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The fashion world is changing as quickly for men as it is for women. Each year the leaders in the fashion industry throw new styles and trends that become talk of the town. If you are a fashion geek, you must have known the pain of having to quickly update your wardrobe. From suits to shoes to accessories, you need to update them all.
We have often heard people saying that shoes are the first thing which get noticed unintentionally. The importance of shoes obviously cannot be underestimated. Wearing a high quality branded suit with a pair of unmatched, outdated shoes can make your look from hero to zero.  Loafers, snickers, longs, strap; there are many shoe styles. To help you pick the Best Men Shoes, we have put down Top Men Shoe Trends for 2017. Let us look at these latest trends:

Top Men Shoe Trends 2017

A pair of Grenson’s: Grenson’s shoes are quite fashionable. Made up of Scottish high quality leather these shoes are among the top favorite for 2017. These Grenson’s are a pure timeless choice. You will find them in trending wear for each year with slight modifications. Perfect for university students, for partially formal gatherings.

The hard worker’s shoes:  The hard worker’s shoes are the “Alden of New England” laced, high heel shoes. These shoes have a simple design and stitching on them. But finely made to give you a graceful look. Good for corporate as well as for semi-formal days.

Crocket and Jones: The handmade Crocket and Jones shoes are the pure “dress to impress” thing. Fine quality and laced. A great style addition for adding elegance to your style. Good for managers or for people in the lead. Also for elderly people who like to maintain their own class.

Rugged Timberlands: These rugged timberland’s is the new trending thing for people who are out most part of their days. Rugged but comfortable at the same tip. Topping the look with the beautiful Timberland logo on the sides. These are also laced and high heeled.

The Sturdy Trickers: A practical pair of shoes for the most stressful days. Traditional in look but uniquely made to give you a custom style. Equally good for corporate as well as for casual.

The Clarks for Deserts: These patchy styled Clark shoes are literally designed for Deserts. Very minimal in design but high quality finish. This suede leather will add so much to your character. But wait! You can wear these off the desert too. 

The Motorbiker’s Belstaff: Oh Damn! These are the perfect motorbiker’s shoes. No wonder all girls will be after you. Perfect for boys who specifically like to motorbike. You can also wear them to match on costume parties. This one is a little funky pick.

The Shanghai Style: Shanghai Style Men’s shoes emerged for the first time in 1929 but still rock the men shoes industry. These are not laced and different from the previous ones. Will rock your look in semi-formal events.

The Wolverines: Wolverines are made of high heels and leather. This wolverine is best suited for men who want to look the hardest around. These shoes are guaranteed to be your partner for all hard days. Put these on if you are travelling or going out for long. Enjoy big miles with these! 

The Australian UGG: These trending signature shoes by UGG should be your pick for adventurous days. They have a classic sheepskin style and are mostly worn in winters. Give you the ultimate warm feeling and look.
Our first impression speaks louder than words and it takes seconds for an individual to glance up and down and note what you are wearing. Although this notion fits better for women, nevertheless, men are as competitive when it comes to dressing stylishly and classy. Since you cannot wear long coats in summer, just like that, you cannot wear casual shoes to a formal event or vice versa. Every occasion has its dressing rules. While the rules may not be spoken out loud, however everyone abides by them. Therefore, empty your closet neat this year and make space for the ultimate pairs of latest shoes which you truly need to own!

4 Pair of Latest Shoes you Need for Rocking Every Occasion!

The Loafers
Loafers are your best friends when comfort, style and activeness are in questions.  While they are lace-less shoes, their upper vamp is designed like standard moccasins. Loafers are ultimate walking shoes all men should own as they are perfect for almost all occasions. While you can rock them with a pair of ripped jeans, they will equally compliment an attire with khaki pants, the long coat look, the rugged leather jacket look, etc. Loafers have many different styles. Go for different colored loafers and opt for either tussled, penny or Gucci.

The Monks

The classic monks are not only classy but they release an aura of manliness like none other! While they are a little less than oxfords and a little something extra compared to standard suede, the monks are perfect for family gatherings, outings with friends, casual dinners, backyard BBQ and all such occasions. For those of you who don’t know about monks, these shoes are concealed with side straps, either one or two. If you don’t own a monk yet, get yours in classic black and striking brown.

The Derby

Derby is a classic shoe style which contrasts with oxfords, nonetheless is slightly casual compared to oxford itself. The latest shoes of 2017 for men are derbies with a twist! While the old fashion revolved around simple blacks and browns, today, men can enjoy many different shades and colors. A Derby can be worn formally as well as semi-formally. You can choose from classic derbies, colored sole derbies, brogue derbies, etc.

Chelsea Boots

Boots are an epitome of fashion and they can be worn with almost all attires. Although they look best with long coats or leather jackets, they equally rock with pants, jeans, left shirts, turtle necked shirts and sweaters, etc. You can choose from brogue boots, patent leather ankle high boots, laced up boots or monk strap boots. If you want to go unique, go for printed leather such as Anaconda leather, ostrich leather, etc. The Chelsea boots can be worn at concerts, casual gatherings, religious gatherings and even at picnics. Why wait? Get yourself one pair of these and flaunt away.

With these 4 outstanding designs of shoes in your wardrobe, you can rock all occasions in style and leave everyone spellbound!

The popular saying “what goes around comes around” doesn’t only imply to Karma, but fashion trends as well. The recent comebacks from the 90s decades have made us fall in love with the philosophy. 90’s fashion trends were dominated by carefree styles dabbled in rebellion. We all have rocked plaid with low-rise ripped wide leg jeans or miniskirts with knee-high socks during our childhood.
Well, it’s time to celebrate those “too cool to care” styles once again and add some classic 90’s pieces to our closet. Enlisted below are top five chic and trendy wardrobe essentials that can be effortlessly blended with today’s sleek and polished aesthetics to create a glamorous look.

Platform Shoes
Platforms, the iconic 90’s shoes are back for a repeat win and we can’t get enough of the towering shoe trend. After the Spice Girls separated back in the 90’s, we thought we’d never see platforms again but thanks to our street style stars, bold platforms are surfacing again. Platform shoes were reborn in 2016 and you just can’t miss this statement piece, which is definitely a head turner these days.

Platform Shoes

Chokers moment in the style spotlight is undeniable. Scroll through your Pinterest or Instagram and you can spot almost all your favorite celebrities rocking this throwback trend. From swimwear to formal attires and anything in between, chokers can be paired with every look, which makes them a must-have in every wardrobe. 


Power Beads
Pink, purple or multicolored, we all used to stack power beads during the 90s. They not only give your outfit a chic bohemian vibe but every precious gemstone has its own special vibration and healing energy, which inspires a positive aura. Today, this energy-provoking jewelry comes in the form of beautiful malas and bracelets. An Amethyst Mala Beads Necklace is one of the most coveted of all.

Power Beads

Crop Tops
Undoubtedly, crop tops are one of the greatest legacies from the 90s. These chic belly-baring tops epitomized 90’s fashion trends and it looks like the itty-bitty shirts are sneaking their way up to the list of most popular fashion trends of the year too.  Designers seem to be pretty incline with the iconic style statement piece and have pretty much paired it with everything from high-waisted trousers to skirts. No wonder, crop tops have become the most endearing wardrobe essential.

Crop Tops

Denim Jackets        
Denim never seems to go out of style. Recently, the classic denim jacket made a strong comeback and has totally become a wardrobe staple. The best part is, it is easy to style with the current items in your closet. Whether it is a floral sundress or a “crop top”, a denim jacket can effortlessly take your outfit from dull to glamorous.

Denim Jackets

Is it time for a wardrobe check to get on-trend? But before you go shop these fabulous trends, a shout out to the 90’s for giving us these chic and cool looks is a must. 
The days are short, it gets dark early and its oh so very cold! The winter can be a tricky time of year to navigate in terms of fashion – after all, it is hard to look elegant as you rush through the cold streets attempting to avoid puddles with vision limited by copious amounts of knitwear wound around your face… It becomes increasingly tempting to choose comfort over style and give in to the snow boots, thermals, and blanket scarves.

5 Easy Ways to Add some Glitz to Your Outfits this December

However, help is at hand! For all those budding fashionistas that are insistent on embracing the Snow Queen glamour of the Winter months and have never even been slightly tempted by huge, bobbly woollen tights – this is an article for you. A concise compilation of advice on how small additions or amendments to outfits can steer you clear of a snowman style fashion faux pas!

1.     Fur! And by that I of course mean faux fur, we certainly do not our outerwear being traced back to Peter Rabbit. One of my favorite accessories this year has been my fur snood, which is unbelievably soft and functional, as well as making me look like a glam 50s movie star – we all can dream. I would certainly recommend investing in one of these bad boys, try to find one that is voluptuous enough to retreat into entirely on those freezing morning commutes.

5 Easy Ways to Add some Glitz to Your Outfits this December

2.     Embroidery: Embellishment is very on trend this Winter and I have most certainly been jumping on the band wagon – more is more is more. Add a glamourous twist to a daytime outfit by adding an embroidered hat, bag or even jacket. The shops are full of great ideas, so get browsing, be brave and invest in an item that will add a bold and confident dimension to your wardrobe.

3.     Glitter: Okay, there seems to be an excuse to pretty much wear glitter all year round these days: festivals, Halloween, Christmas… whatever next! But really, the festive season is the original glitter season and I WILL be making the most of it. My favorite way to do this is to invest in a good quality glittery eye shadow in a classy, feminine shade – think greys, coppers, gold – and pack it in your work bag, ready to whip out in the toilet before an evening do, Christmas party, spontaneous festive sesh. I should note – you really do not want to be wearing this stuff heavily in the day time. People will presume that your carefully crafted Christmas smoky eye is a relic of the night before, and we do not need any glitter-provoked speculative gossip spiraling out of control before the Xmas party has even kicked off!

5 Easy Ways to Add some Glitz to Your Outfits this December

4.   Sequins: Again, the shops are absolutely full of these sparkly wonders at this time of year, so no excuses, get out there and buy sequined covered hats, bags, shoes, trousers, knickers…. You name it – they’ve got it! My favorite in this department are these bloomin’ gorgeous sparkly shoes by Pink Paradox London. They are the ultimate in festive and feminine statements – shiny, sparkly, skyscraper-high, with all this counteracted by the most gorgeous, industrial pewter color. Wear them to a party, wear them to all the parties – I will be wearing mine to work every day for all of December and there is not a soul in the whole wide world that can stop me!
5 Easy Ways to Add some Glitz to Your Outfits this December

5.   Metallic: Bang on trend and easily integrated into every style. Add a subtle metallic jumper to glam up your daytime office look, or go the whole nine yards and sport one of the eye-catching metallic dresses adorning shop windows near you. This can either be dressed down with tights, flats and a chunky cardi – or – dressed up, with the previous mentioned Pink Paradox shoes, a huge faux fur coat and, well, all the sequins, glitter and embroidery in London. Its Christmas darling – why not!

Brand Bio
Pink Paradox London is a global Wedding Shoe company supplying high quality, comfortable bridal shoes suitable for all seasons. Starting as a family run business over 30 years ago, today Pink is an award winning brand and regarded as one of the leading bridal footwear providers in the world.
What Your Favorite Pair of Shoes Says About You

If you constantly seem to be in the marketplace for a newborn pair of footwear, or just need to build up your present selection, make sure your spending habits do not interrupt your budget. Either you have got your eye on a contemporary pair of shoes or some fashionable stilettos, make it your mantra not on your life to pay the complete retail price.

Let’s be factual: Nobody enjoys to pay the full amount for shoes. Specifically, when that footgear is the designer or/and worth hundreds of dollars. Finding an exceptional duo of shoes on sale is one of the finest feelings in the world.

If you can alter the way that you purchase and the designs that you shop for, you will be skillful to save a lot of cash, and with that in mind J-Bees rounded up few insider close tips for doing just that:

1.     Create a List: Go through your wardrobe and choose what you need. Sort out which shoes are accurately run down at the heel, and which have loads of road left in them. Those “red peep toe pumps” may be your utterly favorite, but if the glossy varnished leather is kaput, it is the spell to toss them.

2.     Shop from the Factory Outlets: If there is a factory shop mall in your zone, consider visiting for profound discounts on designer products. Several shoe vendors, including “Adidas”, “Aerosoles”, “Famous-Footwear” and “Nike”, have units at these factory outlets, which means you can get those high-priced pairs at a discount rate. Picking up a coupon voucher at the mall to get even additional discounts on your buying.

3.     Match the Rest of Your Closet: Think through your dressing color palette. If you’d lust for purple pumps, but they won’t pair any of your dresses, resist the temptation. Likewise, consider whether you want heels, flats, and shoes in staple colors, like Black and Brown.

4.     Take The Advantage of Free-Shipping Offers: Take your shopping journeys online for gain access to absolute discounts, like free-shipping and exchanges on shopping. There are numerous sites who give you a chance to try earlier you buy with annoyance free returns and exchanges with no charge return-shipping.

5.     Shop at a Consignment Stores: If you are an admirer of vintage style, or just want to discover shoe styles and designs from earlier seasons, go to the consignment store to purchase gently used objects at a discount. Paying devotion to details like construction, the excellence of leather, stitching and seams to make sure you are picking up trustworthy merchandise.

6.     Quality-Check: Look for stitching, instead of glue, at the boundaries. Check for heels that jiggle, have loose threads or are faded. Also, choose for authentic leather when possible, and make sure you are not paying extra for inexpensive, plastic styles. Lastly, continually make sure you are getting satisfactory arch support!

7.     Subscribe to the Deals Feed: If you want consistent up-dates on the up-to-the-minute shoe deals from most important retailers and shopping websites, signup to Deal-News to obtain daily alerts by email. It is feasible to get 50 percent off regular amounts, also free shipping.

8.     Use Promotional Discount Codes: If you are prepared to make a multi shoe procurement from an online retailer, check to see if there are any promotion discount codes available that day. Plus, you can get promo codes from several brands and stores.

9.     Purchase Like-New Items from Online Consignment Stores: If you at now know your shoes size for some brands, cruise the collection of shoes available at the online consignment shops. There are various websites who feature a great selection of like-new shoes from their personal customers and claim you can find brands cut-rate by up to 90% year-round. You will also discover brand names, which includes Nike, Crocs, and Avia, valued well below standard store rates.

10.                        Purchase in the Right Season: According to the research by J-Bees, the finest time to purchase shoes depends on the kind of shoe you are in the market for. If you are obtaining running shoes, it is a decent idea to purchase in April or May, when stores are clearing out winter products. March is your superlative bet for shopping sandals, and you can imagine more markdowns as we get nearer to the summer. If you are looking to stock up on winter shoes, plan on receiving the top deals in the spring and summer by purchasing the clearance section.

source:- http://www.cocoroselondon.com/