Why I Still Love to Play Online Games? [My Favorite Games List Inside]


Playing is fun!

I remember my childhood days when I, with my friends, used to stay the whole day out to play outside, and as soon as I reach home, I take charge of my Nintendo gaming console to play a few vintage video games.

That was a great part of my life where I have no stress, no responsibility. My only aim was to complete my school homework and switch to games (indoor/outdoor). With time, the gaming part was omitted from life and was replaced with professional tasks (to handle responsibilities). 

But one thing that I haven't changed yet is the habit of playing games online. YES! I still play online games, not those heavy-duty EA sports, Counter-Strike, etc. Instead, I used to play games that recall my childhood memories and give me pleasure.

Interestingly, I found one such fantastic website https://plays.org/ where I found almost every game that I used to play during my childhood. Above all, I still find leisure time to play on this website. Some of my favorite ones available in their store are:

Minigolf World: New generation won't remember, but I was a great fan of playing Golf (1984 Nintendo), an old classic retro game. The best part of the vintage Golf game was its unique sound when the ball moves in the air. I found the Minigolf Wold similar to that, and hence all my memories are rolled back.

Minigolf World game for my pasion

This Minigolf World is an isometric mini-golf arcade game where players control the angle and strength of the shot to try to put the ball in the hole. Undoubtedly, it reminds me of the vintage golf game. However, I feel the speed can be increased as it feels a bit laggy.

Shadoworld Adventure: There is hardly anyone on the globe that isn't fond of the old Mario Game. Yes! Watching anyone playing this game definitely brings Goosebumps, and that's why I still love to play this game. Unfortunately, there are hardly any good alternatives to this vintage video game; still, Shadoworld has everything that I want to experience and feel.

Shadoworld Adventure

The fame is entirely in a black and white mode, which makes it a bit offbeat; still, the experience is the same. Another thing that I missed is the right controls. You can use only one key at a time to move the silhouette. Else, I love earning stars and completing different levels of this adventure game.

Pac-Rat: Another fantastic game of my childhood was Pac-Man, a fantastic game that I used to play the whole day. Pac-rat is a similar game that offers the same gaming vibes and provides ample enjoyment that you expect from the vintage Pac-Man video game.

The graphics are different; else, the game is the same as what you played during your childhood video games.


So, these are the three of my favorite games that I still love to play in my free time. The best part I love is, there isn't any video console that I need to carry with me. Instead, I can play them online, wherever I want.

Now, coming to the main point, why I used to play online games? Not many of you know that playing online games helps you a lot from mental aspects. Below are the mental health benefits that I have personally experienced playing online games.

Minimize Stress: Playing games helps you overcome your overthinking and divert your mind to the game, which relaxes your mind and minimizes stress.

Build Mental Strenght: Playing puzzles strengthen your mental strength, playing adventure games boost your strategy building, and playing arcade games builds your patience level. In short, it is a mental exercise that helps you a lot.

So, these are the two prime reasons why I continue playing online games.

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