Herbalife Makes Nutritional Education Readily Available at Herbalife Nutrition Clubs


Finding reliable nutrition information on the internet can be an enormous challenge. This is true whether healthcare consumers are trying to manage or reduce their weight, live with a chronic medical condition like diabetes, or just want to improve their overall health. Herbalife Nutrition understands this challenge, which is why the 41-year-old wellness company has made quality nutritional content readily available to its team members.

Herbalife Makes Nutritional Education Readily Available at Herbalife Nutrition Clubs


Taking this approach makes it easy for the company's teams of independent distributors to provide clients with relevant and up-to-date nutrition information in multiple formats. After all, one of the leading goals of Herbalife coaches is to assist their clients in making the most informed healthcare choices possible.


What Is an Herbalife Coach?

The term "coach" is synonymous with sports, where it typically represents one person motivating and directing the play of the entire team. As people have become more in tune with their wellness over the past several years, the word coach as a descriptive term has come to include one-on-one and small-group mentoring. The leadership team at Herbalife Nutrition has empowered its independent distributors to take on a coach or mentor role with the clients they serve.


Herbalife coaches understand that each person they work with has a unique starting point and destination in mind. They offer nutritional guidance, motivation, and a safe place for clients to vent frustrations, among many other things. Coaches work with clients both individually and at Herbalife Nutrition Clubs that meet in a community setting.


Herbalife Nutrition Coaches Receive Recognition from the Brandon Hall Group

The fact that independent distributors act as coaches to their clients, rather than simply salespeople, is one thing that truly sets Herbalife apart from other wellness companies. Entrepreneurs who have joined the Herbalife team have done so because they are lifelong learners who want to pass their knowledge on to others looking to improve their health. With assistance from proven nutrition products, Herbalife coaches help steer their clients towards weight loss or management, better sports performance, and permanent behavioral change.


Recently, the Brandon Hall Group recognized Herbalife’s Better Coaching training program in two separate categories. These included Best Use of a Blended Learning Program and Best Advance in Coaching and Mentoring. The organization has a long history of recognizing excellence in learning and leadership in the health sciences.


Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Now in 17th Year of Operation

The first Herbalife Nutrition Club met back in 2004 in Mexico City. Graciela Mier and Enrique Varela, Herbalife independent distributors based in Mexico, proposed the idea after realizing that many community members wanted to consume a more nutritionally sound diet but did not know how to go about it. Another problem they recognized was that people in the Mexico City community could not always afford to purchase an entire canister of meal replacement shakes containing the protein they needed for a healthier diet.

Mier and Varela came up with the idea of breaking down the meal replacement shake canister into individual servings. People could then buy the individual servings of protein shakes at Herbalife Nutrition Club meetings.


Herbalife clients received aloe and tea in addition to single-serving protein shakes while meeting with independent distributors and had a chance to ask questions. The early feedback was so positive that Mier and Varela soon began offering fitness classes at their club meetings. Nutrition Clubs now meet in hundreds of communities around the world.


How Local Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Can Benefit Entire Communities

Losing weight and making permanent healthy lifestyle changes is not easy for anyone. The prospect is especially overwhelming for people attempting to reach these goals on their own. Joining a Herbalife Nutrition Club provides a crucial sense of community and belonging. People who attend club meetings benefit from the support they give and receive, especially those who have similar health goals.