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When you receive an invitation to a wedding the chances are it will include a dress code and possibly two different dress codes for the main event and for the evening reception so it’s important that you know what they mean and how to follow them.

Wedding Dress Codes and How to Abide

Not every wedding will have a dress code so it’s always worth checking with the groom what his expectations are for guests who will be attending as it’s also possible the groom won’t understand what the dress codes really mean.

For this post we asked the team behind Dobell – an online source of fashionable menswear; and they gave us an easy guide to what the wedding dress codes mean and how to abide by them:

Smart casual
Smart casual means the wedding is going to be a fairly relaxed event and provides you with a broad range of clothing choices however for men it doesn’t mean jeans but more like chino trousers with a smart shirt and an optional jacket. Don’t wear trainers either, go for brogues or loafers with your smart casual outfit.

Cocktail dress code
Cocktail dress code is semi-formal and can be fun and creative but is more formal than a smart casual dress code. For men it means wearing a suit, generally a dark colour such as navy or charcoal, with a white or single colour shirt and tie.

An evening wedding certainly needs a dark suit and muted shirt, whereas an afternoon wedding could give more leeway when it comes to colours and patterns but if you have any doubt as to what’s appropriate, check with the groom.

Jacket and tie dress code
This is another code for a semi-formal wedding and requires men to wear a suit jacket with a tie, as the name implies. It can either be a matching suit or, in this situation a smart blazer and tie, teamed with a pair of smart chinos would also be acceptable.

Lounge suit dress code
This one can be confusing for men but it just means a formal suit with waistcoat, shirt and tie so is a step above jacket and tie dress code in the formality stakes. It’s a dress code which applies mainly to day time weddings.

Morning suit
A very formal daytime event might require the guests to wear morning suits in which case you need to don a full tailcoat, waistcoat and trousers. This would be a very formal dress code and the wedding would need to be taking place before 4.30pm for this to apply.

Formal dress code
A formal dress code requires men to wear a traditional dark coloured suit, conservative tie and white shirt. For an evening event a tuxedo can be appropriate as well. It’s another way of saying black tie optional meaning guests need to be formal but not necessarily full black tie.

Black tie
Black tie is the most formal dress code for an evening wedding and requires men to wear a black tuxedo with a bow tie.

White tie
This is quite an unusual dress code but is also known as full evening dress. With this dress code a man needs to wear trousers with satin sides, an evening tailcoat which is double-breasted, a white waistcoat and bow tie.

Clothing optional

This unusual dress code is generally reserved for nudist weddings so that non-nudist guests can decide if they feel comfortable naked or would rather wear clothes. There is no guidance as to what kind of clothes can be worn so it might be worth checking with the groom.

No dress code

Sometimes you might be invited to a wedding which doesn’t have a dress code at all and in some ways this makes deciding what to wear even more challenging. In this case perhaps seek some advice from the groom about expectations and then go for an outfit which you think is appropriate. However casual the event might be, it’s always better to err on the side of formal as you can always remove a jacket and tie, but it’s harder to dress up jeans and a t-shirt if you get it badly wrong.


Following a wedding dress code is important for the bride and groom as it means all their guests will look smart in the photographs and everyone will fit in with their chosen theme. There might also be guidance from their venue as to what type of clothing people are permitted to wear so bear in mind it might not be the bride and groom dictating the dress code, but the wedding reception venue.

As long as you abide by the dress code, which should be easy now you have our quick and easy guide, you will be fine and will be able to work out what to wear to every type of wedding event and venue without any difficulties at all.
A wedding is a big celebration in the Indian community and the idea is to celebrate the union in a show of extravagance, color, vibrancy and celebration. For the guest to an Indian wedding, nothing is more exciting than the events that one dresses up for.

The Minimalist Wedding Dress Guide for Every Girl

From wedding gowns to designer salwar suits or anarkalis, or a stunning lehenga and choli, the choices are endless. The Most Popular Choice Of Wedding Dress Is The Ubiquitous Saree which serves to celebrate the feminine form and beauty that charms effortlessly. But as a guest, do remember that your wedding saree should not be less heavy than the reception attire, and more so than the Mehendi.
From the sangeet to the mehendi, wedding, cocktail party and reception, you can think beyond the seductive saree. Ensure that your heavily embroidered and worked ensembles are reserved for the wedding while lighter, yet graceful dresses are there for the earlier events. For the sangeet, it makes sense to wear something fun-filled and vibrant which celebrates the concept of you and embodies your style statement. But let’s start at the beginning and see what makes for true wedding finery capable of dazzling everyone and creating a sensation.

The sangeet being a traditional song and dance wedding ceremony, it is an occasion for fun loving friends to gather together and participate in a song, dance or act. Some weddings even have traditional dances such as the garba and raas (Gujarati wedding) or the dandiya. Punjabi weddings have the traditional bhangra dance while Maharashtrian weddings involve dancing too. So, wear Indian clothes because these do not hamper mobility and ensure that you look graceful.

Sangeet ceremony Dress

What to wear
·        Choose between a light lehenga choli or a salwar kameez. Leave red for the bride and choose vibrant colors such as light pink, deep purple, sea blue with silver and golden highlights.

Designer Lehenga for wedding

·        Dress as per your age and personality; if you enjoy dancing, go for lightweight outfits you can dance and twirl in, so that they don’t weigh you down.
·        Opt for bright and bold colors such as crimson, maroon, emerald or fuschia.

Jewelry to match it
  • Use jewelry in new and interesting ways. You could match a brooch with a diamond choker. Beware of too many dazzling pieces though. After all, you don’t want to upstage the bride on her wedding day! Try vintage lace earrings and minimum jewelry. Limit yourself to a neckpiece and light earrings ranging from danglers to studs.
Jewelry for Wedding

  • Opt for a silver or light gold that is subtle and understated, yet attractive at the same time.
Mehendi or henna ceremony is a special event and a rites de passage for the bride. This is a ladies only event. Wear light and comfortable outfits here too. Choose darker shades such as peacock blue or golden brown.

Mehendi Designs for Wedding

What to wear
  • Henna stains are a big problem so choose an outfit that offers minimum coverage yet maximum elegance. It can range from tunic tops and long skirts to chania cholis/ghagra cholis  that can be lifted to apply the henna on the feet and ankles with ease.
Dress for Mehendi Function

  • Short lehengas are another popular choice for the mehendi ceremony.
  • Rather than opting for long lehengas, use shorter ones as it is easier for the mehendi artists to apply henna.
Jewelry to match it
  • Opt for simple jewelry such as necklaces and earrings that are not too heavy
  • Don’t go in for bangles or anklets as this can smudge the henna; remove rings on toes and fingers for the same reason.
Jewellry for wedding Party

Cocktail Party
 Cocktail parties are the perfect occasion to go in for Western wear. Choose either flowing gowns or short numbers. Little black dresses or long stylish gowns are the right choice.

Cocktail Party Dress

What to wear
  • If you do want to dazzle in Indian wear, go for a subtle saree in vibrant and rich hues such as earthen gold, silver and rustic shades or bold, bright and dramatic colours depending upon your age and style quotient.
Cocktail Party Dress

  • When it comes to accessories, choose high heels, peep toes or stilettos. Strappy sandals or wedge heels can also add height, grace, charm, and make heads turn at every step you take.

Jewelry to match it
  • For the cocktail party, subtle is in. Choose minimalist jewelry that captures understated elegance whether it is through a bracelet on the arm or a shiny neck piece.
D- Day
 Finally, the main event arrives. It’s the wedding day and you are all prepped and ready for it. This is the day when everyone will be present, from the bride’s family to friends and more. That is why, you must ensure to look your best, but also keep in mind it’s the bride’s special day. Stay low, but look chic.

Wedding dress for Bride

What to wear

  • Whether you opt for a salwar kameez, saree, chaniya choli, or anarkalis in silk, chiffon, tissue or crepe. The outfit needs to be accessorized with bangles, bindis and bright purses.  
Wedding Dress

  • Indian wedding wear is glittery, colourful and well embellished with everything from zari (golden and silver thread) to Swarowski crystals
  • Ethnic wardrobe musts for such events include net sarees, lehenga sarees, blouses with pretty motifs, suits such as anarkali.
  • Shades can range from pastel to vibrant hues and shades.
  • Designer sarees with velvet blouses are another vintage and classic look for style that never goes out of fashion
  • Choose happy and festive shades such as coral, fuchsia and deep blues.
  • If you have a tall, slim built, opt for anarkalis. For a smaller frame, opt for moderate volume and anarkalis that end at your knees
  • Monochrome anarkalis add height too.
  • Do not choose white or black as these are associated with mourning, not celebration in the Indian context
  • Choose modern hues and intricate embroidery with finesse that suits the contours and build of your body
Jewelry to match it
  • A statement neckpiece will add to the allure and charm of the dress
  • Enhance your appeal with beautiful earrings in gold, silver or platinum
  • Choose bangles and anklets to complement your outfit
Jewelry for Wedding

  • Use bindis and dramatic eye makeup to match the festive mood of the occasion
From sarees, to suits and lehengas, the possibilities are countless. Designer outfits that are subtle yet appealing can add to the glamour quotient. Choose a theme such as stylish and sophisticated or Bollywood style bling depending upon what you can carry off. Remember, the trick is to stay comfortable and choose fabrics and jewelry pieces that are easy to wear. Match your outfit with your significant other. Matching or complementary colors can make for an outfit that is color coordinated and stylish at the same time.

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The Indian wedding season is around the corner and all the beautiful brides must be thinking how making it special that adds more glitters to this big day. So if you are planning to go shopping for designer wedding Lehengas, these latest trendy styles will surely help you to choose the best outfit for yourself. So see what we have in store for you.

Wedding Lehengas with Trail

Inspired by the Western tradition and Christian wedding attire, the trail Lehengas are an emerging trend this wedding season. The trails in the Indian designer Lehengas lends a princess-like feel and adds a royal touch to the entire outfit. So the designer wedding Lehengas now come with more glamor, charm, and beauty, giving it a couture appearance. So go stylish, this wedding season and make a difference in this exquisite wedding Lehenga trend.

Wedding Lehengas with Trail

Fishtail Bridal Lehenga

Another trend evolving is the fishtail bridal Lehengas that impart a blend of elegance and style to the Indian bride. The outfit gives a fish tail look as it is fitted from the waistline and opens up from the bottom. The Lehengas run holding the body till knees and then opens up beautifully into flares. This pattern has been embraced by a lot of many brides as it makes them look gorgeous, adding grace to their entire personality.

Fishtail Bridal Lehenga

Wedding Attire with Jackets and Layers

Nowadays, beautiful brides have been seen adorning bridal Lehengas with an amalgamation of jackets and multiple layers. If the bridal Lehengas have multiple layers, it gives an opportunity for the designers to use different fabrics that add grace to the outfit. These designs come with a lot of lace work, ombre tones with a fusion of contrasting colors. The jackets are also available in different patterns. For example, these jackets, being opaque, can take the place of the Choli and are made of silk or crepe. Apart jackets are also available in sheer fabric to be worn over the Choli. Online shopping of bridal Lehengas is the latest buzz among the brides that wish to dress up a bit different on the very special day.
Wedding Attire with Jackets and Layers

Bridal Outfits with Flares

Traditional Bridal outfits with numerous flares look mesmerizing in every color and enhance the bride's personality. Such designs have a large number of pleats woven around the waistline. You can add more charm to these outfits along with the use of different stitching patterns, beautiful and appealing embellishments and incorporate beautiful bottom flare patterns. Many girls have been seen adorning this style which surely make them look stunning and dazzling.

Bridal Outfits with Flares

Adorn the Vintage Look

If you are a girl scared of experimenting with your look and style and will be more comfortable adoring the traditional yet graceful wedding Lehengas, then you can be your best in these contemporary and vintage designs. These designs are woven with heavy and glittering motifs, exotic and beautiful floral prints along with colorful weaving threads. So if you are in a fix, this vintage style wedding Lehengas can never let you down and brings in the sweetness and charm of an Indian bride. Go classic with this conventional theme.

Adorn the Vintage Look

Indo-Western is the Latest Buzz

Various online Anarkali dresses with the best price are available online that are fused with western outlook to make it look trendier and happening for any Indian brides. The mid length Anarkali suits can be worn with dress pants, skinny leggings or dhoti pants which give you an amazing Indo-western feel. Pant Sarees is another blend of modernity and tradition and is a never-ending trend for the brides. The girls can adorn a highly embellished saree with beautiful pants woven in zardozi and chicken fabrics. If you desire to look different on your special day, go for the latest Indo-western bridal designs.

Indo-Western is the Latest Buzz

So go for these latest trends and make the most of your big day.

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Prasenjeet is an independent freelance author who writes various blogs and articles related to his field of interest. He continuously writes for several fashion brands like Satya Paul. He is a jolly-mood person who loves reading, writing, playing chess and taking amazing photographs in his past times.