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Before purchasing watches for men, you should consider some points. Watches help to enhance the personality of a man. A watch is the accessory that is wearable at office, party, home or going outside with friends. Have a look at this Infographic and know what points should be remembered before buying men's watches.
Purchasing Watches for Men

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Andrew Collins is working as a Blogger and Marketing Manager at Give And Take (wholesale) Ltd, a multi-brand online shopping store for timepieces across UK. Apart from writing about latest trends & accessories, he can be found providing tips to small businesses to achieve their business goals.

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Andrew Collins is working as a Marketing Manager at Give and Take, a multi-brand online shopping store for timepieces across UK. Apart from writing about latest trends & accessories, he can be found providing tips to small businesses to achieve their business goals.
Titan, the name itself reflects elegance and luxury, is the most reliable and classy company designing the best wrist watches for both men and women. Titan provides the best designs for men as well as women in wrist watches so that no one is devoid of the grace of the best wrist accessory. Designs for men are specially designed reflecting the attractiveness, and for women are particularly designed denoting limitless elegance and power. Make your look graceful, charming and firm by wearing a titan and feel the luxury it provides.

Best collection for men -
The collection by titan suits the best with whatever you wear. The diversity, versatility, uniqueness and creativeness of this watch upgrades your class and charm over ten folds. Wear it with a formal dress or a casual one, it will always go with it and make you feel wonderful. Moreover, a good taste in wrist watches will denote your personality as well. So, impress everyone, from office authority to your lady, by wearing the best Titan Watches For Men. Enhance your subtleness, confidence, personality and power by wearing a titan wrist watch.
Titan Watches for mens

Best collection for women -
It is always the most difficult task for a woman to find matching accessories. To all those who want just right suiting wrist accessories and want to impress everyone around with the perfect elegance and style, you definitely need a titan in your life. Titan watches come in all classic and modern designs with amazing and diverse dial collections to choose from. Every watch has its own grace and you will have innumerable great watches to choose from. Titan always suits all that you wear, be it a casual dress or a formal suit. Titan provides a feeling of power, pride and luxury that increases ones confidence, charm and creates a positive attitude towards life. Feel amazing, look amazing, wear amazing. Now go out looking great wearing your titan watch and making the best impression on everyone.
  Titan Watches for womens

Best quality watches -
TitanWatches are made from the most advanced materials, from the best quality metals to the most accurate time denoting systems. Every watch is designed with pure elegance and precision to give customers the best always. 

So, get your titan now men and ladies, and enhance your effect and personality. Your watch tells a lot about you, so always wear the best.

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”
Bo Derek

Bo Derek, for one, certainly knew what she was talking about!
Women know very well that shopping at the right places for the right things can bring one immense joy. Call me materialistic, but I’m quite possessive of my designer brands and high-end fashion accessories.

Who doesn’t like sporting trendy luxury accessories?
Most people would jump at the opportunity of picking up a statement timepiece that complements their personality.  
One accessory that every woman likes to show off is her watch. The trend nowadays gravitates towards bolder and chunkier time-wear, and women are willing to experiment with unisex watches. In fact, the really adventurous ones even sport timepieces intended for men.
When it comes to modern watches, it’s all about balancing technology and fashion. As the line between the two continues to blur, you can expect the top brands of watchmakers to arrange a marriage between style and utility in the best possible manner.
Women love their watches and pick them with great care. And why not? It is An Investment of Sorts!
With that thought in mind, here are 5 essential timepieces that every woman needs to consider gifting herself:

Hublot Big Bang

Model Nos.: 361.SE.2010.RW (White) and 361.SX.1270.RX (Black) | 5 Luxury Watches Every Woman

Model Nos.: 361.SE.2010.RW (White) and 361.SX.1270.RX (Black)

As the name suggests, Hublot’s Big Bang watch is sure to add a dash of chutzpah to your overall appearance.
Its features may seem simple, but the quartz watch is as glamorous and elegant as it can get. With a 38mm case size and round case shape, this is a watch that will serve as an asset to your wardrobe. It’s made of steel, has rubber straps, and sapphire crystal on top. The white-coloured dial only adds to its grandeur and splendour. To beautify it further, it is embellished with precious stones.
Go for this timepiece in white or black. Both are equally ravishing and come with the same features. The only difference between the two is the colour. Both are available on special order and come with a warranty period of 2 years.   

Chopard Imperiale

Model No.: 388532-6007 | 5 Luxury Watches Every Woman

Model No.: 388532-6007

One look at this timepiece and you know that it is special!
Thanks to its striking looks, you can rest assured that this watch will bring you the attention you deserve to regale in. The Imperiale line of watches by Chopard derives inspiration from the French Dynasty, which reflects in the use of their materials and colours.   
This piece dazzles with an interesting mix of colours, which make it extraordinary. It comes with a 36mm case size and two-toned straps. The dial is deep green in colour, which stands out and is shielded by sapphire crystal glass. The round case lends it is a soft, conservative look, which is juxtaposed with the sharp pointed hands that resemble swords. So yes, this piece has an old-world charm to it, and is a melange of technical genius and timeless beauty.   

    Armani Dress
Model No.: AR1954  | 5 Luxury Watches Every Woman

Model No.: AR1954
If simplicity means sophistication to you, then your search for the perfect watch ends here. And, the name Armani should be enough to get you interested in this timepiece.
Made of stainless steel, the watch is sturdy, which is perfectly balanced with its delicate looks. The steel case and bracelet are complemented by the 28mm round case shape. The dial looks ethereal with its white mother of pearl colour and silver-toned hands, all of which are protected by a mineral glass cover.
This piece is perfect to be worn on both, casual and special events.  

Fossil Stella
Model No.: ES3590 | 5 Luxury Watches Every Woman

Model No.: ES3590
If you think you’re ready to move on from the regular gold-plated watches and take a step ahead, then this timepiece from Fossil is the one for you. A splendid chronograph watch for women, this one is the complete package. It is gold-plated, but the colour looks more rose-gold, which makes it unique.
It has a 38mm case size and round case shape with mineral glass on top to boot. The dial and the straps are the same colour, which make it look like the complete watch. Apart from its incredible looks, the best thing about this model is that it is relatively easy on the pocket. This piece comes with a 2-year warranty period.  

Panerai Unisex Pocket Watch
5 Luxury Watches Every Woman

Model No.: PAM00446
Who says wearing a wrist watch is the only way to keep track of time and look stylish? While a lot of people like doing different things, some like doing things differently. This time piece is for people who do the latter.
This interesting pocket watch is what you need when you want to make a style statement. Not everyone likes to wear a watch, but this piece with 59mm round case made of ceramic will make you want to carry a time teller with you at all times.
Meant for both, men and women, it has a smart design and mechanical movement. It comes with a power reserve indicator and tourbillion, all covered under sapphire crystal glass.
It is a limited edition timepiece and available only on special order.  


To a great extent, you are what you wear. Sporting a marvelous timepiece will, therefore, only project you as a sophisticated woman with great taste. Each one of the above-mentioned stunning pieces is sure to make heads turn your way in admiration. They’re the perfect mix of utility, fashion, and convenience that give also you an edge over others in terms of style. So without further ado, order these watches today and make them a permanent part of your magnificent wardrobe.  

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                          Abhishek is a watch enthusiast, passionate about the best and finest timepieces that are crafted around the world. A musician, photographer, graphic designer, digital marketer, wannabe astronomer and an analytic looking for patterns in life, there is very little that this person with ADHD and OCD is not interested in.


Watches are a serious addiction and if you are looking at adding a minimal style to your varied collection then a classic watch is a must. They are understated no doubt but carry a legacy that is incomparable. A classic watch, truly a work of craftsmanship, is a timeless piece you can buckle into any time.

From luminary to simplicity at its best, we present 4 such men’s watches that are worthy of your attention and stature.

The Classic Analogue
Inspired by the ‘fob’ watch the classic analogue is resplendent in aristocratic style complete with roman numeric indicators and metallic bezel. The croc classic leather straps add a vintage charm and are therefore highly regarded by watch enthusiasts. This one’s worth is as good as gold!

            Fossil watch - 9205416 – Price

                   Price – Rs. 12995                           Price – Rs. 12795

Modern and masculine details coupled with durable technology, the chronograph watch is an ideal timepiece for everyday utility. Originally used for horse-racing and aviation today’s watchmakers have customized the chronograph dials according to varying demands such as automobile racing, naval navigation, Olympic and water sport requirements. The sturdy façade provides water proofing and ensures that it stands the test of time. High on aesthetics with continuous evolution, it’s a watch that meant for your wrist.

       4591864  8480767

                  Price – Rs. 7495                              Price – Rs. 9500

Steel style
Inherently masculine the perfectly crafted metal piece is a handsome piece to own. Be it a stainless steel body or a gold time teller these statement pieces are luxurious and polished and are bound to dress up any attire.

  Metal strap –9219704     Gold strap - 8301460

                Price – Rs.10995                              Price - Rs. 9495

The polo players watch

Born over 75 years ago on the Polo fields here’s a watch that is the quintessence of style and sport.


           Price – Rs. 6615                                      Price – Rs. 7995

The aristocratic players were partial to the square dial and it has been popular among the smart and class ever since. With such brilliant heritage behind this awesome timepiece it’s a watch meant to be worn with national pride.