those culprits; it's something you are surrounded with and some of your bad habits.


Excessive pollution, Dry weather, Poor diet and sleeping, and scorching sun rays are some of the major issues of your eyes being tired and getting dark circles. You probably can’t escape from pollution and weather but effective eye care home remedies can be advantageous to reduce its effect.


Now you become quite familiar with the culprits, It’s time to lift the veil of amazing beauty tips for eyes.

 5 Tips For Getting Beautiful Eyes

If your eyes are tired and have dark circles no matter how beautiful your make is and how fresh and excited you are. It will make you look dull and tired anyway. Oppositely if your eyes are radiantly bright they embellish your beauty even without or minimum makeup.

I know you are yearning for getting beautiful eyes and it’s something everybody dreams of. The good news is. You are within spitting distance of getting worthwhile eye care tips for beautiful eyes.


So let’s get the knack of how to get beautiful eyes:

1.     Steer Clear of Touching and Rubbing Your Eyes

Everybody has the nerve of touching eyes unnecessarily. But this is the worst thing you do to your eyes. Our hands magnetized a lot of harmful bacteria that can cause eye infection when you touch your eyes with them. In spite of that when we touch our eyes mindlessly we can’t refrain from rubbing our eyes. Sometimes we do it out of itchiness or most of the time out of a habit.


Steer Clear of Touching and Rubbing Your Eyes

If you are thinking eye infection is the only thing you can get through touching and rubbing your eyes. Let me tell you where it can lead to.


Frequently touching and rubbing eyes can lead to nerve damage and sabotage blood flow, weaken your vision, make your eyes dry from the inside out, and bless you with dark circles that you are trying to get rid of.


I can totally sympathize with changing a habit. It's not easy because that has been repeated thousands of times. In order to eliminate this, you just need to be aware and when you find your hands on your eyes instead of beating yourself up Get your hand away and appreciate your efforts.


2.     Nutrify Your Eyes With Castor Oil

Are you on the quest of how to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful forever?  If it is so, Your quest has come to its end. Castor oil is something that can enrich your eyes with all the essential nutrients it is striving for.


Nutrify Your Eyes With Castor Oil

Castor oil benefits for eyes will probably catch you by surprise. Because it is infused with omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin - E, and incredible minerals that not only nourish the skin of your eyes but also get into the hair follicles of your eyelashes and make them beautifully longer and thicker.


Castor oil eye drops are available in the market that can help you to remove the dryness of your eyes and moderately improves vision. Moreover, it can also give deep relaxation to your eyes by stimulating blood flow.


3.     Get The Most Out of Your Green Tea Bag

Green tea offers a wide range of benefits to your skin and health. Infused with high antioxidants makes green great in what it does.

If you drink green tea you are already in the right direction. It's good for your health and skin including the skin around your eyes. But there is another way to use a green tea bag that heals tired and swollen eyes magnificently.

Get The Most Out of Your Green Tea Bag

Green tea is enriched with caffeine, antioxidants, anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties. It deeply relaxes your eyes, tiny muscles and soothes your eyes, fights infections, and keeps puffiness at bay.

4.     Get Good Night Sleep

Sleep is a very important factor for our mental as well as physical health. This is the time when our conscious mind shuts off and the subconscious mind starts its healing process. Most of the time our eyes spend with digital devices which is apparently something we can get by without.

But working on digital devices collectively causes eyesight deterioration, red eyes, puffiness, dryness which dial down the charisma of your eyes. As a matter of fact, an expensive concealer and the best eyeshadow kits can conceal dark circles but it won’t heal the redness and tiredness of your eyes.

Get Good Night Sleep

So you see having a good night’s sleep is better than any natural eye care tips. It’s my favorite and soon you will be in love with this.

5.     Say Yes to Eye Exercise 

If you want your eyes to be more beautiful and healthy than ever before. Eye yoga and exercise are the cure for every eye problem one can face. It will improve your vision, fade dark circles and under-eye bags, eliminate eye strain, redness and it will also keep eye infection away.

Get Good Night Sleep

Nothing can give you the best eye care at home as eye yoga and exercises do Eye yoga and exercises keep your eyes beautiful and healthy as long as you incorporate this marvelous exercise into your routine.

I have introduced you to some amazingly simple but effective tips for getting beautiful eyes that will not only beautify your eye but also improve vision and reduce eye damage. I hope you will put these stunning tips into work and savor the amazing benefits it offers.

Women dread having oily skin, because it can make you prone to blemishes and also make it extremely difficult for you to apply makeup. Nonetheless, if you follow a good well-planned skin care schedule then you can get rid of these problems. Oily skin is often the source of acne, blemishes or clogged pores, making it more important to take of your skin on a regular basis.

Useful Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

The most common problem faced by ladies who have oily skin is to make their makeup last longer without any patchy look. So not only you need to mask the acne or blemishes but you also have to control the oil levels. Here are some useful tips for applying makeup on oily skin.

Start By Cleansing

First you need to start with getting rid from all the impurities on your skin before your start applying the makeup. Before applying makeup, cleaning your face will make sure that all the excess oil from your skin is removed. However, for simple oily skin just washing face is not enough you also need to do some extra toning.

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Use Matte Products for a Long-Lasting Look
Women who have oily skin, have a higher risk of getting their makeup melt away. If you apply base on your skin before applying makeup it will lower the risks of skin oils. To make sure that your makes does not get spoil use matte liquid foundation and powder.

Use Matte Products for a Long-Lasting Look

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Spread Foundation Evenly With a Dab
Some parts of your face have increased levels of oil, which makes your makeup look blotchy and not smooth. So to get rid of this problem, take a good quality makeup sponge and spread your makeup evenly on your face.

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Use Blotting Papers to Control Shine
Oily skin usually sources extra shine in specific areas of your face like cheeks, nose and forehead. This unwanted result often makes you look bad. So to get rid of this problem, carry blotting paper with you and swab away all the oil or sweat without spoiling your makeup.

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Oil-Free Products
While picking out different cosmetics and beauty products it's important that you check them out properly. Make sure that the products you are using are oil-free so that there is no further increase of oil on your face. Also, you need to check the chemicals mentioned on the products as your skin is sensitive to oily skin.

Along with these tips you must also know how to put makeup on your face the right way. The first step for making a good base on an oily skin is by applying concealer, following with foundation and compact powder. Next you can apply the blush remember to apply your makeup in a good way and don't splodge it.

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If you follow these tips for oily skin properly then you don't have to worry about the extra unwanted oily shine spoiling the effect of your perfect makeup.

Author Bio

Jessica is a Fashion Blogger and mostly covers fashion, style, makeup and tailors dress shirts topics. She has completed his graduation in English Literature and mom of a son. She loves to travel and listening Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, she is attached with Custom Stitchers for part-time and wrote there fashion posts.
Okay so nobody can deny the magic that a perfect liner on your upper eyelids can do. You can be instantly transformed into a royalty from a plain Jane. And those countless times when we were asked if we were sick when we skipped the eye makeup has by now made us realise how important eyeliner is. But sadly, getting a perfect wing on both the eyes nearly calls in for witchcraft. And since we can’t do that, we give it up to these five simple tips that will help you have bomb wings!

1. Prep, prep and prep
Yes, though seems minute,  it has a lot of importance. It plays a significant role in the complete look. That is why, make sure you always follow the CTM routine(Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize) and as you’d need extra care for your eyes, try some homemade packs to reduce the redness and any puffiness and of course, to hydrate. Use a primer as the perfect base, and because winters are coming, we’d recommend facial oils, which are perfect! Get the herbal essential oils using the Discounts From Healthkart to save your pocket!

Get Your Eyeliner Game on Point with These Five Simple Tips

2. Practise makes the wing perfect!
True. You need a lot of practice to make that wing so sharp that it could kill a man. Start off slowly and steadily. Use things like a spoon or a business card to get a perfect wing. Make the outline first and carefully fill it in. Use the help of the Q-tips to correct any mess.

Practise makes the wing perfect!

3. Gel or Liquid or Pencil?
There are types of liners, like the gel, liquid and pencil liners. So decide which one you like better. Pencil liners are quite easy. If you are a beginner, play safe and go with a simple pencil liner and work your way out. Gel liners have a charm of their own, and they look absolutely beautiful, owing to the intensity they provide. And liquid liners give the best finish and friendly advice, don’t go for liquid liners when you’re late! Various brands like Nyx, Maybelline and Lakme gives you lot of options and you can get them online using Nykaa Eye Makeup Offers for a lesser price!

Gel or Liquid or Pencil?

4. Put an eye on the other eye makeup!
Imagine a perfect winged liner but a crappy mascaraed-lashes? Ewks. It sounds like it is straight out of our nightmares, isn’t it? So make sure you take care of your mascara, eyeshadow and kohl as well. Apply eye shadow before applying the liner as done opposite may make things messy. Use a waterproof kohl, and if you don’t have one, line the ordinary Kohl with a waterproof liner, and it will work just as fine!

Put an eye on the other eye makeup!

5. Check the expiry
This is to be taken seriously. Usually, the expiry date is three months, for mascara and gel/liquid liners. So make sure you keep checking the expiries constantly. They can cause some serious issues like eye styes and infections due to the expired products because bacteria loves expired products.

Check the expiry

See? Wings aren’t that bad after all. So rock the world with that perfect liner and slay queen! 
How to Elevate Your Outfit

Although wearing basics is easy, cool, and comfortable, you often end up sacrificing style for t-shirt and jeans. The solution is simple: elevate and adorn your basic outfits with some cute accessories. If you’re looking for a way to feel comfortable while looking trendy, read on to explore how to elevate your outfit with these accessorizing tips.

The Dress
Dresses and flats are a notable part of every woman’s professional wardrobe. Whether your dress is black, gray, or navy, wearing it with basic pumps or flats can be pretty boring. To elevate this tired look, you’ll only need four things: a belt, a scarf, colorful shoes, and statement jewelry.

When you put a thin belt around your waist, it’s instantly slimming and breaks up the monotony of a single, basic color. Adding a lightweight scarf also allows you to experiment with dimensions without feeling too bulky. Meanwhile, finishing this look involves trading in black shoes for a colorful pair of boots—such as cute suede boots from The Pink Lily Boutique—and embellishing with a gold watch, necklace, or a chunky bracelet to  complete the outfit with a hint of glamour.

The Denim Jeans
Wearing a simple t-shirt with denim jeans and tennis shoes is a common errand-running outfit. Spice yours up with basic accessories: a knot, some cute flats, and a long necklace. You’ll still be comfortable enough to stay on your feet all day, but you won’t definitely won’t be underdressed!

Wearing patterned flats instead of tennis shoes immediately transforms your active wear to runway apparel. Since combining jeans with a tee is basic, you can choose between leopard, stripe, or floral print shoes. Adding a knot on one side of your tee also elevates your look right away without adding anything excessive to your outfit. A statement necklace can also help you to match your pieces and create a unified, cohesive look.

The Capris
Capris are what you wear for picnics and family events, and often they’re a plain khaki color. Once you add a quality basic shirt from District Clothing, you suddenly look like someone with a high sense of style. To keep elevating this casually fashionable look, add a patterned belt, tuck in your shirt, and toss your hair!

A patterned belt at your hips is emphasized with a tucked in shirt, and it also shows off your curves! When you embellish your outfit with a few accessories, you can take a boring ensemble and make it pop with distinct styles.

The Skirt
A patterned skirt is always a fun idea. However, if it’s a bright design, you’ll want to pair it with a plain white top brings down the ensemble. To prevent looking drab, add a few layered necklaces and a lightweight jacket.

When you have a plain shirt—especially a white tee—it allows you to layer a couple of colorful necklaces. Add an interesting jacket with cuffs, ties, or lapels to create a visually appealing juxtaposition between the feminine skirt and the masculine jacket.
The Button Up
A button up shirt is a common choice for slightly formal occasions, but when paired with skinny jeans or slacks, it needs to be elevated. With this style shirt, you can pull up your hair, add earrings, and accessorize with a colorful bag.

Since hair often gets caught around and underneath the collar, efficiently refine your style with a topknot. Pulled up hair also presents an opportunity to showcase extravagant earrings, especially if it’s your statement piece. Finish it up with a colorful bag to starkly contrast your shirt.

The Simplest Tips
Elevating your outfit is often as easy as fixing your hair, changing your shoes, and accessorizing. In addition to these fashion tips, make sure that your basics look crisp and clean—nothing looks duller than a wrinkled shirt and dirty jeans. Try one of these tips today and add a new flair to your wardrobe!

Author Bio:
Melinda Claire is a fashion-forward stylist, designer, and freelance writer from Austin, Texas. Emphasizing her talents in fashion design, she employs a highly specific vision when creating new outfits for clients and drafting creative ideas for trendy wardrobes. She enjoys attending fashion shows and getting inspiration from international fashion houses.
It is that time of the year again when women would come out in all their fineries to celebrate the festival of lights with complete festive fervour. Yes, it is Diwali! During this festive season, women go crazy looking for trendy and fashionable ideas to look their best, especially the soon-to-be brides and newlyweds. And we know that many of you are doing the same right now, so let us help you out. All you need to do is just keep these tips in mind and there you go!

6 Tips To Look Trendy And Super-Gorgeous This Diwali - Fashion Tips

#1. Plan your look well

Dear ladies, you do not have to go around buying expensive designer duds, just because you think they look good always. If you are clear on how you would like to look this festive season, then start scouting for relevant materials in your favourite colours, and get them stitched by your trusted tailor.

Plan your look well

You can also get a printout of dresses that you like and give those to your tailor. Remember, opt for clothes which flatter your body type. Never go for figure-hugging wear as an extra effort to look slim. Tight-fitted clothes would make you look and feel uncomfortable. 

#2. Experiment with trends

Experiment with trends

There should be some playfulness, quirkiness and elegance in your Diwali outfits. You should learn to experiment with different silhouettes, have variations on the hemlines, and focus on elegant drapes. The silhouettes could range from panelled suits to floor length anarkali to A-line lehenga, lehenga saree or ghagra choli. Also, there are a lot of different ways in which you can drape your traditional saree. So, try something out-of-the-box this time.

#3. Indo-western

Indo-western for Diwali

Give the traditional festive shopping an interesting twist by going for fusion dressing. To give an Indo-western feel to your Diwali look this year, you can opt for a saree with an off-shoulder blouse. Or you can also go for a structured kurta or a traditional choli with cigarette pants, dhoti pants or palazzo pants. All these attires can be accentuated with delicate elements and detailing such as zardosi work or use of beads, stones, pearls and laces.

#4. Add some retro bling

Add some retro bling

Ladies, retro styles are back in fashion, so raid your mom's jewellery box and dig out the jhumkas, chokers, maang tikkas and anklets. These beautiful pieces will help to accentuate your look, no matter what you pick to wear. But, do not try to wear everything at one go, especially if you have chosen a heavy and dazzling attire. In a case like this, go for statement jewellery.

#5. Choose stylish footwear

Choose stylish footwear

Well, if you have planned out everything with perfection then do not ignore your footwear. A good footwear can make or break your entire look. So, leave some budget aside to invest in a beautiful footwear that complements your dress and enhances your look. Buy yourself a nice pair of Punjabi jootis or strappy heels to go with your ethnic wear. While you can opt for pumps or peep toes to match an Indo-western outfit. If you have basic colours such as nude, black, white, silver, gold and cherry tone, you just need to pick one and there you go!

#6. Let your skin glow

Let your skin glow - Diwali Fashion

Make sure you are through with your hair spa session and glow peels, a day before Diwali. Besides the routine treatments, you can also go for a body polishing session to radiate a glow from head to toe. Also, get some trendy nail arts done on your fingers. You can also get some highlights done in your hair to jazz up your look.
So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips to transform yourself into a trendy diva this Diwali!

Source - http://www.bollywoodshaadis.com