How to find an emergency dentist in Roseville

The dentists at Roseville Dentistry realize not all dental needs happen when you have an appointment. Sometimes an emergency occurs, and you or a loved one need immediate help for a knocked-out tooth, cracked crown, or another suddenly-occurring oral health issue. Emergency dentist Roseville can provide same – daydental care to address these unforeseen problems.

emergency dentist in Roseville

When an emergency dentist Roseville occurs, quick thinking and fast action can mean the difference between saving a tooth and losing it or preventing infection and distress. Our emergency dental office has the tools needed to address your concern and get you back to your everyday activities ASAP.


Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are diverse -- from a knocked – outtooth during a basketball game or a cracked tooth after biting into a candy apple -- but they all require immediate attention. The team at Roseville Dentistry is happy to treat dental emergencies, including:

• Damaged dental work

• Cracked tooth

• Cut to your gum tissue

• Knocked – outtooth

• Objects stuck between your teeth

• Abscesses

• Toothache

If you experience a dental emergency, call our Roseville emergency dentist's office, where we will work with you to ensure you are seen and treated as quickly as possible. If needed, our dentists offer oral conscious sedation to help you relax during a procedure to correct the injured area. 

What Do I Do To Protect a Knocked-Out Tooth?

Knocked-out teeth are an unfortunate yet common emergency. How you react in the time it takes to get to our office can make the difference in saving a tooth to be re-implanted. Remember that a tooth is living tissue and requires an exceptional pH balance to survive. When you lose a tooth, the best place for it is your mouth, where the pH is balanced correctly – if you can, place the tooth back in its original location until you can get to our dental office. If you are unable to do so, place it in a cup of milk or water with a pinch of salt. Do not clean the tooth or handle it excessively – pick it up only by the crown and try not to handle the roots.

emergency dentist in Roseville

If you experience other dental emergencies, such as a severe toothache or chipped tooth, applying a cold compress can help to minimize swelling and pain until you reach the Roseville Dentistry office.

Our staff is prepared to care for you during life's unexpected dental emergencies. Patients seeking emergency dental care can count on us to provide prompt and expert treatment in Roseville and the nearby communities of Lincoln and Rocklin. Visit us at 96 Pacific Highway, Roseville Sydney, NSW, 2069, in the event of an emergency dentist Roseville or give us a call so we can get you to one of our specialists - an emergency dentist in Roseville.