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Love and affection are the best gifts that you can grant another person and that are why weddings are special. They are a celebration of love and such ceremonies are usually grand and spectacular. Other than the events being great, the bride and his groom ought to look good as well. We all know how particular ladies can be when it comes to their looks, but sometimes the wedding preparations can get so hectic such that most forget that they have an obligation to looking great as well. The result of this is usually last minute grooming preparations that result in a not-so-impressive look and by extension some not-so-impressive wedding photos. We have, therefore, compiled a guide of grooming moves that will help you look your best on your wedding.

Seven Wedding Grooming Moves You Must Consider.

  •       Prep your face for your wedding.

As a bride, you will appear in almost every photo and this necessitates you look your best. A great way to achieve timeless beauty and youthful elegance that will shine through the entire ceremony is with a facial. A good facial smoothens and softens your skin. It also eliminates blemishes such as blackheads, leaving you with a picture-perfect look. Schedule a 30-minute facial at a spa and let the esthetician work his or her magic on you. It’s advisable to get your facial done well in advance of your wedding day so as to stay ahead of any chemical reactions and breakouts.

  •       Manicures are a must.

Nothing is as unappealing as the sight of dirty and poorly done nails. Not only are they unhygienic but they are a major beauty fail that could ruin your wedding. This is not just a concern for the bride but one that for the groom as well. The two of you should visit a spa or nail center to have your nails professionally clipped and filed.

  •     Teeth whitening.

You will be smiling a lot on your wedding day and you can give your smile the perfect lift with a nice set of pearly whites. Most tooth pastes have teeth-whitening ingredients within their compounds but you’d be wise to visit your dentist for a tooth Whitening Procedure. You will have to set aside a decent sum for this procedure but the result is white teeth that make for a beautiful smile and even better pictures.

  •        Facial hair is a big no.

This grooming move applies to the grooms. It’s no secret that men are obsessed with facial fair and some go to amazing lengths to grow their facial hair. However, for the sake of your wedding, it is advisable to get your facial hair trimmed and well-maintained. Get your barber to remove unwanted and unnecessary facial hair such as those growing out of your nose and to have your beard, mustache, and neckline trimmed. Your beautiful bride will definitely appreciate the effort to clean yourself up and this could result in some wonderful and pleasurable honeymoon moments if you know what I mean.

  •      Keep body hair to a minimum.

You will probably be covered up in clothes during the wedding ceremony and even at the reception but slightly less so later on. You should, therefore, keep your body hair short for those special moments with your loved one or as you lounge by the pool area in a bikini. One way to go about this is by shaving with a razor but you may end up with cuts and rashes should you choose this option. Another alternative would be to opt for IPL machines for hair removal. This option is slightly expensive but the results are much more permanent.

  •      Manage your brows.

Unmanaged brows can ruin a picture. These little monsters may appear harmless but when they are left unattended, they can give they can give you a not-so-impressive look and this is definitely something that you don’t want for your wedding. Get your brows done by a profession and shaped properly for an amazing look.

  •       Get enough sleep.

This is not a grooming move per say, but the lack of enough sleep can wipe away the effects of the grooming moves mentioned above. Lack of enough sleep could result in puffy eyes and oily skin and all these could ruin your look. Make time from your busy schedule for sleep. Take lots of water and fresh juices as well for your skin.