Joining an Herbalife Nutrition Club Presents Support for Customers to Meet Wellness Goals


Ever since Herbalife Nutrition launched as a company in 1980, its independent distributors have formed close relationships with the customers they serve. These relationships fill the human need for connection while offering people accountability and support to change their lifestyle through better nutrition.

Joining an Herbalife Nutrition Club Presents Support for Customers to Meet Wellness Goals

What Is an Herbalife Nutrition Club?

Herbalife distributors started the first Nutrition Club in Mexico in 2004. Since that time, the clubs have expanded to the United States and several other countries with more than 6,500 American clubs currently in existence.

People can meet each day to enjoy nutritious Herbalife products such as shakes, tea, and aloe. Having this meeting space available has allowed thousands of people to meet the nutritional goals they set for themselves with other customers who have similar goals. Other activities at club meetings include weight loss challenges, group exercise, and exchanging ideas for healthy meals.

Joining an Herbalife Nutrition Club Presents Support for Customers to Meet Wellness Goals

How Community Helps People Reach Health and Fitness Goals

We’ve all heard about the importance of physical activity and good nutrition. The following are just some benefits people can expect from regular exercise and a healthy diet:

        Weight control

        Improved longevity

        Improved mental health due to natural boost in mood

        Decreased risk of certain types of cancer

        Decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome that includes high blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol

Although most people understand that regular exercise is good for them, committing to it is a different story. Joining a local Herbalife Nutrition Club can help. Exercising with friends has multiple advantages over working out alone, especially when it comes to accountability to keep showing up. If someone misses a few club meetings, others are bound to check on them to see if that person needs extra support.

Independent distributors who have started a Nutrition Club are often willing to lead group exercises and help people find solutions to common fitness struggles. Herbalife Fit Clubs are like Nutrition Clubs, but they have a dedicated space for gym equipment and fitness lessons. Membership in both clubs is by invitation only.

How Herbalife Distributors Invest in the People They Serve

Purchasing nutritional supplements through an independent distributor is much different from walking into a store to buy the products. In the second scenario, customers have no further contact with the salesperson and must come up with a wellness and supplementation plan on their own. Herbalife distributors use training materials from company experts and form personal relationships with their customers to assist them in achieving transformative changes.

Distributors recognize that each person has unique wellness goals they want to achieve. At the same time, they have received extensive training on how to work with people desiring a healthier lifestyle. Their interactions with customers typically start with helping them to set clear and achievable goals.

Joining an Herbalife Nutrition Club Presents Support for Customers to Meet Wellness Goals

Achieving small, realistic nutrition and fitness goals gives people the confidence they need to achieve even greater results. That is just one reason why offering Herbalife customers a customized wellness plan is so important. Other actions distributors take to assist their customers to include:

        Identifying self-sabotaging behavior patterns that keep people from reaching their goals. People are often unaware of their habits and benefit from the perspective of a wellness coach.

        Provide motivation and accountability to encourage people to stick with their new lifestyle changes when they want to quit.

        Help people overcome deeply-held beliefs that may be limiting their ability to change. The only way for changes to truly stick is for people to take ownership and responsibility for them, something Herbalife distributors can help them achieve.

Change is stressful, even when it is positive. Connecting with others through Herbalife Nutrition Clubs or Fit Clubs improves the likelihood of making permanent lifestyle changes for improved health and wellness.