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A Gilet (or vest) is a kind of sleeveless jacket. Wearing a gilet is a trend that has been in the fashion circuit for many years. But, like all trends, the gilet comes and goes away periodically. The reason for its off-and-on appearance is the fact that many people do not know the innovative ways to wear the gilet. They think of it as a garment that is to be worn on some other garment. Moreover, it is a general perception that gilets are unsuitable to be worn in summers. On the contrary, the gilet is one of the most versatile garments, especially the Faux Fur Gilet. Read on to know the five most interesting ways to wear your furry gilet and how to rock each look.

Five Ways to Wear a Gilet

   1)    The Cheerful Casual Look
Combine your favorite pair of fitting denims with a contrast colored collared shirt to have a casual and comfortable pairing. Choose a brown fur gilet and chunk it up with accessories like a simple stone necklace and finger rings. This look is ideal for a casual evening with friends or for going shopping.

    2)    The Earthy Look
Bring your bright chequered shirt out of the closet and pair it up with your distressed blue jeans and knee length high boots. Your Faux Fur Gilet in brown color will add to the look. Do not forget your sunglasses. You are now ready for a road trip with friends or family.

   3)    Black Is Back
Go all black for this super sensational look. Wear your black jeggings or skinny jeans with a full sleeved black top. Pick your blackest black shoes with heels and complete the look with your good old furry gilet. Do not forget to don your statement neck piece and carry a bright purse to take the focus away from the black. A Perfect ensemble for a dinner date.

   4)    Pop It Up with Red
Wondering how to wear those red pants that looked so good on the mannequin, but have no matching partner in your closet? Your fur gilet is its match made in heaven. Just wear it over a simple top, and you are ready for a movie night. Avoid any fancy jewellery or accessories.

   5)    Femme Fatale
Who had thought that our very own ‘Little Black Dress’ would make a chic combination with the gilet? This pairing works very well if you coordinate the accessories nicely. A golden necklace and a golden clutch will match perfectly. Choose a dark lipstick and a nice perfume, and you are ready for a formal party.

We can make the gilet look different every time we wear it with different garments, like tattered jeans, jeggings or short dresses. If paired correctly, the gilet is much more than just a jacket. It can add glamour and oomph when desired. Also, it can be worn in any weather. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose the accessories according to the occasion. What are you waiting for? Raid your wardrobe and find out more exciting ways to wear your Faux Fur Gilet.
Having sharp curves is a blessing. However, it can also mean being confronted with some challenges when it comes to flattering clothing. To enjoy your curves and look even more incredible, there are some useful tips to help you dress your body and enhance your looks and style.

Busty Women Style Tips - Megha Shop

Buttoned down shirt

When it comes to shirts, busty ladies should definitely avoid tight-fitting pieces since they can appear a bit small in the chest area. But, finding a loose fitting buttoned shirt that can be casually tucked in pants or skirts looks really great and flattering on a bit bustier figure. The best thing about this type of shirts is that they can be dressed up and down with the choice of bottoms and accessories.

Don’t be afraid of dark colors

If you don’t want to attract too much attention to your chest, opting for simple fitted tops in dark colors can be your best option. Dark fabric won’t emphasize the size of your bust while the fitted cut of the top will actually shift attention to your waist. Another great quality of plain dark tops is that they can be paired with any type, color and pattern of bottoms.

Fitted dresses

When you choose your dresses leave the loose trend aside and always look for fitted body-wrap dresses. These types of dresses will give good support to your chest while flatteringly wrapping the body in order to point out your other prominent curves such as waist and hips. If you already have an hourglass figure, you can get away with any pattern and color while those who would like to visually accentuate these features can find a number of dresses with geometrical patterns where the darker color is on the sides of the dress for that visual impact of hourglass figure.

Opt for a fitted jacket

The style and length of the jacket are not that important in this case as long as the jacket is fitted. Moreover, refrain from zipping or buttoning up the jacket. That way you will have a nice layered outfit that won’t show off the size of your bust but will instead balance your whole look.

Be careful with necklines and accessories

Choosing a top with a flattering neckline should not be that difficult as long as you take the time to try on the tops in the shop where you can see for yourself what suits you the best. In general, V-neck tops look most flattering on busty ladies. Moreover, refrain from long, dangly pieces of jewelry when it comes to necklaces, since they can only draw unwanted attention to your chest. Instead, opt for short necklaces or chokers.

Find good support

For your clothes to look perfect on you, you need to have good underwear support. Therefore, shop for good quality bras and ask the store staff for help. Underwear with good supporting ability can sometimes minimize possible back pains that happen due to the weight of breasts. Unfortunately, the strain on the back can often be really problematic. While one of the options to reduce the pain can be breast reduction surgery, less abusive method to deal with the pain and proper posture is seeking the Professional Chiropractic Services which can make a lot of difference in daily activities.

The important thing when it comes to choosing proper clothes is to embrace your body and love yourself. That way you’ll find it easier to go shopping and confidently pick garments that look most flattering on your body type. 
There are many varieties of silk sarees available in different styles adorned with beautiful embellishments. You might be having a huge and wonderful compilation of silk sarees; however are you aware of its effective maintenance for a long term? If not, then these points are surely going to help you.


Storage of Silk Saree

Silk fabric is a bit different and is generally very costly. So these precious sarees cannot be stored just like you’re another outfit. For storing the silk sarees, they need to be wrapped up in a muslin cloth or a pure cotton cloth and should be kept separately in your closet. Avoid wrapping them in newspapers, as the black colour might get smudged with silk saree. It is generally preferred to store these kinds of outfits in a dark place, away from sunlight so as to avoid the fading and discoloration of the fabric and giving it a worn out look. Pure crepe silk sarees need to be kept in hanging position with the help of hangers in your wardrobe so as to avoid any crease formation or wrinkles in the outfit. If taken care, the silk will retain its rich and vibrant look for a long duration.

Storage of Silk Saree

Washing Tips for Silk Sarees

 It is often advised to dry clean your saree so as to maintain the texture of the outfit. Crepe silk sarees are generally best washed through dry cleaning method. However if you have to wash them at home, then hand washing with cold water is preferred over machine washing. The pallu, border and the rest part of the saree should be washed separately without employing the use of the brush as this will damage the fabric. Mild yet effective detergents should be made use of instead of chlorine bleach. Sometimes even mild shampoo instead of detergents can also be used. If one make use of these washing tips, then surely your fancy crepe sarees can be preserved for a long time.

 Drying Silk Sarees

For silk sarees, it is recommended to squeeze out the extra water with the help of hands and then wrap it in a soft towel to soak any left over water in the saree. After that, folding it in two parts, hang it in shades. This will help you to remove any kind of wrinkles in the fabric. It is advised not to dry the silk sarees in sunlight.

How to iron your silk sarees?

Ironing of silk fabric requires a lot of care and gentle handling. If the iron is too hot, crepe fabric can even loose their softness. If the silk that you are using is not pure, then the iron should be set at a low temperature to prevent burning of the saree. However, it is advisable to iron a small section of the saree to test the adequacy of the temperature and then apply it over the entire saree. Another way out is to place a thin cotton cloth over the silk fabric and then gently sweep the iron over the cloth. This will avoid the fabric from coming in direct contact with the temperature.

Maintaining its Shine

Sometimes if the silk fabric is mishandled, it can happen to lose its distinctive shine. In order to restore its sheen, a combination of white vinegar and mild warm water can be used. After treating saree with this mixture, wash it with water to remove the extra vinegar and then wrap the saree with a soft towel to remove the excess water and then let it dry. This is an effective way of maintaining the silk sarees shine.

Maintaining its Shine

You must be purchasing the latest organza sarees online, but now along with just making a collection, try out these tips to even maintain them for longer usage.

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If you are looking to find the best men’s panty, the online platform provides some exciting option for the New Year. Various websites offer trendy, high-quality designs at affordable prices. This blog looks at some of the options in the market that are making waves on the fashion and feel-good front.


These are the most conventional type of undergarments. Almost everyone has one or has had this one. They are both worn by women and men. The briefs are also used in sporting since they are capable of holding men’s genitals in a fixed position. For any website search under the men’s panty online category, you are likely to have 10/10 chance of getting them from every online vendor.


This is not popular among ordinary guys, and, therefore, you may not find many men’s panty online vendors with this type due to low demand. It is widely common in North America for sporting and cultural fashion wear. Specifically, it is designed for athletes. Hence, it has coined the name Athlete Supporter. It is designed for supporting male genitalia during sporting activities such as soccer, sprinting and high jump. The jockstrap has three pieces of elastic tights, one round the waist, and two go under the buttocks.

Board Shorts

This type is very popular among men, as perfect beachwear for swimming and surfing. Boardshorts are made of strong polyester or nylon material.  They are popular with watersports, and could hold up to wear with a surfboard because they are comfortable and have negligible weight. Every country with massive beaches has a good fortune. The increase in surfing activity and in-style selfies on surfboards, board shorts are definitely a good investment. Bonus: if you want something that does not expose your thighs and the lower torso, you should go for this one. This is the only panty of its kind you can get. Due to increased surfing active, the surf trunks, or the board shorts are likely to be popular beyond 2016, and every men’s panty online vendor has this one.

Boxer Briefs

It is a combination of some features of briefs and boxers, that is, long legs that are similar to boxer shorts, but tighter that are tight-fitting like briefs. In some countries like the UK and Australia, boxer briefs are commonly referred to as trunks. All men’s panty online vendors are likely to have them in their stores.


As the name itself suggests, this type of paints was in early stage designed for boxers. These days, however, they have become very popular among men. At least, 4 in every five men have worn boxer panty at one time or the other. From a design perspective, contrary to briefs, boxers are loose-fitting and give so much freedom. They are good for air regulation in the male genitals. Though males in boxing commonly used them, women also have joined the rest of men wearing them, especially as nightwear.
There is one week to go for that party you’ve been waiting for. You’ve tried convincing yourself to diet, eat less, walk, work out but gave up after a few days. Now with just a week to go, you’re freaking out as to what to wear that won’t show the world that you’ve been gorging on food without any care. Thankfully, all hope is not lost!

Rather than trying to go on a crash diet to hide those bulges, follow these fashion hacks and cheats to help you look slimmer and steal the show at the next party (however, do scold yourself for not having stuck with the diet plan- we all know it won’t quite last though!)