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It absolutely feels like a dream come true to find a woman to spend the rest of your life with. And asking her to be your wife can definitely give you a different level of nervousness and excitement all at the same time. From planning about the perfect time to pop the question, asking for the parents’ (of both sides) blessing or consent, choosing the location and most especially, to buying the engagement ring that’s perfectly fitted for a princess.
Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement/Wedding Ring

If you’re completely guilty about everything that’s been stated, stop worrying now because you’ve already found your guide. The only thing you need to do is to give this article some time and keep all the details in mind.

Fix and settle your budget

First thing you must consider before stepping into a jewellery shop is to fix or settle your budget for the ring. Having your price range will make it easier for the jeweller to present to you the finest ring for your budget. Don’t create a drama when you finally find out about the ring prices, because like purchasing other expensive things like a car, or a house and lot, ring prices are also negotiable. Don’t ever think to put yourself into debt only to give your girl the best ring. Isn’t it better to propose to her debt-free than starting your married life with obligations to mind?
Fix and settle your budget

Give ample time for “ring search”

Looking for the perfect ring may take a long list of jewellery stores and ages. As soon as you’re sure of proposing to her or getting the parents’ consent and blessing, start searching for the ring. A couple or 3 months is the least time allowance for you to consider – whether you’re proposing or preparing for the wedding.  
Give ample time for “ring search”

This is for you to have enough time to browse, go from one jewellery shop to another, scan the prices, and finalise your ring choice. Allocating more time for ring search or ring shop is more important if you’re considering customised ring and/or ring designs.

Know her style and interests

Women have different tastes and interests almost about everything. Be it in fashion, music, food, and even in jewellery. As her boyfriend who’s planning on taking her in front of the aisle, it’s your duty to know her style and interests. Once you give a certain effort to know her style and interests, you’ll see that it’ll be easier for you to choose the perfect engagement/wedding ring. You must know whether she’s into a diamond engagement ring, Forever mark diamonds, pink diamonds, platinum, gold, and so on.
Know her style and interests

Come to think of it, if you come up with the ring that she’s in love with, that’s a plus factor on you. She’ll absolutely fall deeper in love with you and will definitely say, “Yes!” to the wedding.

Take note of her ring size

As you go through seas and mountains to know her style and interests, don’t forget to take note of her ring size. It’s definitely devastating to see that the ring doesn’t fit her finger – this is the part which you shouldn’t screw up like other men out there.
Take note of her ring size

Though failing to get the right ring size isn’t a complete loss, but it will cost you more money and time. So, it’s still better to sneak out and figure out her ring size before you’ll end up into a tragic wedding proposal scenario.

Consider the quality and shape

An engagement/wedding ring is a symbol of your sincere and unparalleled love to the woman of your life. Therefore, it’s necessary that you check on the quality and shape of the ring before you finally purchase it. When checking on the quality, make sure to consider the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight of the ring. Furthermore, if you’re considering the shape, you can choose on shapes such as round, princess, pear, oval, heart, and other variety of shapes that the jewellery shop might be offering.

Consider the quality and shape

These are only a few from tons of advice you have to know and keep in mind when choosing the finest piece of engagement/wedding ring for the love of your life. It may look a lot more difficult than deciding on proposing to her, but everything will be worth it once you made her say, “Yes!” to spend the rest of your lives together forever.
Kath Ramirez embraced the dream of being a writer since she was in 4th grade. She took it seriously and she now writes for Musson Jewellers, an award-winning provider of the finest jewellery not only in 
It is becoming more common to include tweens in weddings. Flower girls and ring bearers have always been part of weddings when there are toddlers in the families. They are unpredictable and cute and everyone knows to expect the unexpected.

But when the child is over the age of 8 and under the age of 13, there are few options on how to include them in the ceremony. This is where the junior bridesmaid and junior groomsman comes into play.

Include Your Junior Bridesmaid & Groomsman in Your Wedding

When including a tween in your wedding it is important to treat them as you would any other member of the bridal party. Of course, they cannot attend adult parties, but they can be included with shopping, rehearsals, showers, and other wedding related activities. They can go with the groups to have their hair styled and their clothes fitted.

Role of The Junior Bridesmaid
The junior bridesmaid role can be designed any way the bride chooses. The most modern trend is for the junior bridesmaid to put on a performance before the ceremony in song or recital. She then walks from the stage and stands at the end of the bridesmaid row and the adults fill the row as they arrive from their walk down the aisle.

Include Your Junior Bridesmaid & Groomsman in Your Wedding

Another option is allowing the junior bridesmaid to put on a dance performance at the reception. She assumes the same role as the bridesmaids during the wedding but at the reception, she begins the dance time with a modern dance. There are many available Outfits For Dancers.  With the help of some cool lighting and the DJ, she can open the dance floor with a great number.

Adding the Junior Groomsman in the act
The Junior groomsman helps to seat the guests. He can be included in the song or recital and if he can be given a part in the dance performance even if he does not take dance. The juniors can wear their costumes and he can easily be taught a few steps to complement the routine.

While the bride who includes juniors in her wedding is a usually a more laid-back person, she doesn't sacrifice style for convenience. Technology has come a long way in the bridal industry. Brides can easily find the perfect wedding Dresses Online.  This major bridal industry leader also allows bridesmaids to put down a small deposit and have a dress shipped to them so they can try on the selection in the comfort of their own home. They have the option to return the dress and try again if the gown is not to her liking.

The bridal party has access to the styles, colors, quality, and embellishments online just as they would have if they went to the location.

The Juniors clothes
The junior bridesmaid will wear a dress of the same color and cut as the bridesmaids with age-appropriate changes. For example, she will wear straps rather than a bare shoulder gown. The bridesmaid’s gowns may be floor length, but you may consider a tea length dress for her to make it easier to walk. Of course, she will wear pumps or flats, not high heels.

The Junior groomsmen will wear the same suit or tux as the adult men in the wedding, though he may be allowed to remove his jacket and wear his vest while he is “working”.
Responsibilities for the Junior Bridesmaid & Groomsman
Here are some jobs that your juniors can easily take care of:
  • Passing out programs
  • Assisting the ushers in seating grandparents and guests
  • Be in charge of the guestbook
  • Pass out bubbies, confetti or rice to shower the exciting couple
  • Help with cleaning up

Fun extras
After the wedding, give your junior bridesmaid and groomsman a digital or instant camera and let her take pictures. A digital camera will take the most pictures without the expense of the special film for the instant camera. The camera and a photo album will make a great “thank you” gift and you might be surprised at some of the great pictures they take.

The “not a good idea” list
Here are some things that you will not ask a junior bridesmaid and groomsman to do:

  • Babysit for guests
    • If someone has brought their child and the juniors want to play with him, that is fine. But do not ask her to be responsible for a young child in a venue full of people. Do not expect them to supervise toddlers outside and do not give them the responsibility of keeping the other children safe from the parking areas.
  • Be the maid
    • Sure, they can help tidy up but it should not be their job. If you would not as your maid of honor to clean up a mess, do not as your juniors to. They are not hired help.

Finally, thank them for their efforts. Whether things went perfectly or not, let them know how great they were and how much they added to the special day. Make this an event they will never forget.
Christian views on marriage relation are strictly considered between the couple. Christian wedding is a lifelong bond between bride and groom forever. Christian’s faith strictly in the Lord Christ to connect with new relationships. Christ teaches them in all the way by his moral and teachings. Christians follow various customs and rituals during their matrimonial ceremonies. Marriage occasion is celebrated with a lot of fun-loving moments to express happiness and excitement for the special wedding day ceremony. Both the bride and groom’s houses are decorated with colorful decoration ingredients to make look it charming along with dazzling lights, multi color lanterns and more. christian Matrimony site  is a holy relationship that is mandatory to know the significance of it before entering into this lifelong relationship. There are some staple custom and rituals playing an important role in the holy union of the matchmaking couple. 

Christian Wedding Day Custom Celebration Brings Smile on Couple Face

Christian Wedding Attire   
Wedding is a single day affair, but make it forever memorable by doing some special arrangements. If you are a close relative and a family member either of the bride or groom so just imagines making its grandeur. At this day Christian bride wears traditional long tailored and heavy white frock this is the popular wedding attire especially for Christian bride. Christian groom wears professional type black suit with a necktie that makes nice outfit.  

Wedding Rituals and Customs  
Christian wedding custom and rituals are the significance of Christian religious and cultural beliefs that are performed to keep the cultural touch by seeking the blessing of the God. These are dominant custom and rituals are described below: 

Engagement Ceremony 
Engagement is an exciting little custom function, wherein close relatives are invited to participate in this occasion. Christian couple exchange rings to each other as the sign of their love and sincerity. An engagement ceremony is an official announcement of the marriage relation.  

Roce Ceremony 
Roce ceremony is known as Haldaat to paste, turmeric and sandalwood paste to the bride and groom skin to make it more glowing. All the ladies guests participate in this ceremony to apply turmeric paste on the bride and groom as per the tradition.  

Reception of The Bride 
On the wedding ceremony, bride just arrives later in the church. Bride takes off from the car and groom welcome her by offering bouquet into the church. Christian bride and groom both are looking at each other and happily participating in further wedding ceremonies.   

Exchange of Vows  

Priest recites wedding vows and the couple is asked to recall it again. Per vow bride and groom said yes. After this step they are legally husband and wife from this day.
Fashion houses of Portuguese are popular all over the world by their original design and interesting approach to production of clothing and footwear. Finished goods are made according to the latest European standards. They are high quality and reliable products. The names of Portuguese designers are popular all over the world, especially in the world of young and sport fashion, classic design and strict style.

The Portuguese brand Impetus appeared in 1973. It is specialized in producing of home clothing, swimming suits and underwear for men. The name of the trade mark means impulse. The brand Impetus produces not only men clothing, but clothes for women and kids. You can find a big choice of pajamas, home clothing, beach clothing, and underwear. All goods are high quality, made of high quality materials. The stylish and creative clothes from Impetus combine modern tendencies and traditionalism. You feel comfortable and elegant.

Impetus has few clothes lines. The line TRENDY produces clothing that was made according to the latest fashion tendencies. TIMELESS likes classic. The clothes are strict and elegant. If you lice comfort, you should try it on. The line YOUNG is for young people. PERMANENTS includes casual style clothes. The last line is SEAMLESS. It combines unique seamless goods that help you to feel maximum comfort.

Dino Alves
Dino Alves is famous designer. He was born in 1967 in Portuguese. Talented young designer started making his name after he was educated in Oporto Art Polytechnic and NEF Institute, fashion and photography faculty. Alves is usually called enfant terrible of Portuguese fashion. The fashion collections of young designer differ with originality and innovative methods. The clothes are characterized with bright elements, making you think about theatre performances. Nevertheless, clothes are elegant, light of form and silhouette.

Such unusual mix of elegance and chic attracts young and active people, who like experiments and try expressing their way of life with the help of clothes, their own style. You can easily find something that is attractive for you. All models are attractive for different occasions. New presentations of one or another brand are organized every season. Interesting and bright, they decorate all fashion podiums of France, Italy, and Portuguese. Dino designers always show high class products. You have a great chance to buy clothes of this brand online or with the help of fashion retailers.

Fatima Lopez
1998 was a great period for young talented designer Fatima Lopez. She opens her fashion boutique in Bairro Alto - the building of 1200 square meters in area to place bar, shop, studio and model agency Face Model. Fatima became the first representative of Portuguese in Paris Fashion Week together with European fashion houses. That was the moment when Fatima Lopez brand started presentation of her glorious collections in Paris twice a year.

Designer likes outraging public with bright original accents. Fatima Lopez shocked her public in 2000 with her impressive presentation of the most expensive swimming suit in the world. The suit was decorated with gold, brilliants. The price of it is one million dollars. The houte jewelry collection came out in 2001.This is a unique combination of exclusive jewelry, crystals, marble, household products, textiles. Designer knows everything about people’s interests, needs, attractions. This is a great opportunity to be top rate designer of branded casual clothes and jewelry all together.

Fatima Lopez brand is official representative of football uniform for Portuguese national football team in 2011. What is more, the team of designers developed uniform for big hotel chain Conrad. The brand started producing its own branded perfume Fatima Lopez Be Mine in 2013. The perfume is highly popular for all fashion women all over the world.

Filipe Faisca
Meet one of the best popular Portuguese fashion-brands - Filipe Faisca! The brand had got its official license of Fashion Design IADE in 1989. Thus, talented young designer Filipe Fiasca participated in different fashion shows and presentation to perform his new collections for Manobras de Maio in Lisbon.

Filipe succeeded in Triumph cooperation in 2011 - popular brand of women underwear. Designer offers original decorations of brand shop windows and studios. The last and glorious result of their cooperation was designed wardrobe, devoted to Valentine’s Day of 2014. Designer worked a lot to create new original solutions for his models. Every new collection is elite clothes - the top of elegance and style. You feel like a queen in Faisca’s clothes!

Fly London
The popular Portuguese company has American name and big fly on their sign. This is all about Fly London brand. The history of company development looks like the history of Cinderella. The founder of the company was born in a poor family. Mother sent the son to the special shelter and school. Little boy understood that he did not want to be the priest but designer.

He started his way in the footwear factory when he was 14. Frederico founded his own fashion company to produce footwear in 8 years. The idea to produce stylish and comfortable women shoes came after his wife had serious troubles with legs. The idea appeared suddenly. Two English business partners decided to sell their interesting brand. So, Frederico bought it and started developing. The sign of the brand was big fly. The first shoes were produced in 1993 with a big emblem on it.
The company Fly London has more than 1000 people in its state. They work like a big family. The shoes from Fly London are like a fresh breeze or salty wind that you have to try at least once a year.

So, you were told about Lisbon popular brands - Portuguese fashion brands. Of course, Lisbon is not Milan or Paris. They are shopping capitals. It is time to hire acar in Lisbon and go to find interesting shopping all over the country. Lisbon is full of boutiques, big and small trade centers. The first place to go is Rua Augusta. You can find not only cool jewelry and clothes, but real treasures.

Every girl wants to look beautiful and would like to grab attention for her looks on special occasions. For this, you need to do lots of preparation as if your makeup must be right and it should perfectly match with your outfit. You have to choose matching footwear, accessories, and so many other things must be kept in mind before attending an occasion. To make everyone admire your looks for parties and wedding events, we have designed this info graphic that provides tips in choosing the best Indian Designer Wear, Footwear, jewelry and accessories to complete your gorgeous look for the upcoming occasion.

5 Best Indian Wear Style for Weddings - Kaseesh

5 Best Indian Wear Style for Weddings - Kaseesh
Your wedding day is the one day you want your makeup to look perfect. It's almost just as important as the dress. All eyes will be on you, and you will want makeup that not only makes you look flawless, but lasts the entire night. Keep reading to learn what you should have in your makeup bag on your wedding day. 

A Good Primer
A good primer will help your foundation go on smoothly, erase fine lines and pores, and make your makeup last all evening. It is a must if you want your skin to look flawless in all of the pictures.

A Good Foundation
A quality foundation is also a vital part of your wedding makeup routine. Picking the perfect foundation will make your skin look flawless in photos and in person. Pick a water-based option that will give you sheer coverage. You want your skin to look healthy and not too cakey.

You can't avoid kissing on your wedding day, so you must pick a great lipstick that lasts long. The groom probably won't want to be wearing your sticky lip gloss for the rest of the evening, so avoid most glosses. Go instead for a bold liner and use it to fill in hard to reach areas, then top with a nice color you can refresh as needed, and that won't wipe off easily.

Waterproof Mascara
A good mascara will make your eyelashes look long and beautiful, and a waterproof one ensures that nothing smudges or smears. You never know when tears may be shed, so even if you don't expect to get emotional on your big day, it's best to be cautious. 

A Finishing Spray
A finishing spray will set your makeup and help make it last all evening. It also won't make your skin look too shiny, so it's great even for those with oily skin.

A Teeth Whitening Regimen
Along with a flawless face, you will want a mouth full of white, healthy teeth on your wedding day, so a teeth whitening regimen is a necessity. A good dentist will provide you with the best whitening results, especially if you are pressed for time. But you can also use teeth whitening kits and strips.
Valley Oak Dental Group Inc recommends you check with your dentist to ensure you are using products that are safe for your teeth, and that won't wear away the enamel.

These beauty must-haves will have you looking picture perfect in no time. Make sure each item is in your beauty bag on the day of your wedding.