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Dressing up your baby and toddler has to be the most fun part of the day. From the soft material of Baby Clothing to the adorable prints and patterns, just looking at them is enough to melt your heart. The best thing is that you get to dress them however you like, though this won’t last for long! Winters can be a tricky season to dress your child, as they may not feel as cold as you are feeling. As a mom, it is but natural that you’d be extra-protective for your child and layer him up. Layering up your naughty bundle does not mean that you have to lose out on style, too!

6 Interesting Ways to Dress Your Son for Winters

Dressing for Winters
We all know the basics of dressing up our baby for winters. Layering is the way to go. However, when you are layering your child, make sure you don’t over do it. Three layers are good enough for your child. The first/ base layer should be wool, the second layer should be wool or fleece and the last layer should be an outerwear such as a water-proof jacket. Avoid cotton pants and jeans and make sure you have caps, mitts and a scarf for your child.

Dungarees are Always Awesome!
One of the most practical and comfortable outfit for your little one is a good pair of dungarees. Traditionally, dungarees always come in denim; however they are available in corduroy and jersey as well. Corduroy and jersey are better options for winter season. From skinny style to a flared style and a whole range of colors, you have a lot to choose from. Pair the dungarees with a full-sleeves shirt in a bright color and layer with a sleeveless jacket to complete the look. Make sure your child is wearing a base layer inside. Remember you can always remove the jacket, if it gets too much. Dungarees look great with ankle-boots.

6 Interesting Ways to Dress Your Son for Winters

Flannel Jeans and a Checkered Shirt!
With winters in full throttle, flannel-lined jeans with a ribbed waist are surely going to keep your baby warm. A base layer of either a sleeveless or full-sleeves body-suit will ensure that the chest and back remain covered. Pair the jeans with a red-checkered shirt and a fur-trimmed, sleeveless jacket in dark blue. Since we have introduced fur in the jacket, Sherpa-lined ankle boots will look absolutely cool and complete the look. Make sure you have a pair of mitts!
Denim All the Way!
Denim is never out of fashion, but as we mentioned earlier, denim does not necessarily keep your child warm. So opt for fleece-lined denim jeans and a jacket. Pair it with a colorful striped, full-sleeves T-shirt and a scarf! A beanie in dark blue or matching striped pattern will give an extra oomph to the outfit, besides covering your little one’s head! Denim always looks great with tennis shoes, but make sure your child is wearing warm socks with it!

6 Interesting Ways to Dress Your Son for Winters

Khakis with an Olive Jacket
A winter is about warm colors and it is no surprise that khaki pants make our list of trendy winter outfits. Khaki pants generally come in cotton, but for winters we have the option of corduroy. Corduroy khakis may look dull for winters, but you can warm them up with full-sleeves rust colored t-shirt and then pair it off with an olive-colored jacket. Add a scarf and a beanie to complete the look. Ankle-boots in a darker shade will further enhance the khaki color.

A Layered Button-down Shirt!
We all know that it is winters and it will be quite cold, but that doesn’t mean your little man can’t take a fashion risk. Layering is the key to this look. First of all, make sure there is a warm base layer and the chest is completely protected. A thermal in neutral color will work just as fine. Opt for a checkered button down shirt and don’t button it. Layer it with a warm button-down sweater in a color that goes with the shirt. Keep the buttons open. Pair it with flannel-lined denim jeans, a scarf tied loosely around the neck and hiker boots.

The Smart-Casual Look
It is never easy to dress up an active toddler in a bow and tie, so we have come up with a smart- casual look for your little man. All you need is pair of pants in a neutral color and mix and match with a checkered shirt and a full-sleeves sweater. When you put on the sweater, make sure, you turn up the sleeves of the sweater, a little bit, to give a glimpse of the checkered shirt. The collar and hem of the shirt should be exposed. Pair the outfit with duck boots to complete this look!

Dressing up is Always Fun and More So, if it is Your Little One! So have Fun Styling him for Winters!
Sridevi’s daughters surely are growing to be a splitting image of the actress herself. Be it Jhanvi or Khushi, they’re both growing into such gorgeous women that Bollywood better be prepared for their debut. We’re blessed with two immensely talented Kapoor sisters in the form of Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan. And looks like with Jhanvi and Khushi’s increasing popularity on social media, it wouldn’t be long before they become the next Kapoor sisters to look forward to. In fact, already with their style cues, it’s becoming quite evident that they’re the celeb kids to look forward to with respect to fashion.

Sistas Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor ROCK the ethereal look

An example of the same is how they draped themselves to look like angels in Manish Malhotra creation. We all know pretty well that Sridevi and Manish go way back as she was the first celebrity he styled. Not to forget how close they are. Therefore it’s a given that even now, as a loyal Manish Malhotra couture lover, Sridevi has imbibed the same values in her daughters as well.

Result of the same is them wearing some classy lehengas by the celebrated designer at a recent gathering. We spotted both the girlies wearing Manish’s creation as they posed with mother Sridevi. Let’s first take a look at Jhanvi. Without a doubt, the older daughter is turning into mother Sridevi as the days go by. The looks, the panache, it’s all adding up to what a young Sridevi was like. Anyway, so the pretty lassie was clicked with her mother in this shimmery lehenga from Manish’s recent collection. I remember this pattern very well, of how the blouse falls off shoulder while the skirt flows into a beautiful train.

 And I must say, Jhanvi has done justice to the look by keeping it simple with a silver neckpiece and complimenting make up. Although I wasn’t a big fan of the heart shaped pink heart shaped clutch, nor was I happy with the bangles she chose to add to this classy look. However, overall, it made her look ethereal.

Source - http://www.bollywoodlife.com/
Want to know the ways to Turn your Man On? Do you want to excite your man to make him love you more? How to get him seriously Hot?? The things that you can do to make your Man want you more. Read this one out and find, how you can make your Husband love you more. Let’s list out some of the top ways to excite your man to have a good bedroom time with you. Making love to each other gives both man and woman equal pleasure. Both of them have some desires which need to be satiated. We bring to you some ways which will help you to make him have you more.

2O Ways: To TURN Your MAN On

Try out the following ways and make your man go Mad!!!

Talk Dirty: Talking dirty can help you to make your man turned on completely. You just need to make him feel you and talk dirty in his ears while you both get cozy. Speak the things that he would love to hear from you.

Excite Him: Who does not like to get teased by his man or woman ? In order to excite him you need to build up a plot. Go slow in this process. Set some Plan to get him seriously Hot. You can do this by creating some mysterious plan and initiate it slowly and steadily. Send him dirty texts and take it to the next step by sending him your pictures which will turn him on completely. Once he gets home all excited, don’t tell him have you so easily try to build up more suspense and let him go Mad to make love to you.

Speak Through Your Eyes: Let your eyes do the talking. Always look straight into the eyes. Don’t feel shy to look into his eyes when you are planing to make love to Your Man.

Make him Feel Pleased: Often throw compliments to Him. Boys too like to receive compliments from their Woman. Compliments helps them to get charged up. Just like girls, boys too love to know How hot they Look! How His Touch makes You Go Mad. Never make him feel ignored rather make him feel special always.

Surprise Him: How it feels when you get things that you were not Expecting? It feels Great! isn’t it? In the same way just Surprise him by simply walking down to him in a Hot Dress when he is indulged in some other work. This will seriously help to get him turned on.

Do It in His Style: Try to make love to him in his way. Find out his desires of making love to you. This will definitely help you in turning him on. Help him to make his sexual fantasies come true. Being in love allows you to satiate each others need be it emotional or physical.

Make it ‘Intense’: If you want your husband to make more love to you, you too need to adopt some different ways. You need to make use of some intense ways. There is no harm in making aggressive love to him. You need to take an aggressive move in order to get him all charged up.

Go Get ‘Wet’ Together : Another thing which can help him to get all charged up while making love to him is the idea of getting ‘wet’ together. In order to make him love you intensely you need have a ‘bathroom’ sex. Just get drenched together in a hot shower and allow him to feel you all over.

Let His Imaginations Come True: Every guy imagines His Girl being DRESSED the way he wants to See her. In order to make him Love you, You just need to make his imaginations come true. Dress up yourself as he wants to See you or imagines You in his wild Imagination.

Try ‘Phone Sex’: Have you ever tried Phone Sex with your Man? If not, then this is the thing you need to Try at least once. No matter you are far from each other or not this is the thing you should try just once. Make a Skype call, Face Time or any other medium to make it happen once between you both.

Do a Strip Tease with Him: Do you know what is strip tease? Strip tease is an erotic and exotic dance in which the performer gradually undresses, either partially or completely in a seductive or sexually suggestive manner. So you can also go for strip tease with him if you want to sexually arouse your Man.

Watch a Porn: Watching a porn movie together would definitely help you to develop the mood. There is nothing wrong in trying what you love to watch with him.

Increase the difficulty level for Him: In order to arouse him you need to increase the difficulty level for him to make love to you. Don’t allow him to touch you so easily. Let him try harder to satisfy his desires by feeling you closely.

Go Wild: In order to arouse him you too first need to make him a wild love. Make intense love to him.

Oral Sex: This type of sex always help to turn your man on. So you should never feel hesitant of having an oral sex with your man.

Physical Temptation: Your Touching him would also help in a way to turn him on. Touch him lightly or firmly in order arouse him to make love to you.

Take Charge: You need to take charge and let him know that you’re turned on and you want him to feel you. This will help him go wild and will turn him on too.

Body language: Use your body language to turn him on. Some of the gestures do help in turning the man on. Make sure that while you are signalling him your eyes meet with him.

Develop a Story Line: The best way to arouse him is to develop a story line while you are making love to each other.

Try Some New Ways: In order to arouse him you both need to try some new ways or positions of making love to each other. Thus, all the above mentioned ways would definitely help in arousing your man or husband in order to have good bedroom time. 

Ladies, it’s that time of the year again. No, cheer up we are not talking about that time of the month. Okay, so I see the excitement brimming up. Seems you all have been waiting eagerly for it. And see here it is, the next few months are going to be fun. Guess, it is just the beginning of the no-pants season. That’s not all. These months will also let you discover colours and styles which you thought never existed- orange, yellow, pink, green and more. And the prints for an easy breezy look. Okay, so you are already wondering if your beloved jeans and tee can match the comfort and chic look of a throw-on-and-go outfit. Dresses will always be a favorite among women and believe me nothing ever can beat them. But repeating the same outfit on several counts will look boring and yawn worthy. Consider this as an excuse to shop all the Voguish and Latest dresses For Ladies from online fashion store and enjoy your no-pants look.

In Love with No-Pants Look? Wear Dresses!

Here is a guide to make the most of your no-pants look, new combination, new dresses, new looks. Let’s check them out:

Before you even start thinking about your next look, online fashion store will give you plenty of options to choose from and you can always work on your look when you have found one of your Favorite Fashion Dresses. Besides, prints are a great option if you are looking for something new. Wild and wacky or sober and delicate damask, wonder you knew everything about prints? There is a whole range of latest dresses for ladies with cute and exciting prints to look for. Take help of online fashion store and have your pick.

Favorite Fashion Dresses

Colours, a hell lot of!
Pastels and light colour are cool no doubt. But wearing the latest dresses in solid colours is what is exciting. Solid coloured dresses are fun and easy to style. There is the classic little black dress. Apart from that there lots of colours and hues which have not been given their proper due. Wear your latest dresses in solid colours, add accessories and whoa you are ready to shine through your style. Browsing through online shopping store is always a good option to shop all the latest dresses.

Colours, a hell lot of!

The small details- sleeves, necklines, hem lengths and more
Most of the time, we don’t pay much attention to the small details while buying the latest dress. However, these small details are very important as they can transform the look of any simple dress, for instance, you can always play around the sleeves of a dress and find a completely different style. There are various types of sleeves design such as bell sleeves, sheer sleeves and much more. Also, you can vary the neckline and don a completely different look. Pick from off shoulder, one-shoulder, v-neck and much more. Look through online fashion store and find a wind collection of different styles. You can also try to vary the colour and the fabric along with the hem length and work on different looks. Maxi dresses look very chic and stylish and are also very comfortable.

Look through online fashion store

Look like a 70s babe and be confident too
Okay, two words- fit and confidence is what matters when wearing dresses. So in order to make the most of your no pants days try to find some inspiration from your granny’s wardrobe. Work on the bohemian look, a hippie outfit or just stick to vintage; there is not any dearth of inspiration when it comes to wearing your favourite pair of latest. And what more could you ask for when online fashion stores are at your rescue twenty four seven. Find all the latest dressesfor women in the most flattering fit and showcase your personality with confidence. 

In Love with No-Pants Look? Wear Dresses!

An Indian Wedding is an auspicious occasion and Indian brides looks ravishing in those ‘16 Shringar’ of hers. Indian weddings are considered religious, rather than a legal affair or a social responsibility. Traditional Indian Weddings are a multi-day process with various ceremonies like Haldi, Mehendi, sangeet. India is a land of rich cultures and that can be observed during these ceremonies. Every tradition, every ritual has a reason behind it, very few know the real fact, but most of us just enjoy the music, dance, Holi in one color ‘yellow’ and those beautiful red designs on our hands. Indian weddings are fun to watch and an honor to participate in.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

With the changing times, the rituals also change, people have started to have an easy-peasy approach and do the ceremonies as per convenience. No matter how much the time changes, how people adjust the customs, but ‘vidaai’ is the most heartbreaking scene of these weddings. Even when you are not so close with the bride, but seeing a girl leaving her father’s house for forever gotta make you emotional and unintentionally those two drops of tears roll down your eyes.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

Talking about Indian brides, it is said that Indian weddings are beautiful because Indian brides are beautiful. On the D-day, every bride on the face of the earth look stunning, but Indian brides draped in red have an X-factor that makes them stand out. This X-factor actually comes from the ‘SolahShringar’ which is a process of beautification of Indian brides. The lovely girls are adorned from head to toe with the jewelry and a pack of haldi is applied to enhance the natural glow of the skin. Let us know in detail about this 16 step process which does wonders and transforms the ‘daddy's girl’ into a ‘perfect woman’.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

Step 1: Mehndi
It is now a pre-wedding ritual, where the beauty of bride’s hands and legs is enhanced with the mehndi designs. Mehndi is supposed to impart crimson maroon color, darker the color, more would be the love between the couples. This mehndi is believed to protect brides from evil eyes. Not only in weddings, mehndi is applied in India for every auspicious occasion like KarvaChauth, Diwali, Holi, Gangaur etc.
Step 2: Hair ornamentation
On the day of the wedding, bride’s hair is oiled properly and then washed with the herbs. These impart radiance to her hair and beautifies them. After drying, the hair is decorated with a string of flowers and other hair accessories. Some make a bun of their hair, while some brides go for long braid.
Step 3: The wedding dress
Indian weddings have the touch of  ‘red’color in everything. The bride’s dress is also a red/maroon coloredlehenga. The red color symbolizes love, commitment, passion, inner strength, and bravery. Brides enter the new house, all draped in red which makes the transition easy.
Step 4: Maang tikka
It is a beautiful accessory that is worn on head in the middle of hair partition and extends to the forehead. It is not only beautiful but also a representation of the power of the soul. These are worn before marriage to help women gather power, wisdom, and strong will to take the charge of the house after marriage. It also signifies the bond between the bride and the groom.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

Step 5: Bindi
A bindi is worn in between the eyebrows, which is in color coordination with the dress. Bindis are usually the symbol of being married, but nowadays unmarried girls also carry it gracefully. Bindi is supposed to ward off bad luck from the married life.
Step 6: Kajal
Indian beauties are incomplete without the kajal in their eyes. Kajal enhances their beautiful complexion and makes their eyes speak. Kajal not only looks attractive on Indian brides, it also strengthens their eyes. Again, since it is black, it is considered to protect the bride from evil.
Step 7: Nath
Nath means nose ring which is worn on the left nostril, with a chain that goes to the left ear. It symbolizes the married life. It is also the symbol of honor, financial power, and authority. Some people also believe that nose rings help in breathing. It is said that wearing nose rings makes the process of childbirth easy.

Step 8: Necklace/ Haar
It is probably the most cherished bridal jewelry which makes each one of us to skip a beat. An astonishing neck piece is worn by the bride which is again color coordinated with the lehenga. It is the symbol of prosperity. During the marriage, groom put another beautiful necklace around her neck- Mangalsutra; which she wears daily.

Step 9: Earring
No necklace is complete without earrings. Usually, Indian brides would wear Jhumkas. It is said that earning is a warding against the evil which enters the body through openings, it act as a seal against them. For married women, it is considered as a sign of beauty and wealth. By wearing earrings, she ensures mental, physical and financial well-being.
Step 10: Armlet
Yet another beautiful piece of jewelry from the Indian bride’s collection. It is worn on the upper arm, much like a band. It increases the beauty of the arm, not to say, and thus has become a fashion statement today. Digging deep we found out that wearing armlets is inspired by the ancient paintings, where both men and women used to wear silver armlets. We couldn’t find out the spiritual significance, but it would be appreciated if anyone know and comment below.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

Step 11: Bangles
Bangles are mandatory for Indian brides, even if it was not, who does not like bangles? Red or green colored bangles signify married life. They represent a hope for long life and prosperity for the groom. They also represent luck, charm, and safety for married women.
Step 12: Hathphool
It is a hand jewelry which has a bracelet connected to four rings for fingers. They are worn on both the hands and covers back side of the palm. These hathphool were earlier made up of Kundan or mirror settings. There is an interesting reason behind their use. Earlier, Indian brides used to wear long veil called ‘Ghoonghat’ because of which they could not see their grooms. Wearing mirror hathphool allowed them to get the glimpse of their groom.
Step 13: Waistband
Even if it has no significance at all, and it is just for beauty, every Indian girl would wear it gladly. It is the most amazing piece of jewelry that enhances their curves and graceful shape of the female silhouette. It also keeps the wedding dress in place. It is a symbol of authority and after the wedding, the bride takes charge of the house and tug the keys of the house in it.
Step 14: Payal and Bichua
The anklet is usually made of silver and worn on the ankles, of course. It is a symbol of marriage and when the bride enters her new house wearing these silver anklets, it is considered that Goddess Lakshmi has entered in their house too. The sound that payal makes represents the new happiness and prosperity in the family.
Worn on the second toes of both the foot, Bichua signifies marital status. Unmarried girls are not allowed to wear them. They make a great fashion jewelry, but in Indian culture, they are considered to help in conceiving.
Step 15: Scent/ Itar
Every dress-up is incomplete without a nice fragrance at the end and Indian weddings are no different. Weddings are long rituals and itar helps a bride to smell good for such long hours.
Step 16: Sindoor
It is the most auspicious ornament that every Indian bride flaunts. It is red in color and worn in the hair partition. For the first time, the groom put sindoor on bride’s head during the wedding rituals, which she wears for the rest of her life, till her husband is alive. It is the symbol of the well-being of her husband.
SolahShringar is believed to be associated with the celestial cycle, 16 phases of the moon. It is also related with the Goddess Lakshmi, who when pleased, bestows the bride with wealth, beauty, prosperity and luck to start a new phase of the life. The Indian bride adorned in 16 shringar, enters a new house and brings along this prosperity and luck in it.
As mentioned earlier, time changes, tradition changes. Indian brides now have become more trendy and want to make special their D-day in their own way. The wedding lehengas have taken the variety of colors and are mostly inspired by the Bollywood movies. Some brides flaunt the ‘less is more’ look while some like the heavy traditional ‘Rani-haar’ look. Whether she is going with the minimalistic look or not, she looks breathtaking anyhow.
At last a message to all Indian brides to be- It’s your big day, but it does not define who you are. Do what you want to do, dress-up like you have always dreamt about. Be bold, be beautiful, experiment a little and be an inspiration for future brides. This one day do not think about others and do what makes you happy, because when you are happy…. girl, you are naturally beautiful!

Author’s Bio:

The author of this post is a passionate writer. She likes to be updated with the latest trends in the Rajsi jewellery industry. She is fascinated by the Indian tradition and Indian jewellery. She likes learning and writing about the same. Indian weddings are the most inspirational part of Indian culture for her. Antique silver jewellery is her new profound love.
Scarves are a sporting event staple, and they’re a wonderful way to show your devotion to a favorite team. They’re also fantastic for any local teams you play with. If you’re thinking of working out a New Design For Team Scarves, take a look at the pros for some unforgettable style inspiration.

Get Inspired This Season – 5 Tips for Stunning Hockey Team Scarves

Focus on Typography

The Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Philadelphia Flyers, and Calgary Flames have one thing in common incredibly iconic designs based on one letter. This is especially effective on hand-stitched jerseys or jacquard knit scarfs. Simply stick with the first letter of your team or city, or work the complete name into a design like the Calgary Flames’ logo. Alternately, try laying out the full name as the Toronto Maple Leaves or Minnesota Wild do.

Know Your History

Speaking of the Maple Leaves, the franchise recently Unveiled A New Logo hearkening back to the ’60s. Fans have responded well to the throwback. Your team may not have such a storied history, but there’s plenty of fascinating designs to look to for inspiration. Check out the seasonal NHL Winter Classic, which is played outdoors; teams either produce new jerseys for the event or bring back an old favorite. Reviewing these can lead to great ideas for something different than the standard hockey logos.

Go Seasonal – Or Nah

Many of the pro organizations take advantage of the symbols typically associated with the winter season penguins, bears, maple leaves, Canucks, etc. You can do the same, or head the opposite direction for ideas lightning, flames, devils, and sharks also are represented in the NHL. Look at the iconic symbols of the sport to get started, like pucks, ice, or sticks.

Know What Style You’re Working With

Depending on the scarves you order, you’ll have to pick a few colors or you’ll have an unlimited number to work with. You can also customize with different hues, and some scarves have a reversible side. For the latter style, you could try some typography on one aside and a logo or pattern on the other.

Regardless, you have plenty of decisions ahead of you. If you get stuck, look at the pros or your team’s roots. Most important, have fun with the design process. Enjoy uniting everyone on the squad with a custom scarf, and stay warm throughout the season. For help and suggestions on your order,  contact us today.

Author Bio:

Global Scarves is one of the leading custom soccer scarf providers in the United States and Canada. Our scarves are popular for pro soccer teams, youth clubs, high schools, hockey teams, corporate events and independent breweries. Global Scarves is run by soccer and brewery supporters, we combine our passion for the industry with our high-quality products to give you 'TRUE ICON OF SUPPORT.' We've grown from a small family business from England into an international company selling to all corners of the world.
The world of fashion has been stupendous. It has seen many up and down and have endured. And then time and again, it has come out radiantly. All of us have seen the growth and prosperity of fashion industry. Hence none of us can omit in admitting that the fashion industry has given a lot to all of us. It is just because of the fashion world, that new trends are set and we too try out different styles. This evidently justifes the below mentioned quotes.

Fashion is instant Language- Miuccia Prada
Dressing is a way of life- yves saint Laurent.

While we talk about the fashion language and the dressing as a way of life, it becomes essential that both are blended in the most befitting manner. The Indian and modern style of dressing have their own way of appareling. Both are flamboyant and both offer great possibilities of bringing versatility to it. Fashionistas have brought into focus the emergence of aligning the two styles and giving a new style statement to people all around.

One of these experimented clothing is the kurtis that we Indian adorn so dearly. These are loved, cherished, worn, styled and yet again repeated the same. So important have these kurtis become for our wardrobes, that we find out different ways of styling these kurtis. Kurtis offer colossal scope of accessorizing it and look ravishing in it. Here are 5 expert tips to accessorize a kurti:

1.     Pairing it Up with Different Clothes: Kurti is a staple that can be paired up with different lower, depending upon the kurti. Since many styles are available in kurtis, it is also feasible to try on different types of lowers on it. For instance, one can team up the casual kurtis with palazzo pants, trouser pants, leggings, denims, skirts, etc. These kurtis as well as the lowers both are available online today. You can find the casual kurtis online and use them to accessorize the best.

This pairing tip is also applicable on the other types of kurtis. Kurtis like festive kurtis, Pakistani kurtis, high-low kurtis and many more should be teamed up with different lowers. This allows the kurtis to look different from its most ordinary look. Every time when you pair up your kurtis with different lowers, it will endow you with the amazing style statement. Your personality will look ever changing and dynamic. Therefore, it’s always good to use lowers for styling and accessorizing a kurti.

2.     Use Scarves: When it comes to accessorizing, no one can avoid the scarves. Scarves are one of the best alternatives for accessorizing. To pair it up with the kurtis so that both come out to look flamboyant, it is essential to consider the occasion for which it is done. Depending upon the occasion you must choose the kurti as well as the scarf.

If you are teaming up the scarf and kurti for the daily casual wear, then you must pick up a kurti that has casual look and is simple. While the scarf for this can be the printed ones. The fabric of the scarves matters a lot in making it look extraordinary. You should pick the scarves that are of silk fabric or chiffon. Both the festive kurtis as well as the casual kurtis will go well with it. You can buy the festive kurtis online and enrich your wardrobe with some brilliant stuff.

3.     The Accessories: When we talk about the accessories, the first accessories that clicks to our minds are the earrings, rings, bracelets, neck-piece and so. All these accessories are unavoidable. These make a woman look astounding and dazzling. You should accessories your kurtis with alluring rings and earrings.

You should keep the purpose clear in your mind and then the clubbing of  these accessories should be done. Let’s say, that you want to accessorize for the daily wear. You should pick earrings for this, that are not very heavy, but at the same time, they are noticeable. A ring and an anklet can also be added to the attire. They will work to enrich the look. This was about the casual look, now when you want to accessorize for the festive and the party look, you must choose the accessories smartly. Wear accessories that are showy and gaudy. The selection of accessories is very important in this. Make a good choice and look enchanting.

4.     The Bags: Carrying bag is another tip that you should must consider. Bags help in enhancing the persona of a woman. These make women look presentable and elite. Bags always go well with all kinds of kurtis. Amongst the wide variety of bags, handbags are the ones that match up best with the kurtis. These handbags are also available in a huge variety. So for all women, there is enormous range that is available to make a choice from.

5.     Footwear: It has been rightly said, “A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that carries a woman.” So whatever you wear, your attire gets complete with the footwear that you choose. For kurtis, you can pick up the flats, sandals, wedges and the stilettos. You can get a casual kurti online and pair it up with palazzo pants or skirt, wedges and some dangles like a bold ring and earrings. This will be a perfect look for you for any regular day.

These were 5 tips that you should incorporate in your looks when wear a kurti. This will let your personality be dynamic and attractive. You must not forget to skip on any of these things. Try these tips and look stunning.
About Bio-  Karnika Bhati is a content writer who works for Kaashvicreations.  She is passionate about writing on different related to fashion varying from ethnic to western. She includes genuine information in her articles and readers always enjoy her articles.  
Winter is quickly approaching, but just because you’re going to be covered up for warmth doesn’t mean that you have to lack on style. Thanks to the top men’s designers, these are the top 10 ways to stay on top of your fashion game while still being comfortable in your casual wear.

1. Fur

From Paul Smith to J.W. Anderson, fur coats were a staple on men’s runways this year. Bring this into your everyday wardrobe by choosing items like hoodies with faux fur lined hoods.

2. Leather Pants
Another item frequented in this season’s runway shows is leather pants, featured on both the J.W. Anderson and Maison Martin Margiela catwalks. A budget friendly alternative is pleather, which has been perfected in recent years to closely mimic real leather.

3. The Desert Boot
The desert style boot originated from the brand Clarks in the mid-19th century. The Desert Boot looks great with jeans as well as trousers and can be dressed up if necessary.

4. Long & Skinny Scarf
Scarves are a winter necessity, but thanks to Gucci, this year we say goodbye to chunky scarves and welcome long, thin scarves.

5. Oversized Coat
The oversized coats featured by Lanvin and Wooyoungmi are made with cashmere or alpaca wool, both of which come with a hefty price tag. Search for promos codes forCasual Male XL to find deals to match your budget.

6. Burgundy
Color choice is a simple way to stay on trend, and Valentino and Alexander McQueen can’t seem to get enough burgundy this season. Consider pairing a burgundy sweater with a classic pair of jeans and a desert boot.

7. Baggy Trouser
Skinny jeans have finally taken a leave of absence, opening a spot for baggy trousers, thanks to designers Ami and Lanvin. Baggy trousers look great with a sweater and white sneakers.

8. Leather Features
Many statements of this season revolve around leather and reinvention of popular rock star inspired pieces of the 1970s. If you prefer subtle statements, try leather or pleather features like leather pocket or collar.

9. Chukka Boots
The must-have boot of the season is the Chukka boot by Thom Browne. At over $400, this is a serious splurge, so look for coupons or promo deals online.

10. Fingerless Gloves
A fingerless glove follows that revamped rocker style brought back by J.W. Anderson and Gucci. You don’t even need to buy new gloves, just simply cut off the fingertips of last year’s gloves.

The best part of this season’s casual trends is that they are easily matched with the staple items you already own, making getting dressed in the morning the least stressful part of your day.