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The air is cool and crisp, the leaves on the trees are changing colors and pumpkin spice can be found almost literally everywhere! This only means one thing: Fall is finally here! One of the most favorite and most anticipated seasons of the year, if not only for the fashionable fall-colored palettes, but also the opportunities to dust off our killer boots and magnificent scarves. And what better way to tie together a dazzling Autumn appearance than with beautiful, timeless makeup looks?

Timeless Looks for Your Fall Makeup - Beauty Tips


Your face should be considered the canvas – the base - of your masterpiece. A beautiful canvas like this shouldn’t be coated in a hundred layers of cake-batter-like foundation! You can keep it simple with a light foundation that can benefit your lovely skin with an SPF and anti-aging ingredients. A matte-finish is preferred by many, leaving your skin looking airbrushed and shine-free. A matte finish tends to be a little bit thicker, but applying a thin layer is absolutely perfect for those ladies that suffer from an oily skin type or prefer a more "Photoshopped" look. A more dewy finish typically comes from a thinner, water-based foundation. If you want a natural, effortless look, then definitely go with this type of foundation. You can even try using natural colored bronzers or Autumn-colored blushes to maintain that healthy summer glow, but still exude warm, flushed cheeks.

Tips for Applying Your Blush and Foundation

Since every foundation uses a different brush, for a specific look, we wanted to cover a few and their uses. Such as this: Use a large, full brush for a mineral foundation and sheer coverage. For those that choose liquid foundation, use a synthetic foundation brush or flat head for the best look.

Tips for Applying Your Blush and Foundation

Be sure to use small motions to apply the makeup onto your skin and be sure to blend it in (You don’t want obvious lines anywhere). Not blending is one of the worst foundation faux pas.

To get radiant and uniform coverage, also be sure to blend your foundation into your ears, hairline, and on your neck.

You can use a plastic spoon to help with contouring your blush or bronzer. Place the round part of the spoon on the apple of your cheek, aligning the handle to face toward the top of your ear. Using your favorite color, contour below the spoon, remove the spoon, then apply color to the apples of your cheeks and blend it in to soften.


People almost always notice someone's eyes first. We have been taught since we were children to always look at someone when they are talking or when we are listening. Our eyes can be one of the most stunning features we have and so it is imperative to accentuate them rather than mask! Here are two timeless looks that are bound to draw some attention: The "cat eye". This look has been around for decades, being classically worn by actresses and models throughout the 1950s. Creating that seductive little curve, your eyes will scream elegancy. Second, "smokey eyes". This look is still worshiped by fashionistas. This makeup effect can be simplified or dramatized and can deliver a sexy, mysterious appeal. No matter what color choice you make, be sure to use a good shadow and smudge brush to smoke out the look. And be sure to soften the under-eye liner to create that edgy look!

Tips for Drawing That Cat Eye

Draw your line with a pencil first, then go over it with a liquid eyeliner.

Apply the liquid eyeliner in little dots. Now all you have to do is connect them for an even line!

Literally any color of eyeshadow can be made into an eyeliner by wetting a thin brush, like a detail eye Makeup Brush or an Angle Brush and running it over the shadow.


Who can look at red lipstick and think it's ugly? No one, right? Red lipsticks and glosses are pretty coveted by most women. This daring, classic color can vamp up any of your simply makeup looks and it’s found in thousands of  variations of shades. A cherry red is a classic that drips in sexual appeal. Whether you just want to make a bold statement or you want to entice the entire world, red lipstick is a must for Fall.

Not a super-fan of red? Not to worry. A lot of people really love deep rich plums, burgundies, browns, and burnt orange browns this Fall. Who wouldn't? There is surely something to be said for these rich shades and tones. Why not pair a burgundy matte lip with a nice matallic topper for a rich, trendy look? Or try a burnt orange brown with simple, natural eyeshadow and a simple blouse for a nice, simple look this Fall.

Tips for Those Lips

Have you ever wondered why some of red lipsticks you’ve tried make your teeth look yellow? You picked the wrong one! To find the right one, look for a red lipstick that has blue or purple undertones. This tip will make your teeth super white.

And it may seem like an unnecessary step, but try filling in lips with a lipliner and apply your lipstick afterward. It will significantly prolong your lip makeup.
You can also avoid annoying lip makeup bleeding by using concealer around your lips to produce a sharp finish or using longwear lipsticks.

These looks may be sported year after year, but when something works, why stop doing it? Fall is the perfect time to wear these absolutely timeless makeup styles. Elegant, luscious colors are prevailing trends this year. So put on your boots, grab a sweater, and try some new makeup ideas, Fall is here!
The peculiar thing is the varying trend we have witnessed over the years: as beauty ideals shift, so do our habits. Over the last century, fashion has dictated many standards, one of them being the size of our swimwear - from one piece jumpsuits to miniature two piece bikinis. Along with the excess naked skin came another issue – excess hair. So it became almost natural to remove hair from the public, or popularly known, bikini area. Now, what’s with the back hair situation today?

Let's talk about hair remova

These days, you might notice that every beauty salon has a solution for the bikini zone – you can either go all the way and have everything removed or have your ‘lower bush’ stylized in a certain manner. However, you cannot really find ‘back hair removal’ on pricelists of many salons. Where is the root of this problem (pun intended)? Let’s dig a bit deeper into the issue at stake.

There are many plausible causes of excess hair growth and in most cases the exact cause cannot be precisely determined. Women usually produce lower levels of male hormones called androgens, so if your organism has too much of this hormone, it will result in unwanted hair. It may also come as a genetic condition if it runs in the family. In any case, it is a very unpleasant feature, even embarrassing to many women. There are a few conditions related to this issue.

The medical term for the condition is hirsutism – it refers to excessive facial hair along the lip line, on the chin, even breasts or chest and it basically matches a male hair pattern on a female body. Men can also suffer from this mostly harmless condition, but on hormonally dependent areas.

The next type of this condition is called hypertrichosis – it signifies excessive hair which grows on places outside the pattern described for hirsutism. A person who has a cast on their arm and grows unusually large patches of hair in that region could be considered to have hypertrichosis (hyper meaning excessive or accelerated; trich meaning hair). 

Finally, there is the state of superfluous hair or garden variety “unwanted hair” – it refers to excess hair growth on various body areas which are considered to be socially or culturally unattractive or undesirable. This doesn’t refer to the amount of grown hair as it does to its location (for example, beard line for women).

hair removal

Any of these conditions could have one of the following causes:
·         Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
·         Tumor or cancer of the adrenal gland
·         Tumor or cancer of the ovary
·         Rare endocrine disorders
·         Side effects of certain drugs
·         Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
·         Hyperthecosis (a condition in which the ovaries produce too much male hormones)
Although it may seem as a subject you would rather consult your beautician rather than your physician, it is best to schedule a checkup with your doctor before you undergo any type of therapy or medication.

Luckily, hair removal today is a common thing and you have many options for either temporary or permanent removal.
Some of the most popular temporary removal techniques are:
·         Tweezing – pretty tiring, it is most efficient for really small areas (for example, above the upper lips)
·         Shaving – easy to do, but with rather short effect; hair will grow back in a couple of days
·         Waxing – waxed hair can take up to 3 weeks to grow fully back, plus the hair root is being weakened with every treatment so it grows slowly and is receding in time
·         Hair removal creams – have a similar effect as shaving but they are somewhat gentler to the skin than sharp razors.

Permanent treatments include:
·         Laser hair removal – is the absolute best method used to cover large affected areas. The laser beam is aimed at particularly dark colored hair, so it may not work for blond or red pigmented hair.

·         Electrolysis – uses electrical current to permanently damage individual hair follicles so they do not grow back. This method is less popular as it may lead to unwanted side-effects like swelling, scarring and redness of the skin.


The most common temporary solution is waxing, almost all beauty salons have experts trained in many different waxing techniques and the results last a while. As far as permanent removal goes, it definitely requires a significant financial investment as these procedures are costly but really do solve the issue once and for all. Nevertheless, your physician will prescribe you with the best treatment according to your skin type and specific needs.