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Stress levels are increasing across all age groups. In America surveys indicate that children as young as in grade 8th have experienced some sort of stress and depression. The cause maybe relationships, academics or lack of sleep the result is high levels of stress. The incident of stress is particularly high in working class for they irregular office timings and quantum of word pressure contributes greatly to it. When there is a problem there must be a solution to it. There are innumerable ways of dealing depression and stress but nothing as compared to a relaxing few hours at your nearby spa. You can always hop in to your nearby spa and get a full body spa and get lost in the serenity of relaxation. But what if you could bring home the spa feel?

Here are 5 foot spa machines that you can buy to give yourself a massage at your home.

1. All in one spa by KENDAL
This is a professional foot spa machine that is of great use if you have a bad metabolism or blood circulation issues or you simply want to break free from the busy and stressed out days. You can use it with salt, oil and other foot products as per your own convenience.

2. Brookstone Heated Aqua - Jet Foot Spa (728219)
It is packed with many jets for giving a relaxing and soothing water massage. The nodes massage your arches and stimulate your pressure points. A couple of water jets release steam which will increase the blood circulation and provide the much needed relaxation to your feet. The water can be heated up to 115 - degrees (F). You also get an option to run the heat without bubbles.

3. Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager
This massager comes with ozone which helps to remove swollen foot and sore feet pain. It provides a rolling massage that increases the oxygen uptake for improving blood circulation and lymph.  You can switch on the air bubbles along with the waterfall jet system or use them separately as per your needs.

4. PIBBS Foot Bath Massager
From the company who is a leading manufacturer of salon, beauty and spa equipment worldwide here is a compact and feature packed foot massager. It has three modes - heat to create bubbles, vibrate and vibrate and heat. The advantage of using this machine is that it comes with an automatic heating element which keeps the water at a convenient temperature to provide the most relaxing feeling.

5. HoMedics® Hydrotherapy Foot Bath
It has four transparent clear foot massager along with four water jets to give a stimulating and warm massage. The bottom of your feet gives adequate care and relaxation because of the center massage balls. The unit is designed in such a way that it gets illuminate with a blue light. Though it does not have multiple speeds it will provide the most calming and engaging massage by focusing on the pressure points in your feet.

We tend to be online most of the time and for shopping, we are nowhere behind. Online shopping has turned out to be such bliss with the sheer aid of shopping whenever or wherever you want to. It not only minus the ease of walking down to a store but also is very affordable.

5 Simple Tips to Buy Perfumes Online Without Smelling

For women, this luxury of shopping online has gone way and beyond. From shopping their entire wardrobe online perfumes are no miss. But the only caution that comes into the queue is –how to identify the fragrance online?

Don't worry we have got you covered?

Stay hooked as we unleash the best hacks to identify the fragrance you wish to buy:

1.    it’s the matter of your Research:
As a smart shopper, you should know your brand unerringly. We call it the art of knowing what you are buying? Here be wary of highly discounted prices as cheap fragrances found online are found to be fake. Do your homework right and look for customer reviews. This is imperative to grab the genuine deal.

Your sound knowledge as a customer is accountable. Knowing the return policies, and customer assistance saves you from bigger losses.

2.    Sometimes quiz helps:
I know you hate been quizzed? But it is just a test you need to give for accessing a perfume your senses would dance to. Here your olfactory preferences play the most deliverable choice for your personality and of course for your senses.

The quiz online is designed in such a way to let one identify the perfume that would make the choice worthy.

3.    Keep an eye on the description:
If you have been sorted with the quizzes, it's time to dig deeper. As they say, the curious customer never fails in stride, be like one. Look for the descriptions of the product as the smallest of details online are not useless. They have an explanation to make for the smallest of emotions as described. Perfumes connect to the strings of your heart and senses, so go for the description as you never know which string may blow your heart?

4.    Have an idea of your preferred notes:
When you buy perfume online you are certain to see the word “notes.” It defines your preferences to indulge to. There are many groups of individual notes but for the better, they are divided into four main categories- fresh, floral, woodsy and oriental. The right note helps you choose the right perfume you can instantly connect with.

The above notes have certain elements aligned to each of it making it suitable for everyone heading to varied tastes and choices.

5.    Know your perfume better:
Another important tip is buying your perfume for the occasion. As you cannot wear a strong musky fragrance to the office and same ways a light tempting fragrance won't do in a party. So wear it accordingly. Know your perfume like a boss as the right notes have a playful appeal.

Same ways, also account for whether the perfume you are buying is the best bet for day/night. In addition to it, always make a distance from cheap perfumes that are available at a highly discounted price. They tend to be fake.
So, the final words...

Online shopping has both sides- bright and sad; it’s you who should put in the smart vibes for a satisfactory shopping experience.
We know that it is right to use organic products for our skin and spa sessions, but do we actually understand why it is so important? This is a trend that had gained grounds in the last couple of years because of the harmful effects of the industrial chemicals that are otherwise used. Yet the number of people using industrial products even today overrides the number of people who rely on organic products for their skin care.

It is absolutely essential that you choose Organic Spa Products for your daily beauty regime. Organic products are slow in their approach but have a far more long lasting effect than any industrial ones. There are plenty of other reasons too which should compel us to choose organic products over industrial ones. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • 1.     Taking care of your general health: It is very essential for us to understand that the industrial products use chemicals that may not have any direct side effect right at that moment, but in the long run they can prove to be dangerous for your skin. It has been noted quite a few times that various harmful diseases have developed in people later in their lives due to the use of mass produced beauty creams or other products. When it comes to true organic products for skin care, you really do not need to worry much about diseases like this developing.

  • 2.     Softer and gentler on your skin with time: The biggest benefit of using organic skin care products is that they are not harsh on your skin. Though chemical products might look like they aren’t as well, but with time you will be able to realize the bad effects with your skin becoming too dry or losing its original texture. So, it’s best to stick to the products that we get from nature.
  • 3.     They are eco-friendly: It is very important for us to become extra careful about the environment around us since the natural balance is already a little bit rattled. The Natural Spa Products are made through natural processes that do not require the heavy smoke that is released from the chemical factories. This helps in maintaining the balance by not adding to the amount of smoke that is already being released from millions of factories around the world!
  • 4.     Skin remains trouble free: Most of the times chemical ingredients in mass produced products might have a bad effect on your skin and give rise to some serious irritation or even lead to rashes. These can be avoided with the use of organic products since they will not give rise to any discomfort until and unless you are allergic to any kind of product.
  • 5.     Save the smell: The chemicals that are used in the industrial products have smells of their own and to hide that very strong fragrances are added which can be a major reason for long term headaches. Since the organic ones do not come with any complications like these, it is best to stick to them.

So, if you want a healthier and happier skin, then the best option is to go for natural products!