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There is no doubt that salwar suits are the ultimate attire for women of all age groups in India. Although Indian fashion has gone through complete transformation where young women are open to trying various types of western attires, but when it comes to a combination of comfort and fashion, nothing can beat the beautiful salwar kameez designer collection that reflects a perfect blend of functionality and style, and it is more so in case of working women. When it comes to formal attire for women in India, they can either choose western formals like blouses paired with trousers or skirts along with blazers or conventional suits or they can choose cotton sarees or salwar kameez teamed with a dupatta. But, even when wearing traditional salwar kameez to work, it is necessary to dress professionally in accordance with the norms and professional environment of the workplace. Here are a few tips fordressing professionally in Salwar Kameez.
While trends came and went, denim has held a strong foothold since the fabric was discovered. Trends, temporary in nature pass by swiftly as they are short-lived. Owing to denim's strong, sturdy yet stylish outlook, it has managed to become fashion's eternal child. Since so much is being spoken about it, why not check exclusive Grab On coupons before you explore the major denim fashion trends to watch out this fall.

New born babies may be the best and unrivalled style sources. God’s blessed creation, they're so adorable that they takes away the attention from your dark circles visible under eyes, the ignored hair, and a wardrobe that revolves around tight fitting clothes.

Who Says Fashion Is Not for New Moms

Summer is the most prevalent season in South East Asia and people tend to dress accordingly. Salwar kameez is one of the most common dresses worn and people try to use the lightest and most comfortable fabrics to stay cool in the blistering heat of the summer months. Lawn is a widely beloved material for this purpose as it is comfortable, light and yet sturdy. It is in fact a huge part of the fashion culture of both India and Pakistan. Beautiful lawn prints are released every season so people can have fresh new options to liven up their wardrobe. The Pakistani lawn industry especially churns out thousands of new styles and prints every single season. The ladies wear nothing but lawn salwar kameez in the summer and are constantly on the hunt for something fresh and different. This leads to many new trends emerging every season. All the latest trends are incorporated in the creating of the lawn prints and this is one of the reasons why these prints are so very popular. Beautiful and vibrant summery colours are in enchanting patterns that are sold off the rack like hot cakes. Indian consumers cannot get enough of the Pakistani lawn prints as they simply embody the unique South Asian culture and tradition.

Coco Chanel taught style to generations through her iconic brand and valued style above all else. It is very much desirable to be fashionable, but making every fashion your own and turning it into your own style makes for an even more attractive statement. Every season there are a host of new trends and not everything works for everybody. Taking into account what you are comfortable with and giving it your own spin is what style is all about. Here are three simple steps you can follow to be stylish –

1.     Look for what you identify with in every fashion trend and play it up. If it is nautical or floral or quirky prints, you could work the stripes, blooms or eccentric patterns in your personal way. If not a full pattern then may be a separate like a skirt or shorts in the print or choose the print in a cut or outfit that you know flatters your body type. Going for a cut that does nothing for your body is best avoided, however hot the trend may be.