Top Tips for Throwing a Surprise Party at Your House

It’s important to show those you love how much they mean to you, and while there are many gestures you can choose to show your appreciation, throwing a surprise party for someone who deserves to be spoilt is one of the best. Whether it’s your partner, best friend, or a close relative, if they have a birthday coming up or some other occasion you want to celebrate with them, here are some tips on how you can wow them with a surprise party at your house.

Top Tips for Throwing a Surprise Party at Your House

Keep it Secret!

Of course, you don’t want the surprise to be ruined, but you do need to invite everyone else and make sure that the guest of honor will arrive on time on the night. Create a secret group chat on WhatsApp or messaging app of your choice. Tell them your planned date and time and ask everyone to RSVP via the group chat as soon as possible so you have an idea of the numbers. You’ll also need to think of an excuse to get your friend to their party without them realizing what you have planned, so perhaps say you’re going to cook them dinner or take them out for drinks for their birthday or whatever the occasion is that you’re celebrating. You could even allocate another member of the group to bring them to your home if you think that would be more subtle.

The Cake

Every party, especially birthday parties, needs a delicious cake! Not only will this provide a tasty treat for your guests, but it can also serve as a showstopping finale on the dinner table. If you are a talented baker and cake decorator, baking the cake yourself will be a lovely touch that the guest of honor will greatly appreciate. If you don’t have much faith in your baking skills or simply do not have the time to do this, visit a local bakery and get a special cake made for the party instead. If you’re not planning to serve a sit-down meal for your guests, lay out a spread of party food that guests can help themselves to when they are feeling hungry.

Hire a Bartender

Another essential for any party is plenty of drinks to keep the festivities at a high. While you still want your guests to be sensible, offering a selection of wines, beers, cocktails, and non-alcoholic refreshments is a must. You can always buy crates of booze from your local store and let your guests help themselves, but if you want an extra special touch for this surprise party, you can look into hiring a licensed bartender to serve your guests instead. They can set up the bar area in a room inside your house or the garden, and it will certainly be a little VIP touch that everyone will love. You can look into hiring a private bartender for your event at Event Bartender online.

If you are planning to throw a surprise party at your house for someone you love, remember these tips to help you put it together successfully and show that person just how special they are to you.