Alternative To Plastic Bags

If we continue the use of plastic at the present rate, then the Earth will not be safe for life almost after 10 years! This is why it is high time now to minimize the use of plastic, especially plastic bags to protect our environment. A plastic bag takes a very long period of time to get decomposed. Plastic is kind of poison to our mother Earth. Therefore, we must use alternatives to plastic bags in order to keep our environment safe. Following are the alternatives for plastic bags:

Jute Bags:
The next time you go out for shopping or purchasing vegetables, make sure that you carry a jute bag along with you. This step will save a plastic bag and will also encourage and make aware people do the same. Unlike plastic bags, jute bags are completely biodegradable and are made from natural products. There is a good variety of design and color options for jute bags which ensure that it looks better in one's hand than plastic bags. Moreover, jute bags also are more durable than plastic bags.
Boho Bags:
This kind of bags is wildly known for their detailed design and the work. Boho bags are very attractive and are loved by people. These bags are multi-purpose and also a good alternative for plastic bags. One can carry it anywhere and hence people search for shops and websites having the best collection of unique boho bags. They are also well known for creating a vintage look along with modern style! A boho bag can be used for a very long period of time and for any purpose.
Paper Bags:
The paper bag has been introduced by a lot of shopkeepers after making them aware of problems associated with plastics. It becomes our duty too that we purchase or make paper bags on our own so that we completely throw out the use of plastic bags. Paper bags are relatively less durable and that is why they are cheap in cost. So, must go and buy a pack of beautiful and ecological paper bags.
Cloth Bags:
Cloth bags, specifically cotton made bags can be used instead of plastic bags which are durable and can be reused a number of times. They are very easily biodegraded and therefore it is environment-friendly. They are available at a low cost urging the people to use it more and more. There are also organic cloth bags available which are more eco-friendly and last for a longer period of time.
Polypropylene Bags:
Basically, they are also a kind of plastic. But it should only be bought by a person if he is sure that he can use it for a very long period of time. This kind of bags can be used for years and are a bit easier to recycle. Thus, it is worth to use this plastic is used for a longer period of time (for years) and preventing it to reach the landfills.