What are the Benefits of Watching TV

Globe and Mail have reported that in 2017 Canadians have shown 30 hours' watch time for TV on an average. However, it should not be surprising for any of us as we are living amidst “the golden age of TV”.

What are the Benefits of Watching TV

Though, questions may arise in our minds for its impact on us either good or bad. Well, in our opinion anything in balance always benefits whereas surplus may lead to some severe consequences in most times. The same goes for watching TV, if you have a balanced watch time it's good. But if you or your family remain glued round the clock to the TV screen or even spend most of the time in front of the TV it's something that requires prompt action.

Similarly, if you or your family has indulged in binge-watching TV regularly or frequently it may raise various concerns for you. On the contrary, watching TV has a bit beneficial for you and your family. Sound interesting? Of course, it is. So, let’s dive into the list of 13 reasons to know how watching TV can be beneficial for you or your family.


In the context of educating adults and children, TV is beneficial in the true sense. TV is an incredible learning tool that can be broadly used both in the classroom and at home. You can create a perfect mix of entertainment and educational programming by adding some educational channels with the range of entertainment channels you may have in your current TV plan.

For that, you can contact your internet service provider (ISP) to include channels like the Discovery channel, Book television, and the Science Channel in your TV plan. You can also check out WOW TV plans.

Stay Current

Apart from streaming movies or dramas, TV is also the greatest source to remain aware of what is happening around you or across the world. Either you watch the news, talk shows, or political shows these are the major means of staying current. Through local news, you can remain updated with whatever happening in your city. Whereas international news helps you to stay informed with breaking news and updates from every corner of the world.

Moreover, it is also very important to have up-to-date information about weather conditions. In the wake of climatic changes and global warming, it is vitally important to stay updated about hurricanes, floods, tornado warnings, and others.

Get Cultured

Yes! Watching TV helps you and your family to get cultured. Why do you spend your hard-earned money on traveling various parts of the world to know different cultures when you can easily expose yourself to any of the global cultures utilizing a TV screen? Isn’t it the cheapest solution? BBC’s Planet Earth is your stop to get cultured. So, turn on the channel and watch its new season to explore the beauty and diversity of cultures on your TV screen.    

Crazy Fandoms are Fun

TV shows have the quality to indulge you into the characters or plot so deep that you start considering yourself as a part of a specific group. Thus, you readily participate in a subculture. The increase in the quality of TV shows has led you to have better watching. Therefore, you pay more attention to every detail which ultimately has influenced showrunners to show more creativity for subtle details while creating plot turns and twists.

People have created different subcultures and have fandoms gatherings to discuss and appreciate favorite characters and TV shows. “The vast wasteland of television has been replaced by an excess of excellence”, David Carr said in an article for the New York Times.

Feel the Connection

TV connects you with the world outside your home so can feel connected and less lonely. For many of us watching TV is the perfect alternative to spending time with family or friends. The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has reported in a study that people feel less lonely while streaming a favorite TV show. Similarly, if any TV show, sports game, or news item has the capacity to get people cultured it is equally capable of connecting people to head towards a common cause or goal. The 2019 Raptors victory is the perfect recent example for it.

Family Bonding

Another important benefit that you would attain by watching TV is to strengthen family bonding. By watching TV together, you spend more time with your family that provides an opportunity for all family members to unwind and connect. Plus, if your family has bonded over a TV show it will be the perfect chance to create lifelong memories.

Learn a Language

You can also learn a new language via TV. Have you ever noticed that how quickly your infants or toddlers learn language through watching baby TV shows? If yes! Then why don’t you try this source for learning any language? If you want to learn any new language TV can help you the same way it does for babies at your home.

TV is a great source of learning any new language you are interested in. Many people have learned different foreign languages like French, Arabic, English, and else through different TV shows. For passive learning, you can read subtitles while watching and listening to any TV show. 

Mental Health

Apart from educational aspects, you can have various health benefits from watching TV. You must have heard about laughter therapy. If you watch a TV show that makes you laugh it will have a tremendous effect on your health. Like it says, laughter is the best medicine!

Moreover, while doing workouts if you turn on your TV it will help you to focus on your exercise avoiding distractions so you can do your cardio for the desired amount of time.

Save Money

If you want to save money and looking for cheap entertainment options TV is the right solution for you. TV provides you cheapest entertainment comparatively to going out to watch movies on the cinema, or to watch live shows and musical concerts. So, watching TV is the most economical choice you can make to entertain yourself or your family.

 Relieve Stress

TV is a good source for relieving stress. As per the study conducted at the University of California, you can reduce cortisol levels in your body by increasing the watch time of your TV. So, let your favorite TV shows flush away all the stress in your body and feel proud of the decision you made for binge-watching.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these ten amazing benefits we have brought for you have surely opened your eyes and you must have a positive perception for binge-watching. Let us remind you that whatever you do, do it in a balanced way and never cross the healthy line between dos and don'ts if you want to have benefits for the long run from watching TV. So, enjoy your holidays watching upcoming seasons of your favorite TV shows with your friends and family as much as you can.