Fashion Jewellery Trends Emerging In 2020

As the fall begins, the industry has already started discussing the fashion trends of spring 2020. All models and icons are on the lookout for the upcoming trends of the year and revisit some of the evergreen motifs. Even in the accessories industry, huge competition is running over what will allure the millennials as well as the mature crowd. To make your task of shopping and collecting easier, we are creating a list of fashion jewelry trends for 2020.

Fashion Jewellery Trends Emerging In 2020

        1. Extra large hoops

Extra large hoops
Hoops have always been a symbol of modern fashion ethics and suit both western and Indian cultural elements. In the coming year, these loops will continue holding their importance, varying in size.

The larger hoops can suit the best with traditional outfits, while the latest trends hint at cross-designed circles. There are intertwined hoop rings, extending the earrings and adding to the grandeur. These supersize hoops also adorn brass chains detailings and the vintage 80's effect for adding a rustic look to your personality.

 2. Punk aesthetics

Punk aesthetics
Replicating the rebellious mood of the '70s, the punk aesthetics are all set to return in the 21st century. They have a grungy and androgynous silhouette, with several kinds of gold chains, runways, check prints, and boxy designs are crossing them. They can be beautiful in the dark gem earrings. There are stacks of piercings, bold and abstract gem fittings, studded chokers, and long earrings with eclectic pearls setting, in this style, which sets it apart from other trends. They create the most artful designs which can be clubbed with funky clothes, representing the hip culture.

 3. Rhinestone

While every woman loves expensive collectible jewelry, there is no denying that we all demand new styles for different occasions. This has made imitation jewelry very famous, and amongst them, the use of Rhinestone is extremely popular.

Rhinestones are shiny diamond stimulants that resemble an outstanding piece of collectible. They are widely used in necklaces, earrings, nose pins, and rings, for unique fashion. Rhinestone earrings are trending in charts for the glamorous looks in 2020, with the danglers swaying every time you walk.

 4. Colour explosion

Colour explosion
Neon is the spirit of fashionable women, which adds a glam quotient to every hip and trendy look. These colour explosive pieces are sure to add a glimpse of daring to the looks. Neon colors also have an extra benefit of customization, whereby you can club them with all kinds and shades of clothing, for the perfect look. They are used in different jewelry styles as well, right from the oversized hoops to the bourgeois trends. These colors are also actively used in danglers and tassels, which are flared in a multi-colored fashion.

 5. Statement earrings
Statement earrings
The saga of statement earrings has started to take over the market in 2019. These earrings have mostly meshed with rhinestones, CZ stones, or crystals for an exceptionally poised look. This vibrant texture with gorgeous stones is to be a significant fashion shift in 2020, adding a luxurious finish and a sophisticated glare to the earrings. Also, the colorful component of these stones lends a variety of accessories to your party dresses. The statement earrings have created a luxurious niche for themselves and are mostly worn with unique outfits.

 6. Long chain links

Fashion Jewellery Trends Emerging In 2020
Be it in earrings or necklaces, long chain links in different metals are increasingly garnering glamorous attention. These long chain links are cleverly used in designing intricate earrings and choker necklaces. They have a rugged impact, but when merged with scarlet colors, they also suit with trendy western attires. Long chain links are also now being used in rings and anklets as well. They correlate to the category of double hoops and heavy jewelry, connecting layers of metals into elegant designs.


7. Going solo

Going solo
It has been seasons of vibrant studs and gems getting popular and widely worn. However, now the focus is shifting on finding the one. Most of the designers prefer having one single earring on their models, which have different mosaic patterns and monograms. There are sculptural and geometric patterns, thoroughly repeated in danglers and hoops silhouettes. To create a distinct image in every function you attend, you can follow suit and carry only one single earring. This will make you quite appealing and establish your stark, bold image.

8. Pearls

If there is one element that is totally capable of lifting your spirits, it is the pearl. Pearls are elegant pieces of sea jewels, sparkling in their white hues. They are incorporated in all types of jewelry pieces, right from necklaces to rings and earrings. These pearl fittings suit well with both exotic traditional garments and the subtly lavish western couture. The most significant benefit of having a pearl accessory is that you can pair different types of earrings with separate necklaces. Pearls will still maintain coordination amongst your entire outfit, being the most adaptive gems. Pearls have always been in fashion, and again, in 2020, they have a recurring presence, making the eternal pearls evergreen.

9. Sculptural jewelry
 Sculptural jewelry
India is a land of rich cultural specimens that have been used and implemented in several jewelry items. Similarly, the twisted patterns frequently seen in western artifacts is also used in jewelry. These sculptural designs are being imitated in earrings patterns, which are sweeping the market in upcoming styles of 2020. There is wide usage of sleek, sculptural structures in earrings and necklaces, which can be used as workwear accessories. Toned for a polished take on regular accompaniments, these jewelry pieces are metal worked and can be used as a fresh alternative to rhinestones, for the perfect evening outing.
These are some of the upcoming trends which you can start implying right from the start of the year. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to presenting ourselves in the best possible way. Thus, we have curated an exhaustive guide to excel in the style game and ace the trending fashion.