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Dry scalp is the condition that the skin covering your head gets lost the moisture, so your scalp will be irritated and peeled off. If you are in this condition, you should find out the solution precisely. Choosing the best shampoo for dry scalp is your direct approach that you need to undertake as quickly as you can.

How To Find Out The Best Shampoo For Dry Scalp

The reason why you have dry scalp

There are a variety of causes leading to dry scalp. Firstly, your dry scalp can be caused by many environmental influences such as sunshine, dust, seawater, swimming pool water and so on. In addition, some incorrect hair care habits, the use of inappropriate hair care products, dyeing hair and hairstyling too much also make your scalp dry and your hair damaged.
Last but not least, selecting shampoos that have a strong cleansing effect will cause the hair to lose its natural oil on the scalp. Many people buying shampoos often do not pay attention to their ingredients but only their prices. Even some of them think that the more expensive the shampoo is, the better it is. This idea is completely wrong.

Consider the best shampoo for dry scalp

You might want to select the shampoo to treat the dry scalp right away, but you should take a few more minutes to know how to choose the best shampoo for dry scalp.

Because the product for dry scalp has several brands in the hypermarkets and stores, but it is an awkward task to get the best ones for your dry scalp. Picking an appropriate shampoo will rely on the seriousness of the state.

1. Choose a moisturizing shampoo

With dry scalp, the most important thing is to moisturize it, so the first experience choosing the best shampoo for dry scalp you should notice is its moisturizing properties.

How To Find Out The Best Shampoo For Dry Scalp

You should choose shampoo products rich in nutrients for dry scalp such as butter, essential oils, vitamin E, fat, and lanolin. Not just that, choosing a suitable hair moisturizer also helps to keep your hair soft and supple. You should choose products that contain ultra-moisturizing which adds seed oil fatty acids to condition your hair.

Besides what mentioned above, you also should avoid use shampoos and hair straighteners containing Sodium Sulphate, which will make your scalp dry and your hair broken and brittle.

2. Choose a neutral pH shampoo

Paying attention to the pH level is the experience of choosing the best shampoo for dry scalp you cannot miss.
As we know, the scalp has a pH of 5.5, so if you decide shampoo with the same pH, it will not damage your scalp and the protective film of your hair. Thus, your hair will be smooth and shiny.
If you use shampoo with pH>5.5, after shampooing, you will feel dry hair due to dehydration. Seeing this condition, many people use more conditioner. Therefore, your scalp will be alkalized, and your hair will be tangled.
If you use shampoo with ph<5.5, it will also help balance the pH level between the skin and the hair. However, you may experience slight skin irritation and see very little foams.

Beneficial tips to remove dry scalp

Besides the experience of choosing the best shampoo for dry scalp, you also combine the following beneficial tips to get rid of your dry scalp and leave your hair glossy and shiny.

Firstly, you should follow a balanced diet with consuming enough water and fruit juice detox to remove the toxic elements for your organs and balance moisture level for your scalp and your hair.

Secondly, you should massage your dry scalp with the herbal oils to supply more nutrient for it and keep it moisturizing. 

Thirdly, you might be surprised that brushing your hair on a regular basis also helps you get rid of the dry scalp. With the dry scalp, you will have dandruff which means that your skin produces several cells and slough off these cells promptly to be dandruff.

Therefore, if you do not brush your hair routinely, these dead skin cells will be decreased, and it might wake up the sebaceous glands to do its job. However, you should not apply this solution twice or three times a day, because your head skin will become the oily and many hairs will be loosed.

Lastly, to treat the dry scalp, you should also peel off the dead skin cells to support your skin breathe and absorb the nutrient. More specially, you are able to use the scalp scrub that is selling in the beauty stores, or you could apply some fruit enzymes and the salicylic acid ingredient as well.


The dry scalp is not easy and fun to tackle, especially when you live in the cold season. Thus, finding the solutions to handle this situation as well as using the best shampoo for dry scalp will become the daunting task indeed.
Do you feel like your hair has a mind of its own? Sometimes like lying stubbornly flat on your head where it shouldn’t be and sometimes curling in a weird way that annoys you the most. Well, it is obvious to blame the array of products that swear to lift and give volume to your locks. But the wrong brush may be the real culprit for your stressed tresses.

Best Brush for Your Hair Type

When it comes to choosing the right hair brush, people get confused. There is certainly no lack of brushes to choose from like an anti-static brush, vent, metal brush and a lot more. To ease up your task here we came up with a perfect guide to help you find your bristled soul mate.

Fine, short hair
For the fine, short hair especially pixies, you need a brush with wide bristles detangle. A vent brush is a great option for you to style your hair without making it fluffy or poufy. Meant for detangling and taming  frizz, this brush adds volume to hair and can also work great as a blow-drying tool.

Normal-to-thick and long hair
When it comes to brushing and styling normal-to-thick hair, reach for a brush with a mix of nylon and boar bristles. With a larger surface area for ease of styling, it will be a great option for everyday styling. Also, by distributing your scalp’s natural oils throughout the hair, it helps you keep your hair looking shiny, smooth and healthy.

Thin, delicate, or damaged hair
Struggling with thinning hair? You need a sensitive bristle brush that will not cause more damage to your hair. Use of wrong brush can result in a great deal of damage to your hair. Hence choose the one that is super gentle to use.

Curly hair
Are you blessed with a gorgeous head of curls? You may think to brush hair without damaging it just impossible for you. But using the right tool can solve your problem like never before. If you are looking for a way to detangle, blow-dry or add shine to your damp curls, for a finishing brush with widely spaced ionic nylon bristles is the right choice for you.

Thick, coarse hair
Finding the perfect brush for tame a thick, coarse mane can seem like such a struggle! If you feel the same, then try out vented brush with wide-spaced nylon bristles or Paddle brushes. With sparser bristles, it penetrates through your denser strands and easily removes tangles.

Creating volume
For those who are looking to add volume, a large oval brush is a perfect option for you. Coupled with the boar and nylon bristles, the comb will raise the volume of your hair to new heights. Use it on your damp hair to pull up on your roots while blow drying your hair.

Wet hair
Hair becomes extremely fragile when wet, so the careful choice of tool will save you from hair fall. It can be a complete hair savior for curly hair or hair with any sort of tangles.  Allowing more hair to pass through its larger width in-between the teeth, it can easily remove any aggravating tangles.

 Best Brush for Your Hair Type

Keep these points in mind to get the right hair styling brush that is meant for your hair type. Moreover, if you wish to get a smooth and straight hair without many efforts, try using an Anti-Static Brush.

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A shampoo is something that people use regularly. It cleans your hair, helps it be healthier and stronger as well as feel and smell great. However, many people do not understand that they can get hair loss shampoos as well. There are many different hair loss shampoos; there are many choices while selecting it. It is necessary to know what to look for when choosing a good hair loss shampoo in order to not to get ripped off.
5 Things to look for in a good hair loss shampoo - Beauty Tips

What hair loss shampoo does?

One of the things you need to keep in mind that hair loss shampoo is what they do. You should observe what type of hair loss they are made to treat, try to find a product that is designed for your type of hair loss. If you do not understand, you should not purchase any shampoo. Instead, you should see your dermatologist to find out what is reason of your hair loss problem. Your doctor can tell you whether hair loss shampoo is beneficial in your type of hair loss or not. They can also tell you what you can do with the shampoo to see the best results.
5 Things to look for in a good hair loss shampoo - Beauty Tips

When it comes to hair loss shampoo look at an ingredient

After you know what the hair loss shampoo is expected to do for you, the next step you should do is take a look at the ingredients. It may even be helpful for you to look online about the different ingredients, so you can know more in detail. This will ultimately assist you that whether to use this shampoo or not. There are a lot of shampoos on the market for a hair loss usually has little or no ingredients for helping with the hair loss.
Look at reviews of different hair loss shampoo
Another great thing to consider when looking for a hair loss shampoo is to look for reviews on different sites about shampoo that you are interested in trying. This will obviously give you a good indication whether they actually work for treating hair loss or not. It is necessary to keep in mind that with this, some people can mistreat the products by writing some bad reviews. There are many chances that some great reviews may have been written by the manufacturer or company of the shampoo. Therefore, it is very important not to trust blindly on reviews and to weigh the good with the bad. It is also important to observe if there are any side effects of that shampoo. Ones that say it may results in skin irritation are the products you have to stay away from, as they most probably make your hair loss problems worse.
5 Things to look for in a good hair loss shampoo - Beauty Tips

As it is discussed before that it is very important to do your research before buying a hair loss shampoo or even before doing any treatment for hair loss. This is because there are many companies out there that are trying to catch people and rip them off. Even if they are not a completely scam, they offer minor results. Actually, for many of these, you may find that you can create an effective hair loss shampoo for just the same or even in less money than what they are selling their product for. You can also review various hair growth techniques which is used to stop the hair fall if these shampoo doesn’t helpful for your hair. There is a possibility of hair transplant also; you can look for best hair transplant inPakistan for further details.

   Tips and Tricks

  • ·      Avoid volumizing shampoos as they can ultimately speed up hair loss. There is a big difference between a shampoo that re grows hair and one that contains volume to make it look thicker.
  • ·        Nioxin products are part of a package of three products; you can't buy the Cleanser only, you have to purchase the complete package.

Author Bio:

Saima Sharif is a passionate content writer. My major interest is writing content on topics such as hårtransplantasjon pris, hair solution, home remedies for hair problems or any treatment related to this. My current adventure is myhairclinic (Pakistan oslo and London).

Wherever you are, whatever you do, the locks says a lot about you, more than you actually think it does! It is an along the same lines of your personality, your element, your external appearance and internal character. Who does not want to have fabulous hair? We know, you do! Here i am trying to describe what is the best shampoo for hair loss .

Which is the best shampoo for hair loss – Fashion & Beauty Tips

People using PhytoWorx Organic Best Hair Loss Shampoo which is the best shampoo foe hair loss .

Hair loss can be very annoying and locks loss is nothing less. In our search for the ideal hair shampoo to increase development, we came across PhytoWorx Natural Hair Reduction Shampoo. Many clients have been showing interest and trying out this hair shampoo, as the components are all-natural and do not contain any severe substances which damage the locks.

And, to speak the truth, most of them were the dance in joy after using this hair shampoo. It concentrates on plant control cells, which allegedly is remarkable at exciting locks in hair follicles duplication, which are thought to be dead which ultimately outcomes in preventing locks loss and important natural oils which also encourage the development and flow by the treatment the head.

Here Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo which is the best shampoo for hair loss .

Nowadays, when clients get puzzled about which hair shampoo is best for locks to choose from which would help the locks development, maintaining it healthier, Super Laboratories Hair Increase Coffee Hair Reduction Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo are preferred by many. This particular hair shampoo provides caffeinated substances and also important natural oils and ketoconazole. This system has been analyzed for years before you make it available for consumers to buy. This is one of highest rated hair shampoos by clients.
Many locks development hair shampoos mix a couple of components with a regular hair shampoo which cannot produce a permanent effect.

People using VITAMINS Natural DHT Blocker Method for Faster Alopecia Product which is the best shampoo for hair loss .

This Natural vitamins Natural DHT Blocker Strategy to Quicker Hair loss is one of the few locks development hair shampoos for unisex and is tried and tested and certified for obtaining the best outcomes. It comes with healthier components like natural biotin, grape natural oils and using castor oil while other brands carry caffeine, drugs, and other harmful substances.

It gives faster outcomes with locks development when using VITAMINS Shampoo. It is designed to reduce loss hair; head conditions, hair thinning baldness, diminishing hair, postpartum and alopecia due to the hormonal discrepancy.

The last one is Botanical Renovation Sulfate Free Scalp Stimulating Shampoo which is the Best Shampoo For Hair Loss .

This sulfate 100 % free hair shampoo system has been designed maintaining in the mind to work stability with natural structure. This hair shampoo provides specially chosen organic components rich with natural features which allow blood to acid reflux to the non-active hair follicles.

This hair shampoo motivates inactive hair follicles to be the development stage, which ends up in the improvement of a head. It can be either used alone or with company’s other natural hair conditioners and treatments. It has shown an amazing result enhancing locks development by reducing locks loss up to 145 % and increasing the span of development stage up to 50% – enhancing locks string wellness insurance creating non-active locks string active again; providing more volume, grow and jump to loss hair; reducing dry skin trouble and enhancing head wellness.
Dirt, dust, pollutants and other debris are detrimental to the hair and so are the harsh rays of the sun. They also get damaged with the excessive use of chemical-laced products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, hair sprays, hair styling gels and hot styling tools.

If you love your hair as much as I do, then this should be a wakeup call and you need to take certain steps for controlling your hair from getting damaged further. One of the ways to do damage control is to settle for a detoxifying regime. It will help restore the natural beauty of your hair.

7 Hair Detox Methods That You Can Try At Home - Megha Shop

Take a look at the following easy detox methods that you can follow for long, lustrous tresses.

1.     SAY NO TO SHAMPOO: Shampoos contain a lot of chemicals, which can not only damage our hair, but also have an adverse effect on our health. The “no-poo” method is a hot trend right now. It is all about using alternatives to shampoo for washing your hair. Although it is not easy to give up using shampoos completely, there is no harm in going shampoo-free on alternate days in a week. For instance, instead of shampoo-washing your hair, you can opt for co-washing (washing with conditioner) to cleanse your hair. It’ll leave your hair feeling soft and supple, without any of the harmful effects of shampooing.

Bonus tip - If you have textured hair, you’ll benefit immensely from co-washing.

2.     CUCUMBER-LEMON HAIR WASH: The cooling properties of cucumber and antibacterial property of lemon is all that you need to cleanse your hair thoroughly. Both the natural ingredients combined together become a milder alternative to harsh shampoos. While cucumber soothes the itchiness of the scalp and hydrates it, lemon cleans it and keeps dandruff at bay.

How to make it – Mix lemon juice (1 lemon) in cucumber juice (1 cucumber). Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and whisk the ingredients well. You may also add a few drops of Rosemary oil in the mixture.

How to use it - Thoroughly massage your scalp using the mixture. Rinse with lukewarm water.

3.     GREEN TEA – BAKING SODA – ALOE VERA – LEMON MASK: Green tea has anti-oxidant properties and works wonders for hair. It strengthens the hair shaft, prevents split ends and reduces hair fall. It also makes the hair shiny. Baking soda is useful for clearing up all the product buildup. Aloe vera is soothing for the scalp and moisturizes it.

How to make it – Take two green tea bags and dip them in a cup of hot water. Once the water cools down, mix ¼ cup aloe vera gel in it. Put 1 tablespoon of baking soda and stir it well. Follow this by adding 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. This will make the mix fizzy. Wait for fizz to die down before using.

How to use it – Gently apply this mixture to the scalp and massage for about two minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing it off. You can use a hair conditioner after this.

4.     BENTONITE CLAY-ALOE VERA MASK: Bentonite clay has a number of properties that are good for the body. But did you know that you can also use the clay to detoxify your hair by absorbing all the toxins and debris? It cleanses the hair completely by getting rid of all the excess chemicals and makes it healthy and shiny.

How to make it – Mix equal parts of aloe vera gel, Bentonite clay (half cup) and apple cider vinegar in a plastic bowl.

How to use it - Use a hair coloring brush to apply the mask evenly all over your hair and scalp. Massage it gently for a few seconds. Leave the mask on for about half an hour but don’t let it dry up completely. Rinse the mask using about a cup of apple cider vinegar and leave it for another couple of minutes. Rinse off with mild, herbal shampoo and lukewarm water. Wash again with cold water to lock-in the shine.

5.     COCONUT- ALOE VERA MASK: Coconut milk is a great conditioner for the hair. The organic ingredient can be used as often as you want for problem-free hair. When you mix it with aloe vera gel, you get one of the best detoxifying hair masks out there.

How to make it – Take one can of coconut milk. Alternatively, you can take one full cup of coconut milk and mix ¾ cups of pure aloe vera gel. As an option, you can also add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and blend them together.

How to use it -  Apply the mixture to your scalp till it forms a lather like shampoo. Let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

Bonus tip -  You can freeze the mixture in ice cube trays and store them for the entire week.

6.     TRIM YOUR HAIR REGULARLY: More often than not, our hair gets damaged only at the ends. They either get split-ends or become dry, coarse and brittle at the ends. Trimming your hair at regular intervals will keep this issue at bay and you’ll end up with healthy-looking hair. You needn’t go to a salon or stylist to trim the ends and do it yourself at home (or ask someone to help you out), but if you aren’t confident enough, then visiting a salon or a stylist regularly is a must.

Bonus tip – Make sure you trim your hair every 3-6 months.

7.     GO ORGANIC: Our ancestors never had the luxury of hot styling tools, hair colors and other luxuries that we have today and yet, they had great hair. Probably, this is because they used everything (or most of the things) organic. Take a break from all the things that damage the hair, especially and switch to herbal products, no-heat hair styles, naturally dry your hair, use natural hair colors etc. Believe me, this will work like magic and protect your lovely locks from further damage.

Do you have any other hair detox methods that need to be shared on the platform? Let us know your feedback.

Axara Sharma is a Delhi-based writer. She writes on several topics, which include lifestyle and healthcare. She extensively writes about hair loss, hair regrowth and hair care for Athena LifeSciences. Apart from the written word, she loves the outdoors and being a foodie!
Most men do not bother about their hair products. And when it comes to shampoos, many guys aren’t even aware of which shampoo they wash their hair with. They simply use whatever shampoos are lying on their bathroom selves or the ones being brought by their mothers, wives or girlfriends. Well, if you are a guy who cares about his hair, note that to achieve perfectly healthy locks, you have to use the right shampoo.

Men Hair Care: The Best Shampoo for Your Hair Type - Megha Shop

So, next time when you visit a department store, make sure to pick the shampoo you think will work best for your hair. And if you do not know which shampoo will suit your hair type, then we will help you out. Mentioned below are the best shampoos for every kind of hair. No matter whether you have normal hair, oily locks or dry hair with dandruff, there’s a hair cleanser out there that will help you achieve perfect hair:

For Dry Hair

Khadi Natural Woody Sandal & Honey Herbal Shampoo
This Sulfate Free Shampoo is a well known hair cleansing product that softens dry and frizzy hair. Possessing a unique blend of essential oils, this hair cleanser softens the locks that have become coarse or brittle over time.

For Normal Hair
Khadi Natural Walnut Shampoo
This shampoo containing walnut extracts is of natural origin. It is also free from harsh and harmful chemicals. Perfect for normal hair, this shampoos without sulfate is great to achieve soft shiny, healthy and good looking hair.

For Oily Hair
REDKEN for Men Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo
If you have oily or greasy locks, then this shampoo will help you achieve cleaner locks, without leaving in any residue. Its orange zest will leave your locks refreshed after every wash.

For Dry and Damaged Hair
Tresemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo
For dull, lifeless, dry and damaged hair, this shampoo acts as a life savior. The shampoo provides nourishment and strength to dry hair strands, softens them and gives them a subtle shine.

 For Exfoliating and Deep Cleansing

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Exfoliating Shampoo:
This high-performing formula deeply cleanses the hair and exfoliates the scalp to remove dead and dull skin cells, excess oil, build-up and other impurities. With 100% natural exfoliants - jojoba beads and walnut shells, this shampoo gives noticeably smoother, fresher and healthier scalp and hair.

For Dandruff-Prone Hair
Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo
This shampoo removes all the dead skin cells from the scalp, frees it from excess oils and soothes it. Apart from treating dandruff, Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo makes hair soft and radiant.

For Hair Fall
Dove Men + Care Thickening Fortifying Shampoo
This anti-hair fall shampoo contains caffeine that promotes hair growth. The calcium in the hair cleanser keeps the hair strands strong and makes them thick.

For Thin Hair
Kiehl’s Ultimate Thickening Shampoo
The shampoo’s protein-packed list of ingredients are great to plump up the hair and improve its texture, thus giving a fuller-looking head of hair strands.

For Color-Treated Hair
L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Vitamino Color Shampoo

With this shampoo, you can enjoy colored and vibrant locks for a longer period of time. Thanks to its UV filter and f vitamin E & magnesium derivatives!
We have here for all of you, some of our beloved looks that will give style to your appearance.

Don’t you feel that the showers carry key hair envy? They very much do. The best time of the year to stay relaxed and style your hair is the summers, especially the hairstyles motivated by the boho chic look. But, all of us are aware that many times, significant exertion is required to look naturally cool—and with the kind of busy schedules that we have, do we have that much time? Not really. That is why we bring to you, these quick and chic hairstyles apt for you to carry this summer season. What suits you is that working on them is easy.

Seven Hairstyles for any Summer Affair nearly Effortless

1. Boho Braids pulled up half

Style your hair in this manner, and flaunt it during any wedding or festival of this season, you can be confident of looking serenest. The half-up style of making few braids and folding them behind your head is impeccable. It keeps your hair away, from falling on your face and it makes you look fluently dashing.

2. Rope braided bun

This is a simple hairstyle that is suitable for all types of hair, consistencies or lengths. This rope-braided bap, with the braid folded like a rope and wrapped around itself, is undoubtedly astounding. This style is faultless since it gives a longer look to short hair and hair that long looks thick, so everyone feels like a winner.

3. Mermaid Braid little messy

Is the length of your hair long? You must check out this look. Simply form a braid, the style of a mermaid and make it little messy. The hot summers make you look chilled out in this look, either on a concert outside where you want to sing along or if you simply want to relax on a beach. You can get brownie points in your kitty too just accessorize your hair with flowers or stylish hair accessories.

4. Mixed Braids

This is not a fussy look which helps you to keep all your hair away from your face. You can be content and enjoy your heart out; this makes you look so cute that everybody wants you around them. You need only a few things to form this smart thing with your hair, like a comb to tease your hair, few bobby pins, rubber bands and spray to set. If you want your look to last for a party all night, the spray by John Masters Organics is loved by all.

Seven Hairstyles for any Summer Affair nearly Effortless - Megha Shop

5. Box Braids in the shape of Heart

This is a classic summer look. It only looks very challenging but is not that tough to style. There are only a few steps like making braids, folding and pinning them up in a heart shape, and to understand it well you can check the blog by SuperChiomy. You will have a lot of admirers amongst people who pass by when you style your hair this way.

6. Headband of Boho Braids

The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can style it in minutes, this headband is flawless for the woman who want to look modish and graceful. Create a three-strand plait generally on the left and right side of the head and secure them on the back of your head, you have to use the natural texture of your hair. You must keep it loose to give it a perfect look.

7. Romantic and Pretty Fishtail Braid

Flower girls all over the place, Cheers! This style works all long in the summers. Just braid your fishtail loose and protect it with little bobby pins and rubber bands. Voila! You are ready for any trip you want to take, live your look.

Thus, these are the cool hairstyles for summers which can be done without wasting much of a time too. Even on lazy mornings, these hairstyles can give you a chic look!

Author Bio:   Hi guys. My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on hair products, styling tips and more, check out my Flat Iron Reviews

Don’t want to damage your hair with heat and still want those gorgeous curls? You will be so glad to check out these six simple ways to curl your hair!

Yes, we know everybody loves curls. Large curls, tight curls — and those apparently difficult-to-achieve waves like a beach. But all the professionals agree that steady heating treatments to styling your hair are certainly rough and deteriorate the quality of your hair. That is why we bring here, a few easy steps in our tutorial, to give you awesome curls. What’s best? These procedures will provide you even better-looking curls than you believed possible.

1. The Boxer Ponytail

This is a tutorial, produced by the Channel – YouTube called Cute Girls Hairstyles, this process provides you curls that look very natural, and that can be slackened out into big waves, like those on the beach. How do you go about it? You have to start by tying your hair in a French ponytail. Plait your hair on both sides of your neck, keep taking extra hair as you go your way downwards, and then combining them together make a single braid. Since these curls take few hours to fix, you can go off to sleep in this hair style or — if you're one of those bold kinds and can carry them, then open the braids after some time.

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

2. Sexy curls with a Headband

To do this you just require a headband or a sock that is long and not in use, so that you can cape it around your head, now you can twist your hair all over the headband. Your ringlets will be more if you tighten them in smaller sections. Wait till you release your headband after a few hours, and reveal bouncy and beautiful curls.

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

3. The Sock Bun

Have you dreamt of waking up in the morning and discovering gorgeous looking curls, this could come true if you sleep with this trick! Simply tie a ponytail, and set a sock at the tip of your hair, then roll your hair over the sock. The sock is very soft, and no clips are needed to tie it, so it’s easier to sleep with that on. Wait till you get up and remove it, voluminous and curly hair are yours. Isn’t that easy?

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

4. The Pin Curls

The pinup girl of the 50’s, you may get to hear this, but they do have a place in fresh beauty styles too. And this famous blogger of Fabulous Net on YouTube named Nathalie shows how natural hair can look like that. You just have to cover the hair around your finger in the direction your hair is, then pin them. Either you sleep with the curls pinned up or keep them to set for about an hour. Both ways, you'll get attractive, stiff curls.

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

5. Baby wipes

If you want ringlets that are tight and extremely curly, you need to refer this tutorial. Fold a segment of hair round every baby wipe, roll it uphill, and tie it. Baby wipes are used by this You Tuber because they are slightly wet already, and so you don’t have to wet your hair before applying this trick.  The bonus that we get is that they are recyclable. Spritz a little water on them and you can use them all over again.

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

6.The Twist and Pin Trick

This is a very easy tutorial that creates distinct and lovely curls. First, dampen your hair, then quickly disperse your hair into segments before they get dry, now rotate every section at a distance from your face and pin it as a tiny knot. Remember, the minor your segments; the curls will be tighter. Larger subdivisions will generate looser curls. Sleep like that and when you get up, slightly tangle your gorgeous looking curls.
Thus, now curl your hair without damaging your hair! Dream come true for every girl..

Author Bio: Hi guys. My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on hair products, styling tips and more, check out my hair straightener reviews (flatironpro.com).