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Have you perhaps been invited to a wedding as a guest, guest of honor, as the chief bridesmaid, or are you even actually the bride? It doesn't really matter, does it? The main point here is that you are going to be attending a wedding, simple and straight.
It's supposed to be a thing of gladness and joy, but you're sad. We know the reason why and we're here to the rescue. You see, the hardest part of young to a wedding is your appearance.
Kylie Jamie 6 Hairstyles For Brides In 2019

The only thing harder than a bridal outfit is a bridal hairstyle, but not to worry, we've completely got you covered, from the classical fishtail braid to the half up down braids. We've picked out the very best bridal hairstyles for you.

 Double Braids Updo
Double braid updo is one of the bridal hairstyles with a difference. You want to make a bold statement on that life-changing day of yours, this is the updo to go for. Part your hair down the middle and divide it into two sections on either side of your head. Use each section to make thinly plaited braids, it effectively gives you two plaited braids on either side. Gently finish it off by rolling them into a bun. For finishing touches, you can drape a veil over the bun or just tie in a ribbon. Voila! Let the aisle song begin, we're good to go.
Lace Braid Updo
For this hairstyle, it brings about the two things you love, lace and braids. The lace braid updo only takes a few minutes to set up, although it looks quite complex. All you need are bobby pins and a couple of hair ties or ribbons. For the first part, you create a lace braid on one side of your head securing it with hair ties and ribbons, and wrap the other side in a messy bun and secure it with bobby pins. Didn't we tell you it could be set up in minutes? Don't forget the veils.

Three Strand Boho Braid
Are you perhaps having a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding rather than a church wedding? Don't bother your head and your hair about it, all you have to do is go for the three strand boho braid. This bridal hairstyle is not only very versatile, but it is also one that ages like a fine wine - one thing all marriages should do. To achieve this bridal hairstyle, divide your hair into two uneven sections, braid the larger section into a fishtail braid and the smaller one into a traditional three-strand braid. Then finally, secure the three strand braid on one side of your head with a beach themed jewelry and rock the waves.

Vintage Swirls
Nothing screams out romance more than vintage styles, and Vintage Swirls doesn't disappoint in that aspect. Create this hairstyle first by curling the hair all over, this is to add texture. Next, divide your hair into two sections, the top layer and the rest, tease the top layer to form a mohawk. Comb both sides of your hair and make them meet at the middle, then pull the last section of the hair (bottom part) up and pin it into place to make it secure. Let's not forget the swirls, to make them, gather sections of hair from our pretty mohawk and use it to create pin curls, when done secure it with pins. Spritz the bridal hairstyle with hairspray for a finished and refined touch.
Infinity Knot
Infinity means forever and that's how long marriages should last, so why not rock this infinity knot to tie the knot forever and always. Begin by brushing your hair all the way back, then style it into a high ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two sections, and pin the right section into a horizontal loop. Don't leave the left section left out, loop it also into the same size and shape as the one on the right. Nicely tuck in the two ends of the tails into a bun and finish it off with a texturizing spray. You can also use dry shampoo to add and give more texture to the hair.
Infinity Knot

Tucked Braid
Are you in search of a bridal braid that doubles as a fashion statement and a fabulous updo? Look no further. Tucked Braid is not only your bridal hairstyle it's your fashion statement hairstyle. Begin by dividing your hair vertically into three ponytails and then braid them into a French braid. Pull out the braids get a toy to make them look fuller, then tuck their ends up and secure it in place with bobby pins. Go crazy with a light-hold hairspray (not extremely crazy though, just some spare here and there). That's all, your hairstyle is ready for the aisle.
These carefully picked out bridal hairstyles will surely get heads turning and people admiring, and if you're the bride, then finally it'll be "Hair comes to the bride."

It is considered to be the best quality of hair extension as they are kept unimpaired and non-stripped like other hair extensions are kept. They are made in a careful manner such that they are aligned in a single direction so that they look natural. In this type of hair extension, hair used is soft, silky, shiny, and tangle free. This quality is maintained for a very long period of time making this type of hair extension one-time investment. Hair used for this purpose in handles properly while making as well as while selling in the market because these are fine hair and it takes a lot of time to sort if not handled properly.

Remy Hair Extensions

The Making: Remy Hair Extensions:
Firstly, hair is taken from doner which is cut carefully and in equal length. Then they are stored in a long box so that they remain straight and sorted. Then they are manufactured by skilled laborers in a different set of weights such that they remain natural looking, smooth, shiny, and silky. Brazil, Peru, and India are top manufacturers of Remy hair extensions while China is the biggest importer and exporter of the hair worldwide and also harvests a good amount of hair from its own population.

Remy Hair Extensions

Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair Extensions:
Hair extensions made by human hair are human hair extensions. They are of the same weight as that of your natural hair of that same size. Human hair extensions can be dyed to a different color, styled with hot hair tools such as straightener or curler, washed frequently, and everything that you can do with your natural hair. They are also much easier to wear, style, and handle.

While synthetic hair extensions are sensitive to the Sun, difficult to style, clip-in with your natural hair and have a short life span as compared to that of your natural hair. Natural hair extensions also look more real as compared to synthetic hair extensions. Natural hair extensions cost more than synthetic hair extension as they are much more presentable and easy to style.

Virgin Remy Hair Extensions:
There are the extensions made by manufacturing the hair directly by donors without crippling cuticles in any way. They are free from any chemical and thus seem to be naturally shiny and smooth. Many sellers claim that the hair extension is a virgin Remy hair extension but it may be a synthetic or chemically treated one. Thus, one must be careful while buying Remy hair extension. Remy hair extension in Melbourne is quite reliable, pocket-friendly, and natural. You should also make sure that you buy the required accessories to put-in the hair extension.

Remy Hair Extensions

How to Put-in?
After managing to buy a correct Remy hair extension, one must also know how to put it properly such that it does not differ with your natural hair. How to apply clip-in extensions by hair extension sale shows step-wise instructions to put Remy hair extension properly so that it does not differentiate with your natural hair.