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What are the only two concerns about cosmetics?
Firstly, individuals wish to experience the same results as the products claim and secondly, the products shall not have adverse side effects on the skin.
Essential skin care products are preferred over toxic cosmetics because of the major concern that every user have i.e. no or negligible side effects. There is a huge demand for natural and organic products even though they are more expensive than toxic cosmetics and have less powerful effects.
6 Natural Skin Products that Helps to Avoid Horrific Cosmetic Effects

There are several other reasons that are considered before buying a cosmetic product, such as:

Skin Lighting Products- It includes lotions, creams, gels et-cetera which when applied to the skin on a regular basis, tones up the color i.e. makes it white. These products have gained demand because of the misconception in the minds of the population which states that white beauty is the ultimate beauty and anything darker is considered to be ugly. Products which are supposed to enhance the color of the skin are bought with a skeptical mind because of skin cracking or skin darkening side effects.
 Lip Products- These includes lip balms, lip scrubs, lip glosses, lipsticks et-cetera. These products are applied when the lips of a person cracks or becomes rough, due to the damage caused by pollution or seasonal changes usually in winters. Such products improve the quality of the lips by filling up the cracks with natural compounds. Side effects caused are lip darkening or darkening of the surrounding areas.

Body Lotions/ Creams- These include body lotions, gels, creams and every other cosmetic product which is applied to improve or treat the skin conditions of the individual. Side effects of such products include temporary enhancement but permanent damage in the future, itching, dryness et-cetera.

Skin Enhancing Products- This is a special category product line which includes all the value-added cosmetics like sunscreen lotions/ creams, medication ointments for skin conditions like eczema, acne, contact dermatitis et-cetera. There are severe side effects of ointments which range from mild effects like rashes & itching to adverse effects like permanent skin damaging i.e. skin cracking, skin darkening et-cetera. 
Hair Products-
These include shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, hair wax et-cetera. There are multiple side effects of hair products which are not just restricted to hair area but also other parts of the body. Side effects include hair fall, dandruff, itching, scalp dryness, irritation in eyes, scalp reddening, and roughness on the forehead or skin, darkening of the back of the neck. 
Makeup Products-
These include all the beauty enhancement products like foundations, mascaras, eye shadows et-cetera. As the name suggests, it makes up an unoriginal outlook of the individual which is considered as enhanced beauty, applied for usually two reasons i.e. hide the deformities/ scars or to enhance the natural beauty. Side effects include permanent skin damage, constant need for cosmetics in the future and addiction of the skin to these products.

Severe Skin Conditions
There are many severe skin diseases which are caused due to chemical skin care products like the following:
  • Inflammation
  • Wart
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Infections
  • Blisters
  • Hives
  • Pustule
  • Erythema
  • Mycosis
  • Herpes simplex
  • And the most dangerous of all, Skin Cancer

Know Why Skin Care Products are Necessary
Environmental conditions have increased the need for essential skin care to protect the skin and hair. Due to air pollution and water pollution, the quality of the skin and hair is degrading on a global scale. To protect the skin from these conditions, natural skin care is preferred to avoid future side effects caused by the regular use of toxic cosmetics.

The whole world is shifting towards natural products because of the false claims and harmful effects of the chemically-infused cosmetic products. There are so many claims with confusing terms & conditions which are legally right but not ethically right in some cases.

Cosmetic brands are not developing skin improving products, rather temporary skin enhancers. Essential skin care products improve the texture and quality of the skin in the long run, having only natural compounds which are least harmful and maximum beneficial. Although, the positive effects are experienced slowly, but are permanent and extremely valuable when comes to the betterment of the hair and skin quality.
There are thousands of skin care products currently available for consumers to purchase in large chain stores, small shops, and online. Finding these products is easy, but understanding what goes into them is not. You can usually find some of the better ingredients flaunted on the front label, but you can't know how much of of them goes into the entire batch and what is used as cheap filler.

DIY Soothing Lavender Skin Cream - Beauty Tips

The only way to be sure of what goes into your skin care products is to research each one, or more simply, to just make your own! Sound too intimidating? I'm going to share with you just how easy it is with my recipe for DIY Skin Soothing Lavender Cream. Lavender is one of my Favorite Essential Oils, and it does so much more than merely smell pleasant. Lavender has been found to alleviate anxiety, help with depression, and provide relief from some sleepdisorders. Lavender has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for various ailments from easing the mind to banishing parasites. Its versatility and soothing aroma makes it perfect for skin care.


  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 cup Shea Butter
  • 3 tablespoons Carrier Oil
  • 15-20 drops Lavender Oil
Not all ingredients are made the same or offer the same benefits. Oils must be extracted from plants, and the manner in which they are extracted greatly affects how well they work. Coconut oil is widely available online, in grocery stores, drug stores, and small shops. The kind required for this skin cream recipe needs to be either virgin or refined. Virgin coconut oil is the most beneficial, but it is also the most like a coconut. This might be just fine for you if you like coconut, and if that's the case, definitely spring for virgin. If you prefer a more subtle oil, refined might be a better fit. It provides many of the same benefits without the tropical aroma. 

High quality shea butter is less commonly available. You will probably have to visit stores that specialize in organic skin care or purchase your shea butter online. I've found purchasing online to be the easier option. A carrier oil works as a base oil to allow the essential oil (lavender) to better absorb into skin. There are many different kinds of Carrier Oils, and you may use whatever you have on hand or whatever your prefer. This is YOUR homemade skin cream, so you should use what you like. I prefer sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil in this application and keep those items stocked in my pantry.  Lavender essential oil has become so widely used that you may be able to find it grocery stores and pharmacies as well as small specialty shops and online retailers.

Use a double boiler set to medium heat to combine the coconut oil, shea butter, and carrier oil of your choice. DO NOT ADD THE LAVENDER OIL AT THIS TIME. Stir to thoroughly combine the first three ingredients. Then put mixture into the refrigerator for one to two hours or until the oils have become solid.

Once solid, add the lavender oil. Use an electric mixer to whip into a soft butter. Be careful to start off slow to prevent the oil from spattering. You can store your soothing lavender skin cream in a glass jar at room temperature. Slather on after a shower or bath for maximum softness and absorption of the nourishing ingredients into your skin.

Sally Wong is a massage therapist with 15 years experience practicing her trade. The daughter of a skilled massage therapist, she is originally from a small town in China and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. She frequently visits her grandmother who still resides in China to learn about Essential Oils And TheirHealing Properties.

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Peeling skin is a removing process of dead skin remained in epidermis, the outermost skin layer. It is usually happened without you realizing it. The peeling skin can be a typical normal phenomenon but it can be annoying as you commonly experience itchy, dry, rash and irritating accompanying with white flake skin peeled off from your face. There are a number of factors that can fasten the peeling process, including: excessive exposure to the sun, harsh weather condition, chemical-related skin irritations or allergies, skin infections, immune disorders, genetics, adverse effects of medications, etc. Peeling skin seems to have no harmful effects but it is not. You not only be discomfort but have a higher chance of getting skin infection if your condition is left untreated.

Top 7 effective ways for peeling skin at home

The following easy home-made remedies can help you with your peeling skin.

1. Lemon and sugar
A mixture of lemon and sugar is one of the most effective natural skin scrubs that help you to remove your dead skin cells. Moreover, lemon has properties of soothing and healing so it literally essential for your skin health. You can make a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and add a few drops of olive oil for better effect. Then apply this mixture on your skin and rub in circular directions gently. After that, rinse of with cold water to astringe your pore. Remember to apply at least 1-2 times every week and wait to see the result.

2. Olive oil
Olive oil is a great potential remedy that you do not want to miss for your dry peeling skin as it contains many fatty acids that are wonderful moisturizing your skin. Besides that, vitamin E contained in the oil is a free radicals fighter that helps you to have a youth look. You can simply add a certain amount of olive oil into 2 tablespoons of salt and use as a body scrub on a daily basis until you are free of skin flakes. You can also add some olive oil on your balm, warm it up and massage gently on your skin. Apply the oil for 2-3 times per week.

3. Cucumber
Similar to lemon and sugar, cucumber is another effective organic astringent. It not only help you with your peeling skin but relieve you from sunburn, itchiness and irritation as it contain a high level of water and vitamin C. Mash a cucumber into paste and apply directly on your affected area. Let it sit there for 15-20 minute periods before wash it off with warm water. Use cucumber everyday for at least 1-2 week to restore your dehydrated skin.

4. Honey
Honey has been well-known for its’ moisturizing and healing properties. The irritation and itchiness that come from a peeling skin will be eliminated after a week using honey. Rub a little honey on your skin and let it sit for 10-20 minutes before rinse it off with warm water.

Top 7 effective ways for peeling skin at home

5. Yogurt
Another effective method to soften your skin and reduce peeling skin signs is yogurt. Yogurt contains a variety of components, namely minerals, enzymes and acids that are useful to fasten your healing process and moisturize your dry skin. You can add either a half of a ripe banana or 2 teaspoon of honey to 2 yogurt tablespoons and apply the mixture on your skin. After 10-15 minutes drying, wash your skin with warm water.

6. Mint
Unlike other home remedies, mint not only helps to moisturize your skin but calm and refresh your skin. So apply a little mint juice on your affected area before going to sleep and let it there overnight. Use warm water to rinse it off in the next morning and apply another light moisturizer on that area gently. Repeat this procedure until your skin condition is improved.

7.  Aleo vera
Aleo vera is loaded with soothing and moisturizing properties that make it one of the most effective natural remedies for your skin problems. It helps to ease irritation, inflammation and the peeling skin. Mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera extract and vitamin E. Apply the mixture onto the affected skin area and massage gently before let it dry and wash it off. Repeat this method 2-3 times everyday for about a week.

Bio: Jelly Jeff is a senior editor of Authority Remedies; that a website which is specialized in providing natural home remedies, tips and also nutrition facts to improve the well-beings. She is a nurse but she keens to explore nutrition and fitness. In addition, she loves writing and doing research. She appreciates to be a good writer in nutrition.
Sunlight, particularly extended contact with the sun’s rays, can cause untold damage to your skin in all four seasons. You may not be as aware of the sun during winter, spring, and fall, as in summer, but you still need to protect your skin from sunburn and damage during those cooler months.

When summer hits, you may have to really put those antioxidants to work for you. As sunburn can cause extreme dehydration on top of regular seasonal issues, it is important to stay on top of your daily skincare routine. Even carrying an antioxidant-rich Hydrating Mist in your handbag for a quick burst of moisture can make an enormous difference to the health of your skin.

The Best Antioxidants for Your Summer Skin - Megha Shop

Antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E assist in slowing down cell damage; they act as cell protectors to counteract the effect of oxidation. They help fight free radicals, preventing them from damaging the skin cells, and they assist with issues like sunburn. As antioxidants become oxidized, it is important to replenish your supply.

You can get the antioxidants your body craves in a couple ways. You can consume antioxidant-rich foods like acai berries, goji berries, and chia seeds, which have fabulous antioxidant properties for your skin. Alternatively, you can use external beauty products containing powerful antioxidants. Opting for both can fast-tracks your skin on the road to good health.

With so many antioxidant-rich products on the market, it is easy to get confused. Think about it in the same way you think about food. You don’t just eat cauliflower, but not apples; or strawberries, but not broccoli. You eat a balanced variety of healthy fruits and vegetables that provide different vitamins and minerals to your body. Therefore, seek out an array of external antioxidant products for the ultimate in healthy skin care, and to heal any skin issues you may be experiencing.

1. Vitamin E
Vitamin E (tocopherol) is an antioxidant that is present in the skin and found in various foods, such as vegetables, seeds, and meat. It helps the skin look younger by boosting collagen production and, in turn, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

The Best Antioxidants for Your Summer Skin - Megha Shop

Unlike other vitamins, skin derives its benefits from vitamin E better through topical treatments than through oral supplements. Vitamin E is available in two forms: alpha-tocopherol (alcohol-based) and alpha-tocopherol acetate. The latter does not penetrate the skin as easily, so make sure you’re reading the labels closely to get maximum benefit of the vitamin E.

2. Lycopene
Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, is a carotenoid found in red fruits and vegetables. It is, in fact, responsible for their red color. In addition to being a healthy choice for your diet, it’s a great choice for improving skin texture because it promotes collagen production and reduces the DNA damage that leads to wrinkles. To get the most benefit from this powerful antioxidant, you can either take a daily supplement, or look for skin care products that contain it in topical formulas (lycopene is easily absorbed by the skin).

3. Green Tea
Green tea has become one of the new age food heroes – a helpful ally in preventing everything from heart disease and cancer to skin aging and weight gain. The full range of health benefits may take decades to define, but research on its impact on human skin is reasonably well developed.

The Best Antioxidants for Your Summer Skin - Megha Shop

The secret ingredients are chemicals called catechins, which are antioxidants that can clear cell damage on the skin and repair wrinkles, blemishes or other impurities. When applied to the skin, green tea can reduce sun damage by reducing inflammation and tackling free radicals. (It doesn’t block UV rays.) When choosing a tea, it’s helpful to know that green tea has over five times the amount of catechins as black tea.

4. Coffee Berry
As an ingredient in anti-aging formulas, coffee berry prevents collagen damage, reduces wrinkles, and protects the skin against damage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leading to more youthful looking skin.

5. Grape Seed
Grape seed is extracted from vitis vinifera and is rich in proanthocyanidins, which belong to the flavonoid family. Proanthocyanidins are potent antioxidants with strong free radical scavenging activities. Grape seed extract has been shown to be an even stronger scavenger of free radicals than vitamins C and E.

6. Genistein
Genistein is an isoflavone derived from soybeans with the capacity to inhibit UV-induced oxidative DNA damage. Genistein, either topically applied or orally supplemented, was shown to effectively protect human skin against UVB-induced skin photo-damage.

7. Vitamin C
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient that can only come from the healthy fruits and vegetables that contain it. Vitamin C is usually touted for its cold-fighting power, but it’s also under study for its impact on preventing and reversing aging skin.

The Best Antioxidants for Your Summer Skin - Megha Shop

It works in two ways: as an antioxidant, as well as a booster of collagen formation – both of which are important to preserving and maintaining skin’s youthful appearance. However, boosting your intake of vitamin C-rich foods does not appear to impact your skin to any measurable degree, so cosmetic companies are hard at work to study whether it can be absorbed through the skin directly via topical creams and lotions.
We're not kidding about concealing any hint of failure face! Furthermore, with regards to how to avoid maturing, the familiar proverb is valid: An ounce of counteractive action is justified regardless of a pound of cure. The way to how to anticipate maturing skin begins with shrewd, remarkable skincare.

How to Prevent Aging Skin

It requires shockingly little investment and just a modest bunch of items to keep your skin from untimely wrinkling, unattractive cocoa spots, and loss of solidness. The accompanying are tips you can put without hesitation now to keep your skin looking youthful.  

#1: Be Neurotic
It's OK to be over the top about a few things, such as staying solid and driving securely, and sunscreen ought to be on that rundown. Applying an every day sunscreen implies you'll get the last giggle with regards to snicker lines and different indications of maturing. No ifs ands or buts, sunscreen is the #1 against wrinkle, hostile to drooping, and hostile to cocoa spot item, since UV presentation is the #1 reason for practically every indication of maturing! 

#2: Exfoliate
Scours are OK for additional purifying, however as far as shedding layers of sun-harmed or unfortunate skin, scours ought to be tossed back to the period from where they joined Ten-O-Six toners and that container of Noxzema Skin Cleanser! In this way, in case despite everything you're depending on cleans as your sole exfoliant, it's the ideal opportunity for a redesign.

At the point when utilized day by day, an all around detailed AHA or BHA exfoliant enhances skin tone and surface for brilliant results. What's more, both bring hostile to maturing benefits (like collagen incitement) that scours don't!

Anti-Aging Ingredients - Your New BFFs
Begin utilizing items stacked with intense cancer prevention agents and cell-conveying incredients before indications of harm happen and you'll be on track for an all the more even composition and firmer, more advantageous skin as you age. Utilizing them at an early stage as a part of life doesn't mean they won't be successful later on too. Your skin never quits profiting from these sorts of fixings, much the same as your body never quits profiting from eating solid sustenances. In this way, make these hostile to maturing sensations your skincare BFFs forever!

Avoid Skincare "Garbage Food"
When we say evade the "garbage nourishment" of skincare items, we mean items that are stacked with things that eventually are harming (or only pointless) for skin. For instance, liquor based recipes; yes, a few people may say that "boozy" excellence items are fine in the event that "they don't trouble you," however the noiseless aggravation is that it is bringing about results in total harm.

Primary concern
You may not see or feel the aggravation today, but rather after some time, the negative effect of bothering will make itself evident, in slower recuperating times, redness, and loss of flexibility. Consider the harm smoking and tanning cause as time goes on. Those practices are energetic skin executioners.

Obviously, it likewise is imperative to evade items that contain nothing supportive for skin. Your skin needs items with skin-repairing fixings, defensive cancer prevention agents, sun insurance and an exfoliant. Why burn through cash on items that are normal when there are many to the point that are genuinely remarkable.

Get more information about anti aging creams on our website.
Summer is almost here! You can finally wear your favorite dresses, go to beach, and have fun. But, while you’re having fun, you shouldn’t neglect your skin. Hot temperatures, sun’s UV rays, and many other factors take their toll on your skin. Plus, skin tends to be oilier during the summer and to avoid the awkward shine on your face you have to take care of your skin properly. This article lists ten tips for daytime skincare that will help you protect your skin and improve its appearance this summer.

10 Tips for Day Time Skin Care during summer

1.     Protect your lips

This tip is number one for a reason – lips are largely overlooked in skincare during summer. But, just because there are no more cold temperatures, snow, and harsh winds, it doesn’t mean your lips don’t need protection. In fact, you should protect your lips throughout the year as the skin there is very delicate and prone to chapping or peeling. Sun’s damaging UV rays dry out lip tissue which is why you should purchase lip balm with SPF of at least 15.

2.     Choose right moisturizer

Seasons change and so should products you use. Moisturizers aren’t exceptions from this rule. Applying heavy moisturizer during summer is equally uncomfortable as wearing a winter coat in July. Summers are more humid and coupled with heavy and oily moisturizers your skin can look overly oily. It’s needless to mention this can clog your pores and cause acne breakouts. Since your skin needs moisturizer during summer as well, you should opt for products with water-based, light formula. For example, look for moisturizers that are described as milks or lotions.

3.     Use gentle soaps

Most dermatologists recommend avoiding soaps during winter. During winter your skin tends to be dry and using soaps could aggravate it and make it drier. Summer is a different story and experts explain soaps are beneficial to use. The heat and sweat during summer could lead to breakouts and bacteria breeding. Therefore, washing the oilier areas of your body with soaps can help your skin control oil production and keep your skin free of bumps. Don’t go for any soap you see, make sure the bar is gentle to your skin.

4.     Apply sunscreen religiously

Although it might seem obvious to you, applying sunscreen is something that most people do wrong. It’s needless to mention that a vast majority of people doesn’t apply sunscreen at all. However, prolonged exposure to UV rays without proper protection can lead to negative consequences such as fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and many other skin conditions.

Importance of sunscreen goes beyond preventing sunburns, it also:
       Prevents hyperpigmentation
       Reduces appearances of blotchiness
       Slows down appearance of saggy and wrinkly skin

That’s not all, the Journal of Clinical Oncology study conducted by Adele C. Green and the research group of the University of Queensland in Australia discovered that applying sunscreen regularly prevents melanoma.

Here are some tips for applying sunscreen:
       Use a sunscreen of SPF30 or higher
       Apply sunscreen about 15 to 30 minutes before you go out
       Most adults need at least one ounce of sunscreen to fully cover all exposed areas of the body
       Don’t forget your neck, ears, face, legs, and tops of your feet
       Reapply sunscreen every two hours.

5.     Use a face mist

If you’re going to spend a day on the beach then you should bring a face mist and keep it in your ice chest. Face mists are rich in antioxidants and along with cooling effect they also help strengthening the skin’s outer layer. It’s because antioxidants attack free radicals and prevent any further damage to the skin.

6.     Take a cold shower

You’re home from the beach and decide to take a shower. Instead of hot shower that could dry out your skin, cold shower will keep your skin unoccluded thus decreasing acne breakouts. This is particularly beneficial for all of you who have to deal with acne every summer.

7.     Don’t forget protecting your eyes

Skin around your eyes lacks sebaceous glands which is why signs of aging appear there first. During hot summer days, you have to pay special attention to protecting delicate skin around your eyes. Here are a few tips:
       Wear sunglasses with complete UV protection
       Avoid rubbing your eyes
       Wear hats and sunglasses
       Apply moisturize in area around your eyes and make sure you apply sunscreen thoroughly at that area as well
       Seek shade.

During night, apply eye cream.

8.     Choose right cleanser

Cleanser is one of the most important parts of skincare routine. It removes dirt and debris from your skin’s layers and it improves absorption of other skincare products. That’s why it’s important to choose the right product. During summer, you should go for gentle cleansers and make sure they don’t contain alcohol. Cleansers that contain alcohol could aggravate your acne breakouts. When looking for best cleanser for face you should make sure the product is formulated for your skin type and that it doesn’t contain irritating or “heavy” ingredients.

Nowadays, you can buy cleansers with citrus notes for summer. They are packed with Vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant.

9.     Use a toner

Toner is probably the most underestimated skincare product. If you don’t have the habit of using toner, then you should definitely start. Toner removes final traces of debris that cleanser might have missed and it keeps your skin cool. Ideally, you should go for toners that don’t contain alcohol. For example, you can opt for rose water because its natural cooling properties are ideal for summertime.

10.                        Include antioxidants

Antioxidants are the key in summer daytime skincare. As mentioned above, they destroy free radicals; which means they will reduce damage caused by UV rays. That’s why, when buying skincare products for summer, you should make sure they contain potent antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, green tea, coenzyme Q10 etc.


Daytime skincare routine during summer revolves around opting for lighter versions of moisturizers, cleansers and other products and buying items with antioxidant ingredients. It’s important to apply sunscreen religiously as well as to protect delicate skin around eyes and on your lips. With gentle formulas your skin can be protected, smooth, and acne-free this summer.