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It's been a decade and more since the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S last aired and still, we remember the office looks of Rachel Green. That's the beauty of style which can define your personality forever. For every woman out there, all seven days of the week bring you an opportunity to get dressed up and wear your favourite jewellery. So why not follow our tips and nail your everyday workwear to flaunt your style sparkle? Read on to be the fashionista of your office without overturning your entire wardrobe.

Nail Your Workwear With These Ideas

 1. Never underestimate the glamour of a shirt dress.

A shirt dress is a brilliant investment and you can always wear them to work for a smart look at special conferences and with delegates. Complete the look with a classy pendant set or simply with a pair of diamond studs and you will be good to beat the Monday blues.

Never underestimate the glamour of a shirt dress

 2. Suit up!

A blazer can quickly give you an aura boost which you need to keep working. It can also add class to your daily look. You should not focus on much jewellery with blazers. A high pony, with a bangle and nose pin, will be enough to be paired.

 3. Sandals are the new formals.

With so many varieties of platform sandals and strap heels coming in, sandals are as elegant as formals. You can walk into your workplace with a bold and sleek pair of sandals to make a good impression while asserting your strong personality.

 4. Floral shirts can be an interesting add-on.

Button-up shirts can be a good work outfit that can be clubbed with several kinds of jewellery. You can simply take a diamond earring and hip up the sass of your shirt. Also, wear a high-rise skirt with the shirt tugged in, for a great style statement.

 5. End your weak with a midi skirt!

How about a Friday look which everyone remembers? Head to a glamourous wardrobe with formal midi, complemented by a diamond necklace. It will have you all covered for a business presentation in the day and a cocktail dinner party in the evening.

End your weak with a midi skirt!

 6. Block pencil dresses make a statement.

There are pencil dresses available in two-tones, all shaded in block colours. They go great with small studs or a little pendant in gold or pearl, depending on the colour of the dress.

 7. The toucan can make it all very cheerful.

From all-natural habitat prints, toucan really makes the cut to be worn to the office, sophisticatedly. The colourful aura of this dress can leave everyone cheerful. Wear a gemstone with this to leave a strong impact on all your colleagues.

 8. Palazzos are back in the trend.

Wearing wide-legged pants and palazzos to work are back in style from the retro era. It is the permanent look of a woman who means business and reflects your progressive nature. Pair them with plain earrings and you can assert your strength while being tenacious.

 9. Save a day for the classic white t-shirt.

In the fashion world, nothing really gets too old. The easiest to pull office outfit is the classic white t-shirt with jeans or a shirt with trousers. You can even layer a sleeveless dress on the shirt or a sweater in the winters. Pair it with a gorgeous pair of heels and slay the formal look in style.

10. Florals have always been refreshing.

This inspires a very soft look for work and brings a soothing vibe to your ensemble. You can be the trendsetter of the summer by introducing florals to your workplace, be it in a dress or in a shirt. Florals can be beautifully complemented by nose rings, ear studs, and pearls.

11. Denim jackets over skirts too.

It is one of the easiest looks to grasp and is heavily inspired by Rachel Green from the 90s. Decades have passed but the formal essence in her couture is still looked for in most of the workplace wardrobe. You can put on contrasting denim or belted jacket over a skirt and finish the look with a heavy necklace, preferably stone or oxidised.

12. A white button-down is a perfect solution to your Monday blues.

The most relaxed of all workplace looks is hopping into a light dress of white fabric which both breezy and elegant. White is also the best companion of diamonds and platinum. It is time to show the luxury of minimalism and carry it like your attitude to the office.

13. Sneakers for the field trips.

If your work is not all about sitting in the cubicle and you have to go on field visits, sneakers seem to be a comfortable way. You can buy a high-rise or regular sneakers to be paired with leather bracelets and handcuffs for a strong vibrancy. This look can be fashioned on office picnics as well.  

14. Striped bodycon is trending in the 2020 ensemble.

This dress has an aura of confidence and beauty which you can wear on any mundane day to make it bright. You can wear long earrings with a striped bodycon for a better assertion of glamour.

15. A combination of White Shirt, Skinny Jeans, and Pumps.

From your next outing, you can pick up a bunch of delicate earrings that you may keep altering with your regular wear to the office. This will bring a street-style vibe with a combination of shirt and jeans. Club it with pumps to keep a comfortable style maintained.

16. Silky tops make the best pair with a pencil skirt.

You can make your weekdays better with a confident look that pencil skirts can bring. It will have a 'straight-out-of-the-parlour' look and you can manage it in all seasons. In the summer, you may go for a sleeveless shirt and in winters, you can club it with a jacket or sweater. Simple anklets look very pretty with ballerinas or high heels.

17. A straight-fit blazer with well-fitted jeans

If you have a meeting and need to wear a blazer, instead of pants, you can go with a pair of jeans. This is for the ones who don't have a formal dress code at their workplace. Merge this look with a plain pendant and bracelets along with a strap on sandals.

18. A pair of low-heeled ankle boots to keep the spirits high

Ladies can showcase their personality with their shoes and it is the best bold sparkle ever. So you can match the Fashion Jewellery and dress in a jacket for the winter and club it all with ankle boots. Boots keep your feet warm and simultaneously look very alluring.

A pair of low-heeled ankle boots to keep the spirits high

Whatever you choose to wear to your workplace, remember to match your jewellery, nail paint and hairstyle to rock it every day. Even formals can be made attractive with simple grooming. All it needs is a little research and the attitude to carry it all perfectly, which every woman has imbibed in her with grace.

Classic hoops and dainty necklaces have already been the ruling accessory for some time now. Even so, following the 2019 Jewelry trend, it can be time to get prepared for the return of statement jewellery. Expect link chains, rapper chains, remained customized jewelry, statement jewelry are producing a comeback. To help you get prepared for the reappearance of new and most current trends, we've rounded up the ideal jewelry trends and styles of 2019 for you.

Jewelry Trends 2019

Jewelry Trends-Link Chains
Ch-ch-chains! Huge link chains showed up in several incarnations, even as a fabric print at Monse. From thinner choker styles to earring dangles, Chunky geometry, large and vibrant Gold Chain For Men and Rapper Chains and attractive baubles swept the runways and street types and as the warmer weather approaches. Retain a lookout for hyperlink chains. Chain belts are also making resurgence.

Jewelry Trends-Personalized Jewelry
As mass-produced style becomes far more prevalent, women are searching for monogramming and personalized jewelry as a method to stand out from the crowd and establish a signature style. When fast fashion makes every person look that same, personalized jewelry provides you something special, and being yourself has never been hotter ever.
As creativity grows, so does an expectation of curated experiences and solutions, and this expectation-mostly from millennials-is driving the popularity of style's trend for hugely customized merchandise. Engravable Jewelry and Latitude and Longitude Necklace tends to make us feel great. It truly is a piece of identity, a short description of who you will be. Under no circumstances just before includes a generation been so vocal with their opinions, and so focused on private branding.

Jewelry Trends-Longer Earrings and Hoops
At Givenchy Spring 2019, it was clear that straightforward and elegant pendant earrings had been to stay a jewellery box staple and had been maximized within this style week. These earrings had been extended to graze your sternum and a few towards your ribs. Acne Studios brought forth a newly designed and out-of-the-box earrings that had been long and heavy sufficient to become worn as necklaces. Also all kinds of hoops are trending for jewelry within the Spring. Get creative together with your hoops, add some pearls, use different shapes, even front facing hoops are totally on trend.

Jewelry Trends-Longer Earrings and Hoops

Jewelry Trends-Sleek Simplicity
As a jewellery trend requires over the planet, men and women have started to seek out a new value waiting for them, and this has turn into extremely nostalgic for them. Simplicity has made persons crave calmness and see styles employing a new scope with refined volumes and shapes. This simplicity has taken over the jewellery planet by storm; just like heavy jewellery is substantially appreciated, simple jewellery is deeply loved at the same time.

Jewelry Trends-Leafs, Shells & Feathers
Anything with a nod to nature is completely in for Spring 2019. There's still a strong boho, wanderlust vibe carrying into 2019 so the handmade, imperfect appear is still very much on trend.

Jewelry Trends-Pearls
Pearls continue to expand and extend their reach across runways and according to Laura Eggerston, "long-lost stones like jade" are also making a refined comeback.In another nod to asymmetry, the newest pearls to hit the market, Edison pearls, contain textural qualities that far exceed traditional smooth freshwater pearls. Their organic nature and incredible lustre make them shine against the competition!

Jewelry Trends-Layers & Layers & Layers
As trends go, layering is timeless. But instead of a myriad of dainty chains, the new look is often a bit a lot more chunky, with some pendants, interspersed with fine chain. So hit up your jewelry box for the chain and add some interest to your layers! Mixing it up with gold, silver, and crystal is also a sweet statement!

Jewelry Trends-Leather
Designers have come up with ultra-creative twists on regular accessories and have changed the industry. The leather is added towards the usual materials. Leather collars, earrings, and mini pouches put a whole new take on things.

Jewelry Trends-Statement Pieces and Maximalism
After the 2018 runways shocked us with huge statement necklaces and massive earrings, we knew the dainty jewelry trend had competition. The emerging trend is known as maximalism, and its signature traits are supersized, abnormal and shocking artistic fashions. This trend also can be a color trend with vibrant hues like green, red, yellow and purple.The maximalism style exudes luxury and extravagance,while the runway is gaga for huge necklaces, even a single massive colorful gemstone fits this look.

Jewelry Trends-Dressed Up Chokers
According to Oliver Jackson " The versatility and diversity of the chokers are extraordinary. Also, there are so a lot of different designs, textures, fabrics, and purposes to these pieces.Chokers retain coming back and they have throughout history. First popular within the 19th century, they found their way back around in the 1920s. After a long disappearance, the 1990s saw them again and now they are back for 2019. Even PANDORA is ready with a black woven choker that spans the eras.

The collar is often a similar trend with a style that hangs closely for the neck. Try the collar necklace trend or the choker this year to keep it alive as a recurring theme in style.

Jewelry Trends-Flower Design
Of course, the occasional heart has always popped up in collections. But now we may be searching at a dominant wave that's going to be at its highest point in 2019. Flowers of all shapes and sizes doused models on the runways, and we are here for it. Whether you opt for a delicate flower pendant or a mini garden on your ears, this is one trend that has us feeling like floral are a ground-breaking trend for 2019.

It truly is crucial that you feel happy wearing pieces of jewelry, trendy or not. Nevertheless, in choosing jewelry, you should consider things like features, the shape of your face, your body style, your height, and the colors that match your skin best. The key is: wear jewelry that tends to make you sparkle! If you need some enable to figure out what jewelry trends 2019 are perfect for you, contact us!

Who doesn’t like to look the best on her wedding day? After choosing the wedding ensemble, now it’s time to select the perfect bit of sparkle to make you shine on your big day. Well, no one can deny that beautiful wedding jewelry adds the final touch to your bridal look, but you need not break the bank and blow away your budget for it.

Jewelry Shopping tips

When it comes to jewelry shopping, the expense usually takes up the lion’s share of the allotted wedding budgets. It’s a complete myth that you must have expensive jewelry for looking resplendent on your big day. However, Simple and elegant ornaments can add exuberance to your overall persona. Although getting the right value for money can be tricky, it is not impossible to achieve.  So, if you believe to be a budget savvy bride, have a look at a few surefire affordable bridal jewelry tips to ace jewelry shopping.

Hunt for Versatile Jewellery
It doesn’t make sense to buy ornate jewelry that can’t be worn on any other occasion except thewedding. Instead, keep an eye out for some modern designs that do not lose its style quotient when paired up with avariety of outfits. Although, it may not save tons of money in your pocket instantly but help you get a considerably better value for money. Reusing the jewelry for other occasions in life makes it a valuable, sensible and money-saving investment.

Take Jewellery on rent 
Many budget savvy brides are of the opinion that spending on jewelry just for a single event is anutter waste of money. If you believe the same, renting the wedding jewelry is the best option for you. You can look for the jewelry renters in your area that cater to brides by renting bridal jewelry that perfectly complements the wedding outfit. Renting jewelry may not seem appealing to some brides-to-be, but it is worth as you will end up with saving a quiet amount of money in this way.
Ditch Gold andopt for other Metals
A bride looks incomplete without the exquisite touch of some jewelry pieces. No doubt gold jewelry augments the beauty of the bride’s attire and takes her beauty to another level. But while looking for something that perfectly fit in your cash, there areplenty of metals that you can choose instead of gold.

Fancy jewel pieces made of colorful metals are now in trend and are also less expensive than traditional gold and silver. Opting for silver or artificial jewelry can leave people gawking all over you while saving a lot of money that you can perhaps invest to your trousseau. Moreover, Jewelry adorned with Siesta Key Created Gems in Gold & Silver also makes a gorgeous yet affordable option for a bride.

Replace Diamonds with Pearls
Sparkling diamonds undoubtedly grab everyone’s attention with the visual appeal. But what if you get the same lush look with pearls that too at a fraction of the price? Yes, you don’t have to spend a lot of your savings in buying the expensive diamonds.Bride adorned with pearls jewelry especially the higher end ones look simply dazzling.

Replace Diamonds with Pearls

Revamp your mother's jewelry
Nothing beats the emotions allied with a piece of jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation. Wearing the traditional family jewelry will not only let you save some money but also help you sport your precious family heirloom. If you want, just give it a modern twist to suit your personality and styling sense. Also wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry on your wedding day is a matter of pride that involves priceless emotions.


Lastly, remember, It’s your attitude and confidence that makes you look gorgeous instead of a piece of jewelry. So, act smart while working on your wedding budget and without further ado, follow these tips for saving money on your wedding jewelry. 

Weddings are special, particularly for the bride. It’s ‘the’ day she’d been waiting for, and now it’s almost time to embrace that encompassing wedding dress alongside the bridal jewellery. Thinking of which, have you ever thought how bland a wedding ceremony would be without those glittery jewels as part of the picture? In fact, a bride without her bridal jewellery can be metaphorically connoted as a dark sky without those shimmery twinkling stars. Makes sense?

What I’m trying to say here is that to be able to pick the perfect bridal jewellery makes a whole lotta difference. And now that the market has grown humongous, with vivid jewelers offering extraordinary designs, it gets really difficult to decide as to what serves the purpose and what redefines the magnificence of the bride.

6 Bridal Gold Necklace Designs You Must Watch Out

In this blog, I will present before you 6 latest bridal gold necklace designs and styles that you ought to watch out for prior to deciding what suits you the best.

Extraordinary Kundan Necklaces
Out of all the traditional style jewellery you might come across, nothing matches the extravagance of Kundan jewellery. Even more, it also considered to be the most expensive traditional jewellery kind.

Kundan jewellery comprises of multi colored gems embedded in highly refined 24-carat pure gold. This style of jewellery became popular during the Mughal Empire, and ever since, adorning a ravishing long Kundan necklace makes the bride feel royalty.

Polki Necklaces
Polki jewellery are quite similar to Kundan. However, it is the involvement of unfinished Diamonds and gems, that makes this style stand out amongst other designs. Traditionally, Polki jewellery originated in Rajasthan, adorned by the royal families. It is considered that Polki jewellery is even costlier than Kundan due to the presence of unpolished stones. Not to mention, when Polki jewellery is combined with enamel work, the overall essence of the jewel magnifies to a huge extent. If you’d ask your fellow married girlfriends, they’d surely have a lot to tell you about Polki necklaces! Any jeweller you go to will show you some extraordinary Polki designs that will definitely melt your heart.

Bespoke Diamond Necklace
One thing that’ll never change is the bond between women and diamonds. In-fact, nothing can match the shimmery essence of diamond jewellery. Lately, Diamond is not only being presented as stand alone, but also being amalgamated with various forms of gold, like white gold, rose gold etc. It is this combination that adds an extra charm to the overall beauty of diamond jewels. Visit your favorite jewellers to take a look at their diamond necklace catalogue.

Jadaau Necklaces
Always impressive, Jadaau jewellery has a distinctive style that will never fail to add an extra spark to the bride’s charm. This style of jewellery originated in West India, particularly Rajasthan and Gujrat. Jadaau necklaces comprise of a beautiful uncut diamond, ruby, sapphire or any other precious gem as the center of attraction, embedded in gold. Trust me on this, a Jadaau necklace when adorned by the bride will make her look extremely elegant! Almost all the jewellers promote Jadaau jewels, however if you want to make things much special, you’d better visit Rajasthan or Gujarat to get your hands on the most exquisite Jadaau jewellery.

Radiant Meenakari Jewellery
If you have a thing for colorful gems and jewels, this one is just perfect for you. Meenakari style of jewellery originated from Rajasthan and lately it has become quite popular not only in India but around the globe. Under this style you get some fancy necklaces with beautiful motifs of peacock and flowers resonating different colors; totally apt for the bride!

Shiny Gold Necklaces
No matter what century we are a part of, Gold will always remain a bride’s favorite option. Always classy and elegant, purchasing gold necklaces is totally worth every penny you spend. As part of the Indian customs, Gold is symbol of Goddess Laxmi, even better known for its everlasting durability and shine.

You can find vivid styles of gold necklaces, however make sure you purchase Hallmarked gold jewels from an authorized jeweller. Not to mention, gold has a great resale value too and it’s after care is also easy compared to other gemstones and precious items.

Stay tuned for more interesting blogs discussing the latest GoldNecklace Designs for the year 2017.

India has always been a hub for everything handcrafted right from jewelry to clothing and small intricate show pieces to soft and colorful cushion covers. Handicrafts have always been important for the development of the Indian economy.

Handicrafts & the Indian Economy

Now, the Indian hand-made industry is on its way to achieving the status that it has been denied for decades. For centuries the Indian subcontinent is known for handcrafted items manufactured by labor intensive techniques. Indian artisans are skilled people who have mastered the art of working on wood, shells, clay, stones and rocks and metal, etc. India is the manufacturer of various kinds of handmade products such as:

      Wooden and terracotta jewelry
      Bamboo Handicrafts
      Cane Handicrafts
      Bell Metal Handicrafts
      Bone and Horn crafts
      Brass Handicrafts
      Clay products or Pottery
      Dhokra Handicrafts
      Jute items and crafts
      Paper Handicrafts
      Rock and stone Handicrafts
      Shell Handicraft
      Silver Filigree or Meenakari or Tarakashi Handicrafts
      Hand weaving or Embroidery
      Wood Handicrafts

The rural parts of the country in particular stand to gain a lot from this sector because it is highly labor intensive. This is beneficial for the country as a sizeable section of population here is unemployed. 

The ongoing globalization trends though in favor of many industries do not favor the handmade goods sector as there is quite a bit of competition that they have to face from machine made produce that is insanely low cost. These substitutes are the immediate choice of consumers worldwide due to their wide availability. The handmade goods industry offers higher returns at lower cost and the Indian Government is working to provide maximum assistance to artisans at minimum cost. This is expected to help them garner sustainable growth in the long run and increase employment opportunities.

This is also a great source of foreign exchange and overall socio economic development after agriculture. This is especially true because Indian handicrafts have been admired internationally for their sheer attention to detail and brilliance and finish. The stunning mix of colors and textures further adds to its exquisite appeal. Indian craftsmanship encompasses handmade clothing, crochet, jewelry of all kinds, for both men and women, handmade knitted items and decorative pieces of numerous kinds and the list just goes on. Right now, rurally located units and small scale cottage industries in the country are the main contributors of handicrafts produced in India with a share of about 78%. Close to 76% of the artisans in the country are self employed and both men and women involved in the production of these goods now seek to export their products to countries like the US, UK, Europe and Australia. 

According to studies, demand of such items is continuously growing in the international markets and their overall exports are expected to surpass $400 million by 2017. As I said earlier, being labor intensive the handmade goods sector could help in reduction of unemployment and the average wage of the creator here is far more than what one earns in agriculture and its allied sector. India is not the only country that stands to gain out of promoting its handicrafts industry. It is evident from numerous researches that countries like China and many parts and provinces of Africa too can benefit from this as it promises enhanced social and financial status everywhere. Therefore, what we need is significant attempts at innovations and introduction to modern technology in the handicrafts field which would eventually lead to a better and more flourishing economy.

The promotional efforts undertaken by the ministry showed a growth of 18.25% for the period of April-September 2016 which is a staggering Rs. 13,005.35 crore. According to reports by Indian governmental authorities handicrafts exports are expected to grow to Rs. 23,560 crore in the year 2016-17. The Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts Executive Director Rakesh Kumar stressed on promoting these goods to markets in the US, Europe, Latin America and The Middle East as they show better prospects. 

To further improve exports the government has decided to enhance duty benefits for the artisan community. The council is also participating in 30 to 35 exhibitions and fairs oversees every year to promote Indian handmade goods in the international markets. These participations will prove beneficial in promoting a healthy and positive image of the Indian handicrafts industry.

Talking about duty benefits, there are 63 handmade items that are going to boost exports. These include candles, handbags, shopping bags, handmade wooden frames for mirrors and photos and handmade paper and shawls and mufflers, etc. The rates of these items and more have been amended under the MEIS (Merchandise Exports from India Scheme) according to a statement made by the director general of foreign trade. 

Time holds a brighter future for the handmade goods sector in India and the promise of improved employment opportunities is a chance for everyone to live a more complete and rewarding life.

Author Bio
Hi I am John Miller. I love and live for everything artistic. My only crime is that I observe too much and then make sure to write it down before I forget all about it. I am a quality manager at Artisna Market place.