6 Fashion Styles that Women Must Try Before this Year Ends


The year 2021 has brought about a huge change in the world, beginning from the economy to technology. This also includes trends all around the globe. Fashion is ever-evolving, and every year there is something new to follow for people. Similarly, this year, various fashion styles were brought forward. Considering the pandemic, women got more focused on fashion and styles. And that is why many were seen trying on different and new trends. Apart from some fashion styles that were too bold, there are some trends that women can easily and comfortably follow. Listed below are some trends that women need to follow before this year ends. 


6 Fashion Styles that Women Must Try Before this Year Ends

1. Sweatpants in Fruity Colors

This year was all about trying on different trends and experimenting with colors and styles. Thus bringing about these candy-colored sweatpants, keeping those gray and black sweatpants aside. These different exotic colors were the talk of the town for a while. 

These pastel or bold colors brought about a slight change in the fashion styles of 2021. Paired with a different candy-colored crop top or blazer, this was the look that most people easily pull off by wearing the bright color of their choice and enjoy being the center of attention.


2. Shacket a shirt-jacket hybrid

Another fashion style that everyone needs to follow before the year 2021 ends are the Shackets. A Shacket that is the mixture of a plaid shirt and a jacket is such a common trend this year that you could easily find one in every girl's closet. 

Moreover, something that adds more interest in shackets is that they can easily go well with anything you are already wearing. For example, sweatpants and your favorite comfortable shirt that you wear at home. Need to run out for a quick errand but still stay in style? Just throw on a Shacket, and you will look as amazing as you do when you plan a cozy outfit out. 


3. Sleeves with Puffs

This is another fashion style that every woman needs to try as soon as possible. These puff sleeves not only help give you a cute look, but they also make your outfit a hundred times better and more fancy than it already is. 

One of the plus points of a puff sleeves shirt is that it goes with any occasion. From running a quick outdoor errand to going to a fancy restaurant or even sitting behind your screen for an online call, puff sleeves can go with any look and make your whole outfit ready for all events. Floral puffy sleeves shirt makes your appearance stand out and makes you look as beautiful as ever. 

If you have not tried such shirts, it is your perfect time to do so right now.


4. The 2021 Bucket Hat

Each year, along with your shirt and jeans, there are fashion trends regarding hats too. For example, in 2020, baseball hats were the talk of the town. Similarly, this year in 2021, the Bucket Hats are known to be quite famous among women and men. 

Bucket Hat was loved by every woman, including some very famous celebrities as well. Not only adding in that extra spice to your outfit, it actually helps you in your bad hair days too. 

One can even wear a cafe racer jacket despite the gender with a bucket hat and still look good.

Bucket hats are a must-try for every woman if they have not put their hands on these hats yet. If you were a lover of baseball hats last year, then these Bucket Hats are definitely recommended for you to try. 


5. Coats and Jackets paired with Hoodies

As 2021 was all about staying at home, everyone was tired of wearing simple hoodies or just blazers when they finally got to step outside. This is why women and even some celebrities started paring up their hoodies with their blazers. This is that one look that can never go wrong, no matter how oversized your hoodie is or how big your coat is. Along with a cool purse or bag and some pair of pants, anyone can pull this look off and be considered different and trendy.

If you are looking for something comfortable yet fashionable, this one look is your answer to it all. 


6. Trench Coats never go out of style

There has not been a single year where trench coats were not in trend. But this trench look was brought back by Meghan Markle, the royalty, this year, which is why it has been going around among women since then. 

Along with the now trendy sole trek boots and high neck shirts, the casual trench coat look is something that will make you stand out from others. 

If you have not yet tried this trench look, then this is your perfect opportunity to grab that trench coat that has been hanging in your wardrobe for long and pull it off effortlessly with any pair of shirt and jeans, and not to forget, those boots that you haven't worn since far too long. 


Closing Note

Before 2021 ends, these and many more are the fashion styles that women need to try. With the monochrome or pastel colors in trend, there is not a single style out of the comfort zone of many women who are scared to try these new styles. 

The hats and bags, along with the boots, are something that anyone can easily get their hands on.

Whereas most accessories and clothing are already present in your closet, you just need to find the perfect combination of what to wear and when to wear. And voila! You have easily pulled off a very trendy look this year. 

We hope we could help out someone looking for that motivation and ideas for different outfits that they can wear for the rest of 2021. as we believe women need to always stay in style. 


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