The Best Alternative to Diamonds to Save Money without Losing Quality

If you want to save money by going for a close alternative to diamond without sacrificing quality, then read on. It may be that you are planning a proposal and you want it to be a memorable one. You are not alone. One in three engagement takes place between Thanksgiving and New Year. If you are Shopping for an Engagement Ring, you may want to consider a diamond alternative due to the high cost attached to it. So, in this blog post, we are going to share with you the best alternative to diamond and our reasons.

The Best Alternative to Diamonds to Save Money without Losing Quality

Diamonds are not the only option for an engagement ring or any piece of jewelry. There is a better option that is not just much more affordable but also come with more fire than a natural diamond.

After conducting many laboratory research, we came to the conclusion that moissanite is the only best alternative to diamond. It is no more news that if a moissanite and a diamond are placed side by side, it will be difficult for you to differentiate between them unless you are an expert in gemstones.

Moissanites are naturally occurring crystal that forms after a meteor hits Earth. Although, lab-grown versions can be easily seen in the market. Moissanites are rare mineral on its own comprising of silicon carbon, whereas diamonds are pure carbon. It was discovered by a French scientist, Henri Moissan and was named after him.

Why Moissanite?
Here are few reasons moissanite is considered the best alternative to diamond;

The price of diamonds can never be compared with moissanites. Diamonds are way more expensive than moissanites. When shopping for moissanite, you could spend 80% less than you would on a natural diamond with almost the same details. The price and value of a diamond is determined by the 4C's (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat).
Why go into debt just to buy a diamond engagement ring when you can save almost 80% of the money and still get something very close? Like it was stated earlier, unless you are an expert in gemstones or informed about moissanite and diamond, it is very difficult to state their differences ordinary.

In terms of hardness, moissanites are the only stone after diamond. Moissanites are 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness while diamond comes at 10. This makes them the best fit for jewelries as they can withstand scratches.

For those wanting a colorless stone just like diamond, you can find such in some jewelry stores. Though they are rare, but if you really search for them, you will find them. You can get a near-colorless moissanite stone if you search correctly. It is noticeably less yellow than a normal moissanite.

The Best Alternative to Diamonds to Save Money without Losing Quality

If your reason for wanting to buy diamond is sparkle, then you will do yourself a lot of good by going for moissanite instead of diamond. Moissanites shines with much fire than diamonds. When light enters moissanite, the fire produced is more intense than that of diamond.

You can get different shapes and sizes of both gemstones. The most common is round, which is sometimes difficult to tell the differences.

Other Alternatives
Now, aside rating moissanites as the best alternative to diamond, they are other beautiful options that can still be considered an alternative to diamond but not as close as moissanite. They are even less expensive to moissanite.

White Moissanite
Sapphires are gemstones suitable for engagement rings. Although, they don't emit fire like moissanite or diamond. They are quite hard but not as hard as a moissanite or diamond.

White Topaz
For those on a very tiny budget, you can go for white topaz. It is softer when compared to moissanite and diamond, and neither does it has the kind of sparkle a diamond has.

Cubic Zirconia
This gemstone looks almost like moissanite but it is not. Cubic Zirconia also emit more of a rainbow sparkle when light is shined on it. It is even very hard to tell the difference between CZ and diamond. 

Bottom Line
Should you go with moissanite for your engagement ring or piece of jewelry? That is a matter of personal choice. There is no law that state that an engagement ring must be diamond. Cheap doesn't mean fake. Your happiness should be a deciding factor here.

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