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We know that it is right to use organic products for our skin and spa sessions, but do we actually understand why it is so important? This is a trend that had gained grounds in the last couple of years because of the harmful effects of the industrial chemicals that are otherwise used. Yet the number of people using industrial products even today overrides the number of people who rely on organic products for their skin care.

It is absolutely essential that you choose Organic Spa Products for your daily beauty regime. Organic products are slow in their approach but have a far more long lasting effect than any industrial ones. There are plenty of other reasons too which should compel us to choose organic products over industrial ones. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • 1.     Taking care of your general health: It is very essential for us to understand that the industrial products use chemicals that may not have any direct side effect right at that moment, but in the long run they can prove to be dangerous for your skin. It has been noted quite a few times that various harmful diseases have developed in people later in their lives due to the use of mass produced beauty creams or other products. When it comes to true organic products for skin care, you really do not need to worry much about diseases like this developing.

  • 2.     Softer and gentler on your skin with time: The biggest benefit of using organic skin care products is that they are not harsh on your skin. Though chemical products might look like they aren’t as well, but with time you will be able to realize the bad effects with your skin becoming too dry or losing its original texture. So, it’s best to stick to the products that we get from nature.
  • 3.     They are eco-friendly: It is very important for us to become extra careful about the environment around us since the natural balance is already a little bit rattled. The Natural Spa Products are made through natural processes that do not require the heavy smoke that is released from the chemical factories. This helps in maintaining the balance by not adding to the amount of smoke that is already being released from millions of factories around the world!
  • 4.     Skin remains trouble free: Most of the times chemical ingredients in mass produced products might have a bad effect on your skin and give rise to some serious irritation or even lead to rashes. These can be avoided with the use of organic products since they will not give rise to any discomfort until and unless you are allergic to any kind of product.
  • 5.     Save the smell: The chemicals that are used in the industrial products have smells of their own and to hide that very strong fragrances are added which can be a major reason for long term headaches. Since the organic ones do not come with any complications like these, it is best to stick to them.

So, if you want a healthier and happier skin, then the best option is to go for natural products!
Where in earlier times, women and girls were crazy about footwear, clothes and make up, today, their craziness has expended. Yes, ladies carry a special place for handbags. They may compromise with a gorgeous dress but never let go a stunning handbag.

What Your Trendy Handbag Says About You?

Recommended Products - Leather Handbags Online

Whether you explore different bag stores or you look for handbags for girl online, on both the places, you will be amazed to see that the variety of bags is beyond imagination.

Have You Ever Thought About It?
You must be having an idea that the type of handbag a lady carries says a lot about her sense of style, her career and her lifestyle. If you think that you have never thought about it, there are people on the roads, right in your office, in the market and probably everywhere you go who make assumptions about you grounded on your handbag. Okay fine, many of us think that we should not think about what people think about us but don’t you think that it would be awkward that your bag gives an impression to people and on that impression they take you? So, it’s not about whether you want it or not, people will judge you through your handbag.

Some Striking Tips for Buying Handbags
-      The first thing you must consider is when and how you shall use your handbag. For what purpose you are going to buy it?What exactly you are going to keep in it? Which type of outfits you will wear with it and most importantly, how would you carry it? Like, if you are looking for an everyday bag for walking around the street, you may like a lightweight cross-body bag as compared to a leather satchel along with short handles. Of course, when we want a bag to be carried along everywhere we go in the city, the bag should be light in weight. Similarly, for your work, you may pick a classic shoulder bag which is spacious enough, maybe, to transmit a tiny tablet or a bundle of papers?

-        No doubt that there are so many designs, types, styles and shapes of bags available in the market. And it isn’t a big deal today to find out a suitable bag for yourself unless you don’t have knowledge about handbags. While you look for handbags, don’t just go by their looks, of course, looks are important but you cannot overlook other things like material and fabric. If the bag you are picking is for regular use, it has to be of good quality and the fabric should be durable like made up of good leather etc. What is the point that you buy a bag and in a short span of time, the bag gets useless? Similarly, when you are buying a bag specifically for using occasionally, then you can go for a delicate one wherein the fabric can be best in quality but delicate too. Such bags are generally fancy ones and so there remains delicacy in the fabric used.

Thus, stylish, durable and spacious bags are just a search away from you. You can buy the best ladies hand bags for yourself or for the ladies in the family if you keep these factors in mind.
A family is the most important thing in the world and you have to do everything that takes to keep your family members happy. For a family to be happy there has to be good understanding within the family members. You should always try to increase the bond between the family members. No matter what happens to you, your family members will be there to accept you as you are. The importance of the love between the family members increases with children. A family completes when there are children and it is always better to spend time with your children and create the path for a happy family life.

Tips For Spending Quality Time With Your Family

The more you talk to your family members, the more understanding that you can create. Proper understanding is the secret to a happy family life. You may be busy with all the tight schedules and the bust meetings but it does not mean that you do not have to prioritize your family. Family has to come first; therefore, when you get some free time, spend that time with your friends.

Go on quick getaways

Your home may not be the place to be spending quality time. Always try to go on quick getaways to a relaxing place with your family to enjoy each other’s presence. There is nothing better in this world than spending your time with your loved ones. Going on quick getaway, going for a walk or enjoying your time together does not have to stop just because you have small babies. You can take them along with you too and your babies will enjoy the nature and feel the love of the parents when they are given time to spend with them. To provide the comfort to thee baby during walking, you can get the support of a Thule. With the help of such a baby carrier, you can give your littles ones the fun and the excitement in the outside world while they get the maximum comfort.
When deciding a destination of the quick getaway, it is best to get the ideas to all the family members because that is when everyone will enjoy. The best way to feel alive is to spend is to enjoy the presence of your loved ones in a beautiful and a relaxing place.

Create a place at home

If you are not able to go on quick getaways, you can create a place in your house where all the family members can get together and have a nice time. You can either spend time with having dinner at your home. If you are interested, you can modify your backyard to create an ideal place to spend quality time. When it is at your own home, it will more comfortable for you family members and they can be their selves at home. The place that you create has to be a relaxing place, therefore, try your best to create the place to be as relaxing as possible.

The Rudraksha is a bead that carries a number of attributes and hence the devotees of Lord Shiva in Hinduism love to wear this bead as they have religious faith. The bead has been focused by peoplefora number of centuries and still there are arguments happening in favor and against of the effects of this bead. Considering it as a matter of one’s faith to religion, many people avoid commenting on its qualities and usefulness. However, for the people who believe it as a blessing of Lord Shiva, there is good news. Many scientists also have conducted various researches on the same and find it too useful for humans as it can have aneffect on themind, soul, and body of the wearer. For those who don’t believe in the effects that the Rudraksha can create on thewearer, there are various proofs provided by the researchers.

Known Bead That Can Help The Wearer - Megha Shop

The Bead and its usefulness:
Well, if one just wants to know the effects and usefulness of this bead, he must know about the bead first. This bead is grown as a fruit on a tree, and it is completely natural. The Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and many other southeastern countries. The bead is identified by its face as there are different lines on the face drawn naturally once the fruit is dried. One can see that there are various types of Rudrakshas on the same tree also. One can find 1 Mukhi to 22 Mukhi Rudraksha. The Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is considered as mist pious and hence there is ahuge demand for the same in the market.  One must remember here that various Rudrakshas are resembled by different carnations of Lord Shiva and hence they have different effects on the wearer. Hence, one needs to ask for the opinion of an expert before going for a particular bead.

Seven Face Rudraksha:
A seven face Rudraksha represents the Goddess Mahalaxmi, and hence, it is important for those who want to have health, prosperity, and wealth also. This bead is known for bringing the money for wearer also. Therefore, many people go for the seven face Rudraksha easily. Those who love to go for worldly pleasure must wear this bead. This bead is also ruled by the planet Venus, and hence, one can enjoy all the pleasures of life if he wears this Rudraksha.

This bead is much helpful to the people who are in public administration and public welfare fields. The businessman who deals in cosmetics and glamour world must also go for this bead as it can help them to develop the business faster. It helps one to avoid miseries, negativity, and ashortage of funds. Hence, those who put all their efforts still have to struggle for thecomplete satisfaction of life must wear this bead in the form of a pendant or a bracelet. One can also wear it as a part of the necklace. One must check the authenticity of the bead before buying it, and hence, must consult an expert also. 
This year marked the 40th anniversary of the National Smile Month; the campaign reaches more than 50 million people and since its inception, it has become one of the most effective reminders of the importance of good oral health. However, not everything is still perfect; in fact, around 25% of people admit they do not brush their teeth twice a day (including 33% men). A good smile isn’t just an accessory; it is also an indicator of your overall health. Poor oral health is associated with serious health issues such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease.  

Tips for Beautiful Teeth According to Martha Stewart - Megha Shop

If you are looking for some tips on oral hygiene, you cannot go wrong with Martha Stewart. The 74-year old lifestyle guru is serious about her dental health – a couple of years ago, she live-tweeted her visit to the dentist in order to take the mystery and the fear out of the dentist for all of her followers with dental phobia. The author of “Living the Good Long Life” has a lot to say on the topic of dental hygiene, so let’s take a look at some of her most useful tips.

Electronic vs. Manual

Most people, who own a manual toothbrush, don’t even know how to angle the bristles properly. So instead of gentle up-and-down strokes, many people use horizontal back and forth motion. In most cases, this technique erodes the gums and speeds up tooth wear.  According to Ms. Stewart, the electronic toothbrush does the work for you, so if you want to play it safe, you should definitely invest in a sonic model.

Everyday Tips

According to Emanuel Layliev, D.D.S. (New York Magazine named him “the Best in New York” for teeth whitening), in order to keep your teeth white, you should avoid green or blue-tinted mouthwashes. Colored mouthwashes contain dyes that lead to staining, especially if they are loaded with alcohol, which makes your teeth more prone to darkening.  In addition, as strange as it may sound, Layliev recommends that you drink coffee and red vine through a straw, since these treats contribute to yellowing.

Tips for Beautiful Teeth According to Martha Stewart - Megha Shop

Scrub Your Smile Naturally

Let’s make things clear; brushing is still the best way of keeping your teeth clean. However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you forgot your brush, but you still need your teeth cleaned, there are certain foods that can naturally scrub your smile. Layliev explains, if you can’t brush, simply munch on fibrous fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce, apples, broccoli and spinach. Moreover, for fresher breath, grab a couple of all-natural, bacteria-fighting herbs like cilantro, parsley and mint.

Tips for Beautiful Teeth According to Martha Stewart - Megha Shop

Treating Sensitive Teeth

From Visiting A Dentist In Chatswood for a regular checkup, I learned that if a cavity or a cracked tooth isn’t the cause of your sensitivity, worn enamel might be the problem. Worn-down enamel, bleeding and receding gums are often caused by brushing too hard. If you feel pain every time you snack on something cold, a trip to the dentist is necessary. The doctor will apply enamel-strengthening fluoride gel to quell your discomfort, or seal the tooth root if necessary.

When Not to Brush

If you have consumed anything acidic (lemon, grapefruit, lemon, etc.) you should avoid brushing your teeth for half an hour. However, after drinking a beverage that contains phosphoric acid (sodas and fruit juices) you should wait at least an hour before brushing. The acid weakens the enamel and immediate brushing will remove microscopic amounts of that enamel layer.  Instead, drink a couple glasses of water to dilute the acid and then brush up later. 
The beauty of Indian ethnic couture lies in its versatility and elegance. When combined with the elements of contemporary trends, these outfits become superlative style statements for the modern women. The splendor of ethno-mod women collection makes it more desirable. Latest trends bring revolutionary transformations into the styling of traditional outfits to evolve their designs. If you are looking forward to reinvent your fashion wardrobe with stunning Indo western outfits, here are some ideas that you can incorporate.

Crop Tops With Long Lehenga Skirts:
You can prefer carrying long lehenga style skirts with chic crop tops. This combination of Indian wear with western designs is absolutely stylish. You can pick any design like embellished crop top, cape style top or collared top in vivid color combinations. Prefer them in rich fabrics and match these crop tops with long printed or plain lehenga skirts for an extra dash of style.

Crop Tops With Long Lehenga Skirts

Dhoti Wraps with Stylish Tops:
This is another trendy version of crop tops carried with stylish dhoti pants. You can match a cape cropper with dhoti wrap skirt or an embellished top with pants in this style. It looks flamboyant and classy in both the ways. 

Dhoti Wraps with Stylish Tops

Peplum Top with Aladdin Salwar:
If you are truly serious about a crossover fashion statement, this can be your best bet. You can wear peplum top in rich silk embellished with Indian hand works with an Aladdin Salwar in a matching shade. This is a perfect outfit for your chic parties where you wish to exude poise with a comfortable style.

Peplum Top with Aladdin Salwar

Ethno-Mod Jumpsuit:
You can mix and match this style for a true fusion of entirely different couture hailing from two distinctive cultures. Wear a jumpsuit with a traditionally embellished jacket to spruce up your ethnic style quotient. You can also opt for this jacket in ethnic materials like bandhani for enhancing your looks tremendously. When merged with rich Indian textiles and crafts, such westernized styles can also get transformed into a completely new avatar.

jump suit

Cold Shoulder Kurtis with Palazzo:
Kurtis are ethnic and palazzo adds a western touch to this outfit. You can also call it a sharara set having wide flared pants matched with an embellished cold shoulder kurti. This style looks best in summery colors and sparkling embellishments.

Kurtis with Palazzo

Cape Gowns:
If you are fond of cape styling, then this outfit is a perfect match for you. Cape gowns are resplendent and stylish. They are created from rich fabrics and intricately designed capes. They are minimalist yet stylish and versatile. You can carry these alluring gowns to your cocktail parties, red carpets or even corporate events due to its crossover styling.

Cape Gowns:


Long Embellished Dress:
Give your wardrobe a trendy makeover with long dress in summery prints enhanced with traditional hand works. This style is perfect for enhancing the beauty of your fashionable summer collection with its cool style and ethnic appeal.

Long Embellished Dress:

All these dresses are the perfect examples of Indo western fusion wear. You should carry them with confidence for making a lasting style statement. Also, remember to match them with befitting accessories to accentuate your style and elegance in these stunning outfits.
Perfumes and fragrances not only make you smell good, but also give a boost to your confidence levels. Dab on your favorite perfume and see how it brightens up your spirit. There was a time when buying branded perfumes and cosmetics were a difficult thing. Only selected stores kept such products and they were expensive as well. To be precise, use of such fragrances and perfumes was limited to a selected section of people in the society only. Common people could not afford these overtly expensive perfumes and fragrances.

How to Select Best Online Shop for Branded Cosmetics and Fragrances

Online stores made branded cosmetics and fragrances affordable
The advent of e-commerce and the coming of various online stores have made accessing luxurious items easy. Whether they are branded perfumes, fragrances or other kinds of cosmetics – you have everything at your disposal now. Browse through the different kinds of products available on the site and shortlist ones you find good. Majority of leading online stores have a ‘perfume’ or ‘fragrance’ category, where national as well as internationally branded perfumes are available. Choose perfumes as per brand preference or as per the flavor of perfume you like – woody flavors, fruit flavors, floral and so on.

How to Select Best Online Shop for Branded Cosmetics and Fragrances

Buying from online stores can help in getting Cheap Designer Fragrances at extremely affordable rates. Sometimes attractive deals and discounts are also offered on these products reducing their prices to quite a bit.

Some tips on buying perfumes and fragrances from online stores  
People looking for Cheap Designer Perfumes can get them easily at various online stores. But it is important to ensure that the products which are being sold are genuine and authentic. With innumerable online stores sprouting up here and there, it is difficult to make out which one is genuine and which one is not.

How to Select Best Online Shop for Branded Cosmetics and Fragrances

Here are some tips which might be useful:
Read the product description well – While buying any perfume or cosmetic product from an online store, it is recommended to read through the product description well. Any authentic site will provide detailed information on the product including the perfume type, best time of wearing the same and so on. The ingredients used in the perfume will also be mentioned as a part of the description.

Watch the volume of the perfume – No authentic perfume will come in large volumes. 100ml is the maximum volume that is offered – that too in rare cases. The most common volumes are that of 30ml or 50ml. Refrain from online websites which sell fragrances in large volume bottles – they have high chances of being a fake.

Exchange offers and money back offers – Online websites which deal with genuine fragrances, perfumes and other cosmetic products will have exchange offers and money back offers for the customers if they are not satisfied with the products. They are confident in providing these offers as they know they sell genuine products.

Deals and discounts – Refrain from buying branded perfumes and cosmetics from an online store, which offers unbelievable discounts and offers. It is true that such perfumes are expensive and little discounts are okay. But extremely high discounts might be the reason that the product is not genuine.

Next time you plan of buying a branded, designer perfume from an online store, keep the following points in mind so that you get the genuine product at the best price. 
If you want to spice up your wedding day even more and add that extra touch of glamor and shine, the metallic wedding trend is definitely your cup of tea. Not only will the sheen of gold and silver bring more luxury to your wedding day but these nuances will also change the whole ambient of the wedding hall.

5 Prettiest Ways You Can Add a Metallic Touch To Your Wedding Décor

Metallic cutlery for style
In order to surprise your guests and make them feel like a part of an old-fashion grand ball, choose metallic cutlery, plates and glasses that match perfectly. The best thing about this is that you can achieve different themes with carefully and specifically picked designs and embellishments. Moreover, everyone will enjoy their meals, even more, when drinking and eating in such a fancy style.

Metallic table and hall decorations
Incorporating just a little bit of metallic vibe through the wedding hall and across the table can create a significant difference in the whole organization appearance thus making it look more elaborate and elegant. For example, metallic vases on the table look great against the white sheets while metallic garlands on the walls and ribbons on the chairs are a perfect choice for someone who wants this trend to be especially apparent for the guests.

Metallic all over the place
Having metallic table cloths and even flower arrangements does not have to look like you went overboard if you make sure to Pick the Right Metallic Shade and other combining colors. What’s more, flowers that have been sprayed over with metallic-like sheen and sparkles can appeal to different themes, from elegant ones to vintage-inspired weddings. You can even find some metallic balloons that would contribute to the whole atmosphere.

Metallic all over the place

Metallic accessories for the dresses
Of course, no one expects the bride to show up in a completely metallic gown, but details on the dress such as flowers, pearls and ribbons can make the dress even more exceptional if they are colored in gold or silver and match the rest of the décor. Combined with the same metallic color shoes, bride’s look will be the most memorable part of the wedding. The cutest thing can be matching the bride’s dress with flower girl dresses. There are some great stores with many beautiful options for flower girl dresses in Australia, but if you cannot find the perfect one for your metallic theme, you can always resort to some easy DIY projects. For example, adding the tulle or ribbons to flower girls dresses that are similar to bridal decorations.

Metallic cake as a perfect final touch
This might sound a bit surprising but a cake with metallic sugar coating is just as tasty as any other cake but with the advantage of looking completely amazing! The metallic cake look can be achieved with some golden or silver leaves and flowers as well. Moreover, an attractive cake like this will be a great decoration by itself at the wedding. Just imagine how splendid it will all look with matching theme for table decorations, cake and dress accessories!
If the word metallic reminds you of something gloomy, think again. You are not limited to gold and silver either. All colors can be ‘metalized’ in order to move the wedding style from traditional and regular to fabulous and trendy. 
Travel enthusiasts are very particular about packing stuff which they want to take along on the trip. Among the vital items that need consideration, shoes occupy a pivotal place for sure. Traveling is all about walking, exploring places and gathering great experiences. And this is simply not possible without the right pair of shoes. Many travelers carry 3-4 pairs of shoes for traveling so that they can be worn on different occasions and for different purposes. But usually only 1-2 pairs come out and the rest remain inside the packing only.

Some great shoes which are suitable for traveling purpose are as follows:

Converse shoes – If you are an avid traveler, who loves walking for exploring places, there is no better choice than Converse shoes for the same. If you are traveling during summer time, canvas converse will be great. Again for winter traveling, there is nothing better than the leather converse.

 Converse shoes

Ballet pumps or ballet flats – Wear ballet pumps and flats all throughout the day without any kind of discomfort to the feet. Interestingly, these shoes can be worn with almost all kinds of attires with great style and comfort. Ballet pumps from Cocorose London need a special mention in this regard.

Roll up and foldable shoes – If space is a problem in the luggage, try carrying roll up and foldable shoes during traveling. The greatest advantage of these shoes is that they can be folded and kept in a small pouch, which is extremely easy to carry. In fact these shoes get fitted inside a small purse easily. While out on a trip, pack these shoes in the small bag you carry and change if other shoes are not comfortable.

Reasons, why ballet pumps and roll up shoes, are preferable for traveling

Demands of roll up shoes and ballet pumps are increasing all over the world, specifically for traveling. Here are few reasons for the same:

Highly stylish shoes – If you thought that flat folded shoes are boring, you are highly mistaken. Check out collections from Cocorose London and you will be surprised to see the varieties available. You would definitely not want to have boring shoes while traveling. Add zing to the traveling experience with highly stylish flat, foldable shoes.

High-quality leather/material used in the shoes – Usually the material which is used in the making of foldable shoes is of high quality. The leather is extremely soft and hence can be folded easily without the risk of breakage or damage to the leather. Since traveling requires walking and other strenuous activities, the soft leather keeps the feet pampered.

Extremely comfortable – When your feet get tired, flat foldable shoes are excellent alternatives. Since they are made from best leather materials, your feet will feel extremely comfortable. You can walk many miles comfortably without hurting the feet in any manner. The feet can breathe with these shoes and remain fresh.

Fits in small spaces – One of the greatest advantages of foldable shoes and ballet pumps is that they can be packed in a small pouch and tucked in the luggage comfortably. No additional space is required for packing the shoes while traveling.

Cocorose London offers highly stylish and extremely comfortable ballet pumps and foldable shoes at the most affordable rates. Choose from the collections and see which one fits best in your travel needs. 

10 Gift Ideas for Valentines day - Megha Shop

Tattoo- is probably one of a style statement that everyone likes to flaunt. Tattoo looks stunning giving an overall stylish quotient. In fact, there are many, who like to flaunt this look on different parts of their body depending upon their whims. There are umpteen studios that help to achieve perfect tattoo- having a collection of assorted and unique designs. Once you have selected your store, getting a tattoo becomes easier. However, to ensure that the Tattoo remains the way it was designed to be, it is imperative to take good care of new tattoos. The time after the tattoo is embedded is the appropriate seeding period and if proper care is taken during this phase, one is sure to get a sizzling and stunning tattoo for lifetime. Here are some tips to help achieve the same.

Tips To Take Care Of New Tattoo – You Can Check Here!

·    Always listen to your instructor- The basic thing to follow is to listen to your instructor. If he is a proper trained one, he is sure to help you out with taking proper care of your tattoo. Listen to the steps that he enumerates and stick to the same.

·        Leave the bandage on- Most of the artists of tattoo Studio in Gurgaon prefer to put on a bandage (cloth or plastic) on the art after completion. It is recommended to leave on the bandage for a minimum duration of 2 hours. This time period helps to place the tattoo in place and also protects it from bacterial infection. The maximum duration for which the bandage can be put on varies between 4 to 6 hours. Consult your artist to get the best of the results. 

·    Wash thoroughly- After removing the bandage, it is advisable to wash off the tattoo area. Do this indirectly by splashing lukewarm water over it. Ensure that all the liquids are cleaned off to prevent any chance of infection and also to reduce scabbing. Use water indirectly and avoid washing it with sponge or luffa as chances are that it may hurt and prevent the tattoo from setting. After washing, pat it dry with a clean soft cloth. Avoid rubbing to prevent itching and irritation.

·        Ointment and Moisturizer- After washing and drying, the next step is to apply a medicated ointment or the one as guided by the artist. Use it continuously at least once in a day for about a week. The ointment will help to prevent any kind of infection. Also after the one week, start applying moisturizer religiously as one of the points to remember is that the skin should never be let dry. This will aid in natural scabbing without causing any infection or harm. All the more moisturizer will also help in healing process. 

·      Avoid swimming- Completely avoid swimming or keeping the tattoo submerged in water for a prolonged period. This will help to heal faster.

Use all these tips and get a perfect tattoo that you had dreamed of.