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Yellow gold was always considered as an ultimate luxury by Egyptians, and now yellow gold has made a strong comeback – with vintage at the heights of fashion, yellow gold with a touch of white gold and of course, diamonds, is back! It may have been considered a great match for warmer skin tone, but now, engagement rings in yellow gold is what you see shimmering on all skin types – a modern day style icon.

Although pure yellow gold is a very soft metal, but when used in jewelry it is mixed with another metal, as copper, nickel, silver, or zinc. Using absolute pure yellow gold for an engagement ring will soon cause the ring to get dented. The more yellow gold added to the metal, the warmer it becomes and picks up even more yellow tone and the price as well. Yellow gold in its purest form is available in 24 karat, while diamond engagement rings at Aida Design US and other jewelers are available in 18K (75% gold and 25% allow metal).
Diamond Engagement Ring

If you have your engagement due in this year and seven for next year, you should consider yellow gold. It’s not only trendy now but will always stay high up in marker and also gives the choice of choosing in any color what so ever. It matters less with yellow gold, any color stone can do a perfect job.

Most of the designer engagement rings are created in a breathtaking way using yellow gold and most allow you to even custom design your ring with a mix and match of other metals and stone colors. Aida Design US uses the skills of its expert designers to create something beautiful and ornate through mixture of yellow gold and other metals.

Diamond in Yellow Gold for a Perfect Engagement
Diamonds are forever! The glamour and brilliance of a diamond is never going out of style, but the setting and fitting can make its charm go away. However, there’s one metal that can make anything look astonishing and that is yellow gold. Trends from Paris and Italy are hitting the markets of US, with years of white gold dominance.

The latest trends for engagement ring show a greater shift towards yellow gold. Jewelers reported on making 100% engagement rings in white gold, whereas now 9 out of 10 engagement rings are available in yellow gold. In Italy and UAE and Paris, everyone is after yellow gold. And now the same is being followed in the rest of the world.

The yellow gold metal is very royal, luxurious, and sophisticated at the same time. There is no compromise when it comes to yellow gold – it’s the ultimate allude to sensuality and natural feminine form. For anyone who worries for the stay of yellow gold, they can know that – it never goes out of the style, and the best part is the sale of a yellow gold diamond engagement ring, it’s always worth it!

A yellow gold diamond engagement ring is the addition to your jewelry box that will never go out of style and is a must pass on from one generation to another.

The Diamond Cut to Consider for Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
If you want a designer engagement ring then there’s a better match to your choice of gold than the routine. Try the oval cut diamond from Aida’s designer engagement ring collection. The super shaped diamond is perfectly an ideal for the performance of light performance and diamond precision, and when that gets fitted into the perfect setting and design, the shine melts the hearts of those looking at it.

Aida’s method of quality makes sure that these diamonds are cut so precisely that all the symmetrical reflection patterns become visible with use of reflector devices. Their facet alignment gives a great sparkling and brilliant appeal. They are further analyzed comprehensively to be certified as ideal diamonds – this involves making them go through battery of performance test and zero deduction.

When you are considering yellow gold engagement ring, you will see myriad of various options available for matching your needs. But picking on the perfect stone shape and style such as the oval shape diamond in a simply elegant look, will make your ring work perfectly through all times. You can even mix metals and set a trend itself. It’s just impossible to go wrong with yellow gold!

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