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Your confidence and self-belief can make everything look good on you. You can play with the most unconventional outfit and make it look amazing with your confidence. Plus-size people usually struggle to find the right clothing for them and the problem is often the self-belief and not the clothes. Owing to your weight, you are always looked upon differently by the society that takes a toll on your confidence. However, the world is changing and so is the perception of people for curvy bodies. There is much more acceptance in society for large-sized people than ever before. The credit goes to some plus-size people who dared to step out with confidence and wear the clothes of their choice. Today you can find plus-size ruling the fashion shows. It is not much difficult to find plus-size skirts, jackets, or plus size pants in Australia, that enhance the beauty of your curvy figure. Here are some ways you can use to style clothes to stand out of the crowd.

Tips to style plus-size clothes on a curvy figure

      Highlighting your best feature
The best way to wear clothes on a curvy figure is to use to wear them in a way that highlights the best feature of your body.

      Pick pieces that draw attention to your best feature
Look into the mirror to find the best-looking part of your body. For instance, if you think you have amazing legs, wear dresses or slim pants to show them off.
      Go for fitting clothes
Loose baggy clothes would make you look larger. Although you may refrain from a snugging fit, it is better to choose clothes with a good fitting and cut to highlight your curves gracefully.
      Wear a belt at the leanest part of your waist
Use a tape to measure the smallest part of your waist and tie a belt over this location. This will help you divert attention to this smallest part and also define your curves.
      Try layering
You can layer a jacket, cardigan, blazer, or a vest over a regular t-shirt. This will squeeze your midsection. Choose a longer layering to get a height that makes you look slimmer.

      Flirt with colors or prints
Although colors have nothing to do with the size they can make a considerable difference if chosen wise according to your complexion.

      Choose bright colors which suit your complexion
People with large size often choose light colors. However, dark shades that coordinate with your skin tone are better to hide bulging fat.
      Pick patterns wisely
When you choose a pattern, the size of the pattern is important. Sometimes small-sized dots will help you look slimmer. In other cases like a small animal print can get lost in your weight and divert attention to your size.

Completing your look with the right accessories is also an important aspect of styling.
      Choose statement jewelry
Pick large statement earrings, neckpieces, and bracelets instead of small pieces. These large pieces stand out and take away the attention from your size.
      Pick large bags
Small handbags can make your look fuller. Choose big bags that look flattering on your heavier figure and are proportionate with your body.
      Long scarfs can provide length
You can simply put a long scarf over your shoulder running behind your neck. This helps in looking taller and slimmer.

There are two kinds of people in the world. The first is the sort that likes to curl up at home when the temperature drops with a warm cup of cocoa or a book. The second sees chilly temps and snowfall as invitations to enjoy an entirely new set of adventures. If you’re the second type of person, then you’ve come to the right place. Travel, adventure, and new experiences are definitely not just for the summertime. Here we’ll take a closer look at some of the essentials you’ll need to make sure your winter adventures are everything you want them to be.

Essential Gear to Take Your Winter Adventures to the Next Level

1.     Solid Outerwear
The right outerwear makes all the difference in the world between having a fantastic time on cold weather adventures and spending the entire day shivering uncontrollably. That said, any winter adventurer needs a good collection of items, like the following:

    Wool overcoats and weatherproof trench coats that are sturdy enough to protect you from the cold, but cut stylishly enough to look put together when the adventure of the day is an impromptu pub crawl, an outdoor festival, or a trip out of town to hit a special event.

    Quilted jackets, vests, and leather items from companies known for winter gear that protect against even the harshest elements. Think brands like Carhartt and The North Face.

    Sportswear and activewear designed to keep sporty, adventurous people comfortable, no matter what the weather may bring. It’s perfect for everything from a morning jog to a red-eye plane ride, to an impromptu shopping spree out of town.

Solid Outerwear

This season’s most exciting outerwear for women, men, and children was designed to be the best of both worlds. It’s not just practically built with cold weather in mind. It’s stylish, comfortable, and fun to wear as well.

2.     Reliable Footwear
Even if you don’t live somewhere that sees heavy snowfall or subzero temperatures in the wintertime, the chances are pretty good that you have an ample rainy season to contend with instead. In those climates, your choice in footwear is key. Settle for a cheap pair of boots or a pair of shoes that isn’t seasonally appropriate, and you’ll have nothing but cold, wet, uncomfortable feet to show for it.

This winter, stock your closet with sturdy boots and winter footwear that can stand up to any amount of rain, slush, or snow. Duck boots are a fantastic option, as they’re very much in fashion now. They’re also more than capable of keeping your feet dry under even the harshest weather conditions – perfect for hiking, winter beachcombing, or camping! Fleece-lined snow boots from brands like Sorel, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sperry are wise choices.

3.     Weather Resistant Backpack
The word “adventure” can mean different things to different people. To one person, it’s all about making time for a great camping or hiking experience no matter what the weather might bring their way. To another, it’s about piling their family or all of their best friends into the car and taking a spontaneous road trip to a ski lodge or a mountain resort. Whichever side of the camp you prefer, you really need a good backpack you can count on at your disposal.

Choose an all-weather backpack made for braving the great outdoors so that it’s appropriate for as many uses as possible. Look for features like an ergonomic fit, padded compartments designed to protect electronics or other delicate items, and sturdy straps that will ensure the pack is comfortable to wear no matter where your adventures take you. It’s the perfect must-have item for everything from serious all-day hiking to exploring a new city on a whim.

4.     Layer-Friendly Clothing
Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or simply someone who wants to stay as comfortable as possible when the temperature drops, layers are a winter must. They’re the best way to keep warm both indoors and outdoors. They’re versatile, as you can always remove a few items of clothing if the sun comes out unexpectedly.

Layer-Friendly Clothing

That said, all winter adventurers need plenty of clothing that lends itself well to layering. Start with a collection of close-fitting, thermal knit items for an ideal bottom layer. Add light sweaters, vests, heavier sweaters, and outerwear. Finish off your look with a knit all-weather beanie and a cozy woolen scarf, and you’re all set! If you’re planning on spending time somewhere truly chilly, you might want to consider adding long underwear to the mix.

5.      Winter Accessories
Whether you’re dressing with style in mind or are more focused on practicality, no winter outfit can be considered complete until it’s properly accessorized. This winter, it’s all about accessories, like the following, which are equal parts fashionable and capable of keeping you warm even in the dead of winter.

    Hats or caps that are capable of keeping your head warm and cozy no matter what your day sends your way are a winter must. Look for options like cozy knit beanies for headwear that’s equal parts warm and fun to wear.

    Scarves are another absolute essential this winter. They’re also among the most versatile fashion items you can have in your cold weather wardrobe. Wind them snugly around your neck to protect your throat from the cold during a hike. Drape them over your shoulders and secure with a belt for a fun day look.

    Gloves are another staple, especially if you’re planning on spending much time outdoors. Snag a sturdy pair of all-weather gloves for outdoor activities and a pair of fashionable knit fingerless gloves for everyday wear.

The better prepared you are to face adventure head on this winter, the more you’re likely to get out of the entire experience. Making sure your cold weather wardrobe is complete is only becoming more important as we make our way into the coldest, bitterest months. Get started today!
Shopping makes everyone happy but smart shopping can make your provider i.e. husband, father or even boyfriend happier! There are unlimited clothing store apps that are available these days that work on your phones. These apps are the best way to save money when you are buying your favorite goodies. Hence, you can trust the smart way of shopping by downloading any of the following mentioned clothing store apps on your phone right away. These apps are a guaranteed way of making life easier, smoother and financially smarter too! Therefore, enjoy the smart way of shopping. Use clothing apps and save money while you spend on your favorite clothing items. This way you will be able to enjoy buying new things more frequently!

Choose the Best Clothing App Wisely
There are countless clothing apps that are available for you to download and start using on your phones right away. Hence, we bring you some of the top tips to choose the best selling apps.

Multi Purpose App!
You should choose a clothing app which has 2 main points. The first reason is   of course the fact that it should help you invest in products that are relatively lower priced. Secondly, an app should be compatible with all devices; iPhones, tablets, mobile phones, androids and windows phone!

Latest Designs and Prices
Your downloaded clothing app should be beneficial in various ways. One of the most important aspect is, whether it shows you the latest designs with authentic prices? Whether you want to buy a shalwar kameez set or a long shirt with pants, your app should display latest items from renowned brands so that you don’t need to visit the stores physically.

Price Comparisons
Another important feature your clothing store apps needs to have is, 'price comparisons!' The ideal situation should be that you just type in a phrase or keyword that will take you to the relevant search results. Thus, these product results can help you draw comparisons between same products of same brands but being offered by different sales merchants. Understandably, all products will be differently priced and hence you will be able to buy the product that is most reasonable in cost.

Sales and Deals
Your amazing app should notify you about ongoing sales, upcoming sales or current deals. For women, sales are like fireworks! What good is an app if it shows you all the clothes but doesn’t show you if there are any sales? Who would want to buy clothes at double rates? Hence, while downloading your app for clothing brands, go for one which shows you all the necessary details.

Offline Mode
The best of the best apps work perfectly when used without any internet connection. It is hard to connect to the internet 24/7 and henceforth, your app should work properly even during this mode. Purchase clothing at affordable rates with multidimensional clothing store apps! Download the apps on your phones now to spend less and buy more.

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There are many varieties of silk sarees available in different styles adorned with beautiful embellishments. You might be having a huge and wonderful compilation of silk sarees; however are you aware of its effective maintenance for a long term? If not, then these points are surely going to help you.


Storage of Silk Saree

Silk fabric is a bit different and is generally very costly. So these precious sarees cannot be stored just like you’re another outfit. For storing the silk sarees, they need to be wrapped up in a muslin cloth or a pure cotton cloth and should be kept separately in your closet. Avoid wrapping them in newspapers, as the black colour might get smudged with silk saree. It is generally preferred to store these kinds of outfits in a dark place, away from sunlight so as to avoid the fading and discoloration of the fabric and giving it a worn out look. Pure crepe silk sarees need to be kept in hanging position with the help of hangers in your wardrobe so as to avoid any crease formation or wrinkles in the outfit. If taken care, the silk will retain its rich and vibrant look for a long duration.

Storage of Silk Saree

Washing Tips for Silk Sarees

 It is often advised to dry clean your saree so as to maintain the texture of the outfit. Crepe silk sarees are generally best washed through dry cleaning method. However if you have to wash them at home, then hand washing with cold water is preferred over machine washing. The pallu, border and the rest part of the saree should be washed separately without employing the use of the brush as this will damage the fabric. Mild yet effective detergents should be made use of instead of chlorine bleach. Sometimes even mild shampoo instead of detergents can also be used. If one make use of these washing tips, then surely your fancy crepe sarees can be preserved for a long time.

 Drying Silk Sarees

For silk sarees, it is recommended to squeeze out the extra water with the help of hands and then wrap it in a soft towel to soak any left over water in the saree. After that, folding it in two parts, hang it in shades. This will help you to remove any kind of wrinkles in the fabric. It is advised not to dry the silk sarees in sunlight.

How to iron your silk sarees?

Ironing of silk fabric requires a lot of care and gentle handling. If the iron is too hot, crepe fabric can even loose their softness. If the silk that you are using is not pure, then the iron should be set at a low temperature to prevent burning of the saree. However, it is advisable to iron a small section of the saree to test the adequacy of the temperature and then apply it over the entire saree. Another way out is to place a thin cotton cloth over the silk fabric and then gently sweep the iron over the cloth. This will avoid the fabric from coming in direct contact with the temperature.

Maintaining its Shine

Sometimes if the silk fabric is mishandled, it can happen to lose its distinctive shine. In order to restore its sheen, a combination of white vinegar and mild warm water can be used. After treating saree with this mixture, wash it with water to remove the extra vinegar and then wrap the saree with a soft towel to remove the excess water and then let it dry. This is an effective way of maintaining the silk sarees shine.

Maintaining its Shine

You must be purchasing the latest organza sarees online, but now along with just making a collection, try out these tips to even maintain them for longer usage.

Author BIO: Anuj Sharma is responsible for handling the website content, blog writing and content marketing for various women’s fashion brands like Aavaranaa. Graduated in Information Technology, He has done his Master’s degree in Marketing. His interests include writing, reading, painting and travelling.
Fashion! The first instinct that you get when you think of the word is stunning supermodel in a thousand dollar branded outfit. Or one may think of movies like The September Issue, Coco Before Chanel, or Sex and the City. But most people don't think of it as knowledge and mastery accomplished to make it as a career, a passion, or a part of lifestyle. You may also like to get the best of fashion products online at the best prices, isn’t it? Find Jabong offers and FashionAndYou coupons at GrabOn.

The fashion industry is the most noticeable but also overlooked of cultural sectors. Fashion statements have become very popular in the world today: malls, magazines and television shows are filled with people making fashion statements -- some inconsistent, some annoyed, some acute. Understanding fashion statements that aspire to send messages are not importantly to be understood only by a critic. These messages are essential for urbanity or rather invitations to a conversation—one that we would do well to take seriously. There are several reasons why this is so. What we, as a society, toss around as fashionable and glamorous is no minor matter, as it mirrors significantly on what we consider foxy, what we value, and how we wish to come to light and be known.
First off, fashion helps describe and frame popular culture so you can be more originative in your life. Fashion could probably improve one’s creativity as you try to imitate your favourite celebrity or like the most popular colleague at workplace or a student in the college. In the last few years, fashion had influenced in shaping popular culture in numerous ways mainly through Television and movies. For example, if a person decided to wear a new outfit for an occasion and people complimented them about it, it would surely make them happy and self confident about their looks. They will become a lot less stressed about how they look and won't feel as much pressure to look like everyone else. For this reason fashion can promote innovation in everyday life.

Secondly, fashion has extended to younger consumers also by influencing through the fashion statements. Fashion world prove to be fruitful as children provide an emerging market for it. According to some studies, spending by teens and preteens has tripled, much of it on clothes. Due to peer pressure and fashion fads, children are the victims of this fashion world, their increasing 

purchase power is a sure sign that fashion advertising will target over and above any other consumer group.

A third factor is that fashion is significant in its capacity to both reflect and affect larger historical trends. Past three decades, the fashion industry has reflected its total focus on the economic profitability rather than social benefits also that are affecting the consumers, as quality has become a secondary objective. In the present fashion industry it is the brand that speaks not the product.

Conclusively, fashion statements are significant because they intend to define what an individual or society believes is and should be enchanting, craving and imitating. The fashion industry’s main objective is to embellish a particular “look” and hold it up as something to be admired, interested, desired and purchased. It is about endowing a certain appearance with glamour and encouraging others to aspire toward its emulation.

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