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If a celebrity was spotted wearing it, it’s fashion! Celebrities around the globe make their fashion choices public, setting trends for millions to follow. True to their super star personalities, Bollywood queens back home are picky in choosing which apparel to adorn and which to drop. The critical factor here is to choose products that will elevate their OOTD and subsequently add to their overall status as a style icon.

Inspired by hot trends right off the runway in London, check out these celebrities sporting apparel from Cover Story India:

Neha Dhupia
Known for her understated elegance and charm, Neha Dhupia manages to make the most stylish appearances look effortless. Case in point is this picture of her looking naturally charming, in a blue and white striped, nautical gown by Cover Story. Layered with a fashionable long blue jacket and accessorized with a brown tote bag, she looks simply delightful, doesn’t she? Here’s a great example of how to look chic without compromising on comfort or ease.

Celebrities Outfits

Priyanka Chopra
As long as it’s PC, it’s got to be glamorous! Priyanka Chopra has inspired women across continents with her unmatched confidence and panache, creating waves every time she steps out on the street. Rocking the now-trending monochrome look, Priyanka Chopra looked fearless as ever in a black leather jacket, paired with the ‘Suited and Booted’ tee by Cover story. Here’s raising a toast to a global style icon, in the face of our much-loved Desi girl.

Celebrities Outfits

Anushka Sharma
She’s fun, she’s daring and she’s also the girl next door. Anushka Sharma looks all shades of stunning in this striped, cold-shoulder jumpsuit by Cover Story. The multi-toned outfit looks spectacular on the Bollywood beauty, accentuating her enviable figure. An Off shoulder jumpsuit is the ‘in thing’ this season, giving you a chance to sport a look that is fun yet sophisticated. You can accessorize your outfit with a contrasting solid handbag to dial up the style quotient.

Celebrities Outfits

Swara Bhaskar
You can never go wrong with nude and Swara  Bhaskar sure knows how to the make the best of this never-failing, understated aesthetic. Just like her personality, Swara Bhaskar’s fashion sense is also sophisticated yet edgy – as reflected in her choice to balance out a quirky outfit with classy nude pumps. The most versatile color of all, you can wear nude irrespective of whether you’re going for a simplistic, understated look or a dressed up appearance. It is also a great choice of color in accessories, seamlessly blending with the rest of your outfit and adding a refined appeal to your ensemble.

Celebrities Outfits

With the setting in of autumn winter, you have a great excuse to make some fashionable additions to your wardrobe. Take cue from your favorite style icons and add a dash of flair to your everyday look.
There is an artist from Philippines whose name is Catherine Young and she explores human perception combined with environment. She is many-sided young woman who has degree in molecular biology, biotechnology, fine art and design. She studied in New York, Barcelona and Manila. The project she is currently working on is called The Apocalypse project. She was not the first one doing fashion based on climatic changes. There were Rebecca Fowler and Francesco Fiondella before her who created a calendar of climatic models in the year 2014. Scientists were models for this calendar illustrating their interests in the field of research.

Climatic Trend in Fashion - Beauty Tips

What Catherine young does is a bit different though. It is not difficult to guess that apocalyptic situations are in the center of her idea. Indeed, what to wear in case of apocalypse to happen and how to use materials at hand. Needless to say, that under apocalypse extreme climate changes are meant such as super typhoons, draughts or changeable weather in weather frequency.

She happened to work as a journalist and she caught herself thinking about the problem of apocalypse and how people in Singapore saw the problem. Through interviewing, she came up with certain questions upon how people imagine apocalypse, what to wear and even what superpower they would want to obtain to be able to cope with all the difficulty of the situation. Moreover, she asked them to draw their answers and in spite of whether they like it or not, she came up with a conclusion that the problem of what to wear in time of an apocalypse is the vital problem and this gave her a push to work on the idea.

Among other projects Catherine Young was working on were the project with students from National University in Singapore the central question of which was what would happen if our planet sued us for treating it this bad. Students helped with writing a script and choosing a cast so it made it to where it was possible to shoots film right in the reading room and that was what they did.

Apart from that, she also went to hiking tour through Seoul`s mountains. It was a time when she actually noticed all the damage humans’ cause and saw all the impacts on environment but she is sure that fashion, cinema, theater and photography are not the only ways to draw attention of people to the problem of environment. Designing clothes is one of the ways to attract people`s attention to the problem because otherwise they do not care much in most of the cases. An outfit is a story. Presenting the clothes, she engages audience to try it on so they could put themselves into the story. Using unconventional materials is always a challenge. Challenges taken by others always set a fire of interest within people`s minds.  

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Women love fashion as is evidenced by their varied day-to-day wear. Their unique affinity with it is best exemplified by how they present themselves with the various clothes they assemble. For women who have a penchant for looking their best and wearing only the best fashion pieces, wearing something that strictly adheres to the corporate dress code can be stifling and can easily feel like a chore after four or five rotations. While you might possess an enviable wardrobe filled with stylish clothes, not all of them may make the cut of your office dress code which means you may have to constrain yourself to wear a repetition of sartorial items you may have already worn the week prior. It sounds like your Mondays even got duller.

 Fashion 101: How NOT To Dress Boring For Work

However, fret not as with everything, there is always an opportunity to make your existing closet clothes work for you. You do not have to worry about hastily worn clothes that make you look frumpy and rushed, with the style ideas below, you will be looking chic, fashion forward and classy without straying from your company's dress code.

A hassle-free way to dress for the office is to sport a classic look. It might be the most common and easiest way to dress, but it works every single time regardless of your job. However, you need to be careful as to how to appropriately dress because going for the classic look can quickly make you dull and commonplace if it is not done right. When it comes to going for the classic look, always add a statement piece such as attractive shoes like wholesale steve madden shoes, a big bag or some jewelry. Do not simply wear the classic look as is unless when you want to blend in. Remember, it is all in the details.

If the corporate dress code is not too stiff and you prefer to be more comfortable in your outfits without seeming too relaxed, then the casual business look is best for you. Wearing jeans already puts the casual into the equation, so all you would need to do is add the business look. To do this, pair your jeans with smart looking feminine tops such as structured or silky blouses or men-shirts, a blazer and a professional bag. Finish the look by tastefully applying accessories.

For women whose offices have absolute no regard for the way they dress so long as they do not bare too much skin, the careless chic style should be your go-to outfit inspiration. You want to look like you do not give a slight damn about how you look, but inwardly you have an unwavering penchant for all things fashionable. To pull this off, you need to incorporate various style items into one outfit ensemble. Experiment with shapes such as slouchy versus fitted and with looks (feminine and masculine). Finish your entire look with an excellent pair of heels, but oxfords and brogues would also tie the whole outfit together as well.

You would want to look your best even if you are sitting behind a desk from 9-5. You want to make sure that wherever you are, you would be appropriately dressed for the occasion, and you would rather drop dead than come up with an ugly outfit. If all those applied for you, then you would certainly love the glamorous look. You are all about bright lips and sky high heels, so the tip is to always wear fabulous heels, luxurious fabrics, long trousers, silky blouses, beautiful coats and massive handbags. Do it tastefully though and try not to wear everything at once.

 Fashion 101: How NOT To Dress Boring For Work


If power dressing is your thing, you might find your style with sophisticated office wear. It is not exactly very easy to do and would need constant practice. However, it is a fun and unique way to experiment with clothes. A good tip for a sophisticated look is to start with at least one statement piece and build an outfit from there. Incorporate varied styles into your outfit while having a classic look as a base and then adding on items according to your personality. Anything that might be classified as work inappropriate by most is fair game to you as it is about making them work for you.
Do you own a small fashion retail store? If you want your business to flourish and your store to become popular, you better be well-versed with the latest trends in fashion. If you pay attention to the people around you, you will inevitably notice that what people wore a year ago is no longer in fashion. The only thing which is constant in life, as well as the fashion industry, is change. You have to be on your toes if you want your store to be the most fashionable one in town.

Why are Jeans a Total Must-Have for Enhancing the Collection of Your Store

Having said so, it is also a fact that there are certain timeless elements and some staple clothing which never completely get replaced; it always comes back with some minor style variations but never goes out of fashion. So, along with the trendiest apparels, you must also have some timeless classics and some standard clothing in your collection. One of the most basic and regular standard wardrobe essentials is a pair of jeans. Jeans never go out of fashion and have always made a lovely comeback into what can be called some of the most fashionable trends of a year.

So, let’s find out why a pair of jeans can enhance your collection by leaps and bounds and make your store a shop destination for all the top-notch brands.

Jeans are a kind of apparel which is worn by all kinds of people, right from the teens to the elderly or the plain Jane to the stylish Fashionista. This is because jeans can withstand the daily wear and tear without getting damaged, fading or degrading in quality after a few washes. They are so durable that these have become a basic item of clothing for everyone. So, having denim in your store will help you attract a variety of customers.

Plenty of Options
While one of your customers might be looking for something simpler and basic, there may be some others who would like to wear something smarter and stylish. With such items of clothing, you can cater to both kinds because now jeans are available in plenty of styles and colors. There are various kinds of colorful denim in black, red, green or white. And now your customers can choose a pair of jeans according to their body type. Boot cut, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, high-rise, low waist- there is simply a myriad of options to choose from.

Versatility & Flexibility
Jeans have never lost its charm even after so many years. Whether it is a formal event or a casual hangout, girls and boys often pick a good pair of jeans. While with other kinds of attire, there remains a slight chance of things goofing up but it is believed that one can never go wrong with a pair of jeans. Customers rarely find such flexibility and versatility in other trousers. So, have good pairs of jeans in your collection and let your customers freely pick any kinds of jeans according to their needs.

Why are Jeans a Total Must-Have for Enhancing the Collection of Your Store

Easy to Style
Most of the people nowadays are very fashionable and quite conscious about what they wear. So, usually, they always tend to wander a lot until they find a perfect top for a certain kind of trouser. But with denim, it is a lot easier because when it comes to a good pair of jeans, there are no such hard and fast rules. All kinds of tops, in any fabric and color, match a good quality jean. So, if your customers have a particular top in mind, you can easily satisfy them with any pair of jeans in any style and cut.

 Worth the Money
Since jeans can never go out of style, your customers will never stop buying denim. And hence, they are totally worth the investment. If you can keep your store updated with all the latest cuts and styles, these are a total value for money. There are plenty of places from where you can Wholesale Jeans For Women and men. Wholesale prices are quite reasonable and thus, can further help you cut down on your business expenses.

So, this is a must-have in your amazing collection of gorgeous clothes. And therefore, you must not waste even a minute. Quickly shortlist some of the jeans wholesalers and gear up to make your store the best one in town.

Author Bio: Jane is a fashion blogger and here, she tells us why having good pairs of jeans can make your retail store popular. Buy a bulk of wholesale jeans for women and see the difference. 
Intro: She can do high glam, casual chic and everything in between!

Even before she stunned us in her gorgeous gold Ralph Lauren gown at the Golden Globes, actor-singer-film producer-TV star Priyanka Chopra had proved she could carry off just about any look. Only in the past month, she appeared for two parties in Mumbai dressed in the season’s hottest fashion trends. But this is Priyanka Chopra—so there was a generous dollop of individuality to each look.

Keeping it cool for the AM:
You know she has the body confidence for body-con. At a party thrown for her by fashion designer Manish Malhotra, Priyanka showed off that impossibly toned bod in a figure-skimming olive midi dress from the new online shopping brand, Lulu & Sky. She keeps the look casual with a denim jacket, but the lace-up details and that thigh-high slit bring the sexy.

Take your look from AM to PM like Priyanka Chopra

Shop the look here: Laced up Olive Midi Dress

Glamming up for the PM:
For a friend’s party, Priyanka showed up in leather pants and a skull print tee—but she dressed up the look with a safety pin-studded statement jacket. With gold and silver metallic details, this cropped jacket from Lulu & Sky is super versatile and so rock-n-roll.

Take your look from AM to PM like Priyanka Chopra

Author - Lulu & Sky