Why I Still Play Solitaire & Why It Is Still Popular?


Folks, how many of you have played one of the most popular games of early computers, i.e., Solitaire?

Well, if you belong to the 90s era, you would have definitely spent your significant time playing this game. Moreover, a cards game requires smart mental strength. Hence, it is also highly appreciated to grow your mental strength.

Why I Still Play Solitaire & Why It Is Still Popular?

Why Do I Still Play Solitaire Game?

The Love of Childhood: The kids of the 90s can only understand the love of playing games that were launched in the early evolution of Microsoft Windows. Solitaire is one of those love-to-play games alongside pinball, minesweeper, and a few others.

Available for FREE: Since it was introduced in Windows, it is available for free. This makes it a good option for people who love playing cards.

A Good Mental Exercise: The more you put your mind in complex situations, the sharper it will become. Playing Solitaire is one such mental practice that recharges your mind and makes it sharper.

Simple Yet Interesting Game: You always get bored playing a simple game. However, Solitaire is one of those games that you would never get bored of. Instead, you can continue playing it for hours without a break.

These are a few strong reasons why I still have a Solitaire game on my everyday task list.

Where Do I Play Solitaire Game?

This is an interesting question you have in your mind. Well, there are numerous websites available online that provide an online gaming platform to play Solitaire. However, I only rely on a few, and https://www.solitaire.org/ is one of the names. The website has offered the game on their homepage; that is fantastic.

Where Do I Play Solitaire Game

Many times, I don’t even surf the website. Instead, play the game at the homepage and return.

Now many of you would wonder why I rely on this website. Multiple reasons contribute to its selection over the alternatives.

No Surfing Required: When you want to play, you don’t need to surf the website as they have offered the same on the homepage.

Promising Interface & Sound Effects: The sound effect and entire design of this game are identical to the traditional Microsoft Solitaire game.

Given Game Rules: Yes, before playing, some of you might look for the rules. For newbies, the game is provided with rules and how the entire point system works.

Detailed Video: The website has also provided a detailed video of ~5 minutes to explain how to play this fantastic game.

Numerous Games Available: On this website, Solitaire isn’t the only game available. Instead, you can play numerous other games like mahjong games, hidden object games, gin rummy, crazy eights, hearts, and numerous other 90s games.

In short, you have tons of options to play and recall the old gaming era.

So, if you are also fond of the Solitaire game or have some other love, you would definitely find something exciting on this website. Give it a try and enjoy recharging your mind.