How to Put on Makeup without a Mirror


Makeup has become an essential part of our lives and our daily routine. And by now, most of you must have mastered every possible makeup technique and trend. But ever applied your makeup without a mirror? You would think that is difficult, right? Well, not exactly. Whether you rush outside the door, walk with no reflection insight, or have no access to a mirror for another reason, it is not easy. That so, even our professional should have this handy expertise in their pockets — you never know when it will be reflective, and you want to put on makeup at the last minute!

How to Put on Makeup without a Mirror


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Here we have brought you some amazing tips and tricks that show you how to apply makeup without having a mirror.

 1.     For the Face

Instead of going for a foundation, go for a BB Cream. This may not give you full coverage but would even out your skin tone. Use a setting powder if you don’t have a BB Cream, and for that, apply it with a big fluffy brush. This blends the Cream or Powder well, and you wouldn’t want to have any sort of cream or powder patch on you.

Face Makeup without a Mirror

 2.     For Your Eyes

Use a cream or a liquid eye shadow. Choose a shiny dark stick in brown and blend. Glide the product over the top and mix it with the ring finger into your lash line. If you feel like it, you can put a soft brown kohl pencil in your eyes and mix it to mask errors.

Eyes Makeup without a Mirror

It's certainly frightening to apply mascara without a mirror, but we're promising that it is not that hard! Hold the wand in front of your eyes and blink multiple times, so you can coat your lash.

 3.     For Your Cheeks

Since there is not much you could do to that without a mirror, you can choose a stick or a cream blusher, or even a lip tint. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend it in circular motion till you hit the top of your cheekbones.

Cheeks Make up without a mirror

 4.     For Your Lips

When applying without a mirror, go for a tinted lip balm or a gloss. Instead of going for the whole, apple the lipstick or gloss on the bottom lip and press your lips together. This would distribute the color. If you feel you need it more, apply it on the lower lip and press again. Use your finger then to even out it out till the corners of your mouth.

Your Lips Makeup

Finish your without-mirror-makeup-look by applying your favorite kind of Glow Dew Mist to give a nice finishing dewy glow look. This all may look a bit difficult at the start, but after a while, you’d get used to doing your makeup without a mirror whenever you are in a hurry.