From Brunette to Blonde: What's Important to Know About Hair Care

If you're wondering whether you should go blonde, you've come to the right place. And let's face it, who hasn't been there? Are you bored with your current hair color and craving a complete make-over? For brunettes, the truth is that transitioning to blonde hair is easier said than done. You can't just cut off a few inches, get bangs, or trust that adding layers will cut it. You have to put in the work for a perfect transformation.    

What's Important to Know About Hair Care

Going Blonde The Safe Way 

There are usually a million questions on exactly how to lighten up without damaging hair strands. Fortunately, you've landed on a one-stop shop for everything you need to know before the big undertaking. The good news is that going from dark brown to fair-colored hair is doable for almost everyone. Let's have a look at some important tips.   

Do Not DIY   

While we're most definitely in the era where DIY is no longer a fad but the new normal, colorists from across the world advise that this big change is not one you want to handle by yourself. You have to visit the salon and work with a professional for perfect results, or else you risk causing irreplicable damage to your hair. In truth, playing around with different dyes leaves a lot of room for error, and the margin is higher for an untrained individual. If you're keen on having that hands-on experience, you can use box dye for touch-ups, but only after you've worked with a colorist first.    

Treat Your Hair Before the Appointment   

Now that we've established that you have to leave the house, we have to make sure that it won't be a wasted trip. As you may already know, hair color does not respond kindly to unhealthy hair. It could be dandruff, thinning, frizzy hair - you name it. Make sure that you've sorted it out before booking that appointment. Sure, it may take some time to reach the near-perfect hair condition, but wouldn't you rather wait? Damaged hair breaks when introduced to a dye, whereas healthy hair cordially invites color in.   

Know Your Hair History   

Once your hair is all nice and healthy, visit the salon armed with all the information about it. Be sure to mention even the most minute of details, especially those that may seem insignificant at face value. More often than not, these small details the colorist is ignorant of are what lead to undesirable results. As such, it is best to be on the safe side before what started as a transformation journey turns into a real nightmare. 

Once you're done at the salon, you'll need to maintain your fair hair in its most healthy state. While there are many recommendations out there, be sure to use a purple conditioner for blonde hair to cut out any brassy orange tones that may be present.   

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Final Thoughts 

Having reached this far, you must be looking forward to the big change with a bit more enthusiasm, no? Remember that there are also budgetary considerations, so it's best to also be well prepared financially. Remember, cheap is expensive, and you really can't gamble with your hair!