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It's time to get dressed to go to the office and many have doubts about whether women 's office Women High End Sandals (shoes) should be formal or, on the contrary, something more casual.

Defining your personal style is essential, and knowing how to choose the right colors and materials will make you feel more comfortable and sure of yourself, too.

Therefore, this post by Albeli (banarasi saree manufacturer in Varanasi) helps you choose the perfect shoes for the office, so that you return to work with more style and energy than ever.

How to choose women's shoes for the office?

What models of women's shoes will be relevant for the office?

Pumps are considered a real classic of business fashion. Many girls are fans of this model. These are shoes with a slightly pointed toe and low heels. The most popular are monophonic models without catchy decor.

Black, white, beige, blue, brown are considered popular shades of boats. Separate pairs can be decorated with buckles, small buttons, and small bows. Often they are made of leather or suede. Boats are universal and visually make the figure more elegant.

The next model of business women's shoes is moccasins. This type of shoe, in which the side components are connected to the top thanks to a relief, decorative seam. The upper is created in the form of a "tongue" that runs through the instep. It is on it that decorative holes are often made that provide sufficient air circulation.

Thanks to the flexible, elastic sole and the absence of hard parts, this model is comfortable to wear. And this is especially true in a busy work schedule in the office.

Recommendations for choosing good women's office shoes

First of all, we note that it is better to have a separate, replaceable pair for the office and not go to the street. This way you will wear a clean and tidy pair. In addition, street boots or boots will not be as appropriate in a business style.

What you should pay attention to when choosing office women's shoes :

1. Selection of a model exactly in size. Considering the fact that you choose a pair for work, it should not cause any discomfort. Too tight or, on the contrary, loose can lead to the appearance of corns, cracks, and curvature of the fingers.

2. The pair should be easy to put on and take off. For work, it is better to abandon models in which there are a lot of laces, fasteners, buckles. Such models will not be very comfortable to wear. It is better if it will be shoes with the possibility of regulation on the foot.

3. Choose a versatile style. Stop your choice on a model that will easily be combined with any of your business attire. This saves you from having to buy several pairs for a particular bow.

4. Choose quality over price. It is better to invest in a good pair once than to buy new shoes several times a year. This way you avoid unnecessary spending.

5. Focus on comfort. For example, if you want to buy a pair of heels, then it should be stable and moderately high. Models with a pointed toe make a business look more trendy, but definitely not suitable for daily wear at work in the office.

Materials and care

The most practical shoes are made of leather, which has a smooth texture. It does not require special care and retains a decent appearance for a long time. Suede models look elegant and stylish.

But this type of material requires special care. It must be constantly cleaned and treated with protective equipment. If you still decide to buy a pair of suede, then immediately purchase all the necessary details to care for it.

What shoes are suitable for the office

Of course, there are models that are not entirely relevant for business style and office work in general. These include high heels. And although they have a rather spectacular appearance, they are unlikely to be appropriate for an image in a business style.

Further, pairs with a corrugated, thick sole fall under the taboo. They can be safely worn in everyday life, but definitely not at work. Here it is worth mentioning the shoes on a high platform. A valid option is no more than 10-12 mm.

Also, models with bright finishes do not fall under the office dress code. The latter may attract too much attention. Shoes with simple, minimal fittings will look best.

For the office, sports-style shoes, such as sneakers, are not suitable. It is difficult to imagine such couples with a business suit on an employee of a prestigious company.

The quality of women's shoes for the office

What is better not to do is to buy a pair for office work made of artificial material. It can have a rather attractive appearance and affordable cost. But in a sock, such a pair can be quite uncomfortable.

You need to understand that in comparison with natural materials, leatherette does not stretch so well. It does not allow air to pass through well, which means that the leg in such a model may not “breathe”.

Some manufacturers create such shoes from artificial leather that it is difficult to distinguish them from natural. There is an unusual life hack in this regard. Its smell can give out a pair of leatherette. Often it smells like gasoline or some kind of solvent. Genuine leather models have a slight animal scent.

Also, experts recommend paying attention to narrow sections at the seams. The wrong side of the leatherette is sticky from the use of adhesive material. In addition, in sections of artificial leather, a barely noticeable fringe in the form of warp threads can be seen.

The modern variety of shoes allows you to look fashionable and beautiful even in working conditions. And at the same time, what is important, do not sacrifice your own comfort. We hope that our recommendations will help you choose the perfect, stylish pair for the office.


Author Bio

Akshat Nawalgaria, a renowned businessman, is presently managing the well-established banarasi saree brand named Albeli in Varanasi. Albeli manufactures stunning banarasi silk sarees which are a perfect combination of vibrant colors, remarkable designs, and quality material. Through his great ideas accompanied by great vision, he has made Albeli a highly preferred silk sarees brand in Varanasi.

There are a few things in life for which men are very particular and shoes might be on top of this list! As crazy as it may sound, men really are very selective and precise when it comes to the shoes they wear. There are multiple reasons for this. Men like to wear shoes that are comfortable but want them to be equally stylish as well. Men do not like to go shopping all day long but want to pay the least they can for the best they can get!

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Printed sarees are getting very trendy these days because of the reason that unlike the printed sarees which were made earlier now the printed sarees have much more appeal due to the diversity and creativeness in the patterns printed on them. The whole saree is not printed with the same design all over. The sarees are even dyed with different colors in dual patterns, shaded patterns and much more. Plus the patterns printed on these sarees have a whole range of modern prints that were printed on different western dresses including the animal prints, monochromes etc.

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The printed sarees are very comfortable since they are very light and made up of fabrics like georgette, chiffon and viscose. These fabrics have the capability of carrying the prints well and have a flow in them. They are soft and convenient for the wearer plus they can be worn on any occasion whether it is casual or formal. These can be worn during the formal meeting and at work places. The printed sarees are even perfect for wearing during the weddings; you can select the prints which convey your thoughts to others in the weddings. The colorful and funky prints will be the best to convey your rejoice during the wedding and festive season.

The printed sarees can be extremely stylish if they will be paired with proper styled blouses and will be worn in a neat and elegant way. If the blouses are stitched in unique styles like the spaghetti strips, tassels of matching colors, full sleeves or sleeveless etc., then they will make the printed sarees even more chic and classy.

The modern prints which are extremely popular and liked by the women now days are the floral prints, animal prints, forest prints, tribal prints, monochrome prints, abstract prints, peacock prints, rituals prints, dual colored prints, leaflets, feminine kalis etc. are all very trendy these days. The most popular among all is the digital print or the abstract prints, the abstract or digital prints are the prints of paintings, patterns or digital images which are rather very colorful and look extremely stylish with contrast colored blouses which have been stitched stylishly.

One more good thing to know about the printed sarees is that they are not very expensive, even the most stylish and designer printed sarees are extremely affordable and will easily fit into your budget. To get these amazing sarees you can get them by printed sarees online shopping. The online stores have a big collection of printed sarees of trendy patterns for you to choose. If you are a working woman then you must definitely have some printed sarees in your closet. Online saree shopping is the best way to procure these.

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