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Nothing seems enough when the bride decides to pick what is right for her. This day of her life is perhaps the most important as it will mark her transition from a daughter to a wife or a daughter in law. On her D-day it essentially becomes a mandate for the limelight to fall on the bride, dressed up in gorgeousness, attracting attention of each and every individual present. This joyous occasion however demands the would-be wife to undergo some level of indecisiveness as she is asked to choose from the array of attires, jewelry and makeup. The trickiest thing is narrowing down on your choice of jewelry. So basically it is not only about one’s personal preferences, it has a deeper insight.

Consider Your Facial Structure before Choosing the Right Bridal Ornament

Faces and the bridal jewelry
Isn’t it amazing to know how your face can actually be a considerable factor in picking jewelry? Your facial shape will tell you how exactly your gold chain or necklace or earrings should be like. Even as you think of a maang tika, the shape of your forehead will tell you whether or not it will be wise to choose a heavy adornment or the one that is light. A comparatively small or lighter maang tika is suitable for the shorter forehead.

Tired with your roundish face? Want a much personified appearance for the D-day? Get a longer necklace at least something that goes beyond the neckline. To top it up chandelier or teardrop earrings will accentuate your appeal to a different level of excellence.
A facial structure that is between the round and long may go perfectly with hoops and danglers; an angular shape wins this face a little more extra points than on usual days.
Do you have a rectangular face? If you were about to pick the elongated earrings at the store, it’s just time enough to drop the idea and instead look for something in round. Even the button earrings can make a great difference to your bridal looks if you have a facial structure that is close to that of the shape of a rectangle. You must be thinking if a lot of angular mathematics is involved in this. In that case, square earrings can spoil your looks to an extent you can barely think of.

Whether you are keeping your eyes on a fantastic range of 22k gold jewelry or looking forward to keeping it simple by picking costume ornamentation, consider your facial structure first because this is one of many determinants that will help you look as stunning as ever.

Author-Bio: Christina Redstone is one of the many authors who continuously pens content on different topics. Her latest write-ups are on 22k Gold Jewelry and various related subjects. 
Silver Jewellery How To Know GENUINE or FAKE

Besides diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, all gemstones fall under the semi-precious category. In spite of what the name may suggest, semi-precious gemstones can be as valuable, or even more valuable than precious gemstones, depending on many different factors. Semi-precious gemstones are not as rare as precious gemstones, but certain desirable properties can drive the price of semi-precious gemstones skyward. This handy guide should help you to better understand the fascinating, shimmering world of semi-precious gemstones.

Examples of Semi-Precious Stones

There are hundreds of semi-precious gemstones available on the market today, and some of them aren’t actually made out of stone! For example, pearl, amber, and coral are all naturally occurring substances that are still grouped under the ‘semi-precious’ umbrella term. Some of the most popular semi-precious gemstones include amethyst, turquoise, citrine, garnet, peridot, topaz, iolite, ametrine, and calcite (pictured). People often wear these striking stones in jewelry, but they can also be collected on their own just for the sake of enjoyment. Some people even believe that they have healing properties.

An Overview of a Few Popular Semi-Precious Gemstones

Turquoise: This volcanic stone ranges in color from light blue to a dark blue-green. It is commonly used to make Native American jewelry, and it is usually set in silver. According to Southwest Silver Gallery (a company that regularly deals with this semi-precious stone), fake turquoise is a big problem in today’s market, so make sure you trust your source.

Peridot: Another volcanic rock, peridot is only green, unlike many other semi-precious stones that contain multiple colors, although the iron content can change it from a yellow-green to an olive or brown-green color. It is commonly set in gold.

Citrine: Often mistaken for yellow topaz, citrine tends to have a very bright and clear hue that can range from a mild yellow to a deep gold. Citrine can be successfully set in both silver and gold.

Amethyst (pictured): Amethyst is a type of quartz that boasts a regal purple hue ranging from a mild purple to a robust plum. It is commonly used in gold jewelry for a majestic look fit for royalty.

Topaz: Topaz is a clear stone that comes in many different hues, with natural blue being the rarest and most desirable. Other colors include yellow, yellow-brown, red, pink, green, and brown. This versatile stone can be set successfully in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and virtually any other precious metal.

Semi-Precious Grading

The value of a semi-precious gemstone comes from its grade, and the grade is based primarily on the stone’s color. Experts analyze semi-precious gemstones and grade them according to the saturation, hue, tint, color grade, and color tone. Stones with a high saturation and low tint tend to be most valuable.

The value of certain gemstone hues can fluctuate according to buyer and jeweler trends. The color grade is based on the purity of the color, and the tone describes the lightness or darkness of the stone based on the amount of white or black mixed with the color.

Other Factors that Affect a Stone’s Value

Some semi-precious gemstones may have inconsistent color coverage, lowering the stone’s value. This is called zoning. Faint zoning is when the saturation differs insignificantly throughout the stone. Gradual zoning is when the color is weakened by blending, and visible zoning is when the stone has noticeable patches or layers. Foreign materials in the stone affect its clarity, and the brilliance is measured by how much light the stone reflects when it’s in a still position. An expert will also divide the stone’s height by its minimum width to determine its depth, with 60-80 percent depth being the standard ideal range.

Author Bio:

Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer and lover of all things related to gemstones. She currently resides in Spruce Pine, NC, where she enjoys prospecting for aquamarines, moonstones, and rubies in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. She also writes for a range of respected stone and jewelry providers like Estate Diamond Jewelry and Trumpet & Horn
Unique Traditions of Engagement Ring From Around the World

These days, whenever women hear the word Spring Collection, the first thought they have of shopping. As the chills of winter start giving way to warmer temperatures, leaves and plant which wilt in the winter cold start nurturing again. Spring is the season of joy, Happiness and freshness. In this season of cheer, how can women restrain themselves without ShoppingIt is widely held that women love shopping; they just need an excuse to explore new things. Shopping is a womens favourite hobby and spring provides them with the best time of the year to do the same.

Flying High Biplane Charm- fourseven

               Flying High Biplane Charm- fourseven

How it all started:-
In todays world, fashion is changing rapidly like never beforeEverybody wants to look attractive and in style.There is a famous saying - “what you wear really matters.”The first impression we get about anyoneis always from clothes they wear and as they say, first impression often turns out to be the last impression. We come across thousands of things daily, but if you want to leavean expression then you need to do something out of the ordinary. The idea of aSpring Collection was started by apparel companies to give women one more excuse to shop. In this hyper-competitive era, nobody wants to fall behind and so everybody started to capitalize on this opportunity. Big fashion brands like Prada, Gucci, Armani and more came up with various exciting and gorgeous products around the theme of Springto attract their clientele and found that their sales shot up exponentially.

Yogi King Cobra Charm in Gold- fourseven

       Yogi King Cobra Charm in Gold- fourseven

Spring Collection effect on women:-
Spring is the season of marriage in India with its warm and comfortable climate and general lack of rains.As such it gives women here one more reason to shop with jewelry and ornamentation largely considered as a womans first love. In this era of intense competition, more and more jewellers are trying their best to attract new customers with their designs, finish, material and price points offering something unique and attractive to garner attention. Most companies seek the advice of their loyal customers before coming up with any new product. A company come up with earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets and many more to attract a varied set of customers. Most companies also offer discounts on MRP, utilize mannequins and others to increase their sales. Offers and discounts are widely used to attract customers often companies increase the discount percentages depending on the value of the products being selected.

Lotus Bud Earrings- fourseven

       Lotus Bud Earrings- fourseven

Spring Collection effect on men:-
Do men remain silent in this season of shopping? Off course not. Men tend to buy a lot more clothes and shoes, but jewelry as a category for men is very under-developed in the country. Fewer products are there in the market for the mand most jewellers and jewelry companies target women primarily as they are the revenue drivers. However,new-age fashionable and quirky companies like fourseven have started their own mens collection which sees them experimenting with cufflinks, pendants and more. These products are attractive and have received great feedback. Gifting is a major part of men buying jewelry and the growth of this category lies in attractively selling the various products as accessories rather than ornaments.

Sashakta Pendant- fourseven

                                                Sashakta Pendant- fourseven

So, why remain calm. Grab this opportunity and order something as spring is almost gone!
Sports Coats are all the rage these days. They are the perfect thing to wear during a bit cold summer days or when the winters are just settling in. you do not even have to be a sports lover for carrying this style with ease and grace. This is one look which does not only make you look super cool but it also keeps your body temperature just the way you want it to be. But, just like every other look, there are some ways to carry this one as well. Read on and get inspired

Be Sporty – Carry Your Sports Coat

Go for a Lightweight Coat with No Inner Linings
While sports coats are generally lightweight, sometimes they come with a thick underlining to be worn during much colder days. However, this is not what sports coats are for. At least, during this season, the whole objective of wearing a sports coat is to keep you warm during an unusually windy day. Whether you are wearing a T-shirt under your coat or one of your many Made to Order Dress Shirts, you can easily carry this look amazingly well

Be Sporty – Carry Your Sports Coat like a Pro

Choose What You Like the Best
Sports coats are available in a wide range of colors, styles and designs. So, if you have a special desire to buy a yellow, double-breasted sports coat, then you will definitely land up with one. However, if you like your coats with different patterns on them, then you can even find a coat just like that as well. You can even go for bigger pockets and coats with patches. The sky is the limit, and there is always one design and style for everyone out there.

Be Sporty – Carry Your Sports Coat like a Pro

Avoid Going for Dark Colors
Since a sports coat is all about keeping yourself warm in style during the windy summer days, you should not opt for dark colors. Summer is not about blacks and blues; you can always wear them during the fall and the winter seasons. In case, you somehow end u buying a dark-colored sports coat, make sure to pair it up with a bright made to order dress shirts or graphic tees, for adding more brightness to your personality.
Be Sporty – Carry Your Sports Coat like a Pro


How you enhance your whole look in a positive manner depends on upon how good you are at accessorizing your clothes. You can wear a good hat matching the color of your coat. You can even mix and match. If your coat has got patterns on it, then go for a plain hat and vice versa. A pair of sunglasses can also make you look super awesome. You can even wear some leather bracelets and role up the sleeves of your coat, especially if you have got well-toned arms. If you are not much into jewelry, then a watch can be your best friend. You can even mix and match the whole look with the color and the type of trousers which you wear with the coat.