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These unique sunglasses represent smart style for women's fashion and are only available for a limited time. This startup has made a line of luxury sustainable sunglasses that mix elements of the land and sea together. They are available now on Kickstarter.com which means they you will be the first to sport the sunglasses and they are the best price now before they hit retail locations and jump to $159 a pair. The savvy sunglasses combine elements of wood and beautiful gem quality abalone shells. The combination makes for one of kind glamour and electric style. Sboji, the makers, began in a Midwest town making eco-friendly sunglasses.

Most Unique Sunglasses

Since their first line of floating bamboo sunglasses they have innovated on many recycled and re-usable materials to make what they coin “Sustainable Face wear."  Their collections are always unique with polarized protection and an artistic flair. Backers for Sboji's project get a custom engraved pair of the shades as well as a nifty gift pack and hard case. All funds help the company spread awareness about sustainability and responsibility through their keep it program. You can become a backer for a limited time and receive your See Shells sunglasses for a limited time by visiting their campaign and choosing to become a backer here http://kck.st/2r9knQ9

Most Unique Sunglasses

The See Shells Collection has multiple frame styles and variations to choose from.

The Kai: A mix of land and sea in a perfectly balanced way to create an everyday pair of luxurious sunglasses. The Kai comes in four flavors which include two natural wood & two painted wood options with 4 different lens options and choice of laser engraved or recycled aluminum logo.

The Avalon: Full frontal shell with blue mirror or classic dark smoke lens options. A classic round wood frame with natural side temples and laser engraved logos feature a nice abalone shell accent on the tips.

Most Unique Sunglasses

The Maris: A sleek design fit for festivals, Vegas pool parties, or sunny beach days. They covered their handmade Maris frame in the iridescent sea shells to accomplish this amazing look. Mirror lenses come in yellow or purple.

Kickstarter is a great place to shop for new upcoming items that have not even hit the market yet. The platform is based around crowd funding and is always showcasing the most modern and innovative designs in fashion and technology, not to mention your purchases usually go a long way in supporting ethical and artistic companies.
I totally adore my designer sunglasses. Summer time or otherwise, I can’t think of any other accessory apart from a Well-Made Designer Sunglasses For Women that I would wear whenever I stepped out of the house. It’s one of the most useful things I carry with me!

I’m not the only one, millions around the world use sunglasses. In case you didn’t know: it’s the best thing for your eyes! Protecting your retinas from the harmful rays of the sun is the vital to prolonging your eye sight. Ask yourselves, if you didn’t have your eyesight would you be able to see all the cool things in the world? I suppose not!

Recently, my friend needed help purchasing a good pair of designer sunglasses. She has a slightly narrower face than most people and wanted something specific like designer sunglasses for narrow faces.

I did some research and found out a lot of useful info about these designer sunglasses for women. I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with all my readers.

I’ve written this short guide to help you buy a good pair of sunglasses.

So, let’s get started with the first one.

How to select female designer sunglasses that match your face shape?

Getting the right pair of sunglasses is no easy feat. I had to search around a lot with my first one. Have you seen the plethora of frame styles, colors, silhouettes out there?

Worry not.

Begin with your search by identifying your face shape from the following types.

l  Heart face shape

 Heart face shape

Heart face shape has been generally wider at the top with the narrowest part being the jawline. Any designer sunglasses for sale that are wider on the top than on the bottom will work well.

l  Round face shape

Round face shape

Round face shape is the widest across the cheekbones and narrows somewhat as it nears the forehead and the jawline. This gives it the appearance of being rounded. Wraparound, Square or Cat-Eye frames or any angular frames are most suitable for this face type.

l  Oval face shape

Oval face shape

Oval face shape is longer with a shorter width. Any round frame or square frame will look good on an oval face shape. Ensure you buy the correct frame size when you are hunting for cheap designer sunglasses online that is not too big or too small.

l  Square face shape

Square face shape

Square face shape has a strong jawline with a wide forehead. Wide cheek bones are also a common feature of people with this face shape. Cheap designer sunglasses that have soft edges or rimless edges work very well with this face shape.

l  Base-Up Triangle face shape

Base-Up Triangle face shape

Base-Up Triangle face shape have a very wide top and a short bottom. Designer sunglasses for women with frame style that have a wider top and a shorter bottom would look great on this face type.

l  Base-Down Triangle face shape

Base-Down Triangle face shape

Base-Down Triangle face shape has a narrower forehead with a wider jawline and chin. Cheap designer sunglasses with heavy accents and detailing suit this face shape perfectly.

It’s very simple to find your face shape. Use a marker pen and facing the mirror trace an outline of your face on the mirror. Compare it with the points I have mentioned. It takes less than a minute of your time.

What are the most common frame sizes for female designer sunglasses?

Now that we’ve gotten over the most important bit, let’s focus on the frames themselves!

Sunglasses frames are usually available in three different sizes.

1.     Narrow fit for someone with a narrow face shape.
2.     Standard or Medium fit designer’s sunglasses for women is the most commonly used frame size.
3.     Large fit suits anyone requiring a wider fit.

What are the best frame styles for designer sunglasses for women?

In my observation I find that some frame styles trend seasonally but few remain popular for decades. I’ll tell you which ones they are so you can go get them!

·        Butterfly frames
·        Cat-Eye sunglasses
·        Wraparound sunglasses
·        Tortoiseshell frame style
·        Hexagonal frame style

These frames are here to stay! Keep in mind that anything retro and square are also extremely popular now!

I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been complimented for my club master that I bought recently from Coolwinks which had this awesome mirror coating on it. My friend bought from the same site with my help and guess what they gave her a big 65% discount on her frame recently.

Here’s a little secret:

When I bought my club master from them I found out about Foster Grant and LA Express sunglasses being sold in our country.

If you didn’t know already —Foster Grant is the original sunglasses manufacturer in the world. They go back as long as 1929 and LA Express range of trendy sunnies is also owned by the same company.

How cool is that? Now you can buy one of the best brands in the world from the comfort of your home!

Bonus Tips

Before I complete this post I want to give you a couple of bonus tips to purchase the correct sunglasses for you.

·        Always purchase sunglasses that conforms to your face. Otherwise you will end up with aching temples or feel annoyed with the weight of the frame.
·        When you are selecting sunglasses ensure they provide 100% protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Otherwise you have just wasted your money.
·        Foster Grant and LA Express sunglasses provide 100% protection from the sun.
·        I know many of you may have a sensitive skin so look for designer sunglasses for women made of acetate frame material. They are hypoallergenic and won’t cause you any skin allergies.
·        Shopping online is beneficial as you can look for discount coupons to buy cheap designer sunglasses online at discount rates.

Have fun shopping for some cool designer sunglasses online ladies! 
Indian summer months are the worst to deal with due to the constant heat and high exposure to UVA/UVB rays. This is when we often find ourselves thinking about getting the right prescription sunglasses to protect our eyes against the harmful rays of the sun with added advantage of vision correction.

Prescription sunglasses are perfect for sun protection and vision correction

Purchasing Prescription Sunglasses for Women and men in India is very easy and you can shop for them from the comfort and luxury of your home. People are starting to prefer shopping online than visiting a retain outlet.     

Purchase Prescription Sunglasses Online

CoolWinks.com optical experts are ready to offer your assistance and purchasing advice you need when it comes to making the right decision towards protecting your eyes. Their customer support agents are basically optical experts and they are trained to help you choose the correct lenses so you may see safely in the sun.

Prescription sunglasses are perfect for sun protection and vision correction

With CoolWinks.com you can safely and securely purchase your prescription sunglasses online. Prescription sunglasses price is quite reasonable and most prescription sunglasses are affordable for everybody.  

Tips for purchasing prescription sunglasses

l  Select frame which is lightweight and sturdy.
l  It’s important that the frames match your facial shape and structure.
l  Lens must be of good quality and offer clear vision despite the tint.
l  Acetate frames are hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.
l  Incorrect lenses can cause significant strain so purchase after due consideration.

When looking for good quality prescription sunglasses it’s important to consider the brands that sell them wisely. There are several companies that make excellent frames that can be worn by you anywhere. Some of them match well with your face and most with your outfit also.

Lenses protect your eyes from damage from UV rays so it’s important to purchase from brands that are leaders in the industry. Essilor and Zeiss are two of the biggest names in the industry known for producing high quality spectacle lenses.

l  You can opt for tinted lenses with polarization or go with a photochromic lens that changes the tint automatically.
l  They are known as transition lenses available for prescription sunglasses which go dark when you are outside and go light when you are back indoors.

Ideal uses of Prescription Sunglasses India

l  Wear them on a hot day out on the beach.
l  Perfect when you want to cool off in the waters.
l  Won’t cause any eye infection unlike contact lenses.
l  Excellent when driving your car or motorcycle.
l  Perfect for protecting your eyes against UVA rays.
l  They are reasonably priced and quite affordable.
l  They look like normal eyeglasses but offer vision correction and sun protection.

Some people prefer wraparound styles which offer great protection but sometimes they don’t offer the best vision correction as the wraparound style can lead to some distortion towards the edges.

When you purchase prescription sunglasses online take care to carefully select your lenses based on your needs and not based on the outfit you are wearing. Having an excellent pair of prescription sunglasses in your collection is a must today.