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So now, you’ve gathered all the necessary advice about love, dating and how to handle a woman. You have a date planned and the constant adrenaline rush has pumped up in your body is making feel so anxious that you might just end up making a mistake. That’s exactly what we don’t want you to do. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things that you or any other man MUST NOT wear on his first date.

5 Things No Man should wear on his First Date

A graphic tee shirt
Graphic tees are hilarious and are totally not meant for the first date. Anything that goes across your chest whether it is a slogan or an animated image, it definitely can take your personality to the wrong turn. If it is something that you wear with your friends and chill out while hanging out, it is not what is an appropriate option for your first date. After all, you don’t want your partner to read across your chest something fishy or geeky. A denim shirt or Chinese collar shirt with rolled up sleeves will be your absolute dapper look.

A lot of jewelry
You are no rapper to wear a lot of jewelry to your first date. A lot of jewelry has harmed a lot of people and you shouldn’t hamper your personality making the same mistake. Too many chains, earrings, finger rings and nose rings (optional) are not meant for the romantic dates. A quality wristwatch with the right accessories is all you need in order to look dapper and if you master the art of doing the same, you will look dapper.

If you are planning to wear formals, make sure you don man jewelry like cufflinks, a fashionable pocket square, a classy wristwatch and nothing else. However, for casual wear, a simple pendant and a wristwatch would do.

Your work suit
Work suit is for work and not for the playtime or romance, just keep them to your work. Dates (and that too first dates) require something that has an in-between fit of formal and casual. Even if you have a date on a weekday where you are planning to head straight to pick up your date, you need to put in a lot of extra effort in transforming your work wear into something more appropriate for the evening. Instead of wearing a work suit, you can adopt a solid t-shirt with a casual shirt on it. Won’t that be a great idea?

An ill fitted men’s underwear
Someone rightly said - if you can’t keep your base strong, how will the rest of the attire stay strong. If you wear a handsome outfit and go carelessly on the underwear for men aspect, you might face consequences eventually. It is always better to be prepared in every aspect because you never know when you might get lucky and have the opportunity to reveal yourself. More than that, a good pair of undergarment does provide strength, support, and confidence by keeping the outfit intact.

Too much perfume

You must have heard that smelling good on a date is considered good manners, but have heard that too much perfume can choke the other person to death? Spraying cologne only that much which is necessary is considered feasible and not having a bath in the same. Let your soap or bath wash also do their work and keep the perfume just to the limited amount (as much as needed).
Dating tips aren’t very useful until you go through the process practically and experience it for yourself. The mistakes made once would not be repeated because you can’t afford to keep losing the people you want to stay in your life. However, reading articles and blogs that one needs about dating gives you a heads up on how things must go on and how you must treat your date. This is called as a guide because you need to take the prep measures from here and implement the same while on the date.

First Date

Confidence is the ultimate thing that can actually make or break your relationship that has started to build up. However, there’s a thin line between being aptly confident and being overconfident. You need to take care of that.

What are all the things that you must pay attention to while you get ready for your first date? They might sound scary but if you are rightly prepped, you won’t let it go down the drain. Go on and find the things to consider.

Plan what you’ll wear well in advance
Oh yes! We know how you choose your clothes for work every day. It is the hush-hush situation where you just pull out the clothes that come in your reach. However, a date is special! A night before that or a two days before the date, plan what you’ll be wearing. From your men’s brief to your tiniest accessory, everything must complement your personality and make you look like you’ve actually put in the time to dress.
Plan what you’ll wear well in advance

Figure out the venue and timings
Don’t be a mess by not planning the venue and the timings for your date. If you really want to be secured and feel confident, you need to keep everything organized. The last minute's preps are the reasons for your date is a big flop. Be sensible and pick the right place for your special evening to make it a lot brighter than it could be.

Figure out the venue and timings

Be courteous
From the moment you pick up your date (yes! Pick up is important), till you drop her back home, you must be the courteous man in everything you do. Pull the chair for her before you sit down at the table, offer her food and pay the bill (optional, but still insist). All these actions will decipher whether you’re leaving a positive impression or not.
Be courteous

Keep the phone aside
Every woman (or man as well) wants their partner to give them all the attention when they are together. It is like - their time is their time and there’s no space for anyone else, not even the phone. Hence. It would be wise enough for you to take a night off from your other tasks and pay attention to what happens right there. Would you be able to do that?
Keep the phone aside

Complement is considered politeness
You might be too preoccupied with everything going around from the preparations and the ambiance that you don’t see how much efforts your partner has made in getting ready. Stop, breathe, take a look at her and compliment her for everything that she’s done in order to look that gorgeous. It doesn’t cost a penny if you are saying all this genuinely.

Complement is considered politeness

Remember these and your first date won’t be your last with the respective partner.
A first date means you'll want to be making an incredible impression. Deciding what to wear can be difficult because you're not really sure what will show you to your best advantage and whether or not it'll also be comfortable or cool enough, and something that simply works for you. Choosing clothes & jewelry that make you feel at your best, confident, happy and comfortable is the first thing to keep in mind. If you feel positive you will radiate confidence and a double plus if you're also comfortable!

Avoid over-dressing or under-dressing for the occasion.
Find out before attending your date where it will be, so that you know what sort of clothes will be more appropriate. For example, if you're going to the local sideshow and taking rides, your jeans and a colorful top or t-shirt would work well, whereas going to a posh restaurant would require an elegant evening outfit. Accept that clothes send out signals. What are the signals your presentation will be sending out should the question at the foremost of your mind when selecting the clothes.

Wear light jewelry on a first date, not massy:
The biggest factor that you need to judge is whether your jewelry will be proper. Stating the noticeable, wearing chunky bracelets or large statement necklaces isn’t appropriate for work attire and will only restrict your motion. On the contrary, these items of jewelry will complete your outfit to an evening party. Feather earrings can’t be difficult to manage and clean. Try Oxidized Light Weight Earrings, bollywood, thread & Designer Earrings also. Wear a simple pendent with bracelet & ring is appropriate jewelry to wear to work for a conservative and elegant look. You can do wonder by generous a single piece of magnificent jewelry that highlights your outfit and gives you a polished look!
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Know what looks good on you
If you don't know , then ask your mom or a sibling to be honest about the clothes & accessories they like you in. You are in charge of your destiny where self-presentation comes into it, and part of this is knowing what sets off your own assets to greatest benefit.

Use a modest amount of perfume:
You don't like to asphyxiate your date with your fragrance, the poor man could faint. Instead use just sober perfume to caress and seduce his senses in a subtle way.

Wear what works, not what the latest catwalk model is dancing
You can wear those sexy high heels shoes as long as you can walk in them comfortably. High heels shoes will make you look taller, give you a nice posture and make your legs look longer & attractive. But if you're not used to wearing high heels don't put them on for your first date. Make the right choice. There are also shoes with small heels that might give you that sexy look. Make sure the shoes fit you well and feel comfortable.

Wear your hair in the way you usually do:
It's fine to try to make it look nicer as long as it doesn't give your date a wrong impression. For the first date keep it simple and real, same thing goes for your make-up as well. Forget anything that twists and pulls your hair in strange new ways and wear your hair in a way that you know feels good and free.

People say that there is always a first time for everything and the first time can’t be repeated twice, that’s true!

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