Top 20 Wedding Contact Colors By Motif

One thing that every bride wants on their wedding day is to look as beautiful as they can ever be on the day that they exchange their vows with the love of their lives. They give so much thought on all aspects such as the makeup, bridal gown, and hairdo. However, many people underestimate the impact the color of their eyes can make on their overall appearance. In making your decision, you need to learn what colors are suitable for the specific wedding motif you choose.

1. Formal or Traditional

Even in this modern time, there are still people in the world that want to go traditional with their motif. For this theme, it is best if you choose a more natural eye color. You should stay away from very colorful contacts and stick with darker tones like brown or black.

2. Nautical
Another familiar theme that people around the world choose us the nautical theme. Most of the designs in this kind of wedding are in the colors of blue and white. The best contacts you can wear at this wedding would be hues of blue. Here are some that you can check out:
      Ocean Grey
      Ocean Blue
      Queen Blue

3. Tropical
In a tropical-themed wedding, people decorate the venue with lots of plants. That would mean that you can wear shades of green or even yellow to depict a beachy vibe. The more vibrant the color, the better.

4. Vintage
If you want more of an old feel, you can go vintage with your wedding. Decorate the place with more antique-looking items and wear vintage-colored contact lenses. The best choices would be olive- and chocolate-colored lenses.

5. Romantic
This motif is a classic choice. Your wedding day is a day full of love, and so a romantic theme isn't uncommon. It is best to stick with soft hues for your eyes on this one. Try out the ice selection with tones of:

6. Fun and Whimsical
If you and your soon-to-be husband are quirky, you can do a fun-themed and colorful wedding. You will have to match the quirkiness by wearing bright and fun contact lenses. You can explore the rainbow series from The Third Eye.

7. Modern
Trends change over time, and at present, the most trendy decorations make use of geometric shapes and minimal design. To accentuate your look, you can wear crystal ball contacts with colors that match your motif. There are different colors like blue, caramel, deep grey, and yellow-green.

8. Casual
If you want to hold a more intimate and informal gathering, you can do an outdoor garden type of wedding. You can do a more bold yet simplistic kind of look by using the floweriness design of contacts. It comes in different colors that you can use, like blue, green, and even pink. Better use more bright and noticeable ones.

9. Rustic
Some people opt to have a rural-feeling wedding using rustic decor. If you choose this theme, your wedding will have more of a brown design. You can get dominantly brown contacts that have an upgraded structure or pattern. Try out the Lolly series and remember to choose the darker hues to complement your motif.

10. Alternative
This type of wedding contains moody colors, and the best way to match this motif is to wear deep-colored contact lenses. It would be even better if you try ones that have a unique pattern. Check out the Starshine Doll designs.

11. Bohemian
Nothing screams "carefree" more than a Bohemian-themed wedding. With this theme, you get to design the venue in a simplistic yet elegant way. To give a similar appearance, you can put on contacts with the Iris design. I suggest you try on either the brown or green pair.

12. Southern Style
If you wish to go more southern for your wedding, you will need to use more of pastel hues. The same goes for your eyes. The Juice designs from The Third Eye will make a great addition to your overall look.

13. Great Gatsby
For a more lavishing party, you could try out an art-deco theme. Of course, you will have to dress the part, too. To bring out an elegant look, wear contacts that are colored silver or gold.

14. Eco-Friendly
Being an environment enthusiast gives you the option of having an eco-friendly wedding. The best eye contacts you can choose for this theme are those that are green, specifically shades of green that are brighter and pop out.

15. Celestial
One of the most beautiful ideas for any party or gathering is a galaxy-inspired one. You can decorate the place with stars and constellations, which is unique. Do you know what else is unique? Galaxy contacts. It comes in 3 different colors, namely:

16. Music
Couples that are music lovers tend to set music-themed weddings. You could give it a more vintage feel and so you can also use brown-colored contacts. The lily patterns from The Third Eye are the best options for you if you choose this motif.

17.  Floral
Flowers are classic decorations for a wedding. If you go with this type of theme, you can use contacts with flower patterns. Another great option you can choose is pink-colored contacts.

18. Christmas
Some people around the world hold their weddings during the holiday season. Nothing can give a more Christmasy feel than red-colored contacts. Don't choose the incredibly luminous ones because you will look out of place.

19.  Animal
Couples that share the same love for animals can do an animal-themed wedding. For such a theme, you can wear grey-colored contacts with any pattern. Try to stay simplistic with the design of the lenses.

20. Travel
A lot of people's dream is to travel around the world, and so it is common to do travel-themed weddings. Using contacts with star patterns will give off a visionary vibe. It will show people that the motif you've chosen is the dream you and your husband are hoping to achieve.
 There are still a lot of designs and colors of eye contact that you can explore. It is best if you can look at all your options before choosing a specific one. You have to consider your eye color, hair color, and skin tone to see which suits you best. Visit https://ttdeye.com/ now.