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Embracing traditions have currently become a trend. transportation back knotty hand embroidery and completely different crafts uprooted from the core of various regions of the country wherever the work speaks for itself. whereas you're exploring the various made and majestic crafts to adorn on your huge day add Maggam work shirt styles to the highest of your list. we've curated some rich and a few scintillating Maggam work shirt styles to inspire your concepts for your bridal apparel. A bride actually deserves the special effort that goes behind this lovely ancient craft.
Maggam Work Blouse Designs

1. Evergreen Beauty
Feel the blooming spring season by adorning Maggam work shirt styles with knotty floral embroidery. AN evergreen and stylish red shirt accentuated with careful golden embroidery can up your vogue quotient multiple folds.
Evergreen Beauty

Style it right by adorning it with:
Handwoven Banarasi Saree
 Golden Maang Tikka
Hair tied in a classy low bun
Well highlighted face makeup
A pop of matte red colour on your lips
2. Minimal and Scintillating
For the token bride trying to find barely of tradition and a generous small indefinite quantity of sizzle in her bridal apparel, this one's for you. Deep ‘U’ back Maggam work shirt styles with exquisite floral borders and a touch of sparkle with golden sequence embroidery.
Minimal and Scintillating

Style it right by adorning it with:
·            Pearl tassels bringing the back design together
·            Hair tied in an effortless messy bun
·            Hand jewellery like rings, Haath Phool and gold bangles
·            Golden stilettos heels
·            Minimal face makeup with a dewy finish and a fresh glow
3. Precious in Pink
Look completely purple in pink and golden Maggam work shirt styles fine crafted with Byzantine floral embroidery and increased with a touch of sparkling sequence and a Zari work. With exquisite Maggam work lavishly unfold on the shirt, your apparel can twinkle no but the jewelry that you just adorn
Precious in Pink

Style it right by pairing it with:
·            Diamond and pearl jewellery set
·            Hair in a stylish high bun for your marriage ceremony
·            Soft and natural face makeup
·            Brown smokey eye makeup
·            Glossy pink lips in a soft hue
4. Traditional Triumph
Going all move into the celebration of the largest event of your life? Check your apparel checked off the list with this Maggam work shirt styles. Exhibit a full Shaadi scene on the rear of your style and take it up a notch by change out tassels for Jhumkas.
Traditional Triumph

Style it right by pairing it with:
·            Antique gold Kundan jewellery set
·            Kamar band and gold Kangan
·            Hair up in a high bun
·            Red lips celebrating the auspicious occasion
·            Smokey eye makeup for the diva that you are
5. Subtle Champagne
Your search for gorgeous Maggam work shirt styles for a Mehndi perform finish right here. we've the right champagne and gold shirt image to inspire you for simply that. uninteresting gold thread embroidery provides this outfit a royal charm.

Subtle Champagne

Style it right by adorning it with:
·            Kundan jewellery set accentuated with precious emeralds.
·            Traditional Gokhru Bangles
·            Dewy makeup look
·            Matte mute lip colour with a smokey brown eye
·            Gold peep-toes to complete the look
6. Green, Gold and Gajra
If this isn’t a glance choked with Tadka for your Mehndi perform once we don’t understand what's. This apparel that includes Maggam work shirt styles has all the ingredients for a drool-worthy look. The yellow Gajra and golden embroidery adding a different bit to the inexperienced shirt brings the design along.

Green, Gold and Gajra

Style it right by adorning it with:
·            Yellow flower hair garland
·            Kundan hair accessory with multi-strand pearls
·            Well highlighted makeup look for a dewy effect
·            Traditional anklet or a golden Payal
·            Hair exhibiting a side part tied up in a high bun
7. Summer Pastels
Gold and pink are a match created in fashion heaven, and after you select soft pastel hues then it makes the right combination for a sunny summer wedding. Be a plan for all the bride-to-be’s this wedding season by adorning pastel Maggam work shirt styles..

Style it right by pairing it with:
·            Jasmine flower hair garland
·            Delicate antique gold jewellery
·            Blush pink cheeks and lips
·            Golden eyes
·            And a divine smile

Maggam work shirt styles with exquisite exactitude need a fine craftsman with years of expertise that makes it all the dearer, exquisite and exclusive. of these traits build it deserve being adorned by the divine bride on her massive day. It’s your special occasion once all! Be galvanized by these Maggam work shirt styles and arrange the outfit for your massive day consequently.

Trendy, cool blouse designs have always been on the lookout by the fashion aspiring ladies. As many great weaves, we have in sarees, as many blouse designs; in fact many more are doing the rounds in the events. An elegantly worn saree is best complimented by an equally gorgeous blouse design.

“Fashion” is always a fleeting trend; ever changing to meet the fancy of its patrons. The stylish ‘dos, where celebrities flash their ‘designer wear’ with zeal sometime back, soon gets replaced by the current trends on in the fashion scene. 

Boat necks and the full necks are the ones we have seen yester years flaunting on silver screen. And the charisma of these blouse designs still lingers in the Bollywood’s air 😊 as we see Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan and likes are wearing these blouse styles with élan. 

Listing below 15 ever fashionable blouse designs that never become obsolete in your wardrobe:

Author Bio: Janhavi. Would love to call myself a blouse designs specialist 😉. Check more such blouse designs on The Gorgeous Club  ( )

Whether you have draped a saree before or not, you must have gone through a bunch of them when shopping at a local store with your female family members or just sorting through them online. Saree is one of the most attractive and luring traditional attires in this part of the world, but slowly and steadily turning heads in the west as well. The whole quintessential appeal put forward by a woman draped in a beautiful saree is hard to avoid. The only reason that young women have been keeping away from sarees in the past decade has been the demoralising and old fashion designs on the blouses. They make you look older than you are and bring down the whole appeal of the saree.

The Backless Blouse Designs are Revamping Traditional Saree Looks

New blouse designs:
The introduction of trendy and latest blouse designs has intrigued the interest of the masses in the saree clad look again. A huge variety of blouse designs have flooded the market. Some of the different varieties include-

New blouse designs:

  •   Halter neck blouses,
  •    Deep back blouses,
  •    Net sleeve blouses,
  •   Three quarter sleeve blouses,
  •   Designer back blouses,
  •   Net back blouses, and most noticeably
  •  The Backless Blouse Designs.
These designs are being customised to fit personal preferences, in order to develop individualistic styles for every Diva who wears them.

How blouses are changing looks?
The revolution in the blouse designs is making sarees more adaptable for the young generation. Blouses today have come to hold a more important status than the sarees themselves. Not only are they brilliant pairing with your sarees, but the whole colour, design and cuts of the blouse are changing the whole demographic of the saree itself. You can pair several blouses with the same saree and get a new look every single time. For traditional looks, 

The Backless Blouse Designs are Revamping Traditional Saree Looks

you can settle for a wide U back designer blouse with elbow length sleeves. For a more professional look, you can settle for back covered, Chinese collar blouses with short sleeves. For a more casual look halter or sleeveless blouses are the best pairing you can give to your sarees. In case you are aiming to go for a party look, there is no better an option than the Backless Blouse Designs.

The phenomenon in the form of backless blouses:
Backless blouses are stunning in their own rights. They not only turn heads, but are also very versatile. You can use it to play your look up, or give it a sophisticated classy touch. These backless blouses can be made out of a variety of materials. These include- different kinds of Silks, Tussars, Velvets, Satins, Linen or cotton, Brocade, chiffons, etc.

Each of these materials, give their own unique touch and look to these blouses and pack them pair worthy, with equally Beautiful Sarees. The back less blouses are best worn at celebratory occasions, parties and corporate gatherings.

You can find a variety of back less blouse design ideas online. Find the one that you think suits you best and give them a try, if you haven’t got one yet.