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In ancient times people opt for gemstones that look not only attractive but also has healing properties. Among all, silver jewellery is the most preferred among people of all ages. There are many health benefits like increased blood circulation, sterilization and much more that make silver jewellery best in every manner.

Stylish Silver Earrings

Moreover, there are many options in silver jewellery, especially earrings, that have made it the first choice even for today's generation. Yes, silver earrings are always preferred no matter whether it is with a festive outfit or casual dress. There are many jewellery designers in the market that opt for different silver to make beautiful earrings. Some of the reason to opt for silver jewellery is as follows:

·        Whether it is silver earrings or a neckpiece, it is quite similar to white gold jewellery. But the price of silver jewellery is quite affordable, and so it is the best alternative.

·        Sterling earrings are always in trend, so designers are trying hard to bring something unique and stylish. So, there are a wide variety of options in silver earrings, which is also one of the reasons for the growing demand for silver jewellery.

Stylish Silver Earrings

·        There are different types of silver available, like Nickel, Argentium, Sterling and even fine silver. Thus, people are having more options and can also go for the one that suits their budget.

·        Sterling and fine silver jewellery are also valuable. So, it is considered an investment for the future while getting a great option to look unique.

·        Silver jewellery has a natural luster that is suitable for all types of outfits. It is easy to find matching earrings depending on the occasion and preference to get a beautiful look.

·        Silver jewellery is best for sensitive skin. If your ears cannot handle earrings, go for silver earrings as is earrings quite safe for them. Thus, opting for silver jewellery also brings many health benefits, so opting for it is a good choice.

Stylish Silver Earrings

Silver jewellery helps to avoid any toxic substance that can prove allergic to the body. So, opting for silver jewellery will give you an option to look stylish and safe for the body. There was a time when it was believed that silver earrings are not so fashionable, but currently, the scenario is quite different.

Many designers are working to change people's perceptions and even successfully make it the best metal for looking beautiful. Silver earrings accompanied with gemstones, Beads, pearls are unique and are best to go with the ethnic dress.

Stylish Silver Earrings

If you are the one who likes to wear studs to accompany casual outfits, there are a wide variety of options in silver. Silver jewellery is suitable for people of all ages, and it is easy to find an option in it. So, if you have not opted for silver jewellery yet, go for it and find the difference. Everyone would indeed love it and find it best for them.

It's been a decade and more since the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S last aired and still, we remember the office looks of Rachel Green. That's the beauty of style which can define your personality forever. For every woman out there, all seven days of the week bring you an opportunity to get dressed up and wear your favourite jewellery. So why not follow our tips and nail your everyday workwear to flaunt your style sparkle? Read on to be the fashionista of your office without overturning your entire wardrobe.

Nail Your Workwear With These Ideas

 1. Never underestimate the glamour of a shirt dress.

A shirt dress is a brilliant investment and you can always wear them to work for a smart look at special conferences and with delegates. Complete the look with a classy pendant set or simply with a pair of diamond studs and you will be good to beat the Monday blues.

Never underestimate the glamour of a shirt dress

 2. Suit up!

A blazer can quickly give you an aura boost which you need to keep working. It can also add class to your daily look. You should not focus on much jewellery with blazers. A high pony, with a bangle and nose pin, will be enough to be paired.

 3. Sandals are the new formals.

With so many varieties of platform sandals and strap heels coming in, sandals are as elegant as formals. You can walk into your workplace with a bold and sleek pair of sandals to make a good impression while asserting your strong personality.

 4. Floral shirts can be an interesting add-on.

Button-up shirts can be a good work outfit that can be clubbed with several kinds of jewellery. You can simply take a diamond earring and hip up the sass of your shirt. Also, wear a high-rise skirt with the shirt tugged in, for a great style statement.

 5. End your weak with a midi skirt!

How about a Friday look which everyone remembers? Head to a glamourous wardrobe with formal midi, complemented by a diamond necklace. It will have you all covered for a business presentation in the day and a cocktail dinner party in the evening.

End your weak with a midi skirt!

 6. Block pencil dresses make a statement.

There are pencil dresses available in two-tones, all shaded in block colours. They go great with small studs or a little pendant in gold or pearl, depending on the colour of the dress.

 7. The toucan can make it all very cheerful.

From all-natural habitat prints, toucan really makes the cut to be worn to the office, sophisticatedly. The colourful aura of this dress can leave everyone cheerful. Wear a gemstone with this to leave a strong impact on all your colleagues.

 8. Palazzos are back in the trend.

Wearing wide-legged pants and palazzos to work are back in style from the retro era. It is the permanent look of a woman who means business and reflects your progressive nature. Pair them with plain earrings and you can assert your strength while being tenacious.

 9. Save a day for the classic white t-shirt.

In the fashion world, nothing really gets too old. The easiest to pull office outfit is the classic white t-shirt with jeans or a shirt with trousers. You can even layer a sleeveless dress on the shirt or a sweater in the winters. Pair it with a gorgeous pair of heels and slay the formal look in style.

10. Florals have always been refreshing.

This inspires a very soft look for work and brings a soothing vibe to your ensemble. You can be the trendsetter of the summer by introducing florals to your workplace, be it in a dress or in a shirt. Florals can be beautifully complemented by nose rings, ear studs, and pearls.

11. Denim jackets over skirts too.

It is one of the easiest looks to grasp and is heavily inspired by Rachel Green from the 90s. Decades have passed but the formal essence in her couture is still looked for in most of the workplace wardrobe. You can put on contrasting denim or belted jacket over a skirt and finish the look with a heavy necklace, preferably stone or oxidised.

12. A white button-down is a perfect solution to your Monday blues.

The most relaxed of all workplace looks is hopping into a light dress of white fabric which both breezy and elegant. White is also the best companion of diamonds and platinum. It is time to show the luxury of minimalism and carry it like your attitude to the office.

13. Sneakers for the field trips.

If your work is not all about sitting in the cubicle and you have to go on field visits, sneakers seem to be a comfortable way. You can buy a high-rise or regular sneakers to be paired with leather bracelets and handcuffs for a strong vibrancy. This look can be fashioned on office picnics as well.  

14. Striped bodycon is trending in the 2020 ensemble.

This dress has an aura of confidence and beauty which you can wear on any mundane day to make it bright. You can wear long earrings with a striped bodycon for a better assertion of glamour.

15. A combination of White Shirt, Skinny Jeans, and Pumps.

From your next outing, you can pick up a bunch of delicate earrings that you may keep altering with your regular wear to the office. This will bring a street-style vibe with a combination of shirt and jeans. Club it with pumps to keep a comfortable style maintained.

16. Silky tops make the best pair with a pencil skirt.

You can make your weekdays better with a confident look that pencil skirts can bring. It will have a 'straight-out-of-the-parlour' look and you can manage it in all seasons. In the summer, you may go for a sleeveless shirt and in winters, you can club it with a jacket or sweater. Simple anklets look very pretty with ballerinas or high heels.

17. A straight-fit blazer with well-fitted jeans

If you have a meeting and need to wear a blazer, instead of pants, you can go with a pair of jeans. This is for the ones who don't have a formal dress code at their workplace. Merge this look with a plain pendant and bracelets along with a strap on sandals.

18. A pair of low-heeled ankle boots to keep the spirits high

Ladies can showcase their personality with their shoes and it is the best bold sparkle ever. So you can match the Fashion Jewellery and dress in a jacket for the winter and club it all with ankle boots. Boots keep your feet warm and simultaneously look very alluring.

A pair of low-heeled ankle boots to keep the spirits high

Whatever you choose to wear to your workplace, remember to match your jewellery, nail paint and hairstyle to rock it every day. Even formals can be made attractive with simple grooming. All it needs is a little research and the attitude to carry it all perfectly, which every woman has imbibed in her with grace.

Owning a ruby is every jewellery lover’s dream come true. The most popular gemstone has been coveted and prized for centuries. The hardness and durability of the stone make it ideal for daily wear. It looks exquisite in any form of earrings, bracelets, pendants. Also, with ruby prices on the rise, natural rubies are often priced than the colored ones. So, with lots of ruby stones available in the market, choosing the perfect and real ones is very difficult.

A Guide on to Buy Ruby Jewellery

It is important to be careful and aware of how to choose the best Ruby stone. 

Ruby the name is derived from the Latin word "rubber" which means Red. Ruby got its name because of its vibrant and rich red color. Rubies are a part of the corundum family. They have a great hardness factor with a score of 9 on Moh’s scale. The red color in rubies is due to the presence of chromium in it. Here are some guidelines on how to buy Ruby jewellery.

·         Rubies are hard in structure and do not get scratched easily. They are very durable, and you need not worry about it wearing down if it has undergone minor knockdowns. Since these gems do not have any inclusions, they display small spots and fine lines when kept under the light. In order to find out good quality ruby, you can check for the clear display of these stones. It is important to keep in mind that you do not wear these rubies when you are doing strenuous works.
·         Observe the size, quality and the color of the ruby before you pay. The larger the stone, the more expensive it will be. The rubies with fewer inclusions will be more expensive than that of visible inclusions. Always go for rubies with a deep red color. Deeper the color is the most prized are these rubies. 
·         It is essential to choose a ruby based on the defined inclusions, weight and clarity. Unlike diamonds, rubies cannot be flawless. Blood red and vivid rubies are the most expensive. 
·         Do not purchase rubies that look cloudy. Also, if you find cracks in rubies do not go for it, this is because it can tend to break off in the longer run.
·         You can find ruby jewellery in orange and purple colors also. The more purple it is, the less valuable it is the stone. Pigeon red rubies are more expensive and very rare to find. This is because it does not have any secondary colors.
·         Nowadays most of the rubies undergo several treatments that include, heat treatments, gas treatment, flux healed treatment, etc. These forms of treatments are done to enhance the color and clarity of the stone. 
·         It is important that you choose the ruby jewellery based on the carat size. Rubies are usually found in less than one or two carats. If you are looking for large rubies it is always essential to go for synthetic rubies. 
·         Rubies can be chosen based on their shape. Brilliant cuts in shapes like pear, the round will help in enhancing the brilliance of its color. Rubies can be seen in different colors when you view it from several angles. Hence choose based on the shape and cuts to get the most from your ruby jewellery. 

A Guide on to Buy Ruby Jewellery

Rubies can be matched with different collared metals like silver, platinum, gold to get the type of look you want. If you want your ruby to sparkle more you can add in a touch of diamonds to it to enhance its look. Rubies are the perfect choice for expressing powerful emotions. It is a worthy choice to have ruby jewellery in yourcollections of precious pieces of jewellery. 

As the fall begins, the industry has already started discussing the fashion trends of spring 2020. All models and icons are on the lookout for the upcoming trends of the year and revisit some of the evergreen motifs. Even in the accessories industry, huge competition is running over what will allure the millennials as well as the mature crowd. To make your task of shopping and collecting easier, we are creating a list of fashion jewelry trends for 2020.

Fashion Jewellery Trends Emerging In 2020

        1. Extra large hoops

Extra large hoops
Hoops have always been a symbol of modern fashion ethics and suit both western and Indian cultural elements. In the coming year, these loops will continue holding their importance, varying in size.

The larger hoops can suit the best with traditional outfits, while the latest trends hint at cross-designed circles. There are intertwined hoop rings, extending the earrings and adding to the grandeur. These supersize hoops also adorn brass chains detailings and the vintage 80's effect for adding a rustic look to your personality.

 2. Punk aesthetics

Punk aesthetics
Replicating the rebellious mood of the '70s, the punk aesthetics are all set to return in the 21st century. They have a grungy and androgynous silhouette, with several kinds of gold chains, runways, check prints, and boxy designs are crossing them. They can be beautiful in the dark gem earrings. There are stacks of piercings, bold and abstract gem fittings, studded chokers, and long earrings with eclectic pearls setting, in this style, which sets it apart from other trends. They create the most artful designs which can be clubbed with funky clothes, representing the hip culture.

 3. Rhinestone

While every woman loves expensive collectible jewelry, there is no denying that we all demand new styles for different occasions. This has made imitation jewelry very famous, and amongst them, the use of Rhinestone is extremely popular.

Rhinestones are shiny diamond stimulants that resemble an outstanding piece of collectible. They are widely used in necklaces, earrings, nose pins, and rings, for unique fashion. Rhinestone earrings are trending in charts for the glamorous looks in 2020, with the danglers swaying every time you walk.

 4. Colour explosion

Colour explosion
Neon is the spirit of fashionable women, which adds a glam quotient to every hip and trendy look. These colour explosive pieces are sure to add a glimpse of daring to the looks. Neon colors also have an extra benefit of customization, whereby you can club them with all kinds and shades of clothing, for the perfect look. They are used in different jewelry styles as well, right from the oversized hoops to the bourgeois trends. These colors are also actively used in danglers and tassels, which are flared in a multi-colored fashion.

 5. Statement earrings
Statement earrings
The saga of statement earrings has started to take over the market in 2019. These earrings have mostly meshed with rhinestones, CZ stones, or crystals for an exceptionally poised look. This vibrant texture with gorgeous stones is to be a significant fashion shift in 2020, adding a luxurious finish and a sophisticated glare to the earrings. Also, the colorful component of these stones lends a variety of accessories to your party dresses. The statement earrings have created a luxurious niche for themselves and are mostly worn with unique outfits.

 6. Long chain links

Fashion Jewellery Trends Emerging In 2020
Be it in earrings or necklaces, long chain links in different metals are increasingly garnering glamorous attention. These long chain links are cleverly used in designing intricate earrings and choker necklaces. They have a rugged impact, but when merged with scarlet colors, they also suit with trendy western attires. Long chain links are also now being used in rings and anklets as well. They correlate to the category of double hoops and heavy jewelry, connecting layers of metals into elegant designs.


7. Going solo

Going solo
It has been seasons of vibrant studs and gems getting popular and widely worn. However, now the focus is shifting on finding the one. Most of the designers prefer having one single earring on their models, which have different mosaic patterns and monograms. There are sculptural and geometric patterns, thoroughly repeated in danglers and hoops silhouettes. To create a distinct image in every function you attend, you can follow suit and carry only one single earring. This will make you quite appealing and establish your stark, bold image.

8. Pearls

If there is one element that is totally capable of lifting your spirits, it is the pearl. Pearls are elegant pieces of sea jewels, sparkling in their white hues. They are incorporated in all types of jewelry pieces, right from necklaces to rings and earrings. These pearl fittings suit well with both exotic traditional garments and the subtly lavish western couture. The most significant benefit of having a pearl accessory is that you can pair different types of earrings with separate necklaces. Pearls will still maintain coordination amongst your entire outfit, being the most adaptive gems. Pearls have always been in fashion, and again, in 2020, they have a recurring presence, making the eternal pearls evergreen.

9. Sculptural jewelry
 Sculptural jewelry
India is a land of rich cultural specimens that have been used and implemented in several jewelry items. Similarly, the twisted patterns frequently seen in western artifacts is also used in jewelry. These sculptural designs are being imitated in earrings patterns, which are sweeping the market in upcoming styles of 2020. There is wide usage of sleek, sculptural structures in earrings and necklaces, which can be used as workwear accessories. Toned for a polished take on regular accompaniments, these jewelry pieces are metal worked and can be used as a fresh alternative to rhinestones, for the perfect evening outing.
These are some of the upcoming trends which you can start implying right from the start of the year. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to presenting ourselves in the best possible way. Thus, we have curated an exhaustive guide to excel in the style game and ace the trending fashion.

Any plans on how to celebrate the New Year Bash? Well, you can obviously go to nightclubs, discos, or have a house party with your near and dear ones. But, whatever you do, just make sure you are looking beautiful and attractive. An assorted body jewellery is exactly what you need to look classy and gorgeous. 

Latest Fashionable And Trending Nose Rings Of 2021

According to fashion gurus, the most exciting thing about a nose piercing jewellery is, they always look hot and trendy. So, let's discuss the latest fashionable and trending nose rings Of 2019 that you can choose to wear for the New Year’s party.

1. Fishtail Nose Ring

Fishtail Nose Rings are the best choice if you are fond of custom-made jewellery. It is usually a long bar, around 19 mm in length fitted exactly to the centre of the nose. After piercing, all you have to do is, bend the metal bar and fit the ring on your nostrils. The best thing is, they are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. Thus, after buying them you will get a nose ring that not only fits perfectly but also looks fascinating. 

Fishtail Nose Ring

2. Hoop Nose Ring
Hoop Nose Rings are one of the most popular nose piercing jewelries. They are extremely trendy and are a favourite among the youths. Mostly available in metallic colours such as silver and gold, they look extremely beautiful. The most exciting thing about this type of nose ring is, they are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. The beauty and elegance of this nose ring make it a must-have item in every  fashion enthusiast's cupboard.

Hoop Nose Ring

3. Labret Nose Ring
A Labret Nose Ring comprises a stud with a flat disk on one side and a removable ball or sometimes a gemstone on the other. The best thing about labret nose ring is, they look astounding even if you have more than one piercing on the same side of the nostril. They are also available in many different colours.

Labret Nose Ring

4. Nose Stud
These nose rings are popular in all age groups. They have a single stud on the tip just outside the nostril. Mostly made up gold and silver, they sometimes also have diamonds or other gemstones studded on them. Nose studs are a perfect choice for people willing to wear a nose ring that will suit every attire in their wardrobe. Moreover, if you are fond of wearing something which is elegant, as well as, classy, then these rings are just what you need.
Fashionable Nose Ring

5. Nose Bone Ring
Though a derivative of Nose Studs, they look completely different from them. Nose Bone Rings have a flared end and are usually one gauge larger than the post. They look extremely beautiful and elegant and can be worn irrespective of age and gender. And the best part is, they are available in a wide array of colours.
So, what are you thinking? Buy an ecstatic body jewelry online  today and welcome 2019 with a blast! And if you are a fashion enthusiast, then get ready to be the ultimate show-stopper in 2019, as well as, for the coming 2 - 3 years.
Author Bio:
Ron Watson is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. He aspires to help his readers achieve their best style by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.