How to Find the Right Hair Product?

If you haven’t shaven your head or allowed your hair to flow fancy-free, then you would certainly be using a hair product to keep your hair in place and look your best.

But the question is: How did you choose that product?
Selecting the right hair product from several different available products can really be difficult. For most people, it started by using some random hair products, which they haven’t changed since when they were teenagers and for some, it was a trial by style or recommendation from friends.

How to Find the Right Hair Product?

But the truth is, the hair product you have been using for your hair may give an overwhelming result by may not be the right hair product for you. But by breaking down the hair care products, I will be helping you to find the right hair product for your hair need.


Hold and Shine

All hair products are categorized into two based on their characteristics: Hold and shine. Hold deals with how firmly the hair product keeps your hair in place while shine deals with how wet and shiny your hair looks after applying the hair product.
So if you want your hair to lock in place (set and forget), opt-in for hold hair products. But if you want your hair to look natural, wet, and shiny, choose Shine hair products.
Shine hair products can either be high (makes your hair wet and slick) or matte (which makes your hair dry and natural). Hold hair products also come in low, medium, and high. High hold makes your hair lock stronger, medium to low hold makes your hair to bounce.
In terms of styling options, hair products can be categorized into:


I would suggest a gel hair product if you want high hold and high shine hair product for your spiky hair. This product keeps your spiky hair firmly in place with little to no movement. Generally, if you prefer your hair to be crunchy and immovable, the right hair product for you is the gel product.
More so, if you want hair products that you can easily wash away, gel hair product is the right one. Unlike oil-based hair products, gels are water-soluble and come out easily with a thorough rinsing.
However, gel hair products have a bad side. They are high in alcohol. Alcohol-based hair products are not always the right hair product for you. Alcohol can cause irritations and dehydration.
So, leaving gel products on your hair and scalp for long will likely dehydrate your hair, dry out your scalp, and leave unsightly flakes behind.


Pomade is a classic hair product that offers high shine and a medium to low hold. Pomade hair products will keep your hair locked in place and yet allow some re-styling and movement. So if you need hair products that allow for flexible hold, get pomade hair products.


Wax hair products are very similar to pomade hair products in many ways. However, while pomade can be either oil-based or water-based, wax products are oil-based. Wax hair product offers a firm to medium hold and can be found in either matte or shiny finishes.

Hair Spray

You can use hair spray products to keep your hair in place. But note that most hair sprays can cause skin problems. For instance, when you apply hair spray, some may land on your face and clog your pores. This may lead to blemishes, oily build-up, or bacteria growth. I would advise you to use less hair spray or better skip it to avoid skin problems.

Choosing the Right Hair Product for You

Everyone is different, and each hair is unique. Hence, carefully take your time to study the hair product and its ingredients so that you won’t be dehydration or damaging your hair and scalp. Sometimes, a natural hair product may be the right hair product for you. It all comes down to what works best for your hair. Keep finding what works and what doesn’t.