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Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle might seem difficult to many but the reality is that just by following a few good habits, our goal of a healthy life can be achieved.
I am sure that many of you out there wish to have a perfect and healthy body along with a healthy mind and trust me, it’s not something that a genie will do for you in seconds in fact you will have to put a little bit effort in it and ultimately you will see the results. 

3 Ways to Have A Good General Health Body

The reason that you are reading this article is probably because you are also finding and searching those ways out through which you can have your desired healthy body, well, don’t worry because as always, we are here to help you. Today in this article we are going to list down the 3 ways to have a good general health body.

We’ve all heard it and we hear it almost every day that exercise is a necessary thing and we need to take some time out of our daily routine for exercising.
Well, sadly, we all ignore it and do not pay much head to its importance which is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.

3 Ways to Have A Good General Health Body

The formula is simple, exercise daily and improve your health. We are not asking you to go for 3 or 4 hours of harsh workout in fact a 30 minute mild walk will be enough and you will start feeling a change in yourself too after a month or so.

2- 8 Hours of Sleep
The current generation is unaware of the importance of a good night sleep of 8 hours.
The mind and the body needs to relax in order to function perfectly and if you are not providing yourself enough relaxation then sorry to tell you that you won’t have any energy left to perform actively in daily life.

3 Ways to Have A Good General Health Body

The 8 hours of sleep are going to boost your energy levels and also, your happy hormones get triggered when your mind gets enough time to relax. So, if you genuinely care about your body and your health then start sleeping early from today.

3- Eat Healthy
Just like the above two factors, this one gets ignored the most! The major thing which will add years to your life is healthy food. You consume healthy you produce healthy energy and healthy environment.

We all are attracted to junk and fatty food so much that our obesity rate is increasing on a terrible rate and this is something we all need to focus on. Start eating healthy and specially, add some green vegetables to all your meals and within a period of one month, you will see the change for yourself.

Also, it is important to get sufficient Info Aging which is why you must make a habit of reading articles on health and make some research on how to add years to your life. Health is something which should always be a person’s first priority because someone said it right that health is wealth!

This is for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk on this important topic. Till then, keep sharing and keep loving our articles. We assure you that we will come up with some more interesting and informative articles for the next time. 

4- Happiness

The Art of Happiness is the purpose of all existence, so why not let ourselves be inspired by the reflections and practical advice of an unconditionally happy man

Many people take fashion trends lightly, something that doesn’t require a lot of time or dedication to follow, but any person that is immersed in the world of fashion will tell you a completely different story. Being in the loop of what is happening on the fashion scene can easily be a full-time occupation, if you’ve got the knack and passion for it, but if you’re doing it for your pleasure, things are simpler.
Following up on fashion trends is easier than ever thanks to the blessings of internet and all the knowledge we can acquire on it. If you’re just getting into world of fashion and you need some guidance, here are some steps that can help you in your aspiration to be in the loop with latest fashion trends.

Start with Fashion Websites

When in doubt, consult the internet. Whether you need some inspiration on what to wear and shop or you want to know what the latest news of the fashion industry is, there are always some excellent fashion websites to lead your way.

Start with Fashion Websites

Wonderful thing about fashion websites is that you don’t have to be a passive beholder and you can actually learn a lot, not matter how frequent your visits are. There are many popular sites to choose from, but we always suggest starting with following online fashion magazines and you can also check out websites of big brands that usually set fashion trends. But the search doesn’t have to end there, on the contrary, the universe of online fashion only expands, so you can explore even further into online shops and don’t forget the fashion apps that are becoming better with each passing year. A great perk of these websites is that you can get so much more than just insights into what (not) to wear – many of them actually give beauty tips, makeup tutorials and perks that are beneficial for all fashionistas out there.

Fashion Events as a Night out

If you’re looking for an entrance into the fashion world, then attending fashion events, runway shows and everything in between is a must. Depending on where you live, it might sometimes be hard to find inspiring events in your surroundings, but there are always people eager to show their creativity and talent as long there’s someone ready to see it. Naturally, if you’re able to go to the big events that shape the world of fashion, then you should definitely do it, not just because of everything you’ll see, but also because you can meet some amazingly creative people. 

Fashion Events as a Night out

Who you know in the fashion world can make a lot of difference and can help you learn even more about changing tides of taste and style and it all usually starts with these fashion events. Of course, there are big chances that nothing spectacular will happen, but these happenings are usually amazing in itself and you can draw inspiration just from being in the epicenter of it all.

Find and Follow Your Fashion Gurus

Fashion bloggers are great teachers for everyone that has an unquenched thirst for everything fashion related and you can see that by their popularity. Many fashion-savvy girls (and some men) have made a fortune by sharing how they perceive fashion with the rest of the world. They can teach you what (not) to wear, which clothes are suitable for what event or part of the day and whatever else that comes to mind. 

Find and Follow Your Fashion Gurus

Each of those bloggers has their own unique sense of style, which means that not every one of them will actually suit your needs, so choose wisely. Also, many of these online fashion influencers will tell you exactly what they’re wearing and how you can find it by linking where you can buy them, which makes everything so much easier.

Mind the Way You Shop

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve got a full wardrobe of clothes and still nothing to wear and that is not a good situation to be in. It’s more than recommendable to do a raid of your closet at least once a year. If you want to follow latest fashion trends, then first of all you need to have pieces of clothes that go with everything, classics that are suitable for practically every situation. Everything you haven’t worn in over a year, you probably never will wear again so you can toss it out or give it to charity. The truth is that sometimes less is more and you don’t have to go shopping often to continually make a fashion statement. Go window shopping often, but buy rarely and mostly pieces you know will go well with much of what you’ve already got in your closet and you’ll be golden.

How to follow up on Latest Fashion Trends

Sometimes following fashion trends might seem prosaic, but once you get into it, you realize there’s much more than meets the eye. When you really get into the fashion world, you’ll be able to find your unique ways to keep educating yourself on the subject, but for now let these little guidelines lead the way and witness your progress. – Adam Ferraresi

Let us imagine the character and appearance of Spanish woman. As a matter of fact, the appearance of Spanish women is not very bright or impressive. They look like Italians, but less delicate by silhouette and character. So, what do they usually wear?

Stylish and Fashioned: What Do Spanish Women Wear?

What Do Spanish Women Wear?
What about Spanish style? Are Spanish women stylish by dressing? You may go from the city to city, looking for something interesting, original and similar features. Never forget that Spain is full of tourists: Americans, Italians, French, British women, but not Spanish. So, Spanish style can be characterized in the context of 2 parts: Spanish style in the cities and Spanish style in Barcelona. It is impossible to do in different way.

What Do Spanish Women Wear?

It is time to speak about style and dressing in Spanish cities and provinces. Their style is characterized as casual. The look is not glamorous, but often layered. This is an interesting fact: Italians look elegant, but Spanish women look sportive.

Young women wear stretched blue jeans with ugg boots or high boots. This style is comfortable and admirable. Nevertheless, Spanish women are not very slim. So, their stretched jeans look rather silly. Women do not wear heels, using platform.

Aged Women
It is interesting, but all women in the age of 60 wear similar clothes by style: short pink or beige sweater, black pants of original fit, boots, glasses and short hair. You may count! There is one more interesting moment: it happens that Spanish girls have deep thighs, but the most of aged women are slim and fitted.

Layered Look
As you know, local brands are popular. Pay attention to big size clothes: sweaters, cardigans, tunics – they are popular. Spanish women prefer wearing one thing above the other, combining sweater, poncho and cotton leggings.

Of course, black color is the main color in Spain. The weather is warm, but people prefer wearing black clothes. Pay attention to stylish combination of black and brown. You meet many women dressed in black clothes and brown shoes, or black clothes and brown bag. This is true, but Spanish style prefers mostly brown shoes.


Clothes and Accessories
Spanish girls really like wearing girls and women dressed in skirts and dresses. Of course, the dresses and skirts are midi, masterfully combined with black tights and platform shoes. NO heels! There is one more popular thing to wear - shorts. The shorts are usually worn for tights and leggings, as you like. Speaking about must have clothes for girls, every second women must have sunglasses and scarf. They wear scarf not for keeping warm, but necessary accessory even inside.

Spanish women do not like accessories, such as rings, bracelets and ear rings. Nevertheless, the samples of jewelry in the local shops are high class and high quality. It is better than Italian jewelry, indeed. It is interesting but Spanish women do not hunt for popular brands and fashion looks. Nevertheless, they have a unique quality to combine clothes for day or evening clothes set. The most of women that you meet in the street of Spanish provinces and towns are stylish and well-dressed. Their style is special, so-called casual elegance.

Wow! Barcelona is a paradise for high-fashion and stylish people. If you want to meet new friends, who know everything about fashion, you should come to Barcelona. Their style is not Spanish. The city is full of different people from different countries of the world. They are Americans, English, French, Italians and others. So, the style in Barcelona is mixed. You know, there is a feeling that you read the pages of fashion magazine, one by one. You can find many interesting looks and crazy ideas.


By the way, you cannot understand but see the Spanish passion to wear clothes from Gusto Barcelona and Desigual. Desigual is much cheaper, of course. Every second women in the street (age of 20-40) wears clothes from Gusto Barcelona. The clothes are bright: black T-shirts, coats, dresses and jackets are decorated with bright houses, flowers, animals.

Barcelona Shopping Line
The best simple way to visit all popular trade points in the city is city bus. You should buy ticket for 10 EUR for Barcelona Shopping Line. It usually goes the route Port Vell - Raval - Ramblas - Ribera - Barri Gotic - Placa de Catalunya - Eixample - Passeig de Gracia - Rambla de Catalunya - Avinguda Diagonal. As you can see, the route takes you through the main important points: trade centers and shopping streets. The ticket is valid for one day. You can go out where you want, spend your time there, waiting for the next bus of the same route. It is really comfortable.

There is always a chance to make your route special and seriously shopping. You do not have to waste time for visiting cheap and standard shops. You may Hire aCar in Barcelona and get whenever you want to find the best exclusive shops on the go. There is nothing better than spontaneous things and emotions.

Barcelona is a real paradise for all who like vintage clothes. Firstly, you can find the street, where the most of vintage shops and boutiques are situated - Riera Baixa. There are many second-hand shops, gothic shops, HOLALA shops chain. All you need is going from one shop to another. The street is full of interesting shops. You cannot keep in memory all of them. It is not about only vintage. There are many extravagant show-rooms. Pay attention to Produit National Brut, for example. The assortment of unusual and original silver jewelry is impressively big.

Vintage Spanish Women Fashion

Welcome to Glories Catalanes - city square, where you can find the oldest second-hand market in the city. Of course, it is said about Els Encants. The shop was opened in the 14th century. It is considered to be the biggest market in Europe. You can find vintage accessories here (pay attention to sun glasses), jewelry, second-hand clothes, vintage furniture and other artifacts for your collection.
Whether you are expecting or you have already given birth to a baby girl or boy, the clothes and makeup you wear need not be dull and old-fashioned just to suit the maternity needs. Yes, you can look both stylish and feel comfy in the maternity clothes. You do not need to look overdressed every time you leave the house, but a bit of dressing up never did no harm to anyone. What you need is something that will make you feel relaxed and self-confident.

Style Guide for All Moms - Free Guest Post - Megha Shop

A stained tee is a big no
Forget about sweatpants and stained tees, you do not need to look exhausted and dirty just because you have kids. It is crucial for your self-esteem to embrace the new self and go for the new curve-loving clothes. Mum style never looked more versatile than today. If you still feel like wearing the tees and sweatpants, I suggest you consider ditching them for a tunic and leggings. These are as comfy as your previous choice but they are a lot more stylish. It does not matter if you are expecting a baby or you already have them, if you have a tummy you feel like covering so that it seems slimmer than it actually is, go for tunics and jeggings. These can be both elegant and sporty, it is up to you to mix and match them to reach the style you want. You can wear them at the playground and just add up a bit of jewellery and you are ready to go to a night event.
Black is the new black
If you want to get a slimming effect, choose black clothes. These are bound to have a slimming effect on your waist, and you will look classy, too! Black maternity dresses are a big yes. This colour will great on your radiant skin and it is great for combining a lot of accessories. My advice is to go for a statement necklace and if you feel like prepping up but still want to stay comfy, choose wedges. This year’s trends are all about the wedges and half-moon bags so you can combine the two to have a stylish outfit with your perfect little black dress.

Style Guide for All Moms - Free Guest Post - Megha Shop

Pamper your skin
Your skin needs some quality care after all you have been through. Be sure to provide it with a lot of vitamins from food and to do peeling as well. You can choose some DIY facial masks to help you get the skin with a healthy glow. However, if you still feel that everything you do is just not good enough, you should Consider Visiting a Facial Rejuvenation Clinic. There is no better thing for your skin than to be treated by a professional who will know how to make it younger and healthier!

We love beach waves
Everyone is aware that you do not really have all the time you want to, so hair straightness and curling irons have been put into a drawer a couple of months ago and you do not even remember where they actually are. You are lucky! This year the trends suggest that you should opt for a natural look, so let your hair down and show your beach waves. Messy hair is trendy too so if you want to make a bun, be sure to make a messy one.

Style Guide for All Moms - Free Guest Post - Megha Shop

Being a mom does not mean that you should forget about being stylish. It actually is all about recreating a new self that will feel comfortable and beautiful. Choose wisely the clothes which will raise your self-esteem and go for skin treatments that will make your skin younger and healthier. And let your natural waves fall down and make you the trendiest mum this season!

Shifting from leathers to fabrics is an idea to keep environment friendly but this will not make you compromise with the elegancy and new trends. Fabrics printed with blocks are made up to Fashion bags. These fabrics with intricate designs with touch of historical periods are carrying their hierarchy till now.

Fashion handbags

The elephant imprints on the fabrics shows the uniqueness of Jaipur designs. Designs of petals with colourful combinations are cheerful sign of Jaipur prints. Classy ways of carrying the handbags with these prints is one of the fashion keys nowadays.

Fashion handbags are trending from Jaipur, potlis to sling bags are cool accessories which are carried, potlis are small in size bags but beautifully stitched and decorated with beads and tassels. Haldi ceremony to any cultural events will ask you to grab this potlis with you which are easy to carry your make up for last minute touch up.

This will help you to get away from those huge bags to just carry few small things. Sling bags are shaking hands with collage going girls to just pull down their class notes. This sling bags with beautiful carved stones, adhere to it makes it one of the Jaipur designs which gives you In do-western look.

Fashionable bags are always welcomed by females; especially handmade bag from Jaipur stand out in crowd for its creative decorative designs. Geometrical shapes with the combination of the colors depict Royalty of Kings and Queens from historical periods. These are flourishing fashion bags that are now bought Online. Ethnic looking bags elicit the personality of the person.

Patch works with the dangling metal sheets, cut in different shapes designs in clutch adds ethnicity to glam up.Gorgeous girls likes to drape saris and accessorize herself with antique embroider zari work on their bags. Young to old all can cherish themselves with these Jaipur arts.Drenching in the hues soothes the youth, experiment with beads, stones on bags from Jaipur is never upsetting task.Playing with zari work and different shapes has never been seen so awestruck and trending.Clutch to keep your stuffs altogether as well as so possibly fashionable with Jaipur art work keeps you always happy and playful.

Jaipur handmade bags have spread its arm in all corner of India. These designs are so in variety that each designs will make you look different and adorable. Admiring bags with this design keeps you positive due to its colorful vibes in all arts.
Selecting the right kind of dress is always top concern, but going with the appropriate party wear is the most significant characteristic of the party. To steal the lime light during the party day, you can try anything quite different. Party wear suits are fine, but if you wish to create a long lasting impression, it is important to confirm that you have the finest dress-either sew up or ready-to-use. In case of party dresses, there are sufficient choices available, but most significantly you will have to be comfy in that dress.

Make Shopping Online: Women clothing online shopping are the advanced world’s trend and let us talk about the ways we got advantages with these policies. Online shopping is the contemporary day shopping policy. And throughout these years we were turning its admirer. The striking design in Sarees, Lehenga Cholis and Salwar suits can discover through online and we bag it immediately.

Check the Gallery Online: The fashion is much required by the women of all countries. So the gallery of online shopping is particularly prepared for those attractive women who adore the fashion. With the assist of online shopping, you can find the newest designs and trends, before others should have it throughout retail stores.

Get Reasonable Price Online: Furthermore, you can advantage them at best reasonable rates that make you amazed. Have you ever observed one the mania that if we shop a Salwar suit or Saree from a vend store, the collection for you is just up to the table before you. We require regulating most of the time to buy somewhat within the basis. And we please with what we got. But in case of online women, you can have a world in obverse of you.

Easy Delivery of Selected Dress: Compare the dissimilarities of both. Consider smart and wider. Use the resources. You can have the attractive Designer Salwar Suits, Lehenga Cholis, Anarkali Salwar Suits, Patiala Salwar Suits, Lehenga Sarees, Party Wear Sarees, and Wedding Bridal Sarees online, the free shipping policy offered anywhere in India within a prompt delivery date offer by the site.

Ideally Select Anarkali Suits: Anarkali designers make use their imagination and inventive skills to design clothing that will be an ideal fit for you. Anarkalies are ideally fits for Bollywood theme parties. You can also dress in them for wedding parties and anniversaries. The top thing about these dresses is that they cover up the body from skull to ankles. This dress doesn't expose the skin, but it is definitely intense and subtle. It is extremely significant to wear the right sort of accessories on the anarkali clothes. These accessories can be simply bought from online apparel stores or special accessory stores. You should pay special attention on the material, the colors, and the designs that you select.

Designer anarkali dresses are extremely different when it’s come to designs and styling. Although the essential design of an anarkali always the same, you will discover some differences at the same time. Fashion designers adore to experiment with the bottom design of an anarkali, thus, you will locate dresses with diverse designs at different fashion shows.

If you plan to purchase your favorite dress from online attire stores, then you will definitely get the one that you are searching out for. Before you purchase the anarkali dress from online stores, you will have to find your correct measure so that you get the ideal fitting. Buying the right suit online can bring real benefits for the buyer. It is better to set your priorities beforehand.

Author Bio:

I'm Kanika Singh works for Zigshaw.com, women’s fashion writer by profession. She is passionate about writing on different related to fashion varying from ethnic to western.
The great thing about the Internet is that you are much more likely to score a deal on designer clothing, if you know where to look. If you've been tempted to call it quits on your name brand wardrobe because of the expense, read this article first and rediscover the clothing you love for less of the cost.

How to Snag Designer Clothing without Breaking the Bank

Buy clearance at the end of a season
When everyone sees the color of the leaves change on the trees, all they want to do is shop for new boots, sweaters and scarves to complement their fall excitement. That's also when stores slash prices on their spring and summer attire, giving you the chance to score some major deals on some major clothes.

Shop with online coupons
Stores want customers to buy from them, so the more you pay attention to their coupons, flash sales and deal alerts, the greater chance you'll land a deal. If you have an idea of what items you'd like to buy or where you want to shop, start by simply signing up for coupon alerts on their website. You can also visit Discountrue for designer clothing coupon codes.

Stick to a few basic, functional pieces
If you enjoy fashion, then you know that individual pieces of clothing don't all have to shine and shimmer in order for an outfit to pop. Save money by building your trendy wardrobe with some basic neutrals like dark wash jeans, a black knee-length skirt, dark leggings or dresses that can be accessorized with a scarf or jacket. Pairing your reusable basics with vibrant and colorful tops, shoes, purses or jewelry can give you the freedom to have fun with your clothing while on a budget.

Purchase gently used clothing
There are so many options for buying secondhand name brand clothing in today's online economy. You can still hunt for a great deal at places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Plato's Closet or Clothes Mentor. Now, you also have online resources like Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook groups to shop for deep discounts. Be careful to read the return policy on items before you make your purchase.

Have a designer swap party
A trendy new way for frugal fashionistas to save money is by having what's called a "swap party". Invite all of your fashion-forward friends and ask them to bring any designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. to trade. Sort items by size on tables. Make it fun for your friends to trade by drawing names, having games and serving hors d'oeuvres. Everyone will go home with something fun and different at no cost to them.

Don't despair - you can enjoy a designer wardrobe on a budget. When you take the time to research and apply methods like these, your pocketbook, and those fabulous clothes you're about to buy on sale, will thank you.
Winter is upon us, which means it’s time for cold weather fashion. There are some gorgeous trends and colors this season. Here are a few things to look for as you’re shopping for your winter wardrobe this year.

Blanket Scarves
If you haven’t seen blanket scarves yet, then you are sure to see them soon. These awesome accessories are absolutely everywhere. They’re large enough to curl up in on a cold December evening, but they are cute and cozy for wrapping around your neck, too. There are tons of different ways to wear a blanket scarf, which makes it a great wardrobe staple.

Slip Dresses
Slip dresses aren’t a typical winter fashion trend, but they’re all the rage this year. You may remember these dainty dresses from the ‘90s, but a lot has changed in the past couple of decades. Slip dresses are usually ankle length, and you can layer them however you like. Wear them with a scarf and a leather jacket for the perfect touch of vintage chic.
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Patchwork styles are another huge trend that’s become really popular this year. You’ll find patchwork styles for pretty much everything, from coats to shirts to pants and more. To balance out this patterned look, you’ll need to incorporate lots of solids into your style.

Fur embellishments can be found this winter on nearly everything. You’ll find booties trimmed in fur, fur hoods and collars on jackets, and even fur cuffs on sweaters and other tops. Whether it’s real fur or faux, keep your eyes peeled for this trend in stores.

Blush Tones
Jewel tones are almost always popular for winter, but blush tones are also making headlines this year. You’ll find lots of clothing items and accessories in shades of coral, peach, tans, and other blush tones. These shades look great when paired with black, white, gray, or other neutrals, too.

Flared Jeans
Yep—they’re back. Flared jeans went out of style for a few years, but this trend never stays gone for long. The newest flared jeans are mid- or high-rise and fitted through the thigh to the knee. The flare starts below the knee, and wide flares are quite popular. Buy jeans with a long inseam that nearly covers your shoe to give your legs a long, lean appearance.

Keeping up with the latest fashions doesn’t mean you have to break your budget. You can use Christopher and Banks coupons to get trendy and comfortable clothing at a great price. Winter fashion usually brings comfortable styles, so get your jeans out and start finding great tops and accessories.
A unique logo design is a surefire way to impress your target audience if you are a startup company. The impression on them will be of a great design of the logo just as they find its message interesting with clever use of elements. Now, if you run a fashion company, a remarkable fashion logo design will say a lot about your startup business regarding its high quality of products or services.

Here are some of the reasons for having a fashion logo for your startup.

1 Message of professionalism – When your fashion logo is smartly designed, it will give impression of professionalism followed in your business. For example, with some message hidden in the logo design, people take that design as an indication of high professionalism you follow in your company. AllBusiness.com has rightly said that such a logo will eliminate the ‘’printed at home’ look of your business cards, meaning that they will look unique with a logo with some message hidden in its design.

2 Consistent brand image – A unique fashion logo projects your brand image consistently. This is because there is no change in the design of your logo for many years. So, make sure that the logo stands out.

3. Impress your audience – If your fashion logo stands out, it becomes a tool to impress your audience. Making a first and lasting impression on potential customers is essential to attract customers and beat competition.

4. For flexibility – When we call a logo as unique, it also implies that it can be printed in any big or smaller size without shedding away its main design and impression. It must look great not only on billboards but also on as smaller an object as a pen. Moreover, a unique logo is the one that appears equally impressive in color and without colors.

5. Ascertain stability – When you fashion logo is a great piece of work, it conveys the message of stability about your company and its business. This message of stability gives assurance to the audience that people can depend on your offerings.

6. A way to communicate – A logo that stands out is also capable of communicating with people. So, when people find a logo saying to them something valuable, they like to associate them with the business behind the logo.

7. Look different - Unique clothing logos are also the ones that stand out. People are fond of designs that look different from run of the mill stuff in the market.

8. Targeting potential customers – Another advantage with clothing brand logos that stand out is that they become an instrument of message. However, make sure that you know your specific set of customers before you design your logo to address them.

9. Ensure connecting with audience – You fashion logo helps in connecting your potential customers with your brand, which is so vital to success of your fashion level startup. If the message of logo is right, people will start connecting with your business.

10. A solid foundation – Since people love to watch unique designs, your fashion logo design can be a main reason for people coming to your business to buy your fashion products.

These are solid reasons for creating unique fashion logos. Nevertheless, if your startup need cost-effect logo design solutions, then crowdsource your work to platforms like Designhill, where hundreds of graphic designers will create unique fashion logo for your startup.


Unique fashion logos are essential to convey your business message and to create brand identity, besides looking different and beating your competition. 

Author Bio-Nitesh Pundhir is enthusiastic blogger & digital marketing expert ,working at Designhill He helps small businesses and startups improve website design and SEO strategy, content marketing and user experiences