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We make mistakes! We all do! And, there’s no hiding it because making mistakes is a human tendency that. The cycle goes like - we commit a mistake, we rectify it, we get back to normal and then we again commit another (or the same mistake).

Whether it is in our personal lives or professional, mistakes are still an integral part. Women’s fashion is one of the fortes which is no different than the others. From the outfits to the accessories, everything gets covered in the same. Likewise, women’s bags is something that this blog would throw light on.

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Slip in and find the mistakes below to rectify them and never repeat them again because - your personality gets affected when you commit such blunders.

1 Choosing faux leather over genuine leather

The moment you read the heading, you might have said - genuine leather is freaking expensive and beyond one’s reach. However, that’s not true. Buying faux leather over the actual leather is a blunderous mistake that you must not make/repeat. Choosing the cheaper option among the options (faux leather) would lead to broken surfaces, split on the seams and other issues. When you have the option of buying designer bags, and my favorite Michael KorsBags :p at a discounted price online, why settle for less?

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2 Wrong clubbing with the outfit
Most women do this and aren’t ready to understand! Taking your pink tote with formals would definitely be a no-no and so would be carrying your clutch to work. Wear “clutches” or “potlis” are meant for occasions like weddings or family functions, it is the satchels or handbags designed for workaholics. Choosing the right bag for the right occasion can be tricky but the size of the same and the color would be an ideal way to understand more about it.

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3 Over stuffing the bag
This is probably the most common mistake made by women worldwide. Having a handbag that is meant to carry your essentials including your makeup, comb, cards, wallets, and a few other things, women seem to carry their home in their bags. It is more like Doraemon’s (cartoon character) magic pocket that has anything and everything. Keep your bags spacious in order to make them stay with your longer than they actually do.

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4 Not understanding the color
If you didn’t know (we know you know) colors represent your mood and personality. Moreover, if you complement your outfit with the color of your bag, nothing would be better for you. Time and again, the fashion shows and the style icons have made themselves quite clear that their clothing and their accessories would be more dependent on each other and incomplete without each other. Hence, wearing the right colors in accordance to your outfits is a wise idea for your personality. Don’t you thin so?

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Which mistake have you been making? Would you rectify the mistakes in your bags? Do let us know your feedback on the same in the comments below.