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Raise your hand if you wait for winters only to pull off that long furry coat or that stylish jacket in style. Well, we are the same! We all love winters for various reasons – the serenity, the hot chocolate, the spectacular snow, and whatnot. However, the one thing that remains on top of the list, especially for all the fashionistas out there, is winter fashion.

Winter Special Outfit Guide For All Fashionistas Out There

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There is nothing like winter outfits. They give you a unique chicness that just cannot be achieved with summer clothing. Yet, dressing during winters can be tricky. You want to appear stylish while staying comfy and warm. It might take a little effort, but the outcome is all worth it.

Here are a few ideas to help you rock this winter season with fashionable and elegant outfits that are also warm and cozy.

1.     The epitome of winter fashion, a Plaid Coat

If there is one thing that demonstrates winters and the festivities that comes with it – it’s the color red! And when you combine this gorgeous color with plaids, you get the perfect outfit for winter. You can say that plaids will never go out of fashion, especially during winters.

The epitome of winter fashion, a Plaid Coat

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They have been here for the longest time and will continue to stay! Plaids are especially in fashion this year, which is why it is absolutely essential for your winter wardrobe. The best part about owning a plaid coat is that it not only goes with everything it also elevates your outfits to a whole new level.

Wear it with jeans or skirts, boots or sneakers, formally or casually – you cannot go wrong with a well-fitted plaid coat wrapped around you.

2.     Slay with a trendy Maxi Dress and Boots

Who says you have to comprise your style quotient to stay warm in winters? At least not with this stylish yet cozy winter outfit – a warm maxi dress paired with dapper boots. You might think that maxi dresses are for summers, but that’s not the case anymore. Winter maxi dresses are now officially a thing created especially for fashionable women!

Winter maxi dresses are certainly here to stay from woolen to velvet, from puffed to long sleeves. Moreover, it suits every body type, every occasion, and every time of the day. You can also rock this outfit with different variations, such as adding a leather jacket, a coat, or a vest.

Slay with a trendy Maxi Dress and Boots

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All you need is the proper layering, and you will have a stylish winter maxi dress at your hands!

3.     Rock the winter fashion essential, a Woolen attire

Wool is a fabric that is often associated with winters. Since our childhood, we have always seen woolen outfits and accessories everywhere during this season.

Rock the winter fashion essential, a Woolen attire

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Be it woolen caps or gloves, sweaters or dresses, a woolen outfit is definitely essential for the winter wardrobe. Wear stylish woolen attire this season to stay warm while looking all chic and dressed up.

4.     Never go wrong with the classic Leather Jacket and Jeans

A classic is a classic for a reason. And when it comes to winter fashion, a leather jacket has definitely been the go-to attire for every fashionista out there. Pairing a stylish leather jacket with well-fitted jeans is one of the most popular and loved styles. You can find many exquisite and versatile leather jackets online, like the jackets by Ala Mode, which are just perfect for winters.

Never go wrong with the classic Leather Jacket and Jeans

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It not only allows you to make a bold style statement, but it also keeps you comfortable and warm at the same time. Either you want to modernize your boring formals or wish to make your casual look cooler– a leather jacket has got you covered!

5.     Flow with the Fur

Wearing a stylish and well-fitted winter coat or jacket is the best way to look chic and splendid this winter season! But what could be better than a regular jacket? Well, if there is one thing that makes any winter outfit even more impressive, it is adding a little touch of fur to it.

Flow with the Fur

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A furred collar or cuffs in contrasting color with your jacket will surely game up your winter look. Layer it with any formal or casual outfit, and turn all the heads your way!

6.     Opt for the Classic Denim on Denim Look

If you love your denim, there is simply no reason to put it away during winters. In fact, it can help you create a chic winter street look when paired with a denim jacket. Yes, we are talking about the classic denim-on-denim look.

Opt for the Classic Denim on Denim Look

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Wearing an all-denim outfit is a great way to create a casual yet bold, fashion-forward look. You can pull this look off effortlessly and comfortably even on the coldest days by layering it over a coat, a cozy wool scarf, or a turtleneck underneath.

Moreover, this look can accompany you anywhere as it’s comfy, cozy, warm, and trendy. So, it gives you everything you can ask from a winter outfit. Buy Women Denim Dress Online.

7.     Go simple with the classic winter style

 Sometimes, the best outfit is a simple one. Create a classic winter look that is easy to put together, feels comfortable and stylish, and also keeps you warm.

Go simple with the classic winter style

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Pair a well-fitted winter coat with your favorite pair of jeans and trendy sneakers. It is an ideal outfit choice for all those casual winter strolls and hangouts with friends over a warm cup of coffee.

Wrapping Up

Winters are an absolute favorite time of the year for most people. Everything about this magical time of the year is exclusive and surreal. Picking any one best aspect of winters is quite impossible. However, if one thing makes this season even cozier and beautiful, it is winter fashion.

So, don’t hesitate, and make heads turn with a trendy winter ensemble this year. We hope that this winter special outfit guide helps you enjoy this beautiful and peaceful season with comfort and style.

Happy Winters!

When you think winters, it’s usually Christmas cakes, wine, mistletoe, gifts, snowflakes, knee-high boots, hot chocolates and all things warm and fuzzy. Well, let’s play spoiler! Winters also mean welcome dry skin, frizzy hair, dandruff, brittle nails, and a dozen ailments. With the temperatures dropping, your body undergoes many changes. It becomes very important to take care of your body and give it the right nutrition and TLC.

7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Glowing This Winter

Here are some tips to stay in your best shape this winter and keep looking, and feeling great through out the festive times.

1.       Keep Up Your Water and Vitamin C Content
You may not feel very thirsty during the winter months, but it is absolutely essential that you stay hydrated during this period. Your skin is not just an element that adds to your looks, but it is an important organ that protects you from a lot of external damage. The skin overall tends to get dry and flaky during winters. Prevent this from happening by taking care of your skin inside out. Eat foods high in water content like watermelon, apples, cantaloupes and watery veggies like celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and carrots.

Keep your Vitamin C levels in check by eating foods laden with Vitamin C like oranges, and kiwi. Vitamin C aids the production of collagen and elastin thus keeping your skin healthy. Eat a lot of fatty fish and flaxseeds in winter to give your skin the nutrition it needs in these cold months, to stay supple and smooth. An Omega-3 supplement is also recommended.

2.       Keep it Warm, Not Hot
The natural response of the body during winters is to move towards all things hot and fuzzy, starting from hot chocolate, to long hot baths. However, the trick is to steer clear of hot and opt for watrm instead. The long hot baths may feel oh-so-good, but they strip your skin and hair off the oils, and leave it dry, itchy and fragile. Tone down the temperature from hot to warm.

When it comes to indoor heating systems, they dry out the air extensively. Consider installing a humidifier in your house, so that some amount of moisture is put back into the air. And, while all the cocoa and chocolate is a definite pick-me-up in the winters, your skin needs to be kept hydrated from within as well. To make that happen, sip up on your teas. Keep having warm water and lemon so that you stay energetic and rejuvenated through the winters.

3.       Moisturize Extensively
To prevent harsh skin, cracked feet and rough hair becoming the order of the day, moisturize yourself thoroughly and regularly. Stock up on body butters, creams and balms. Buy a variety of moisturizers, essential oils and the mandatory petroleum jelly to protect and restore your skin. Since you will be buying quite a few products, it’s advisable to do your research, check a few reliable Price Comparison Sites Like Idealo and then stock up on your cosmetics for the season. 

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Apply natural moisturizers like olive oil and almond oil on your face, arms, elbows and heels to prevent them from drying and cracking up. Give your face and chest the same treatment as you reserve for your face. These are exposed to the external elements just as much. Oil your hair a minimum of three times a week, half an hour prior to your shower. Always remember to condition, after washing your hair with shampoo.

4.       Cover and Layer Yourself Up 

Exposure to the cold air can leave your skin and hair weak and brittle, and you more prone to illness. Keeping yourself covered is the right way to go. Invest in proper headgear and gloves to stay protected and warm and prevent your hair and skin from drying out. Always wear socks. Wear slippers or socks even while you are at home to prevent getting cold feet and swollen toes. Always keep your fingers, feet, and head properly covered. Wear woolen scarves or mufflers as the temperatures start dropping.

5.       Exercise in the Outdoors with Caution
For some of us, winters mean, bidding goodbye to the outdoors. Open air yoga or running in the the park becomes a thing of the past. But, there are a few resilient among us who don’t give up on the outdoors, no matter how cold it gets. For those of you out there windburn And Winter Sunburn can be very damaging to your skin. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin.

However, if you face a case of windburn, and get red patches on your skin, apply a mild hydrocortisone cream on the irritated and sensitive spots. This medicated cream will help in reducing the inflammation and stop the itching.

6.       Your Eyes Need Protection Too!
Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body. Dropping temperatures, snow, and cold air are not a good combination for sensitive eyes. It can irritate your eyes and give you various eye infections. Wear goggles to protect your eyes. Keep a bottle of non-medicated eye drops handy to refresh and soothe your eyes, whenever needed. Also keep moisturized hands and fingers away from your eyes.

7.       Your Lips Need Extra Attention During Winters
One of the earliest signs of arrival of winter are chapped lips. The cold drys out your lips and causes them to crack, bleed, and look dry and unattractive. Take Care Of Your Lips this winter. Keep them moisturized. Gently exfoliate your lips to remove the dead and flaky skin. Then rinse your lips first with a sugar syrup and then some warm water. Move on to apply a generous amount of Vaseline to your lips. Repeat this procedure daily to get full, moisturized and smooth lips throughout winters.

To Conclude,
With the above tips we have got you covered for the winter chills and thrills. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, exfoliate, and moisturize extensively to enjoy the winters and the festivities that it brings! Here’s to a happy and healthy winter!

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Korie Cantor is a writer who writes about living and lifestyle. She possesses a great sense of style and loves to share her thoughts about fashion and it’s latest trends. Follow her @koriecantor
The temperature outside is dropping day by day and it’s getting quite chilly. It is that time of the year when all of you, men and women need to pick up your winter fashion game. This winter the key to beat others in terms of winter style will be to use a number of layer pieces of different kinds of fabrics to stay warm. The Latest Fashion For Women this winterish to do away with all those heavy coats and jackets and using multi-layered clothing. As far as outerwear is concerned dresses for women are of various types including pea coats, shearling jackets and even the good old women leather jackets among others. You should always invest in a proper cap or hat as it is imperative because it will give a finishing touch to your look. As for shoes for women, boots in winter is always a smart option to wear along with your trusted old jeans or trousers, which is especially helpful on those cold snowy nights. You also need to be careful about not throwing away your summer sneakers altogether as they would be of great help during dry and sunny days.

For the men, while there might be a strong preference for colors such as blacks, dark blue, greys and other dark colors, the colour which really steals the show this season is copper. It would be smart to complete your wardrobe with the rich and orangey-brown shade as part of the men's winter fashion. Even if you are not comfortable with your sweatshirt collection then you could definitely try wearing a knitted polo shirt which would act as a light cloth layers providing less insulation against temperature dips. At Voonik Winter Clothing Sale there are combinations of two or more fine knit iterations which are present in different solid colors containing very little branding which adds a lot of versatility to your existing wardrobe collection. At Koovs Winter Wear Deal there is a huge roll neck revival which seems unstoppable this season and it is morphing into the funnel or bit lower mock turtle necks  which is either in zip-up form or in the slip-overhead form. You can easily put on such a dress with your slouchy coat and hat with new pair of jeans to complement your style.

The last tip is to finish off your winter look with an oversized hat or a scarf which will be serving the dual purpose, it will be keeping you warm as well as you'll be looking stylish at the same time.
Mercury starts to drop. We all are feeling little shivery in the morning and at night. Winter clothes are out from our closets. But dressing up well for cold winters is tough. It is always difficult to pick winter clothes which would look stylish and cozy at the same time. Here are some styling tips one should follow in winters to look fashionable and stylish.

Layer it up!
Layering is one of the best and the most common stylish way to look in winter season. Layering is in trend. It’s one of the best ways to look good when it’s really cold. Don’t be afraid to pile on the layers. You can wear multiple layers under a sweater, under a jacket, under a coat. It would definitely keep you warm and cozy. Always keep in mind color patterns you are wearing when layering blazers and shirts.

Boots are in...
Great winter style is incomplete without a great pair of boots. Flaunt a good pair of ling boots this winter with a short dress. You can wear them with cuffed jeans or a dress as well. Like any other fashion accessories, boots are also easily available online at ultra affordable prices.

Boots Winter Fashion Trend
Boots Winter Fashion Trend

Scarf it well
Scarves can be worn in many more ways. It is one of the best fashion accessories for winters. You can simply wrap around your neck or style it yourself. Scarves are the best blend of pure style and warmth.

Wear stylish Cardigan
Cardigan, as we all know, is the most attired costume in winters. Be it men or women, there are colorful cardigans available on online stores. Add a cardigan over a tank top or a shirt. Wearing long and thin cardigans are in style nowadays. You can get all types of cardigans at great price.

Cover yourself with Overcoats
Overcoat is something which you can wear anytime during winters. Most common colors that people wear or buy include black, caramel and red. Look for discounts on offline and online stores. You can save lots of money if you get the right deal online. Right now, there are several stores online who are selling winter wear including overcoats at discounted price.

Cover yourself with Overcoats
Cover yourself with Overcoats

Use belts
In winters, girls usually wear long sweatshirts and cardigans. Although there are tons of variety of colorful cardigans available but adding a belt would make it look even better. Wearing a stylish belt on your waist will enhance the overall look of your attire. You can find n-numbers of designs in belts online at reasonable prices.

Caps and Hats
Caps and Hats are most common attire during winters. Here there are several ways by which you can transform your overall winter look by adding a stylish hat or a cap. You can go for a skully or a chook or fedora-type hat with ear flaps or fur caps. Wearing caps in winters keep you cozy and warm as well. 

Caps and Hats
Caps and Hats

You can get different styles of leggings which keep you cozy all day in winters. If you are wearing a skirt, then adding a legging underneath it would not only keep you warm but also boost your overall look and style. You can get amazing deals on leggings at several online stores in India. Wear with a flouncy skirt, shorts, party dress or long cardigan. You can also try knee-high socks.

Fashionable Winter Leggings
Fashionable Winter Leggings 

These are some styling tips you must carry out in winters which would definitely help you look trendy and cozy. Stay warm & always stylish.

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